hotel transylvania spoilers

  • Hotel Transylvania: 1000 year old vampire woman who is physically a legal adult ends up with a man who, at oldest, is in his 20s
  • Tumblr: *silent*
  • Samurai Jack: 70-something year old (technically thousands of years old if you add the time travel stuff into the equation) samurai who is physically in his 20s ends up with a woman who is also presumably in her 20s
  • Tumblr: *starts bitching about how creepy it is and how heteronormativty or whatever ruins everything*

Biggest thing I’ll probably take away from Hotel Transylvania 2: how the little kid might also grow up to be another great part-time hero. Vampire-human hybrid, folks. Real “super” material. Those who plan on seeing the film opening weekend, try to imagine it’s little four-year-old Penn, if you so wish…

Not even 3 minutes in and my shipper heart is fully satisfied thANK YOU.
Mavis was beautiful in her dress and Johnny was such a handsome dork. I loved this so much. The wedding was so beautiful.

Y’know how I posted about ships I love that I rarely speak of? THIS IS ONE OF THEM. JONAVIS <3

GOD please see this movie, FOR THE ANIMATION IF NOTHING ELSE. JESUS. They bROKE these rigs!

See this hurts my heart. At one point in the movie Johnny points out that the Hotel is the only place where he can truly be himself and feels like he fits right in. This is a guy who’s travelled the world. But these monsters, he loves them and calls them family because despite the difference in species, they welcomed him into their world and they take him as he is. It actually never occurred to me that Johnny would have any issues with his family, he seemed like such a chipper guy, got along with everyone.
But then I see this family photo on the mantle and Johnny’s standing completely apart from the rest of his family and he sticks out like a sore thumb. They seem so bland in comparison. I can imagine why he’d decide to constantly travel around going to new places and meeting new people, he didn’t feel like he fit in at home.

Hotel Transylvania Review! Spoiler Alert!

Sooo I saw Hotel Transylvania and I feel obligated to do a little review! :D (advanced screenings rule!). 

Also in the theater with us was Genndy Tartakovsky himself. He gave his feedback to our feedback, as well as some advice. I’ll type that all up separately with my Ottawa account. :) 


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