hotel sole

Voglio passare la mia vita con te.
Voglio viaggiare insieme, per luoghi nuovi e sconosciuti, nel gelo della neve e sotto la luce cocente del sole, voglio camminare sotto gli alberi di una foresta mai vista, nuotare in un mare d'acqua limpida e pulita, voglio che ci rifugiamo in mille hotel a far l'amore sotto coperte non nostre, voglio svegliarmi ogni giorno e trovarti accanto a me, addormentarmi sul tuo petto; voglio camminare per le strade mano nella mano con te e non perdermi neanche un solo tuo sorriso, voglio vederti crescere e crescere con te, voglio che non ci sia neanche un momento in cui mi mancheresti, voglio incontrare nuovi amici, amici di entrambi, voglio sposarti, invecchiare con te, e voglio morire tra le tue braccia.
E, a quel punto, non vedrò l'ora di rinascere. Per incontrarti di nuovo in una vita diversa. Per sempre. Voglio trascorrere l'eternità con te. Voglio dedicarti la mia vita presente e tutte quelle passate e futuro. Voglio dedicarti tutto, perché per me il vero tutto sei tu.
—  Marina Puglisi
Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit. 


NOTES/WARNINGS: Here is the second chapter. Thank you so much for your interest in my story!

Silence enveloped the inside of the small carriage as we travelled further into the countryside. The only noises were the occasional neighs from the horses, and the sound of the carriage’s wheels, and horse hooves, against the gravel road.

My new guardian sat right in front of me and, as it was very cramped, our knees practically touched. His musky cologne was made even more apparent in the enclosed space. 

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What is this "Jimin moaning scandal"?

Oh gosh…this is a going to be a weird and kinda long one so I’m going to try and answer in a purely objective manner.

So, a few days ago, Taehyung broadcasted this live on vapp. At the end, he was planning on going to Jimin’s room but on the way, he stopped at his supposed room. The whole thing started because fans apparently heard a woman moan “hajima” (“don’t”) around the 14:13 mark along with a male voice a few seconds later and some talking in the background as Tae tried to open the door.

Taehyung’s face then turned very blank and then he quickly glanced to his side where you could hear someone open a door and whisper “kumanhae” (“stop it”) to, I guess, stop the broadcast. That’s when he goes on about forgetting the key to his lock, etc and he glances once more to the side before ending the broadcast to find the master key (people thought this was his cover up).

Whether or not the sounds were coming from any of the members’ rooms, I have no idea about and don’t really want to guess. All I will say is that the guys are grown men so anything is possible, but try to not jump to random conclusions since hotels aren’t reserved solely for BTS + it might not have even been moaning + were in Osaka. Whatever the case, just enjoy the music.

^ In Sum: I really don’t know and don’t want anyone taking my answer as reasons to freak out lol.

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Companions react to sole always insisting on seeing magnolia sing every time they're in goodneighbour and refuse to leave until they've seen her sing (so much that they're practically a fangirl for her now 😂)

Alas, I’m back from New York, recovering from some difficult things, so decided that I needed to write more reacts. I am still writing I promise, I feel bad when I don’t. Anyway, here we go, I hope this is what you were after my lovely, Enjoy <3


The bunch of Super Mutant’s outside Goodneighbour always seemed to around, always ready to fight anything that walked by, even if it were just a stray dog.

The door to Goodneighbour practically fell open- mostly from the weight of Sole’s body pressed against it. Ada would have helped, but Sole refused the help, not wanting to enter Goodneighbour with the help of someone else and have Daisy worry too much.

After receiving medical help from someone- Sole was unsure who exactly, apparently they were too far gone to realise. After spending time recovering in hotel rexford, Sole slowly started feeling better and spoke to Hancock, the original reason that they were in Goodneighbour.

After a lengthy meeting with Hancock, Sole and Ada prepared to leave, however something stopped Sole in their tracks.

Sole turned around before they’re hand touched the door handle, and they marched straight for the Third Rail, only briefly calling out to Ada to mention something about Magnolia, or something else.

Once Ada had caught up, Sole was settling themselves down at the bar, beer in hand, eyes eagerly watching the lady in red singing on the small makeshift in the corner of the room, crooning about being a ‘Good, good neighbour’. Sole stayed for the whole set that Magnolia played, and left after Magnolia left, before realising it was far too late to head out into the wealths at this time, so they headed for hotel rexford to once again spend the night.


Whilst Cait was still living in the Combat Zone, way before Sole rolled up and took Cait away from her living hell, Cait used to get a day free here and there- maybe once every fortnight. Sometimes she would go down to Swans Pond and bait people into trying and killing the beast that lived in the pond; other times she would wander down to goodneighbour to the Third Rail to get pissed and listen to the woman who crooned on and on and never seemed to stop.

Cait didn’t mind the woman known as Magnolia, however, sometimes Cait wished she’d just stop singing and give the bar a rest.

Sole came along with a dog and a highly modified 10mm, and somewhere between the loud noise of fighting (the gunfire, the mozoltov being thrown and creating a mass of fire and sometimes burnt bodies), Sole came out on top victorious, which Cait soon realised was something that happened quite often.

Once Cait started travelling with Sole full time, they frequently stopped off in Goodneighbour- Sole had a lot of business that went through the small neighbourhood, so found it necessary to drop in every few weeks or whenever possible.

Usually, Sole would drop by whoever they needed to see to discuss business, before they headed down to the Third Rail for drinks and, usually completely against Cait’s wishes, they usually ended up staying to watch Magnolia sing before they left, heading off out to their next important mission that needed to be done to make the Commonwealth a better place.


Sole had been to Goodneighbour many times before the first time that Curie went to Goodneighbour- her first time to the small town had been the day that she lost her Mr. Handy body and adopted the body of a synth that had made its way through Goodneighbour with the Railroad and allowed Curie to take up the body.

It seemed to be a quick and easy process, but Sole had told Curie that she was out for a while, and Dr Amari had told them both that Curie needed time to get used to her new body, and that she needed to stay in Goodneighbour- or at least nearby- incase something happened that Dr Amari needed to fix.

Sole hired out a room in hotel Rexford for two weeks, knowing that if Dr Amari gave them the all clear, then at least a drifter would be appreciative of the bed and warmish water inside the hotel rather than a radioactive rainfall outside.

Whilst Curie spent most of the first few days in the hotel room, and Sole went out down to the Third Rail, heading to watch Magnolia sing- something that they loved doing, especially if it got them out of the cramped hotel room.

Within a few days, Curie had gotten used to her new body and was able to walk around, and she began to join Sole down in the cramped pub. Every night for ten days after Curie got her new body, they both went down to watch Magnolia, before Curie got the all clear and they left the little town, heading back once in awhile and always making sure to head back down to the Third Rail to see the famous singer down there.


Diamond City, Bunker Hill and Goodneighbour were all large trading towns that various members of the Brotherhood visited when they had down time- Elder Maxson wanted all of his soldiers to have down time to ensure that they are happy to continue the mission they were in the Commonwealth for.

Whenever he and Sole had downtime together- which wasn’t very often, as they were both so busy bringing the fight to the Institute. But when they did, Sole insisted that Danse join them heading to whichever settlement or trading town they went to.

Out of all of the places to go in the Commonwealth, Goodneighbour was one of Danse’s least favourite- sometimes he wondered if he’d rather be heading into the Glowing Sea for a drink with a deathclaw and radscorpion.

But Sole had insisted Danse come and listen to some smooth music courtesy of Magnolia, and as much as Danse hated the place, he had to admit that he didn’t mind listening to Magnolia, always listening in and sometime bobbing his head when she played on Sole’s Pip-boy, ever tuned to Diamond City radio.

Upon arriving in the small dimly lit bar, Danse headed over to the bar to get them both some drinks and Sole headed over to get them a table- one that was close to the stage so they could see Magnolia as she sung.

The night went on and more and more drinks were consumed, Danse coming to a point of feeling warm and somewhat drunk, and they headed over to hotel rexford to rent a room for the night before heading back up to the Prydwen before they got their next mission.


Goodneighbour was a prime spot for many of the Railroads operations- one of the many reasons for this being that Hancock turned a blind eye of everything that went on, so long as none of his settlers and members of his community got caught up in anything that went on because of the Railroad.

Deacon even got away with ‘join the Railroad’ things as well, but he could tell Hancock didn’t really like it. But Hancock didn’t really know if Deacon was part of the Railroad, so nothing ever really came back to him.

When Sole became part of the Railroad, they ended up in Goodneighbour more often than any other places- the small town seemed to be a hive of important information, and Sole seemed to even better that Deacon at getting that information out of people.

The Third Rail seemed to be the best place for Sole to get information, and Sole always seemed to do it whilst the customers were sat drinking their beers and eating their steaks. Sole would sit down next to someone, listen to Magnolia croon her songs and then come back to Deacon, information soon falling from their lips when they were in private.

Soon, Magnolia became apart of the operations, turning up to their room and reporting in whatever she had heard, before heading back down to sing, Sole soon following after her, ready to listen to the sweet music once again.

It soon became a part of their routine, with Sole always insisting on seeing Magnolia every time they were in Goodneighbour.


Gage had been born in the town of Nuka World- he was born in the little town just north of the main park, and had spent his time growing up in the boarded up town, the very same town that is now overrun by ghouls.

He’d spent much of his life in Nuka world, and hadn’t visited the Commonwealth- well, at least he hadn’t visited the main parts of the Commonwealth, preferring to stick to the wilderness than the inner city areas, not wanting to come face to face with the horrors that lurked around each corner- which sounded funny, considering the fact he was a raider.

When Sole became overboss, they frequently raced back and forth between the Commonwealth and Nuka-World- they had responsibilities here there and everywhere- and some of those responsibilities included heading to the town lovingly named Goodneighbour- and Gage learned very quickly that most of the town’s inhabitants were not actually good neighbours.   

Sole spent a lot of time in the town’s bar- who could blame them, the booze might have been the same old shit you could find anywhere else, and it was ridiculously overpriced, but god damn the music was good, and when in a town like that, music was all that mattered.

They usually rented out a room in the hotel whenever they were in town- one room, with one bed (which the pair usually spent hours and hours arguing over until they both ended up drunkenly falling asleep on together anyway), but they never went back to their room until Sole had finished watching Magnolia sing her set, same songs night after night, but who was Porter Gage to complain?


After all the shit that went down with no-nose, Hancock was more than surprised that Sole came back practically shivering because they were so scared of him- he had no idea what Farenheit had said, but Hancock knew that he’d have to have a word with the second in command to make sure she doesn’t do it again.

When Sole asked Hancock to join him, he was sure they’d said it to try and get in his good books, but he was more than happy to join Sole as they travelled through the Commonwealth, trying to find their missing son and avenge their dead spouse. Sole promised Hancock that they’d have time to stop by Goodneighbour to ensure that it was running smoothly, and with that promise, the pair soon headed out together.

The night they left together, they’d stopped by the Third Rail, only to say goodbye, however Sole had become distracted and ended up staying and watching Magnolia- Hancock would have been fine not staying, after-all, he’d spent most nights down in the Third Rail, Magnolia crooning in the corner whilst an array of different women hung off his arm. However that night had been the first night that Sole had met Magnolia, and therefore they’d ended up staying to watch the whole set that she played.

They went out in the the wealths, and Hancock spent night after night feeling unprotected- it was silly that it took him being out with a vault dweller to realise just how protected he felt within the Goodneighbour walls. True to Soles word, after three weeks (or there about), Hancock and Sole tumbled through the doors to Goodneighbour, splitting ways once Hancock spotted his second in command. He’d found Sole in the Third Rail, drink in hand watching Magnolia- and the times after the picture had always been the same.


Usually when people entered contracts in the Commonwealth, their word (both of the contract and the payment of said contract- something that was usually paid upfront) was agreement enough, so when the vault dweller and their dog swindled his price down from 250 caps to 200, he’d taken their word as absolute. So you could imagine MacCready’s anger when he turned around from picking up his pack and gun to find the pair were not only gone from the room, but the bar too. That night he decided that he was too god damn tired to deal with the situation, so he decided to sleep it off till morning.

The next morning, MacCready was sat at the bar nursing a bottle of purified water for his hangover (you don’t think he just went to sleep do you?), when who comes bounding down the stairs- the vault dwellers dog, the vaultie following soon after.

MacCready politely (no shouting at all) asked where they had been, and with a shrug, they pointed to a sofa in the corner of the room, claiming they’d been there the whole time, watching Magnolia sing, and that he must have had really bad eyesight to have not seen the pair the night before (to which he had scoffed, Robert Joseph MacCready, not having very good eyesight- Sole was clearly mocking the sharpshooter).

The work Sole had MacCready doing was somewhat pathetic- most of it was hauling junk from one place to one of Sole’s settlement, and although Sole did give MacCready all the magazines and pip-games they found, he felt that he wasn’t being paid enough to do the job.

However he was lucky that Sole helped with all his problems, and most weeks, they ended up back at the Third Rail, where Sole would be buying the drinks and they would always be sitting watching good old Magnolia play some songs.


The fight against Kellogg had been a particularly hard fight- not because he was some ridiculously hard opponent (the only hard part had been the fact that the old mercenary had used a stealth-boy)- but because of the implications of his death- with him being gone, Sole had never been further away from their son, and killing one person hardly avenged the death of their spouse.

Nick knew that he shouldn’t have left Sole by themselves, but they had practically begged to be alone, and he’d be damned if he’d been the one to make Sole even more upset.

He’d agreed that he’d meet them in Goodneighbour in the Memory Den, and Sole had agreed- but Nick was sure that Sole would have agreed to anything if it had meant they’d be alone. It took a day to get from Diamond City to Goodneighbour, two tops if you stopped somewhere over night- but night was usually the best time to go, since the mutants out on Goodneighbour’s doorstep seemed to be both blind and dumb, especially at night.

But Nick had been there a week, and Sole still hadn’t turned up. He’d asked around, and no-one seemed to have known anything, until one night a drifter had mentioned seeing the blue vault suit marching down on into the Third Rail and demanding a drink off the good bartender.

Heading down the stairs, the blue of the vault suit was the first thing that Nick had seen. He headed straight over and sat down next to Sole, ordering a drink and softly asking Sole where they’d been- Sole had just wanted to see their old friend Magnolia play, and they were going to go on up and join Nick later.

With a drink in hand, Nick joined Sole and after a long old set from the resident singer, and a bottle (or two) between the pair, they soon headed up to the Memory Den to find out more on the kidnapped baby Shaun.

Old Longfellow:

Far Harbour had few children on the island, but the ones that did live there made up stories, just as any other child would. Some would be of the creature that lurked in the mist on the island, and some of the creatures that lurked in the fog of the sea. The stories of the children scared the adults, and soon, ships on and off the island ceased.

When Sole turned up, and cleansed the island from the fog, it was as if the island (and islanders) could breath properly- and soon, the children stopped their tales- however few people travelled by sea, since the fog still hadn’t lifted from the waters.

When Sole laughed at Longfellow, telling him the only reason why there was fog on the sea was because of the temperature of the water, he reluctantly agreed to travel down to the Commonwealth, nervous for his first trip to the Commonwealth for a long time, if ever at all.

After arriving and flying (two different forms of travel in one day, Longfellow was sure he was gonna be sick) by Vertibird down near Goodneighbour, they travelled inward to the settlement, heading straight to the bar as soon as they entered through the doors.

In the bar on Far Harbour, you were lucky to get a drink that hadn’t been watered down, let alone someone there singing live music- so you can imagine Longfellow’s shock but pleasant surprise at Magnolia singing in the corner of the bar.

Sole told Longfellow about how they always liked to sit and watch Magnolia, something about the woman reminding Sole of times before the bombs had dropped, and Longfellow was more than happy to sit drinking and imagining times of long ago.


Whilst travelling the Commonwealth, Piper always carried around three little notebooks with her- one was to write down any pieces of juicy gossip she saw or heard whilst out on her travels; one was for her to know about and no-one else to know about; and the third was a book containing all the reasons why she was kicked out of Diamond City (and by whom).

Pushing open the doors to Goodneighbour, Piper headed up to the room she knew Sole would be settled in, always seeming to know just where Sole was when no-one else knew. Piper banged on the door once she arrived, hearing Sole shuffle around inside before groaning once they realised who their guest was, enquiring what Piper had done this time.

Piper took a while to explain what had happened leading up to the current point in time- a really juicy story that she’d heard about, involving one of the lower stands family and one of the upper stands family having a ‘romeo and juliet’ styled relationship, and the upper snob ending up being pregnant- and Sole told Piper that she needed to stop prying into people’s personal lives as much as she did.

Sole and Piper agreed to head down to the third rail for a drink and to watch the night’s show- they’d gotten down their early and Whitechapel had ended up cooking the pair a steak and tato chip meal as well as their bottle (each) of whiskey and wine. Although they’d split the bill evenly, one had ended up drinking a lot more than others, what with the difficulty of the Commonwealth and all that they’d been facing in recent times. They’d both enjoyed the night, and the nights that followed, seeing as whenever they both ended up in Goodneighbour, they both ended up in the same position, time and time again.


Goodneighbour was a key location when it came to dealing with various pieces of Minutemen business- it was half way between the Castle and Diamond City, and close to a caravan route that lead past the town to Sanctuary Hills.

Preston was cautious at first- he’d heard many things about Goodneighbour, many things that weren’t good, and didn’t like the  idea of running important business through the town- but Sole can be persuasive when they wanted to be.

Because of the importance of the business that went through Goodneighbour, they spent two days every week in the town, meeting up with contracts and contacts and people who were interested in joining the cause. The good mayor even rented out a meeting room in his mayoral building for them to use, which Preston was more than happy to use after having to sit on the floor of a hotel room to take notes during one of the meetings.

After every meeting that took place, Sole liked to go down to the third rail- especially if they had a contact with them, preferring to treat them before they leave.

Sole would spend silly amounts of caps on the table directly in front of the stage, and silly amounts of caps on ensuring that every glass on the table was kept full at all times, even if it was only a nuka-cola for some of the people.

Every time they ran meetings out the town Sole made sure they watched Magnolia, claiming that the one time they’d left without seeing the singing siren, they’d ended up with a stray bullet lodged into their calf- the only time something like that had ever happened, and according to Sole, that was because of them not seeing the singer sing before they left.


Most of the Synths that run away from the Institute leave the Commonwealth altogether, preferring to try and escape the wrath that usually comes with a courser coming after them. However, every once in awhile, a synth will stay in the Commonwealth, heading to the Railroad or taking up residency in one of the three major ‘cities’; Diamond City, Bunker Hill and Goodneighbour.

Father issued X6 and Sole a mission to head to Goodneighbour and enquire about a missing synth that might have been seen milling around Goodneighbour- they arrived around five in the evening, and headed straight for some of the on duty guards and residents to try and get some information about the synth they were looking for.

Finding out that someone matching their description had been seen in the town’s bar, the Third Rail, Sole and X6 walked to the old subway station’s door, pushing the heavy metal door open to gain access. After buying a drink, they found out that their missing synth had indeed been in Goodneighbour, but had since left, moving on to somewhere else, somewhere they hadn’t told anyone about.

X6 drew in a breath of unneeded air, before resigning himself to the fact that this synth will remain unfound, he went to grab Sole’s arm to take them back to the Institute. However Sole shook his arm of, informing him that they won’t be leaving until Magnolia had finished her set- after all, it was a habit of Sole’s anyway.


Elder Arthur Maxson was twenty years old, and never had time alone to himself, and hadn’t since the day that he turned 16 and became Elder. He worked in his private quarters everyday, and spent most of his waking hours (and the majority of the hours he should have been asleep) reading and writing and ordering people around.

There was very few times that he got to act his own age, and every opportunity he had he took without a second thought.

He’d heard of Goodneighbour through the mouths of various Knights and Initiates that had visited- returning in disgust after finding out a Ghoul ran the town. But Maxson didn’t care, so long as he had a night to himself.

He’d been sneaky, leaving the Prydwen for the airport, then making his way over to Goodneighbour. He saw a patrol at one point, and hid in the skeleton of an old building, listening to their radios from the Prydwen- Elder Maxson was missing. With guilt pooling in the bottom of his stomach, he continued on, soon coming to the front door of the neighbourhood.

Heading down into the bar, he spotted Sole sitting at the back of the room, drink in hand, sitting alone. Without a second thought or look around the room, he headed straight over to them, throwing himself into the seat beside them.

Sole went to dismiss the man who’d joined them, but after Maxson revealed his face under the hoodie he’d found, Sole had shut their mouth straight away.

The pair sat drinking for the evening, listening to the woman singing (who the next day, a hungover Maxson would call Maggie), before her set was over and the two Brotherhood members, one much higher rank than the other, headed out of the city to an area they could throw down a vertibird grenade to summon a vertibird to take them home.


Taking down the Institute was no small feat, and Desdemona knew that there had to be celebrations- not only for the fact that they took out of the biggest threats of the Commonwealth, but because they had to honour all those that had fallen whilst they had taken out the boogeyman.

Sole had been the one to choose where they went- sure, they didn’t have much choice- but Sole had done most of the work, and besides, Sole had to live with the fact that they left their son to die in the heat of the blazing inferno.

Sole chose Goodneighbour- it was the closest to HQ (other than Bunker Hill, but they all knew Goodneighbour would be more fun), and as they came closer and closer to the front doors of the town, they heard that there was already a party in full swing- clearly the Commonwealth had heard of the work the Railroad had done, even if they didn’t actually know if it were them.

Desdemona had travelled in a small group with Sole, Deacon, Glory, Tinker and Carrington- everyone else had promised to meet them there. Sole had been the one to push the door to Goodneighbour open, only to be met with a resounding roar of cheers. Desdemona was worried for a second that the whole town knew it were them that took the Institute out, but once someone had run over and shouted ‘they’re gone’, she knew not to be too worried.

Sole dragged the group down to the Third Rail, telling them that they needed to go and watch Magnolia sing, since it was something they did every night they were in town. They stayed the night, waking up in the morning to head back to HQ, ready to deal with the aftermath.

Request: Bidders find out the MC was a spy sent to kill them all along

-Mature content: attempts to murder, suicidal actions, sexual references-


His heart was racing. In the worst possible way.
He had thought of every possible direction for this confrontation to go down. Perhaps there would be fire. Perhaps there would be explosions. Perhaps there would be a craze of open fire. Perhaps he would lose Inui or Samejima. Perhaps he would die.
But never. Never in his best preparations and expectations would he imagine you, standing behind him, one hand gripping his jacket, the other holding the gun that was pressed to the pulsing point of his throat, so close and your finger so tight on the trigger that any sort of struggle would send ten grams of metal through his skull.
“_________.” There was no plea in his voice. Raw and ragged pain burned through your ear to your heart.
“Shut up!” You scream, digging the muzzle of the pistol harder against his neck.
“STOP TALKING!” You cry out, almost begging him to be silent.
No. He didn’t mean that much to you. You couldn’t let him mean that much.
You had to kill him.
You were raised to kill.
You weren’t supposed to have a heart.

“It’s all your fault!” You shriek at Soryu, and he would almost be stunned if he haven’t been already horrified at the situation. “It’s all your fault!” The pistol jams against his head again, and you feel tears fill your eyes.
He had been kind and courteous to you, captivating the heart that you hadn’t known existed, making you unable to fulfill the sole purpose that you had been working in Tres Spades for so long for.
“_________.” He said quietly, a third time, his cool yet sad tone piercing your chest like the bullet you were going to put through his head. “Just do it.”
“Boss!” Inui roared from where he was kneeling on the floor, a gun to his head. Beside him lay Samejima, lying face down in a pool of his own blood. You could scarcely see the crimson spray from around Soryu’s wide shoulders, yet the sound of the shot rang in the warehouse, ringing in your ears. Soryu tensed as he watched the body fall. Tears slide down your cheeks. There was a thud.
This was what you had been raised to do.
Shaped into this.

“Do what you need.” He said softly, a tenderness underlying the broken voice. “Do it, _________. At least it is by your hand.”

He was still asleep.
You glare at the mess of the suite.
I hate him.
I hate him.
I absolutely, completely hate him.

You forced your mind to think of every way he wronged you, desperately trying to fully justify your reasons.
He loved you.
He wasn’t very good at expressing himself, but he loved you with every scrap of his soul. You glanced at the sleeping man, scruffy and messy and smelling of cigarettes.
“I hate you.”
You whisper, half to yourself. It seemed like it was more self criticism than projected hatred. Climbing over him, you sit yourself on his chest, taking the pistol from the holster at the back of your jeans. 
You cock it back and grasp it with both hands, pressing the muzzle against the Adam’s apple that shifted ever so slightly in his sleep. The dark eyes suddenly flew open, and you bite back the urge to flee.
He looked thoroughly confused, all fatigue escaping his face with the colour as he realizes.
“You were here to kill me, huh?”
“Not another word.” You snap, drawing a sharp breath as you try to compose yourself.
“Are you going to kill me, sweetheart?”
There was no fear in his voice. He should be afraid! He should be cowering and pathetically begging for you to spare his miserable life. You feel your heart ache at the way it wasn’t at all going to plan. Mamoru’s words were hollow, haunted with betrayal and heartbreak as he gazed up at you with those soft, tolerating eyes as always.
“You never grow up, kid.”
His voice was so soft, filled with that helpless love he had when he was completely smitten with you, completely taken, when he was moving over you in the heat of the-
No. No more reminiscing.
You felt the tears escape your eyes.
“Mamoru!” You yell at him. “Just die!” You dig the pistol against his throat harder. His gasping choke stirs the concern within you, and you force back the desire to ask if he was alright.
“S-Sweeth-eart…” He sighed with a rasp. “Come on. Get it over with.”

The paintings would sell for so much more once you were done.
Planting you beside the Angelic Artist allowed for the organization to get their hands on many more valuable paintings and sketches. The only thing left now, was to do away with the young man and skyrocket the prices of those paintings.
The organization knows. They raised you, they taught you obedience, they placed you strategically in the hotel for you to use your body to comfort and seduce the artist for his valuables.
Honey coloured eyes gazed back at you with outright hurt.
“You’re a smart doggy, deceiving me for so long.”
He hasn’t called you Koro for ages. Your heart thudded painfully against your ribs at the old nickname, the one that called up a flood of memories of how much he loved you and treasured you. Shaking those thoughts out of your head, you grip the pistol harder.
“Are you going to shoot me now?”
Ota’s voice was stiff.
“I… yes.” You reply, barely more than a whisper, too ashamed of yourself to raise your volume.
What have you done?
He loved you. He truly loved you. He thought all those kisses, all those nights, all those sweet promises were real.
You wished they were.
You wished you could love him, love him without the threat of your entire upbringing looming over you.

Ota gave you the masking smile he gave the media every time something went wrong, the beautiful, attractive smile of perfect happiness that was so sickeningly fake in the moment you wanted to cry.
“Well, then aren’t you going to get on with it?”
“I… I’m sorry for lying.”
“No you’re not, Koro.” His eyes darkened. “You’re not lying. You love me. I’m not blind, Koro. I can taste it on your lips. I can feel it every time we-“
“Shut up!” You shriek, feeling the tears clinging helplessly to your eyelashes. “STOP DOING THAT!”
Ota had never agreed to anything so calmly, and you blink in confusion, gazing at him through a blur of tears and an iron sight on your pistol.
“Right here.” He put a hand over his heart for a moment. “Shoot your master. And then you’re free, Koro.” The angelic smile had faded into a ghostly look of forlorn pain. “Then you’re free, Koro.”

You felt so scared it was unreasonable.
You were the one holding the pistol, pointing it at the CEO behind the desk.
But somehow, a cold chill was spreading through your spine and body, out to your fingertip that clung to the trigger with only the faint memory of your order to kill.
“You lied.”
His voice was cold, and you feel tremors through your body as you meet his eyes. The brown gaze was bleak and sorrowful, contrasting the iciness of his words.
“You said you loved me.”
You shook your head helplessly.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.
You were supposed to walk in, shoot him, leave a suicide letter, and walk out. That had been the plan since your placement at his side.

You weren’t supposed to fall in love with him.
“That was the plan all along, wasn’t it?”
He got out of his desk and began to approach you.
I can’t do this.
You take two steps back.
“Don’t come any closer!” You cry out, shaking your pistol at him.
“_____________, you are foolish.”
Eisuke stops, holding out his hands. There was an unreadable look in his eyes that almost. Almost. Perhaps. Seemed like heartache.
“You are in love with me.”
“Then shoot me. Fulfill your pesky little plan that you had been brewing for a year in my bed.”
He strips off his suit jacket and throws it to the side. Your eyes dart and follow the garment for a moment, and refocus on his face.
“Shoot me.” He extends his arms again, and your tearful gaze fixes on the breast pocket of the violet dress shirt.

You were pathetic.
You were supposed to be the one killing, the one in control, the one commanding the situation.
Baba held the pistol in one hand, having skillfully stolen it out of your grasp. He clutched both your wrists with the other, staring at you with wide, anguish filled eyes.
“Princess, are you really going to shoot me?”
“Let me go!” You struggle against his tight grip, and Baba shakes his head slowly.
“My sweet, you couldn’t have been planning to kill me.”
“I’m going to kill you!” You scream back, feeling your insides tear apart at the decision you hadn’t made. It was the initial plan. It wouldn’t be difficult getting into his bed as long as someone was willing to open their legs, and you had been placed at the hotel for that sole purpose. To get close to him and kill him.
Falling in love with him, however, had no space or legitimacy at existence upon your agenda.
He grabbed your hand and put it around the grip of the pistol. You look up at him with wide eyes, shocked at what he had done. Baba took your hands in his, cupping them around the pistol, and guided the muzzle over his heart.
“Right here.” He said quietly. There as a shadow of pain and betrayal in his features, and you feel your hands shaking in his. “Why are you shaking, my lady?”
He squeezed your hands and threaded your index finger through the trigger guard.
“It was your goal, wasn’t it? To kill me?”
It was too easy. You just needed to pull that trigger. Something lodged in your throat, and it was suddenly too difficult to just stand on your own two feet. You couldn’t do it.
“Don’t you need to report back to your organization?”
Yes. You had to.
But you couldn’t.
You couldn’t gaze into the eyes that you love, at the man that you love, and pull that trigger.
“I wouldn’t inconvenience my princess like that.” Baba says with an air of nonchalance, yet his facial expression was tormented and saddened. “Just pull the trigger.”
“Why are you not mad at me?” You ask, feeling hot tears slide down your cheeks. “I lied to you, I… I just slept with you to get close to you! I… I’m horrible! You should hate me! You should shoot me! Why are you doing this?”
Baba was silent for a while, and you felt your tears stroked away.
“Because I love you.”

Do they all die?
Idk anon didn’t specify
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So I'm the girl Perfume (almost) picked to translate for them at last night’s concert.

As in, I had a ten second conversation with A~chan. A~chan said my name. At the Hammerstein Ballroom. In front of everybody. As in, holy mother of god, this cannot actually be happening to me. 

But even more incredible than that moment were the events that led up to it. This got REALLY long, so bear with me.

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