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Reckless - Part 4

Part 4/?

Characters: AJ Styles, OFC, Baron Corbin

Summary: The newest woman on the roster finds herself making waves she never intended to, with men that are both off-limits to her.

Warnings: Nada

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Hey Gang I’m back in Chicago for another IML Weekend! Come on out to the host hotel which is the Congress Plaza Hotel. I’ve got a selection of my latest designs including the new Puff On This that I’m wearing in my profile pic. I’m running my specials of $20 Tshirts, $25 Polos and $40 hoodies. We’re open today 12-7, Saturday 11-7, Sunday 11-5 and Monday 11-5. Come on out for some fun and get yourself some killer new shirts!

anonymous asked:

I'm in Amsterdam for three days can you recommend me some Dutch food I should eat? x

Hello - of course I can!

Dutch food tips (for foreigners ;D)

The Dutch don’t often eat a lot for breakfast, unless they’re somewhere fancy. I reckon that if you’re staying in a hotel, you’ll have a selection to your heart’s extent. 
We like to decorate our bread with loads of sweet stuff. The Dutch have an amazing thing that’s ‘hagelslag’. Basically they’re small chocolate sprinkles, used to decorate bread with (we eat bread without toasting it). It comes in many shapes and sizes, but usually hotels have a small selection of basic sprinkles.

I can’t conjure a tradition for Dutch lunches, but generally you’ll find a selection of various breads and salads.
However, if you’re wishing to dip into true Dutch food, I really recommend choosing a ‘Broodje Kroket’ once! It’s a meat dish (more often eaten in combination with fries), but it’s heavenly on a piece of good bread with mustard. It might not look that fancy, but trust me - it’s good.
(pronunciation is ‘crough-ket’ (the ‘k’ is harsh like in ‘kill’ and ‘cape’)

Three days is not enough!
But try some of these dishes, at least:

You could also just name them ‘Saf’s Favourite’, because fuck. 
They’re small pancakes, yet they’re not… pancakes. They’re more doughy ans sweeter and oh ym god the taste when you combine them with butter and powdered sugar… I’m so down

The Dutch pancakes are fairly different from the American ones. They’re more similar to the French Crêpes, but they’re a bit thicker than that. Instead of piling 4 thick pancakes on each other, we tend to serve one or two big ones filled with ingredients. Common combinations are apple/cinnamon, bacon (pictured), or even cheese. We also serve them ‘natural’, so if fillings isn’t your cup of tea, try those!

Fries (’patat’)
Although the ‘fried section’ in the Dutch kitchen isn’t as impressive as the American or the British one, we do have a lot of good snacks that we enjoy next to our fries. Next to hamburgers and chicken nuggets, we serve kroket, frikandel, berenhap and many other meaty things that are native to the Dutch kitchen. 
If you’re just in the Netherlands for three days, then it might be a waste to spend one of the sparse dinners on fries, but it’s an interesting google search and it might be a wonderful little 4 o’clock snack!
Also: don’t be weirded out when you get asked if you’d like mayonnaise (also named ‘fritessaus’) with your fries - in the Netherlands it’s actually not a salad dressing. We use it like ketchup, as the taste here is sweeter and more creamy. If you’re on that train, try ‘curry’. I believe it’s German and it’s kinda like a spicy ketchup. 

The picture has these sauces (from left to right): applesauce, ketchup and mayonnaise (topped with onions)
And from left to right: fries, kipcorn, and two frikandellen. 

Oh, I am so weak for the late night snacks when I am sipping a wine on a terrace (watching people, lmao). So if you find yourself winding down after a long day on a warm terrace, then try this: Bitterballen.
It’s the best Dutch invention (after poffertjes, duh). They’re great. They’re mini kroketten, but also different. They’re small balls filled with a meaty substance and we tend to enjoy them with mustard or mayonnaise. 

It’s a traditional Dutch cookie. I’m sure you can’t have missed it after you’ve spent like… 4 seconds in Amsterdam, because it’s the most touristy food gift we’ve got (after cheese…). Big cities such as Amsterdam tend to have stalls that sell them nice and warm…. dannnggg that good. You can also find them neatly packed in small packages in supermarkets, though. They don’t really expire that fast, so you can take them home and enjoy them even when you’re not in the Netherlands!
The literal translation is a ‘syrup waffle’, and that’s definitely what it is. 

And if you’re in Amsterdam for the coming three days, you’ve got the best weather of the year incoming! Granted, it’s going to be hot, but it’s generally fairly enjoyable during the mornings and evenings, and the late sunset makes for great companionable evenings.
Have loads of fun and enjoy the lovely Amsterdam!
Airbnb is reportedly creating a fancier service for people who prefer hotels
Airbnb Select hosts need to provide matching sheets, nice towels, and a selection of tea and coffee.
By Shona Ghosh, Business Insider UK

 Airbnb is reportedly trying to solve that problem with a  soon-to-launch premium service nicknamed “Select”.

 The company’s going to trial the service with hosts this  week, according to  Bloomberg, and it could launch by the end of 2017.

 This new tier of Airbnb is targeted at wealthier travellers  who are fussier about things like working hairdryers and nice  sheets.

 Airbnb is planning to vet hosts who get consistently good  reviews as part of its trial, and will look for things like  matching bedsheets, nice towels, and having a selection of tea  and coffee available.

This tech company lifecycle where they slowly loop back to the service they are distrupting is ridiculous.


Hey guys, so last summer I wrote, directed, edited, and produced a short film entitled Sunny Days– which is a parody of love stories I’ve seen so many times in terrible movies. It would mean a great lot to me if you would watch this short film and give whatever feedback you find appropriate, and if you‘ve enjoyed the film– share it with your friends.

Also, if you make it halfway through and you don’t like it… Keep watching: It’s only 15 minutes, anything could happen

Plot Synopsis:
After the loss of his brother, Ben feels lost and alone. one day Sunny enters his life and brings vast changes .

Sunny Days was shot entirely in the City of Romulus, and has been accepted into seven film festivals so far.

Director’s Notes:
The story of Sunny Days began when I was searching through short films on the internet saw that nearly every romance film had the exact same plot: A man is sad, an eccentric woman enters his life, they have a montage of happiness, and they inevitably break up.
There were so many films with this same story, that I couldn’t help but believe that a satire of one of these stories would be interesting. I love taking a genre we all know and love and trying to do something new with it.

I’m happy with the film, and I am happy above all with the performances. I believe Nick Banko and Miranda Moffat knocked it out of the park with this film, and I cannot wait for people to be able to see what they can do.

“Audience Favorite Award” (MovingMedia Film Festival)
“Best Michigan Made Film” (Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival)
“Honorary Award Winner” (International Horror Hotel)
“Official Selection” (Troma Dance Detroit)
“Official Selection” (Royal Starr Film Festival)
“Audience Choice Award” (Film Challenge Detroit)


Alguno de mis vinos elegidos 2016: Vinos Argentinos - Argentine Wines - Observen las cepas en las fotos. Sí, predomina el Malbec. 

También otras bebidas como Jack Daniel´s y sus chocolates y algunos elegidos de España e Italia.

Escorihuela Gascón - Clos de los Siete - Mosquita Muerta - Sapo de Otro Pozo - Alto Uxmal - Don Nicanor - Laborum - Bramare - Achával Ferrer - Luigi Bosca - Mariflor - Anko - Perro Callejero - Malbecaster - Corazón del Sol - San Pedro de Yacochuya - Petite Fleur - Catalpa - Colomé - Saint Felicien - Las Perdices - Desquiciado - Brazos de los Andes - Revancha - Diamandes - Alma Negra - Riccitelli - Gira Mundo - Carmelo Patti - Asa Nisi Masa - Alta Vista Atemporal - Monteagrelo - Beni Di Batasiolo - Donelli - San Pedro - FLT -El Esteco - Trapiche Iscay - Hotel - BoBó - Pelleriti Selection - Zuccardi Serie A - Mantra. A disfrutar.


In these United States, we’ve used unspeakable systemic violence to create a supremacist culture that has and continues to rob black people of freedom. Here, we don’t need to speak the unspeakable. We see it every single day, all of us. But there are people who fight for power, which is to say agency, which is to say freedom. It takes art and passion and standing up next to each another. The tide-buckers and the oppressed have been for centuries fighting tirelessly for the dignity and equality of their own bodies, lives, loves. The political rhetoric in this fight has lately taken to social media, an outlet wholly democratic for other voices to be heard and social awareness to bloom. 

Forty years ago though, it took place in part on the covers of paperback books. The sale of these books — 99 cents in pharmacies and grocery lines across America — helped shape contemporary discourse and design. Stokely Carmichael and Charles Hamilton’s Black Power can be examined as an example of one such publication.

The original design by Larry Ratzkin is unassuming yet profound: a white field, with the giant words “Black Power” centered in a thick, slab-serifed type. No images, no frills. The efficiency of the cover appears so natural that any other is hard to imagine; the design has come to embody the political moment in the late 1960s when Black people began uniting in their struggle for liberation. Other variations, iterations and representations of the movement and the paperback below, originally on view in the gallery annex at Ace Hotel New York. 

This selection was curated by the Interference Archive — a Gowanus, Brooklyn-based archive exploring the relationship between cultural production and social movements, and working to preserve the history of movements in an environment that allows marginalized communities to shape the way their own history is represented. 

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