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Goldie Vance #4 @boomstudios

by Hope Larson @hopelarson, Brittney Williams @anotherbrittneywilliams and Sarah Stern @worstwizard

In the last issue of the first Goldie Vance story, our intrepid heroine dodges Russians spies, the cops, and the whims of gravity to save a missing hotel guest from certain doom! Will she survive her undercover mission to a rival hotel? Will her cute friend Diane want to be more than just a friend? Tune in to find out!

By day, Goldie is a valet at the chic Crossed Palms Resort in sunny Florida, USA. Also by day, she helps the hotel detective to solve even the most mundane case. When a guest’s necklace goes missing, it’s up to Goldie and her not-boss to solve the mystery. But neither of them could have guessed that the solution was part of a bigger problem…

I’ve loved everything about the Goldie Vance books, from the animated art style to the fact that Goldie’s mom works as a live mermaid in a downtown club. It’s a book that you’ll enjoy if you’re into retro settings, sleuthing, Grease-esque drag racing, mild Cold War era political overtures, or all of the above. I’m so excited that this series is now ongoing and we get to read more adventures soon, and now’s the perfect time to get caught up on this charming story!

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Hotel AU wherein, Optimus Prime and Megatron own rival premier hotel businesses across the street from each other and regularly spy on each other/ attempt to sabotage events held at each other’s hotel. 

At Prime Hotel 

Ultra Magnus is the equivalent of Mr Moseby: “NO RUNNING IN MY LOBBY” 

Tailgate is the clearer person 

Nautica/Wheeljack are in charge of maintenance. 

Prowl is head of reception. 

Ambulon is a bell boy…

At the MEGA hotel 

Starscream is in charge of hospitality 

Knockout is the masseuse 

Lugnut is the life guard…. 

So I was thinking of this AU all night last night that I’ve been calling “Killer Lady”. No, it isn’t about assassins or anything like that. There is no killing… except for maybe reader’s hearts.

Ruby Rose is the heiress to the Rose Gardens Resort, a string of affordable luxury hotels all across Remnant. She is engaged to Penny Polendina, the heiress to a rival hotel franchise, and is due to marry her when she turns 20. But Ruby feels there is someone in the world more suited for her than the girl her father chose and wants more than anything to find them while there’s still time. So Ruby and her older half-sister, Yang, enroll into Beacon with their childhood friend Blake Belladonna in hopes of finding Ruby’s true love. 

On the first day as they head towards their business class they bump into a beautiful young woman with snow-white hair and icy blue eyes. Ruby flashes her, her most charming smile and helps her up, complimenting her hair but Weiss seems more irritated than flattered. 

Weiss is later revealed to be their professor startling Ruby, Yang, and Blake, since they all assumed she was a student. During the lecture Yang makes constant disturbances to draw Weiss’ attention over to their little group and gives Ruby an opportunity to chat to Weiss. 

Blake begins to notice that Weiss is warming up to Ruby’s advances and decides to run a background check on her before things progress any further. She’s shocked to find that Weiss is the former heiress to the Schnee Dust Company; Weiss was disowned after a certain incident five years prior to the story. When Ruby finds out who Weiss really is, she’s even more determined to be with her.