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Disney is making another collaboration with a rival company!

Hotel Transylvania: The Television Series is an upcoming Canadian-American animated fantasy television series produced by Sony Pictures Animation and Nelvana also the second Disney original series to be a collaboration

Of Clear Blue Eyes and Broken Dragon Rides

Summary: What happens when a roller coaster breaks down in the middle of Harry Potter World? It sparks the unlikely meetup of an operator with striking blue eyes and a terrified teenage boy who just wants to make his way off without dying. But what happens once they reach the ground? Written with the lovely @scarlett-storm!

Word Count: 4.9k

Genre: Fluff

Extra tags: AU, theme park, getting together, strangers to lovers, comfort

Warnings: none

A/N: This is my first co-writing experience and honestly, I couldn’t think of a better partner. Thank you Marissa for reaching out and asking me to write this story with you, as I had an absolute blast and would gladly do it again! I hope you enjoy!!

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So I’ve been kinda down recently, so what better way to cheer up than by posting FAHC Jerevin because I’m garbage tbh and they make me happy.

So Jeremy asks Gav out first, he’s all blushes and stuttered words and nervousness, because he’s still so new to the crew, a renegade still in Geoff’s eyes, ready to blow and make a run for it back to one of his old crews at any moment, and he’s not really sure if this Golden Boy has really accepted him, or if he’s only doing it for Jack’s sake, because Gav’s her first kid and he’s quite the Mama’s boy. Jeremy’s only two months into the workings of the crew and he’s terrified of rejection. The words stop and start from his mouth, rushed and then slowed and mumbled, get’s a couple of ‘Wots’ out of Gavin before he finally manages to get the words out properly, Jeremy’s naturally very pink, but the moment he gets the words out he’s cherry red from a mixture of nervousness and embarrassment. Gavin gives him a bright, toothy smile and squawks out an ‘Absolutely’ in that chipper way he has when he’s gotten his way without working for it, he kisses Jeremy on the cheek, and tells him to be ready to go for dinner at 8 the next evening, and that he’ll even make the reservations. Jeremy is floored. He wanders back to his room in a daze, and later that evening gushes to Ryan in their little makeshift library, because Ryan helped him work up to balls to ask Gav in the first place.

Jeremy who’s fidgety with nervous excitement all the next day, who sees Gavin around the penthouse and can’t help smiling to himself every time they lock eyes. Jeremy who can’t keep his mind on anything all day, and starts getting ready at 5pm because he can’t wait any longer. Jeremy who gets Ryan to cover for them, since he’s not sure how things will go, who gives Ryan the story that he and Gav are going to go case a fancy hotel a rival boss is staying at if any of the others ask.

Gavin who’s nervous in a much different way. Gav who’s cool and collected on the outside but can’t keep his excitement compartmented. Who squawks a little higher than usual when he’s goofing around with Michael, who almost avoids Jack all day, because he doesn’t want to spill everything to her just in case things don’t go how he wants. Gavin who starts getting ready just as early, who tells Michael he and Jeremy are going out under cover to an art show to get a lock on an important target that’s rumoured to be there, who makes Michael help him pick an outfit out for the evening, who goes through four or five suits before settling on a simple black business suit with a black button down and enough gold jewelry to have nearly half a million dollars dangling from his neck and ringing his fingers and wrists. 

They meet at the front door of the penthouse and yell their goodbyes to the others who are home (Gav was smart and picked Jack and Geoff’s date night for them to go out, so there are no suspicious Mom Questions at the door), and they’re off to dinner. Jeremy gives an awkward apology, having wanted to pick up some flowers, but hadn’t had the time, who gets a smiling shrug and a ‘Not a problem’, who smiles back a bit shyly and they go down to the garage. They take Jeremy’s car, because Gavin still can’t legally drive in the US and they really don’t want to get arrested tonight of all nights. 

When they get to the restaurant it’s a little awkward at first, small talk and an avoidance of each other’s pasts. Soon they fall into an easy conversation when Gavin asks about Jeremy’s parents, and Jeremy replies that he honestly wishes he’d punched his father in the stomach before he left home, this gets a small laugh and a head shake from Gavin, who says he wishes he’d seen his dad enough to even think about punching him. They manage to talk easily about their pasts, Jeremy who listens intently as Gav talks about Dan, who watches with incredible affection while Gavin describes the antics he and his B got into during high school. Jeremy who’s amazed by the sparkle in Gav’s eyes while he talks about Dan. 

After dinner they drive around for hours, just talking, bonding over shared experiences, talking about how they were both competitive gymnasts in high school, who both got sucked into gangs without much other choice, who both got picked up by Jack on the worst days of their lives, who were convinced they’d be dead by morning if she hadn’t picked them up. Eventually they start talking about little things, favourite colours, their first jobs as teenagers, the first video game they played. They turn back up at the house well after 2 am, they grab some snacks from the kitchen and go sit in Gavin’s room, and they talk some more. At some point there’s a long enough lull in conversation that Jeremy dozes off with his head in Gavin’s lap, Gav watches him for a few minutes, mesmerized by how sweet and young Jeremy looks when he’s asleep. After a few minutes Gavin manages to tear his eyes away, and gently shakes Jeremy awake, guiding him to lay properly on the bed, and curls up with him. They’re both asleep in minutes. Jeremy wakes up hours later and smiles at Gavin, who’s slack jawed and snoring next to him, who slips out of bed and gently pulls off Gavin’s jacket to hang up, and leaves a little note on the bedside table that says simply ‘Thank you for the fantastic night’.

They sort of fall together after that, going on casings and party liaisons together, who are great at ‘pretending’ to be dating, who are so good at pretending to be in a relationship the others get a little suspicious, but it’s never quite enough to confirm it, because Gavin is extremely affectionate to everyone in the house in his own way.

They finally get found out the morning after one of their events together. It’s a Sunday, and Jack insists on family brunch, but the two got in late and aren’t up yet, so Jack goes back to Gavin’s room, planning to get him up, and then go get Jeremy while Gavin gets dressed. Instead of finding Gavin alone, sprawled half-clothed in his button down and boxers from the night before, she finds him laying across Jeremy’s chest, his head cradled in the hollow of Jeremy’s throat, their legs tangled together, naked except for the sheets covering them. Jack shakes her head and rolls her eyes, because she should have seen this coming. Instead of being upset with them, or waking them up rudely, she simply closes the door quietly and texts Gavin instead, knowing his phone is on full volume. (The text simply says ‘Congratulations love’, and Gav knows they’re found out). They get up and trudge out, Gavin puts on some clean clothes, but Jeremy can hardly be bothered, and just pulls on his suit pants and undershirt from the night before (Gavin, personally, is a big fan of that look).

So since they’ve already been found out they just walk into the dining room holding hands, they don’t say anything, just walk in with hands clasped together, and take the two empty seats at the table. Jack gives them an inquisitive look and asks ‘So when were you planning on telling us?’ Jeremy glances at Gavin and sort of shrugs ‘Soon I guess’ is Gavin’s response, Jeremy continues with ‘It’s only been about a month or so, didn’t want to jinx anything.’ All the while Ryan is trying not to giggle because he knew the whole time and has been covering for them since that first date. Jack simply rolls her eyes and smiles, and simply congratulates them. This whole exchange happens in the span of a few minutes, and Geoff’s head is swimming with this influx of information so soon after he’s woken up.

Once they’ve come out with it they’re grossly affectionate. Jeremy will be sitting on the couch having a chat with Jack or Ryan and Gavin will walk in without a word and climb into Jeremy’s lap, he’ll nuzzle his nose into Jeremy’s neck and kiss his shoulder and then stay there for as long as Jeremy’s going to be sat there. There’s never an hour that goes by in which Gavin isn’t curled up on top of Jeremy somehow, or Jeremy isn’t caught kissing Gavin’s forehead, or his nose, or leaving a loving peck on his lips. They’re the kind of couple that kiss goodbye and, eventually, say I love you as the other leaves the house to do something by themselves, or with another crew member. Gavin takes to calling Jeremy Love more than he calls him Little J or even just Jeremy, Jeremy makes a little joke out of calling Gavin Dove because of his silly beaky nose. Jack watches all of this and nudges Geoff as if to say ‘remember when we were like that?’ to which Geoff simply smiles and shakes his head and wraps his arm around her waist, as if responding ‘we still are Jacky, just a little farther out of the honeymoon’.

Jeremy and Gavin’s relationship never seems to leave the honeymoon phase, they’re always gentle and loving and grossly affectionate, even years into their relationship if Jeremy’s sitting somewhere doing nothing Gavin will crawl into his lap and curl up with his nose pressed against Jeremy’s throat. And coming from two of the most loveless houses in the crew they can’t help repaying the affection lost as kids to each other, they simply can’t help being gross, but no one in the penthouse really minds it all that much, because the others know the two of them deserve to feel properly loved like this by someone else.

HBO Vice Principals promo

As the tumultuous school year at North Jackson High continues, a new semester brings big changes – and Gamby and Russell are about to learn that the only thing harder than gaining power is holding on to it. The darkest comedy on television returns to finish what was started when VICE PRINCIPALS kicks off its nine-episode, second and final season SUNDAY, SEPT. 17 (10:30-11:00 p.m. ET/PT), with other new episodes debuting subsequent Sundays, exclusively on HBO.

Guest stars on the second season include Fisher Stevens (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”) as a scholarly rival to Gamby for Amanda’s attentions; Scott Caan (“Hawaii 5-0”) as a teambuilding trainer; Maya Love as Gamby’s daughter, Janelle; and Susan Park (“Fargo”) as Russell’s wife, Christine.


A comiXologist Recommends

Goldie Vance #4 @boomstudios

by Hope Larson @hopelarson, Brittney Williams @anotherbrittneywilliams and Sarah Stern @worstwizard

In the last issue of the first Goldie Vance story, our intrepid heroine dodges Russians spies, the cops, and the whims of gravity to save a missing hotel guest from certain doom! Will she survive her undercover mission to a rival hotel? Will her cute friend Diane want to be more than just a friend? Tune in to find out!

By day, Goldie is a valet at the chic Crossed Palms Resort in sunny Florida, USA. Also by day, she helps the hotel detective to solve even the most mundane case. When a guest’s necklace goes missing, it’s up to Goldie and her not-boss to solve the mystery. But neither of them could have guessed that the solution was part of a bigger problem…

I’ve loved everything about the Goldie Vance books, from the animated art style to the fact that Goldie’s mom works as a live mermaid in a downtown club. It’s a book that you’ll enjoy if you’re into retro settings, sleuthing, Grease-esque drag racing, mild Cold War era political overtures, or all of the above. I’m so excited that this series is now ongoing and we get to read more adventures soon, and now’s the perfect time to get caught up on this charming story!

Kara Szamborski supervises the production coordinator team at comiXology and co-hosts the weekly comiXologist podcast to help you find the perfect comic for you. She is currently resisting the urge to write Spidevil fanfic.

Keep You Busy
  • Featuring: Eisuke Ichinomiya from Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
  • Rating: Mature, smut content.
  • Author’s Note: Final giveaway drabble goes to @mrszala , who happens to be my very first follower! My apologies for taking so long, I apparently had an existential crisis about my smut writing. I hope you like it! 

“Who was that?”

The scowl on his face was frightening enough. Ota often commented that Eisuke was trying to kill him with his eyes. If looks could kill, that glare would be one of the prime methods of murdering.

“A guest of your hotel,” She replied, aware that this wasn’t the first time Eisuke had seen them together.

Reina was more likely to believe that he knew everything about the guest. Probably even more than his closest friends and relatives. Mr Oshiro was a regular back in Tres Spade Japan. She assisted him a couple of times and when she spotted him in London, well, they started talking. She told him about places he might be interested in but stopped short of actually volunteering to bring him around. Partly because of Eisuke, but if she did that for one guest, she’d have to do that for every guest.

Eisuke spotted them while they were in the lobby. Mr Oshiro was a friendly man, and he often gave her hugs. To be honest, the first time he did that flustered her to no end. He was an attractive man, and to be able to be a regular at Tres Spade, one had to have a certain amount of money. This time was no different. When he bade her farewell, he hugged her. In the lobby, in full view of everyone. Including Eisuke.

“I don’t like him,” Eisuke strode over to where she was on the bed, pushing her down.

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Make political ads like YouTube Poops

*footage spliced together to make rival candidate say “I am a brony.”*

“Should you vote for rival candidate?

*hotel mario voice* NO

So I was thinking of this AU all night last night that I’ve been calling “Killer Lady”. No, it isn’t about assassins or anything like that. There is no killing… except for maybe reader’s hearts.

Ruby Rose is the heiress to the Rose Gardens Resort, a string of affordable luxury hotels all across Remnant. She is engaged to Penny Polendina, the heiress to a rival hotel franchise, and is due to marry her when she turns 20. But Ruby feels there is someone in the world more suited for her than the girl her father chose and wants more than anything to find them while there’s still time. So Ruby and her older half-sister, Yang, enroll into Beacon with their childhood friend Blake Belladonna in hopes of finding Ruby’s true love. 

On the first day as they head towards their business class they bump into a beautiful young woman with snow-white hair and icy blue eyes. Ruby flashes her, her most charming smile and helps her up, complimenting her hair but Weiss seems more irritated than flattered. 

Weiss is later revealed to be their professor startling Ruby, Yang, and Blake, since they all assumed she was a student. During the lecture Yang makes constant disturbances to draw Weiss’ attention over to their little group and gives Ruby an opportunity to chat to Weiss. 

Blake begins to notice that Weiss is warming up to Ruby’s advances and decides to run a background check on her before things progress any further. She’s shocked to find that Weiss is the former heiress to the Schnee Dust Company; Weiss was disowned after a certain incident five years prior to the story. When Ruby finds out who Weiss really is, she’s even more determined to be with her. 

Hotel AU wherein, Optimus Prime and Megatron own rival premier hotel businesses across the street from each other and regularly spy on each other/ attempt to sabotage events held at each other’s hotel. 

At Prime Hotel 

Ultra Magnus is the equivalent of Mr Moseby: “NO RUNNING IN MY LOBBY” 

Tailgate is the clearer person 

Nautica/Wheeljack are in charge of maintenance. 

Prowl is head of reception. 

Ambulon is a bell boy…

At the MEGA hotel 

Starscream is in charge of hospitality 

Knockout is the masseuse 

Lugnut is the life guard…. 

nonenoneshortandshort  asked:

Hi. Asking just if you have done the hc ehich kbtbb guys broke up with mc, then the mc becomes a great person(in jobs). Then the boys realise they still love her. But it was too late. Sorry for my poor english

I am going to go off the assumption that after the break up, MC left and became a high up at a rival hotel. Just so she is in a position of more power and such~

Eisuke: Walking into Delux Ace he was already disgusted with the atmosphere, the tacky color scheme and the overall feel of the place. They just tried to mimic what he had already mastered, and it didn’t work. Sitting inside the conference room getting ready to destroy the hotel manager, he was shocked when you walked through the doors. Your dark brown hair longer than the last time he saw you and your eyes were brighter, more alive even. Although the smile on your face vanished when you saw him. It wasn’t that you didn’t love him, you still hopelessly did, but you knew what he was here for. Yet when he looked at you, he knew he still missed you. He missed your warmth, your kindness, your overall aloofness. He wanted to pull you in his arms and bring you home, to keep you locked away so only his eyes could see you. Yet, here you both were in a heated staring contest because neither of you knew what to say to the other. 

Soryu: Soryu was surprised when he walked into Delux Ace. It reminded him so much of Tres Spades and the layout was so similar. He was lead into a meeting room where he was talking to another Mafia leader when the door suddenly flew open, and the last person he expected walked in. “I’m sorry to disturb you both but would you like anything to-” You finally looked up to be met by Soryu’s wide onyx eyes. He looked generally confused as he narrowed his gaze to your name tag as it read “Manager”. He was more focused on your last name, and finding it unchanged and still holding your status as unmarried he sighed internally. He wanted so much to run up and pull you into his arms. To feel your body flush against his, to kiss your lips and to eat your cooking and to stay up late at night talking about nothing in particular. But he gave that up. A long time ago just so you could be save. He didn’t care if you hated him, he didn’t care if you wish you never met him. He would never love someone as much as you, and doing this was for the greater good. Little did he know you wanted the same things he did.

Ota: As Ota set up his pieces of work in the large hall in Delux Ace he sighed. He wished it was at Tres Spades so he could escape once the press conference was over. How much he wanted to leave and go back home. “Excuse me but I believe that this venue is off limits until 9.” A voice called out to him. He plastered on his angelic smile and turned around but gaped at who he saw, “K-Koro?” There you stood, in a sleek suit with your hair neatly done with glasses adorning your face. You gave him a wry smile and a curt apology and started to walk away, knowing full well he could be in the room. Ota resisted the urge to run over to you, to pull you back to him and the life you left. Why did you leave, what was your reason and why were you working here of all places? Thoughts jumbled in his mind as he watched you get further and further away from him. He just wanted you back but you were already so far gone.

Baba: You were making the rounds just before you clocked out. After finishing you walked back to the staff room and into the safe room, where you started to aimlessly count away to make sure all the money balanced out. You weren’t aware of the clicking sound as the door locked shut when a pair of hands gripped your shoulders, “Now pretty lady I just need you to be quiet…” A familiar voice called out as he spun you around. He was shocked to be face to face with you. You, the woman who left him after that heated argument months ago. This was where you ran off to? After hours of trying to find you he meets you like this? He wanted to laugh, but the serious expression on your face caused him to mimic yours. The only thought on your mind was what to do? Let him slide or call the police? 

Mamoru: When Mamoru walked into Delux Ace he was dead set on finding the manager in charge. The renowned manager who brought Delux Ace from poor to riches, making it the number two hotel in Japan in under a week flat. However, the poor woman was held at gun point in the safe room was probably not in the mood to talk, but being put on the case he wanted answers, fast answers, and to finish up or dump the information onto someone else. Walking into the safe room he saw a small brown headed woman reach for the cup of coffee another cop held out the her. She nodded a reply and began to down the hot contents. Mamoru chuckled before walking over, “Excuse me Miss I just need to ask ya a couple of-” The words caught in his throat as a pair of watery eyes met his. Your watery eyes. You were clearly distraught as you clutched to your coffee cup and tried to wipe away the tear stains on your cheeks. Although, he was the last person you wanted to see since you both broke up. However to him, he felt a fire burn inside of him. The woman he heard about was you? He was dead set on pushing the case over to someone else but realizing that it was you who was involved he was going to take the matter into his own hands and prove just how much he loved you.

Luke: The last place he expected to see you again was at his office in Tres Spades hotel. Having staff bring you in and saying you felt faint during your business meeting, he was surprised that you were the manager in charge of Delux Ace but more shocked to see you on his examination table. He didn’t want to meet you again like this. Seeing you doubled over in pain as you tossed on the table made his heart ache as he resisted the urge to reach out and stroke your cheek. You weren’t his anymore. He should have bought you when he had the chance. Now you were gone from his reach. Your exquisite bone structure and the woman that lived inside the adorned body would never be his again. He thought back on all the times he could have treasured you more, said the words you wanted to hear, but now it was to late. Giving you medicine was all he could do for you. 

Hishikura: Having to find a new residence for the time being as the Diplomatic Housing was being renovated, he decided to check in at Delux Ace, not only to see Eisuke’s competition, but he could not stand to be around the group of monkeys and morons for a whole week. Trying to check in, there was a problem with his room, and requesting to speak with a manager, he was shocked when he saw you walk out of the room. Making your way over to the guest, you were equally shocked to see him standing there. He spent so long looking for you and this was where you escaped to? You quickly set him up in anther room without so much of a glance as you tried to run back into your office. He just could not take his eyes off of you. Did you get more beautiful? If that was even possible? Your warm brown hair cascaded to your mid back in lose waves as your eyes held so much light. Although you felt a mix of emotions, you learnt to keep your composure over your time apart with Hishikura, and were now more suitable at keeping a poker face unlike before. He watched you walk away, back into your office, where he wished he could be with you.