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You Really Got Me

Requested by @carleyspn : Hi :) I wanted to see if you could do a Dean Winchester imagine about their on a case & the girl their interviewing is into Dean & the reader becomes jealous & starts being clingy to him. I would love if you did that :), add anything you want. Thanks

A/N: I feel so bad for how delayed this is but y’all can never say I don’t deliver. (Lol yes you can this took me like 3 months) Anyway, I absolutely loved this request and I can’t get over this cuteness! I’m currently fighting a cold & have no motivation to learn my lines or do my homework so I wrote this up instead.

Summary: You and Dean are investigating a haunted hotel where the hotel owner’s daughter isn’t quite getting the message that Dean isn’t up for grabs.

Warnings: Jealousy, Fluff!!!

Word Count: 1,591

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hotel with pjm

- jimin carrying the both of your suitcases up while you protest the entire time but you already arrived at the hotel room “jimin are your arms okay” nearly choking when you feel his rock hard arm “nope nevermind nope i’m going to unpack now”

- him lazily dragging you into a hug on the bed but then kissing your cheek before getting up to shower “we need to go back out soon, so let me freshen up first okay?” “okay” 

- nearly dying when he comes out of the shower with his wet haiR AND a towel on “jimin put on clothes…please” “why should i” “PARK JIMIN” “i’m kidding i came out for a reason” grabbing his clothes before letting you go into the bathroom to shower

- spending the remainder of the time in the hotel room researching places to go while jimin attempts to braid your hair extremely loosely “jimin did a good job didn’t he!” “this is really cute i like it” “really” “yeah” 

You’re Not There

Based on the song: You’re Not There by Lukas Graham

Word Count: 2080

Warnings: Angst. Death.

A/N: I had a weird day and was feeling super angsty/depressed. Then that song came on my iPod and I just… I just had to write.

Version en Español:Tú No Estás Allí

Her gratitude was etched into every worry line and wrinkle on her face as she hugged her little boy close. Over his shoulder, the woman stared up at Dean with watery eyes. “Thank you so much!”

With a little wave and smile, Dean turned and walked away. Another hunt and another win. Everyone made it out alive except for the monster. A year ago he would have celebrated with you. A year ago, he would have let your excitement at seeing a family reunited wash over him. A year ago, you would have wrapped your arm around his waist and guided him to the Impala with a beautiful smile painted on your lips.

A year ago, everything was different.

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Imagine Sam having a nightmare.

A/N: Takes place during S1E5 Bloody Mary when they’re in the hotel room; Dean’s doing research while Sam sleeps.

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

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“What’re you doing?” Dean asked you while looking up from his research. He had been looking for leads on the mirror while you worked on schoolwork on your bed, however at the moment you were walking over to Sam’s bed.

“He’s having another nightmare.” You said softly to Dean. “He doesn’t sleep without having one.”

“Yeah, but he needs sleep. Leave him alone.”

You sighed and started to walk away before you got an idea, you turned back around and crawled onto the bed with Sam. You ran your fingers through his hair just like Sam and Dean used to do when you couldn’t sleep when you were younger; like Dean still did to this day.

Sam immediately calmed down but you continued to run your fingers through his hair; ignoring the smiling stare that Dean was giving you. Finally you gave in and looked at him, “Can I help you?” You asked.

“Na, I’m good.”He said while smiling at you while he stuck his pen into his mouth and turning his attention back to his research.



Remember…. part 4

You can read part 1 here & part 2 here & part 3 here

You look up towards the man in front of you when you heard your name. He puts his hands on your face stroking your cheek

“Don’t dare hurt her.” You hear Dean scream.

The man switches now the attention from you to Dean. He walks towards Dean.

“Or what?” He asks Dean.

“Or I will kill you with my bare hands” Dean responds.

Another man enters the room. He walks towards the man that was in front of me.

“Klaus who are they?” He asks

“There the hunters brother.” Klaus responds. “Take a look Elijah.”

You looked towards the two man. The man who just walked in had a suit on. He walked towards Sam first looking at him, then to Dean and then he started walking towards you. You looked towards the ground. You saw his feet appear on the ground. You looked up. Seeing the man in front of you. He was staring at you like he just saw a ghost.

He walks away without saying anything. He walks to the man he just called Klaus. You saw him whisper something in his ear.

“See this as a warning. You can stay in my town but don’t get in my way. otherwise it’s going to be more worse than today.” Klaus spoke to the 3 of us.

“Thake them back.” Elijah said to the man holding us.

The man put the sacks on our heads again and drag us away.

“Klaus…” Elijah said. He put his hand on his shoulder. “She’s here. What are we going to do?”  

“I don’t know” Klaus said. He walks towards the door and leaves the compound.

We were dropped on a field next to the river.

“Who the hell was that?” Dean asks angry. “He has the balls to scare us.” He screams angry.

“Dean calm down.” Sam says. “Y/n do you know those guy’s?” He asks you. You look towards him confused. “both of the men looked at you like they saw a ghost.” Sam continued.

“I don’t know them.” You said towards them.

“Sam leave her for a moment. Let’s go back to the hotel.” Dean says. “Where are we?” He says looking around.

The next day we were all at the hotel. Sam was doing research on the internet about those guys. And you were going a little bit crazy. That man’s face just keeps popping up on your mind. Like you knew him.

“Guys I’m going to look around in the city.” You say to them.

“It’s not safe.” Dean says to you.

“I’m just going to look around like a tourist not as a hunter.” You say to Dean

“I’m going with you.” Dean says. He takes his jacket and puts it on.

“Dean please i don’t need a babysitter” You say to him.  “I will check in every hour okay?”

He nods his head. You look towards Sam and he just gives you a smile.

You walk towards the door and you left both of the men behind.

The streets of New Orleans were crowded. There were people everywhere. Everybody was smiling. You walked around and you felt at home for more than a year you never felt so home in a city has now. You spot a cute cafe. You enter the cafe and you took a seat at a table near the window.

“Can I get you something?” You looked away from the window and you looked towards the waitress.

“Yes, can I have a coffee, please.” You say to her. She nods her head and walks away.

You look towards the window again, You see kids running around tourist taking photos. Everybody was happy.

In a few seconds you felt a presence next to you.

“You don’t mind do you love?” You look towards the man in front of you. Klaus the man from yesterday is in front of you. He has his hands on the chair.

“No I don’t mind.” You say to him. He sits in front of you.

“Thank you.” He says with a smile.

The waitress comes around and brings you the coffee.

“Do you want something?” She asks Klaus.

“No thank you.” he says friendly to the waitress.

She walks away and he’s staring at you with pain in his eyes. You don’t understand why.

“Can I ask you something love?” He says to you. His voice is friendly and sweet.

“Sure.” You say to him not sure why.

“Why are you with the hunters? You’re not a hunter.” He says to you

“Who do you think you are?.” You say to him calmly as possible. “You don’t know me.” You continued. He turns his face from you and you see him clench his jaw.

“You’re right.” He’s says not looking at you. He looks back at you, he smiles and just stays quite looking at you. You look out of the window, the people outside just makes you smile.

“I’m happy that you like New Orleans.” Klaus says. You look back at him again. “I can show you the town if you want.” He says with a smile.

You gave him a fake smile, take the last sip of your coffee and you stand from the table. “Maybe some other day.” You say to him and you walk away from the table. You walk to the register to pay for your coffee and ask for 2 pieces of cherry pie. Before you leave you look towards Klaus he’s still sitting on the table with his eyes on you. You walked out and made your way towards the hotel.

Shadows and Demon Politics

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: Drinking

Request: Reader and Dean are drunk while on a hunt

Notes: I enjoyed writing this so much. I’ve been trying to use more detail in my imagines so please bear with me. 

(Credit to GIF owner)

Sam had absent absentmindedly left you and Dean alone in the hotel room to do ‘research’ on whatever it was that you were hunting. Two minutes in to flicking through pages of the Lore, Dean looked up at you with bored eyes.

“There’s a bar down the street,” he mumbled.

You snapped your computer closed and stood on your feet, tucking your phone inside your pocket.

“Let’s go,” you murmured. You couldn’t take another minute of trying to find something that didn’t want to be found. Sam had taken the Impala which meant you and Dean were taking a joyous walk to go drown your worries in sweet alcohol.

“It’s a shadow, Y/N. How are we suppose to hunt a shadow?” Dean groaned, referring to the creature that you were currently trying to catch. You nodded your head, thinking about every ‘crime’ scene you’ve been to. Each one showed little to no evidence of anything supernatural. The one thing you managed to wrap your hands around was a surveillance camera that showed nothing but an eerie looking shadow that moved along the parking lot. The local police officer described it as a jet, or a tree, but nothing under your realm of destruction.

Dean held the bar door open for you. As soon as you stepped in, the bittersweet smell of alcohol filled your nostrils. You strode right up to the bartender, taking a seat on one of the chairs.

“Whiskey,” you said. Dean followed up behind, plopping down next to you.

“What she said,” he mumbled, running his fingers through his hair.

You turned to face Dean as the bartender plopped down to glasses filled with the heart warming liquid. You picked up your glass, cradling it carefully in your fingers.

“Here’s to a night of drinking,” you proposed. Dean clinked his glass against yours.

“Huzzah,” he muttered and began to down the whiskey.


“Dean Winchester…” you cooed as you set down your sixth glass, the world began to swirl before your eyes, “You don’t play around do you?”

Dean slammed his glass down, his body remained stonelike as the bitter liquid slithered down his throat, “Go big or go home, sweetheart,” he smiled. You nodded your head, a smile crawling across your face.

“Hey! Can we get another round!” Dean shouted to the suddenly busy bartender. You and Dean rolled your eyes, knowing very well that you devoted time to this sport compared to the newcomers that were just entering the bar.

“So.. the shadow,” Dean announces as the bartender sets down your seventh round of whiskey.

“Or the jet,” you input, taking the glass in your hands.

Dean takes a swig of the whiskey, which was filled up a little more than usual. You smiled, the bartender knew you two weren’t fooling around.

“It’s not a jet. Jet’s are big and make noise. That… that thing wasn’t a jet,” Dean cursed. He downed the rest of his whiskey, “It had to be a human, I mean it wasn’t that small but still.”

You nodded your head, “Fun size. Like a candy bar,” you muttered.

“Yeah, fun size….” his voice trails off, “I really want a candy bar now…”.

“Focus Dean, we need to figure out what this thing is,” you bickered as you downed the glass of whiskey still in your hand. You cringed at the distasteful liquid.

“Y/N we have nothing except three witnesses that all said the same thing. It was relatively large and hazardous,” the words spill out of Dean’s mouth in a heap. His sentences were becoming harder and harder to decipher.

“Ok..” you mumbled, trying think despite the fact that you were utterly wasted, “What’s relatively large and likes to terrorize people?” you asked, rubbing your temples with you fingers.

“Lucifer,” Dean slurs. The bartender who is currently serving the people next to shoots a look over towards Dean. Dean pays no mind.

“Dean, I don’t think we’re hunting Lucifer,” you protested. The bartender walks over to fill the glasses but instead, Dean holds his hand out. The bartender nods his head and proceeded to put the whiskey back on the shelf.

“How do you know that? Lucifer loves to terrorize people!” Dean announces.

You rolled your head back, “This isn’t ‘Spot Satan’ ok, Dean? We’re not hunting Lucifer. Plus, don’t you think Lucifer would amount to something bigger like ending the entire world?” The bartender continued to stare over towards you and Dean. The couple that was sitting next to you stood up from their seats and walked over to the pool tables.

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s playing hooky from ending the world,” Dean nagged. You tapped your fingers on the marble bar, taking a peak around you. By now, everyone in the bar stood a steady three feet away from you and Dean.

You looked back towards your drunk mess of a partner, “I don’t think this is the best place to discuss demon politics, Dean,” you whispered.

“Demon politics!” Dean announced, everyone turned to look at him, “Do you think that’s a real thing?” he said in a much quieter voice. You laughed and traced your finger around the brim of your glass.

“I certainly hope not.”

The roar of the Impala grew closer to the bar until it’s headlights were shining through the glass windows. You and Dean turned to see the lanky Sam Winchester step out of Impala, still dressed in his ‘Fed’ suit.

Dean shot a look at you, “Do you think he went to the hotel first?” he asked. You snort.

“I highly doubt it,” you retaliate.

Sam opens the door to the bar and strides over to you and Dean, his lips pressed into a thin line. He looked down foolishly on you and Dean.

“Have you two done anything useful at all since I left?” Sam huffed.

“We got wasted…” Dean slurred as he tapped on his empty glass, “Is that useful?” he teased.

Sam took a seat next you to leaning his arms on the bar.

“I talked to two more witnesses. They said that the thing they saw was a moving shadow. However, the shadow didn’t go near any light and looked as if it was being controlled by something,” Sam explained despite the fact that he knew you and Dean were on a whole other planet.

Dean pretended to listen intently, “How did they know it was being controlled?” he asked as he tapped on the brim of his glass. The bartender rushed over with more whiskey but Sam instantly stopped him. Dean pouted.

“I don’t know.. choppy movements, unfinished jobs, confusion. Plus, it hates light,” Sam mumbles.

“A Daevas,” you blurt out.

Sam furrows his eyebrows, “What?” he asks.

“We’re hunting a daeves. Think about it, it’s a type of demon that only appears in shadow form. Usually, their used to serve higher demons who are to lazy to do the job and they hate bright light,” you mumble, recalling the page in the Lore you had read on demons.

Sam and Dean both looked at you in awe, “I think you’re right, Y/N,” Sam uttered.

Dean nodded his head, “That’s my girl.”

a stitch undone

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Rating: Teen

Length: ~3k

Summary:  Years go by, all containing more of the same, and Sam feels himself unraveling. At least, he thinks he does, in the moments he can remember. Linear timelines don’t exactly make sense to him anymore. He isn’t sure how long they can keep going like this–despite the rumors, they are only human.

On AO3 (notes, too, didn’t put them on the post bc minor spoilers to fic)

Dean had made a point to put as much distance between them and Arizona as possible. Sam sometimes wondered at Dean’s keen skills of avoidance. They were uncanny.

They had struck a Northeastern path across the ‘States, skittering from one interstate to the other and lurking in motels when they had the cash. Sam had a theory that there were only fifty-two or fewer real motels in existence, and each hunt, week by week, brought them to another. At this point, they’d cycled through the lot of them several times over. Each time Sam saw the same green bedspread with those little mosslike circles crowding close to one another, he became a little more nauseated.

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My mother just caught me watching The Grand Budapest Hotel for the thousandth time and reciting the dialogue perfectly. I was told that “maybe I’ve watched it too many times”… listen lady I’ve already written a 10 pg psych paper on this movie, I passed “too many times” a long time ago.

After watching The Grand Budapest Hotel I couldn’t stop thinking about the prisoner played by Harvey Keitel and their prison tattoos. Knowing Wes Anderson’s attention detail I googled what the deal was and found it was a semi-homage to a 1934 French movie, L'Atalante. 

So I watched it and then re-drew a couple, this one definitely being my favourite. 

Was it Heavenly?

Request: could you write a castiel one shot where dean and sam don’t know that you and cas have feelings for each other and then they catch you two in a compromising position (sexual or just them kissing or something if u wanna turn it into a smut I won’t complain) and then they tease you two later that day and won’t stop joking about it? I love your work ❤️ especially the trickster one omfg.


Characters: Castiel, Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: Smut it just smutty goodness

Rated M

A/N: This was so much fun to write,  I hope you enjoyed Nonnie!

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Ⓢⓒⓔⓝⓐⓡⓘⓞ: The Thing about Bachellorette Parties

Summary: It was one of those inevitable things that Jumin had to face. He was not angry or upset at the situation at hand since the invitation had not been extended unto him. Whoever decided to start having parties only for women to celebrate their last night of being single was just a recipe for trouble.

  •  “What time are you coming home?”
  •  “I think I will be back past midnight, Jumin.”
  •  “Take a bodyguard…or five, MC”
  • “We’re going to be in private hotel room, love. It’s very safe.”
  • “Are you sure I cannot come along?”
  •  “As much as I love to bring you along, darling. I cannot because it’s exclusively for women.”
  •  “…I can wait outside until you are done.”
  • “I don’t think having Driver Kim wait along side you is a good idea.”
  • “…I can drive…”
  •  “That is out of the question, Jumin.”
  • Never had MC ever met someone persistent as fuck as Han Jumin

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First Kiss

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Dean Winchester: You were sitting in a park after yet another successful hunt, you had no knowledge of the supernatural before you met Dean. You and he have been hunting together with Dean’s little brother Sam for almost two whole months now, you smiled at Dean and nudged him softly with your elbow and almost jokingly asked “So, how do you always end up with a successful hunt every single time?” Dean cockily smirked and shrugged “I don’t know, I’m just too amazing and it scares the ghosts and other monsters away.” You rolled your eyes playfully and said: “No, I think that you confusing yourself with me, remember I’m the more amaz–.” Your sentence was cut short by another pair of lips connecting to your own, the kiss was long and filled with passion when you two finally pulled away you looked into his beautiful green eyes and asked: “What was that for?” Dean smirked and replied, “To get you to shut up, and because I think you’re cute." 

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Sam Winchester - You were sitting with Sam in another crappy hotel room doing research while Dean was at a bar, you sighed softly not finding any helpful results. You leaned back in your chair and groaned softly in annoyance as your computer crashed on you for about the seventy-fifth time in one hour, Sam looked up at you and rose an eyebrow "Your computer crash on you again (Y/N)?” He softly asked, you nodded in response and almost angrily said: “This piece of crap computer never works.” Sam sighed softly and got up from his chair and walked over to you and through a magic feat got your computer working again and you smiled at him “Thank you so much!” You happily said, Sam chuckled softly and said “No problem.” You smiled widely and you looked at Sam and kissed him softly, it was a long time until you both ran out of air and you pulled back and smiled widely at him.

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Castiel Novak - You sat in a diner by yourself, it had been over 2 months sine you’d last seen Castiel. You looked around the diner making sure no one was looking at you before you intertwined your fingers and bowed your head down and began to pray to him, hoping that he would appear and not ignore your prayer like he’d seemed to be doing the last two months. Eventually you heard the familiar sound of wings flapping and a huge, dorky smile invaded your face and you moved your head away from your hands and low and behold sitting across from you was the one and only Casitel. He smiled at you and without explanation he leaned across the table and kissed you softly. The kiss was short and sweet and he sat back down and you blushed and smiled at him.

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Crowley - You had spent approximately 6 months in hell, literally. You had found out that the reason that Crowley was after you was because your brother had made the deal with your soul. Not his. You had been given multiple chances to go back up to settle the score with your brother but every time you declined Crowley’s offer. Surprisingly hell had grown on you, Crowley had been nicer to you and you had often talked to him. One day you were sitting in your cell when a familiar voice came ringing down the hall “Good morning love.” You smiled slightly for once, for some reason hearing Crowley’s voice soothed you and made you feel safe. You walked up to the bars of your cell and wrapped your hands around the bars and tried to look down the hallway. Crowley walked up to your cell and gave you a small meaningful smile before leaning down slightly and bringing his lips to yours, the kiss was surprisingly long before you both pulled away and looked at your feet.

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Charlie Bradbury - Charlie was walking you home after your third date together, you both stopped when you got to your front door “I had a really good time Charlie.” You said with a small smile as you looked at Charlie happily “I did to, so I was thinking that if you want to we could go on another date. Maybe we could watch Harry Potter at my place.” Charlie suggested as she looked at you, your face broke out into a smile and you nodded, before you could say anything Charlie crashed her lips onto yours wrapping her arms around your waist in a sweet and gentle kiss.