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Etter at jeg har klatret opp til
så spør jeg deg :
Hva skjer etter at jeg
har reddet deg?
Da svarer du:
Jeg redder deg tilbake.

Actual Things My Profs Have Done

- English prof brought her kid to class, class consisted of playing with legos on the floor

- Physics prof brought himself to class, class consisted of playing with legos on the floor

- Astro prof helped me smuggle my hamster out of my apartment during inspections, he bought her a hamster ball

- Crashed at a physics profs house in Minnesota on spring break to save money on hotels

- Played frozen ice hockey with former lego physics prof in the basement labs

- Sometimes I take smoke breaks with this hilarious and extremely Bulgarian physics prof, he grumbles about the younger profs

- We chucked a broken telescope off the roof once with my astro prof to see what would happen (he did not have keys to the roof I do not ask questions about how he got up there)

- Almost every geology prof here licks rocks to identify them

- Meteorology prof had a competition of how many people you can fit inside a deflated weather balloon (4)

- Stuck dry ice in front of a high powered class 4 laser to “see what would happen” with my boss/physics prof (lots of steam)

- Chem prof has accidentally lit his podium on fire. Twice.

- Physics prof, aptly named “physics dad”, brings in homemade cookies for the undergrad office every Friday. Bought us all Valentine’s on Valentine’s Day as well.

- Got offered milk duds at the park by a (possibly drunk) physics prof on welcome weekend

FIC: you can only take what you can carry to the edge of the sea (6/?)

Crocker Magitech is among the foremost developers of innovative magic and technology for the modern home, and the team of Crocker, Lalonde, and Strider are among the most important cogs in their clockwork machine. After a long dry spell without new projects to work on, Jane hits it big with a grand new discovery: a remote island out in the South Pacific that’s teeming with lost majyyks to rediscover.

What the team finds out there is far more than their next big break: a lost settlement, a forgotten god, strange arcane flora, and a friendly boy living in the lake. Not even the combined knowledge of the team can prepare them for their expedition to this strange, hidden island.

Magic, sex, and mayhem ensue.

Mega Explicit. Kink grab bag. Dirk/Jake, heavy focus on Dirk/Jane/Roxy friendship. Magic AU.

Chapter Six

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Plays hotel by pitbull on a speaker and holds it over his head dancing with another shit ass grin- mute

brother why

Unlikely Couple

Summary: Reader is a young werewolf and friends with Simon. In the beginning Raphael isnโ€™t happy about their friendship and all, but then he sees her protecting Simon and he kinda warms up to her. And then he starts asking Simon stuff about her, so he can ask her out. And Simon is super excited to help set them up with each other.

Characters: Reader, Simon Lewis, Raphael Santiago

Fandom: Shadowhunters(TV)

Word Count: 1207

Request: Anon

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so i kinda have this headcanon/au type thing where a few of the objects have music jams and play songs. the other objects come to watch them. they usually do it at night and sit around a campfire.

ok so tissues can play guitar. he’s still learning how, but despite being sick 24/7, he has an amazing singing voice. its hard for him to sing, but he pulls through. he really loves all kinds of music.

fan can sing ok, but he’s better at playing ukulele. he saw some emo group that has ukeleles (like twenty one pilots) so he decided to find lessons on youtube, bc hes a huge fanboy. he really likes those indie bands that are really popular and he thinks they’re “"real music”“

lightbulb has a random pair of bongo drums, and she thinks they’re really fun. sometimes she can’t keep rhythm though, and ppl get mad when she drums randomly, and they have to calm her down. she can also sing and rap some pretty LIT rhymes. her music taste is really random and she likes a variety of things.

paintbrush actually likes to sing, but they’re pretty nervous about singing in front of people, but lightbulb always encourages them to join the music group, and painty ends up enjoying themself a lot. paintbrush likes older music.

marshmallow really loves singing, but can also play recorder. its the only instrument she can play bc she learned in elementary school. apple gave it to her as a gift :3 she can play pretty well. marshmallow really likes upbeat pop music and love songs and always writes really gay songs for apple

apple loves to play the triangle, even though she doesn’t know what triangle means. she occasionally sings, but she plays the triangle more. she found it lying around hotel oj.
soap can play guitar and sing. she has been doing music since she was a little kid, so she’s pretty good. apple still likes kids music and only knows the kidzbop versions of songs.

mepad can sing extremely well. he’s actually a slightly well known musical artist. his singing voice is very soft and gentle. he usually sings calming songs and is good at backup vocals as well.

soap has been doing music since she was five years old. she’s really good at playing guitar. she and microphone really like the beatles and usually do songs by them. soap practices guitar and singing a lot, and she’s very perfectionistic about it.

microphone plays bass guitar, and she sings pretty well too. sometimes she sings too loud so people sometimes get mad about that. when she sings, she’s very good at projecting her voice, and people choose to follow along with her if they don’t know a song.

sometimes mephone and toilet sing as well. they on,y come occasionally though.
the other contestants come as well, but they usually just watch.

so ther you have it!! my inanimate insanity music au

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