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Unknown Photographer, The Book-Cadillac Hotel, (all images shot in 2000)

 The hotel cost $14 million to build and contained 1,136 guest rooms. Public spaces on the first five floors included three dining rooms, three ballrooms, a spacious lobby, and a ground floor retail arcade. On the hotel’s top floor was radio station WCX, the predecessor to WJR the hotel operated successfully until the Great Depression when banks foreclosed and the Book brothers lost control in 1931. For much of the period after the Books lost ownership, the hotel was run by hotel industry pioneer Ralph Hit’s National Hotel Management Company.

In 1960 Sheraton bought the hotel, renamed it the Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel, and undertook massive renovations. All public spaces except the ballrooms and Italian Garden were redone and escalators replaced the grand staircase. In 1975, with business declining and the hotel in need of another renovation, Sheraton sold the building to Herbert R. Weisberg and it became the Detroit-Cadillac Hotel. Ownership changed again in 1976, and it became the Radisson-Cadillac Hotel. In 1978 the Radisson chain sold the property, and it became the Book-Cadillac once again. Though it was considered the city’s top hotel for many years the owners announced that the hotel would close due to declining occupancy. The city of Detroit, scheduled to host the 1980 Republican National Convention, did not want to face the prospect of losing more downtown hotel space, so in late 1979 the city entered into a partnership through the Detroit Economic Growth Commission with the owners to keep the hotel open.



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