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Yo since i read your great british bakeoff i came accross a show about a very posh London hotel called Mandarin Oriental. Here's a prompt: Lena taking Kara to stay there and getting her spoiled rotten. Anything about Kara and Lena's adventure in England basically

Alas, ‘twas not I that penned the wonder of the Supercorp GBBO fic, ‘twas the lovely @proudlyunicorn

Thank you for thinking of me though! I will never complain for getting confused with a fantastic writer!

BA project: Diagrammatic model exploring concepts of spatial organisation for community oriented hotel @simonstroeyer & @alexanderhfagerholt


 风再起时 (When the Wind Picks Up) by Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing (张国荣). 1989. 

Leslie Cheung was born in colonial Hong Kong in 1956 to a Hakka (客家) family and received his secondary school education in England. He quickly rose to stardom in Hong Kong throughout the 1980s and 1990s, becoming a prolific Cantopop singer as well as a film star (in the West, he is most famous for acting in a number of Wong Kar-wai films and for starring in Farewell My Concubine). In 1996, Cheung dedicated a concert cover of The Moon Represents My Heart to his romantic partner Mr. Tong, with whom he stayed for 17 years, thereby becoming, allegedly, the only Hong Kong entertainer to come out as bisexual. Affectionately nicknamed Gor Gor (哥哥, “big brother”), Cheung was adored by an international public. On April 1st 2003, Cheung, who suffered from depression, threw himself off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Hong Kong. He was 46 years old.

风再起时’s title comes from Cheung’s desire to be remembered whenever the wind begins to blow, and is an implicit reference to another of his songs, 风继续吹 (The Wind Continues to Blow). It was written when he announced a brief retirement from the music industry to focus on his movie career. Today, it is interpreted as a farewell song to his spirit and is sung at memorial concerts. 

任旧日路上风声取笑我 / 任旧日万念俱灰也经过 / 我最爱的歌最后总算唱过

Although I’ve heard the mocking laughter of the wind

Although I’ve encountered countless hopeless moments

In the end, what matters is that I got to sing my favorite songs

Locked Out of Heaven-- Harry Styles


“Never had much faith in love or miracles

Never wanna put my heart on the line

But swimming in your water is something spiritual

I’m born again everytime you spend the night.“


Frantic breathing and heavy panting echos throughout the empty corridor on the fifteenth floor of the St. Regis Oriental Hotel as Harry and I tumble out of the only half-way opened doors of the elevator, our lips locked in a heated battle. I have my fingers tangled in his soft curls, keeping his mouth pressed to mine as if my life depended on it.

“I’ve missed you so much.” His voice has a raspy edge, making a small smile paint my face at how turned on he already is. “I missed being able to hug you and kiss you during the time I walked by the Eiffel Tower. I missed being being able to sit by the pool with you with our feet in the water while I was at the coral reefs in Australia. But most of all, I missed the way you take my cock and completely destroy me while I was lying all alone in my bunk on the bus, moaning your name into my pillow with my hand down my pants.”

His admittance makes me flush, Harry reaching forward and trapping me in his embrace, his strong arms clamping around my waist, keeping me in his iron grip as he lurches forward towards the door of our room. He scrambles down the long hallway, half-carrying and half-dragging my body along with him. Elegant paintings and detailed wallpaper flash by in a blur as we stumble blindly over the carpeted floor, everything around us becoming irrelevant as lust and desire clouds our minds. As we are arriving at our destination I began to question if Harry has the key because I know for a fact that I hadn’t picked it up before we left for dinner with the boys.

Just as my lips part to ask him the question, the first word barely slipping out of my mouth, Harry turns abruptly, slamming me into the sleek mahogany wooden door. An inhumane squeak of surprise emits from my throat, ringing clear through the air around us and bouncing off of the walls, but Harry silences me by crashing his swollen lips against mine, biting down in a rough outburst of dominance.

“Do you…do you have the k-key?” I mutter into his mouth, my words muffled by his tongue as it pushes down my throat, making me gag slightly as a prickling sensation washes over my face and down my neck.

Harry seems to ignore the question, sliding one large hand down my back and over my bum, hooking it right under my left thigh. He pulls it up onto his hip, pressing me farther into the door to keep me elevated as he repeats the action to my opposite leg, leaving my calves to dangle behind him. He presses his rapidly growing bulge over my moistening crotch, rocking his hips forward gently at first, but picking up pace as his erection continues to harden beneath me. I can feel just how unsettled he’s becoming over his tight ripped skinny jeans and when I glance down I find myself to be correct, a small damp blotch spreading from where his prick is making a tent in the dark fabric of the pants. Small groans slip from his lips as he speeds up, the volume of his voice also rising.

Under regular circumstances, I would never let him do this in public, but the crew rented out this entire floor just for the whole tour team–including me and the boys– and we ditched them back at the restaurant, leaving the entire floor empty.

Not only is it good under the immediate situation, but from having gone over to his flat once and found him jacking off, I can assure you that Harry was in no way quiet during shagging. That’s how I’d found out he was getting himself off– I hadn’t walked in on him; hearing him all the way down from the kitchen had been enough proof.

I look up at him, repeating the question as I press open-mouthed kisses down his throat and onto his collarbone. He jerks as I sink my teeth down into his warm, smooth skin, warning me to not become too nippy because of his photo-shoot tomorrow.

“Yeah, I have the key, baby. Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit– we’ll make sure it does.” Harry finally answers, glancing down at me as a wide grin breaks across his lips, causing me to roll my eyes at his immature joke.

“No, you idiot. The key– the card to the door.” I mutter, grinding down onto his dick to the best of my ability considering I’m suspended above ground and practically helpless.

“Fuck– yeah, I have it. It’s–uh–it’s in my back pocket.” He gets out, pushing himself farther up to gain more friction on his throbbing crotch.

I drag my nails down his clothed back, one hand tugging roughly on the collar of his dark navy button-down to bring the side of his neck down to meet my lips. I suck the skin inbetween my teeth, causing him to hiss through his gritted teeth.

My other hand reaches behind him, sliding my fingers into his back pocket and pulling out the small laminated plastic card with the door’s barcode stamped across the back. I squeeze his ass softly, causing him to chuckle at my small act of naughtiness.

I hurriedly slide the card into the slot and as soon a the lock clicks open, Harry shoves me through the door, stomping into the silent bedroom and kicking the door closed with his foot.

He gruffly flings me onto the bed and I sit up to watch as he nearly rips off his trench coat, throwing it in the general direction of the sofa couch. He slowly unbuttons his dress shirt, winking at me.

“Wouldn’t want to get this dirty. Caroline would have my head.”

“I would, too. It’s a lovely shirt.”

“You like it?”

“I love it. You look so damn sexy.” I whisper as I watch his muscles ripple under the thin fabric of the shirt, sending a deep pang of lust inbetween my legs.

“I promise I’ll wear it more often.” Harry drops his hands from fumbling with the buttons and shrugs off the expensive shirt, climbing onto the king-sized bed. He’s towering over me before I even blink twice.

“Did you notice how I barely ate dinner before we left?” He leans down, connecting his lips with my upper chest, sucking at the skin just above the edge of my floral blouse.

“Y-Yeah.” I nod my head, his teeth nipping a trail of blissful acid up my throat and to my lips, his warm breath washing over my nose and cheeks.

He had, in fact, seemed a bit detached during supper. Had barely even touched his food, which was so unlike Harry because, next to Niall, he ate the most out of the entire band. Whenever I had glanced over to see what he was doing, I was met with an intense gaze, the corners of his mouth tilting up ever-so-slightly into an amused and knowing smirk as if he possessed information I did not.

“Want to know why?” Harry runs his fingers through my hair, twirling the strands and tugging at them as his other hand glides down to cup me over my jeans. My hips give a quick buck, his touch fusing the fire of utter need that was churning inside me at the moment.


“Because the whole time I was thinking about how much better you would taste than the food.”

I react to his comment straight away, my nose and cheeks stinging at his crude yet desirable suggestion. He uses my distraction to his advantage and flips me over, pulling me over his hips to straddle him.

He unbuttons my jeans, telling me to lift myself up so he can slide them off. After my pants are disposed of, his fingers hook onto my panties, glancing up at me with a devious grin plastered across his face as he drags them down my hips and off.

My breath catches as his large hands roam the skin of my exposed legs, goosebumps erupting along the path of his light fingertips.

“I bet you taste even better than the last time.” Harry whispers quietly, digging his nails into my hips and pulling them forward. He settles me over his face, my knees on either side as I keep myself propped over him. I press the palms of my hands against the exquisitely curved railings of the headboard, my fingers wrapping around the metal bars in anticipation.

His gaze is burning into me, his eyes flicking over my dripping core as his hands roughly massage my bottom, making my legs quiver and making it harder to stay up.

His arms loop over both of my thighs, his hands groping the fleshy skin along my upper legs as he begins to pull me closer to his mouth, his tongue wetting his lips as he gets ready to taste me for the first time in weeks.

My breathing is rapid and shallow, the notion of having Harry in such a promising position making my stomach twist in pure longing for his touch and the feel of his lips passing over my eager sex. I’d never known the sheer euphoria that could come from being eaten out until Harry had taken it into his interest to show me and it’s more than safe to say that he has more talent with his lips and fingers than anyone could ever imagine.

My grip instinctually tightens when I feel the warm skin of his cheeks pressing against my inner thighs and I have half a second to gather myself before I feel his lips incase my throbbing crotch.

My back arches forward as I feel his hot lips gently tucking in around my folds, making himself a snug fit against me. My knuckles are white from how hard I’m gripping the headboard railings, the suspense he’s purposefully putting me in making me want to tear out my hair.

Moonlight filters in through the curtains in the large suite, reflecting across Harry’s eyes as they dance with smugness. His right eyebrow flits up ever-so-slightly, taunting me.

I become impatient and take it upon myself to suffice the raging gnawing in my stomach, rocking my hips against his lips to ignite a fraction of the raw pleasure that I know only Harry taking over could ever provide me.

Ecstasy boils up from my center, the flames of bliss lapping up against the pit of my stomach and spreading down my legs and all the way to my toes, a few whimpers rebelling against my lips. Harry finally gives in, his tongue flicking out to play against my over-teased bundle of nerves.

“Oh, shit, Harry!” I dig my teeth into my lower lip, latching harder onto the headboard as my hips grind against Harry’s willing tongue, reacting to his actions.

I feel a chuckle forming in the back of his throat, the vibrations rolling up through my wired body and causing me to shutter against him. Harry slowly begins to move his head from side to side and gradually picks up speed, stimulating me farther than I thought possible.

“Oh my fucking God…” I gasp, reaching down to fist his hair, encouraging him to keep going. “Do you know– oh– how fucking good you are at this?”

He hums proudly as he nods his head, his movements matching the strokes of his tongue. I let out a strangled gasp as he pulls my legs open wider, my body tilting forward to be completely supported by his hands and face, spreading me even more apart so he can go deeper. I’m hugging the headboard to my chest, the strong hold I have working as a reinforcement to keep my sanity from slipping away. I begin to rut against him, my body making itself accustomed to the rhythm he’s set, meeting every prod of his tongue in just the right way that it makes me let out a garbled scream.

My fingers are wound tight into the knots of his hair, tugging at it with an almost cruel strength, but the feeling he’s casting upon me is too much to control and the soft hum of his approval only pushes me to pull harder. My head lulls forward to take in his appearance, the image before me hitting me as the purest form of sex I’ve ever experienced. Harry’s dark jade gaze is set on my face, his eyes drinking in my vulnerable state of being like a tall glass of wine, savoring every last drop of sheer anguish that is dripping down my body and reflecting across my face.

He blinks sluggishly, a glint of what I interpret to be desperation blossoming into his fierce eyes. I feel the helpful hold he has on my hips slide away, making me teeter back without the needed support of his arms. One of my own arms flings back, finding perch on his hard stomach to keep me from falling off of him. Any mocking he had been showing before has abandoned him, his eyebrows scrunching together in a pleading expression.

I cast a glance behind me, my eyes narrowing to where his fingers are grappling with the buckle of his aged leather belt.

We hadn’t seen one another in months, meaning we hadn’t shared any passionate nights in even longer than that, which only ate away at both of us by causing many restless nights of sexual frustration for eachother. This is the absolutely corroding feeling he is experiencing right now, which makes me sympathize with him.

I reach back, helping him tug his belt loose, my own craving soaring even higher as I’ll finally being able to see and feel him after so much time apart.

I watch with excited hunger as he quickly unbuttons his tight jeans, shoving them off his legs in record timing. His immense hard-on presses against the fabric of his black briefs, begging to be released from its restraints.

I drag the palm of my hand lower along Harry’s pelvis, trailing down to the straining bulge at his center. My hand slides under the fabric, his rough coarse hair brushing against my fingertips as I graze his shaft. A sharp, muffled whine of approval emits from under me and I turn back around, tilting my head down to watch his face as I touch him.

Harry’s eyes have widened, the black of his pupils dilated to take up most of the green around them, making his eyes appear pleading and doe-like. He gives his head a few urgent nods, reigniting the bliss in my abdomen. I don’t hesitate to grope him, tugging him out of his boxers and immediately beginning to stroke him. The head of his large cock is a dangerous shade of purple, the rest of him tinted a painful shade of pink at how long he’s been waiting to be taken care of.

“You’re so big.” I murmur as I move my hand up and down on his erection, my palm caressing the soft skin that I can’t wait to be inside me.

One of my hands grips the headboard as the other pumps him from base to tip, wanting to please him in the ways I haven’t been able to since he left for the first leg of the tour.

His eyes roll back in overwhelming pleasure, his hips jerking up into my palm to produce more of the delicious sensation that I know is mirroring my own. A stuttered groan find its way out of his lips, filled with words of encouragement about how good I’m making him feel. I shift myself a bit and he somewhat remembers that I’m still over him, the small movement kick-starting him into finishing me off.

He gruffly grabs my hips, energetically starting to lap at me to the point where it seems like I’m the first meal he’s had in days. He focuses mainly on sucking, his tongue flicking back and forth at a mind-boggling speed to where I begin to feel lightheaded. I recognize this as a sign of climax, meaning my release could spill over at any second without warning.

“Harry, please, oh God yes, please!” The hand that was working him seizes to keep going, the building in my stomach becoming the only action I want to be aware of. He doesn’t seem to mind, my cries egging him on to make me come.

I can hear his breathy pants echoing around the dark room, his focus being entirely on my pleasure and less on his intake of air as he murmurs dirty promises on what he’s going to do to me.

“You like riding my face, don’t you? You fucking love it when I eat you out. You love it, right, baby? And when you touch me– love it when Daddy let’s you be a naughty girl and give him a handy, yeah? Mmm, say you love it.” Harry gasps out, short bursts of air interrupting his words as he speaks everything that is flicking through the pages of my mind.

“I love it, Harry, I love it.” I nod my head frantically, watching as lust explodes across his eyes like lighting.

I can feel myself stumbling on edge, wanting nothing more than for Harry to give me the last push that will send me spiraling into the void of ecstasy.

“I’m so close, Harry, so close.” I mumble, running my hand down to the hem of the blouse I realize I never stripped off. I harshly tug it over my head, chucking it to an unknown direction and reaching back for the clip of my beige-toned bra. I slip it off, letting it fall away onto the floor without seconds thoughts.

Harry reaches up, cupping both of my breast in his large hands and giving each nipple a soft squeeze. I inhale as if I’ve just been shot, electricity coursing through my veins at his sensual touch.

“I can’t wait to see how sweet you are, angel.” His voice has become deep and raspy, his accent enunciating every syllable of his words as he speaks. “Your warm come dripping into my mouth and sliding down my chin. So delicious, darling. Let me feel you come.”

My back gives an involuntary arch, the boundary that seems to have been holding in my release snapping like a twig and letting out wave after wave of sheer euphoric thunder rock across my body.

I cry out blindly, my hands reaching up to yank at the roots of my sweaty hair as Harry keeps licking me up, every drop of my excitement being cleaned up by his eager tongue.

He slowly pushes me onto his chest, wrapping his arms around me as I fall forward, utterly worked.

“Was it good?” He whispers into my hair, his lips brushing the spot behind my left ear and sending a shiver down my shoulders.

“So, so good.” I answer wistfully, trying to get my breathing back in reign. “You’re so good.”

“We’re still not done yet.” He whispers, and I feel him press his hips into my thigh, reminding me of the flushed and more-than-ready state I had left him in.

“I don’t know if I can do it, Harry.” I mumble weakly, the dull throbbing in my core becoming more evident. I hadn’t been through anything of what we had just done in so long that even just him going down on me was enough to leave me wary and half-asleep, meaning I would barely survive him trying to make me orgasm again without being sore and over-sensitive for maybe even days.

He slowly slides his arms from around me, propping himself on his elbow to stare directly into my eyes, letting show through how worked up he is. “Baby, please? I know you can– you’ve done it before. I’m so hard and it’s been too long since I’ve been inside you, I can’t take another second. Please, Y/N, please.”

Harry starts to squirm, the heat from my tired body radiating onto him and intensifying the want that is coursing through his mind. I grip onto his shoulder, pulling him closer to me so that our lips collide in a sloppy, passion-filled kiss that makes my cheeks and nose tingle. I blink up at him groggily, my teeth sinking into my bottom lip as I scan his hopeful eyes.

“Take me.” I finally sigh into the kiss, giving him permission to do whatever he pleases. He moans his gratitude against my lips, the tremble of his ragged voice breaks through my hazy mind-state, rekindling some of the lust from before, making my blood bubble with want all over again.

Harry doesn’t waste any time as he wraps me into his arms, sitting back on his feet so that he’s holding me up against his slightly damp chest. He cradles the back of my neck, tilting me closer to him so that his warm lips connect with my throat. I mewl in agreement, begging him to take me in any way he wants as he suckles my delicate skin inbetween his teeth.

“I want you from behind.” I hear the rough gravel of his voice rumbling in his chest, the lucid starving for sexual release causing him to take on a more dominant tone.

“Just do it!” I nearly yell, my own cravings getting the better of me.

Harry rips his mouth away from the now raw skin along my jugular, his huge hands encasing the area just below my waist and flipping me onto my stomach in a flash of linen sheets and flailing limbs. I crane my head to the side just as he slams his hands down on either side of my head, his fingers digging into the mattress as he lets his body hover over me.

I feel him pressing into the dip of my back, his exposed cock dribbling some of its hot pre-come onto my blushed and sweaty flesh. My abdomen instantly tightens, the heated weight of his groin dabbing against my bare skin prodding my senses to go insane.

Supported entirely by his arms, I can see the muscles of his forearm becoming taunt as he lowers himself ontop of me, the brush of contact making me jerk as he presses his lips against the back region of my shoulder, his hair tickling the skin in his wake. He drags his lips to the center of my upper back and up to the edge of my ear, playfully nipping at it as he speaks.

“I’m going to make this last, sweetheart.” Harry breathes his words so that the warm air dances across my left cheek and down my neck, tugging a tremor from me at his sluggish velvet words. He traces his lips back to the top of my back, opening his mouth up more so the kisses he delivers are damp and mind-spinning, the sensation throwing my nerves into over-drive.

“I’m going to fuck you slow at first– I’m going to make sure you feel everything– every single inch of my cock as it pounds into you…” His sentence trails off as his lips descend along the line of my spine, blowing air against the wet patches he is leaving.

I have the fine white sheets clutched in my hand, fisting them as I try to keep my control. Harry knows precisely what he’s doing. He knows that with these hot, sloppy kisses and deep, low dirty talk that he’s winding me up to the point where he can make me snap just as easily as he can clap his hands. Harry always has a method of madness– a way to completely destroy me from the inside out without even being inside me yet– and each time, no matter how prepared I was, it worked. And now, considering I am so unprepared since I haven’t been receiving this type of treatment from him in so long, it was easier than ever for him to mess with me. This is what pain in paradise is– this is what sex with Harry is.

My eyes screw shut as I try my best to maintain my breathing level, wanting to hold everything in until I had him inside me. He likes it when he can make me go mad because it’s reassurance to him that he hasn’t lost his special touch.

Harry is now sucking on the skin along my lower back, biting down gently at my hips as the next promise leaves his mouth.

“And then, baby– after I’ve touched every single spot inside you that I know will have you screaming–, then I’ll finish taking you. I’ll fuck you so senseless you’ll forget every other feeling you’ve ever had except for when I’m inside you. You know I love it rough you, baby. And if I recall correctly, so do you?” He ends his thoughts in a question, pausing his actions to glimpse up at me.

I nod my head, staring up at him as he smooths his hands down my sides and onto my hips, pulling them up as he stands to balance on his knees. My ass is basically in the air, Harry kneading it as he shoves his knee inbetween both of my legs, the action being a sign to tell me to spread myself open. “That’s what I thought.”

Harry’s tongue slips out to wet his red-tinted lips, his eyes trained on my throbbing center. He peels his gaze away, leaning forward so that his nose is brushing my shoulder, his chest pressed to my back. He gives small pecks along the entire area, one of his hands looping under my stomach while the other reaches up and pushes all of my hair over my face to expose the back of my neck and to allow me to get a better look at him.

The view is taken away when he settles his chin onto the shoulder I was looking over, pressing his nose into the crook of my neck. His eyes pierce into me, the green a deep forest emerald and clouded with lust. A few ringlets of his silky hair fall across his forehead, sticking to the anticipation sweat that has made a thin sheen across his face. His teeth are digging into his lip, making it change a few darker shades of red than before and I find myself fixated by how incredibly tempting he can make himself look with barely any effort.

I’m too distracted by him that when he finally pushes into me, it hits me like a stone block.

I yelp out in a mixture of surprise and pain, his large length stretching me out for the first time in too long. I let out a strangled squawk, his cock being bigger than I could remember. Tears gather at the corners of my eyes, the sharp stinging in my abdomen beginning to get the best of me.

“You alright, poppet?” Harry’s gruff voice coos in my ear, strained for his climax but more concerned for my well-being.

“Y-Yeah. Keep going.” I grind my teeth together quietly, the engrossing desire I am feeling for Harry overpowering the gnawing agony of being too tight.

Harry takes in a stuttered breath, pulling back and then thrusting forward again. He sets a slow pace, rolling his hips into me with a steady rhythm. The pain fades into a mild discomfort that I can deal with so I concentrate on his touch instead.

He’s running his nose up and down the back of my neck, comforting me in the best way possible. I’m thankful for the arm he has snaked across my abdomen because it is not only what is helping him pump into me, but it also manages to keep me from falling onto my stomach.

“Nice and slow, like I said.” Harry grunts into my neck, pressing his lips to my jaw as he continues rocking into my sex.

I feel him shift, making me guess he’s going to change tactics. He maintains the constant rhythm, but his thrusting becomes deeper and harder. It’s almost as if he’s slamming himself into me, but the feeling it irrupts is incredibly unexplainable.

“O-Oh my fucking–agh!” Broken gasps escape my throat, trying to voice out just how utterly breathtaking this new sensation is.

“My baby girl likes it like this, doesn’t she? You like it hard and slow?” Harry murmurs, his grip across my hips tightening more so he can keep me elevated as he rams into me.

I let out a quiet whimper of agreement, my fingers fumbling back to tangle in his sweaty curls, clawing at his shoulders until I find the hair at the nape of his neck. I pull forward so his head tilts down, his lips smashing into mine.

Ugh, fucking hell…That’s it, darling, that’s it. So bloody tight for Daddy, huh? My pretty little angel is so tight for me– so ready for me to fuck.” Harry groans out, biting down on my lower lip and making me mewl in answer. He grins deviously into the kiss, whispering the next part as if it were a secret just between me and him that nobody else was allowed to overhear. “My little angel isn’t so innocent anymore, is she? You were practically begging for me to fuck you. Guess I’m gonna have to take away that halo and ground you for being so naughty.”

A smile similar to his spreads across my face as I give his hair another rough pull. “Guess Daddy’s gonna have to punish me.”

“We’ll save that for next time.” He chuckles, and then his body suddenly begins to convulse. The knowing smirk is wiped clean off his face, his brows furrowing and face twisting in an expression of absolute untamable rapture.

“Faster.” I breathe, arching my back into his chest to emphasis my point. “I want you to come, Harry. Faster.

His head bobs up and down in what I think to be a nod and he starts to thrust faster, one hand reaching up inbetween the bars of the headboard to press flat against the wall. What he’s doing clicks in my mind and I copy his actions, extending both of my arms so that both my hands press against one of the walls of the large hotel room, the painted barrier being cool to the touch despite the heated confrontation that was happening a few inches away.

The bed begins to creak, pushing forward because of how hard we’re going, but our combined efforts against the wall manage to keep it from slamming into it. Wouldn’t want any extra bills due to scrapes in the walls.

Harry’s hand moves towards my own and he lets his fingers sift inbetween mine, giving them a thankful squeeze.

“I’m c-close.” He growls, the nails of the hand he has across my hips digging into my pelvis.

My own release doesn’t seem to be too close but I give him a small nod anyways, heaving a short sigh. I already had one orgasm for today while he’s had none so I’m not going to make him wait for me but rather do everything it takes for him to get his.

I rut my body back against his own, bucking my hips back and forth to meet his thrust, the long moan that draws from his throat being enough proof that I’m doing something right.

“I want to feel you come inside me, Harry. Please.

“I-I am. I just–” His words stop mid-sentence and I feel the muscles along his chest contract against my back, his grip on me becoming almost painful.

His thrusts become rougher, his eyes snapping closed. His words stutter along with each thrust, all of his energy seeming to leave him in intervals. “Oh–fuck–yeah. Take it–all–baby. Take–it–all.”

I feel him sputter into me, three ribbons of his release splattering against my walls. I take deep breathes, trying to recover even though I hadn’t been the one to come completely undone.

Ooooh…” Harry slowly pulls out, collapsing in a tired heap onto the pillows next to me. He blinks a few times, the cloudy haze dissipating from his eyes.

I myself slump forward onto the sheets, breathing hard despite barely doing any of the work. Harry is trying to regain his composure as he runs a hand repeatedly through his messy tuffs of hair, his Adam’s Apple bobbing up and down and his chest rising and falling slowly.

After he seems to come back to his senses, his head lulls to the side to face me, the corner of his lips tilting up in a satisfied smile. “Y/N, that was fucking incredible– you’re fucking incredible.“

I return his sweet smile, leaning towards him to plant a soft kiss atop his nose. “It was all you, Styles.”

He grins, tapping his chin as if he were in thought and then nods his head several times. “You’re right– I’m the one who’s incredible. You’re just a humping post.”

I reach over and conk him once on the head, telling him he’s a dick.

He laughs, shrugging his shoulders. “I have a dick, yes, but in no dimension do I look like one.”

“You might not look like one but it doesn’t mean you can’t be one personality-wise.” I jab playfully, poking a finger into his hard chest.

He turns his body towards me, propping his chin on the palm of his hand and raising an eyebrow. “Guess that’s not a problem. I mean, a few minutes ago you were begging this dick to fuck you. Guess my dickieness is working out pretty well for me.”

“‘Dickieness?’ Is that even a word?” I laugh, rolling my eyes but not being able to fight the loving smile that seems to be permanently etched onto my lips.

“It is now.”

“Whatever you say, Your Great Dickness.”

“Well, would you look at this. It’s about to work its magic one more time…” He wiggles his eyebrows childishly, leaning in and pressing his swollen lips over mine in a gentle, heart-fluttering kiss.

“I love you, baby.” Harry mumbles against my lips, scooting closer to me so that he tangles his legs with mine.

I pull back, running my index finger along his Cupid’s bow and following the curve of his lower lip, watching as his eyes glitter with affection. “Love you, too, prick.”

He chuckles, pulling me into his chest and setting his cheek against the top of my head. I take one of his humongous hands into mine, playing with his fingers.

“How was tour?” I ask quietly, glancing up at him from picking at the edge of one of his nails.

“It was great. The fans are as amazing as ever and the places we went to were sick…but I don’t think anything could compare to the absolute rush of happiness I got when I laid eyes on you today. I can’t believe the boys set this up. How they convinced management to let you come along for the next leg of the tour is beyond me.” He chuckles, taking my hand and pressing his lips delicately to the back of my knuckles.

A sudden rush of skepticism washes over me and my insecurities surface.

Harry had just said I was better than his entire dream– better than everything he’s wanted ever since he was a child. That can’t possibly be the truth.

“I honestly don’t think I could be better than all of that stuff, Harry. This career– the traveling, the fans, the music– this is what you’ve always wanted. You don’t really need me.” I smile sheepishly, knowing that Harry could easily find someone better than me in the blink of an eye.

He suddenly jerks up, his eyebrows furrowing, a disapproving frown taking up his features. “You’re kidding me, right?”

I shake my head, staring down at my hands. “Harry, I’m nothing compared to what you have.”

“Are you fucking insane?” Harry asks, his face contorted into an expression of sheer disbelief.

Harry hates it when I admit something like this. He hates seeing the people he cares about think so down about themselves, but how is it my fault that I just am who I am? I know for a fact I’m not that big of a deal in Harry’s life–he could do so much better, but for some strange reason, he’d settled for me. I’m just stating the facts.

“Harry, you know it’s the tru–”

“No! That’s not the truth, Y/N! Yeah, everything I have is an absolute blessing, but it could never compare to you. My career is one of the most important things in my life, but it will never get close to how important you are to me, darling. I would give it up– all of it– if it came down to picking one or the other. We’ve been friends since we were in grade school, Y/N. You’ve been with me through all of this, from my worst dead-ends to my best awards, you’ve been here for it all. Remember when the boys and I lost The X-Factor and I wanted to drop out of the band but you wouldn’t let me? My success in life is literally because you kicked some sense into my sixteen-year-old pessimist ass. You were the one that shoved me out the door and made me continue pursuing my dream. Y/N, you are the reason I have everything I’ve ever wanted. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Hearing him defending me and how passionate he is over making me feel important stirs up my emotions, making tears start to slide down my face.

Harry cups my cheeks, wiping away the tears with his thumbs. He tilts my head back, making me look directly into his eyes– the jade eyes that I’ve known for almost my entire life. The jade eyes that have held everything from anger and sadness to elation and gratefulness with me in mind. The jade eyes that, about two years ago, confessed that he shared the same feelings I had for him. The jade eyes that gave me my very first “I love you” a few months back under a moonlight picnic he’d stayed up late planning as my birthday gift. The same jade eyes that now stare down at me, glinting with love and adoration as he presses a kiss to my cheek.

“Y/N, I want you to know that whenever I’m away from you, I feel like a part of me is missing. And as cliché and cheesy as it sounds, everytime I leave, a piece of my heart stays with you because I don’t have the one person that I owe my dream to next to me, living it with me. Whenever I leave you, it’s like…like…” Harry fumbles for the correct words, not knowing what statement to fit in to tell me how much I really mean to him. He lifts his head, his eyes shimmering in realization as what seems to be the perfect explanation surfaces in his mind.

“When I leave you, it’s like being locked out of heaven. I’m standing there, so close to the one thing that makes me the happiest I could ever be, but it’s torn away from me– it’s put away for another time. And when I finally get to see you, I realize all over again that I’ve been locked out for too long. I want to be with you everyday and it pains me– it pains me so much to see how you think of yourself as something minor in my life. Angel, you–” Harry tucks his index finger under my chin, lifting my nose to brush against his. “– are my everything.”

I sit there, cast into what seems to be a deep trance of awe at what Harry has just told me. I let the tears flow freely, overwhelmed with pure blessedness as what Harry had said really sinks in. I throw my arms around his neck, sobbing into his shoulder as he cradles me into his lap, pressing tender kisses all over my face.

“You’re still a dick for making me cry.” I say, laughing inbetween sobs.

“I can live with that.” Harry gives me a lob-sided half-grin, pulling me farther into his treasured embrace.

We sit there wrapped in the duvet, time seeming frozen as we cuddle, listening to Harry tell funny stories about his tour bus experiences.

He suddenly stops mid-sentence, half-way through a story about how he and Niall had switched Liam’s toothpaste with lube.

“What?” I ask, lifting my head up from the crook of his neck.

“Did you come the second time?”

I burst out laughing, the question seeming utterly unexpected and comically irrelevant, but Harry doesn’t even crack a grin.

I sigh, still fighting a smile. “No, I didn’t.”

“Well, why didn’t you tell me?!” His outburst makes me jump, falling off his lap and face-first into the pillows. I flip onto my back, propping myself up onto my elbows and turning my head to look at him.

“Because it really wasn’t important. I came when you ate me out and you came when you nearly fucked me into oblivion. Fair trade.” I answer, shrugging my shoulders to show how little interest I have in the subject.

“Yeah, but I said I’d make you come again. I promised.” He retorts, shifting closer to me and softly pushing me onto my back.

“Harry, you don’t have to.”

“Yes I do. Plus, having you sitting in my lap naked kinda got me horny again so this’ll help me take care of that.” He points down to a subtle bulge in his briefs, throwing me a bright smile.

I decide that fighting him on this is useless so I relax instead, watching patiently as reaches over me to the nightstand next to the bed.

Harry rummages through the cabinet, pulling out a deep-shaded red-colored box with a shimmery plum-tinted ribbon tied around it. He tosses the box to where it lands a few inches away from my left leg.

“What is this?” I wonder outloud, reaching over to pick up the box.

“Don’t look inside! It’s a surprise.”
He calls out over his shoulder, apparently struggling to get the cabinet closed. With a final shove, he gets it shut, immediately snatching the box from my hands.

“It’s a little present I got you so you have something to settle your cravings when I’m away.” He slowly undoes the ribbon, lifting the lid off to reveal what lies behind it.

Inside, the box is padded with tissue paper that matches the ribbon and in the middle lies a long, metal rod-looking item. Harry picks it up, showing off a few buttons on the underside of the item. He clicks one and a distinct humming fills the room.

“It’s a vibrator.” I conclude, watching as the metal vibrates against the palm of his hand.

He gives me a sly grin, sliding the box father away from where we sit until it falls off the edge of the bed. “That it is. I tried to find the one closest to my size but it’s a little hard being Harry Styles and trying to acquire a dildo without letting the entire world find out.”

“And how did you accomplish such a daring task?” I laugh at him, genuinely curious of the extents he had to go through to get the fake cock.

“I told Ben to get it for me. Better he get caught by his mum than me getting caught by the press.”

“Clever boy.” I nod, ruffling his hair.
“Points for brains.”

“I thought–” He starts, leaning down to press kisses up along the side of my knees, trailing up to the inside of my thighs. He taps my upper leg, telling me to spread my legs. “–we might give it a try. You know, just to make sure it functions properly.”

Harry drags the cold vibrating machine up against my inner thigh, his lips now planting soft suckling kisses all around my crotch. He blows lightly, looking up at me through his lashes.

I hadn’t realized how impeccably hot Harry looked right now, kneeling inbetween my legs with his curls falling apart from the quiff Lou had styled them in earlier, his tattoos becoming more prominent against his tanned skin now that I was gazing at every detail of his bare body. He has a few scratch marks on his shoulders from when I’d scrambled to grab his hair, the minuscule injury somehow making him look even sexier.

I meet his eyes, an impish gleam washing across the bright green around his pupils. “So what do you say?”

I return his grin, sinking down further into the pillows and making myself comfortable. I spread my legs open wider, giving him full access.

“Let’s see if this toy is as good as the original.”

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