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I don't know if you are sick of Kaz and Matthias headcanons, but more, please? Your amazing headcanons always make my day!

- Kaz doesn’t care much for marriage but Matthias is super traditional so they have a quiet wedding with only their close friends in attendance

- Kaz steals a million dollars so that he can rent out a hotel made entirely of ice for their honeymoon. After all, Matthias has always wanted to go

- One day Matthias dresses entirely in traditional Druskelle clothing and Kaz swears he could jump him there and then

- Kaz refuses to wear anything more than his normal coat and gloves

- Matthias hates seeing Kaz shiver and tucks hugs him to keep him warm

- Kaz was surprised, but Matthias gives the best blowjobs ever. When he asked how he got so skilled, Matthias shrugged and said “military”

- Matthias takes to leaving notes to Kaz in his pockets. Usually they say “I love you” and “  “ but sometimes they say “If you bring home more than 4K kruge I will slam you against the wall, demjin” and “Stop pickpocketing me”

- Notes appear in his pockets, too. Sometimes they say “I love you too” and sometimes they are a winky face with 5K kruge taped to the back

- Needless to say, Matthias did slam Kaz against a wall that evening ;)

- It turns out Kaz is a screamer

- Afterwards they shower together and cuddle until one of them falls asleep

- They started out absolutely despising one another’s music tastes

- Kaz has made multiple new drinks at Crow Club named after Matthias

Hi friends!

Some of you might have wondered where I’ve been the past few weeks. Well, turns out that my work sent me to Sweden quite unexpectedly! I found out that I was going on December 1, left on December 3, and only got back to the US on Tuesday night. PHEW!

The trip was for a documentary film conference in Stockholm, where I got to see some old friends from my PBSDS family. But a bunch of documentary filmmakers and I went to a place called Kiruna in northern Sweden—above the Arctic Circle—after the official conference ended.

Kiruna is an old iron mining town—and the mine is still important to the economy of both Kiruna and Sweden as a whole. So important, in fact, that when the mining company discovered that the iron seam ran directly under the town, the town decided it would MOVE rather than stop mining! Plans have now been drawn up, and the move will begin soon.

While up north, I visited the Esrange Space Center, which launches sounding rockets for scientific experiments, stayed at the Ice Hotel (sadly not in one of the rooms MADE OF ICE, though I did get to tour them!)…

…went dog sledding…

…wore a gigantic snowsuit…

…and saw the northern lights. 

All in all, a pretty amazing experience.

Aaaanyway, I’m so sorry for my long absence, and the delay in publishing any new episodes. I will have a new video out next week, inspired by my trip up north (I’ll keep the topic a secret for now.) And the “Thank You!” video in which I answer YOUR questions will be out the following week.



Manhattan Madness

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  A/N: Soooo I’m back! And this is a new little mini series that I’m posting for my friend Megan. It’s more for her, but if you guys like it too, lmk and that would be great! Hope you like it :)

I walked out of the black van and as soon as the heels of my designer shoes hit the New York pavement the stream of flashes start in front of me. My bodyguards push them away as much as they can and I keep my head down with my sunglasses protecting my eyes from the harsh white lights. I know my boyfriend has now gotten out of the van as well because I can hear the paparazzi shouting his name now instead of mine. I quickly sign and take a few pictures with fans, they thank me, and then I’m safely inside my apartment building. The place I call home ever since 2 years ago when I moved here with Dylan, The Kimberley. I look back to see Dylan still taking selfies with a few fans, he was always so nice to all of his friends. After his accident, he learned to sort out his real fans from the fake ones, and they learned that he isn’t going to talk to them if they are going to be invasive towards his life. We had just gotten back from the wrap party for the final season of Teen Wolf, and it was around 11 PM. He made his way inside the hotel and we walked into the elevator together with his arm around me I squeezed him close into a quick side hug and leaned up to kiss his cheek. He was quiet that night after the party, he was really upset the past few days, he realized that a big chapter of his life had just ended. Just as we were going up the elevator quietly, I got a text from Megan. I just remembered that she had a date tonight with a new guy that she had high hopes about. Her text said,

“OMG, so done with boys rn, all they do is want to do is hook up anymore! Like seriously? On the first date? Unbelievable!”

Guessing by her text, I assumed her date did not go well. I texted her back,

“Ugh, sorry Megan :(, thought you had a good feeling about this one?”

She responded,

“Idk anymore dude, can you come up to my room tn so we can eat ice cream?”

I was still in the elevator, I looked over at Dylan who looked really sad, I couldn’t leave him like this he was an emotional wreck, but I also couldn’t leave Megan alone after her awful date. I then got an idea,

“Look, I can’t leave Dyl tonight, he’s a mess, can you maybe come down to my room tonight so we can all watch a movie together? Room service on meeee :)”
“You know if you give me food, I’ll be there. See ya in 15”

I was happy Megan understood that Dylan was upset too. We got in our apartment and we both got changed into pajamas. I looked over at Dylan and saw that he put on “the sweatpants”, he got them they day we met. A couple years back I was doing a cover shoot for Teen Vogue, and I was requested for wardrobe since I was a celebrity personal stylist. I found out I was dressing Dylan O’Brien, I was completely shocked. I had always been a secret Teen Wolf fan, I freaked out which was unusual for me and struggled to find a rack of selection clothes for the shoot. I was so stressed out I bought a $700 pair of Givenchy sweatpants, don’t ask me how I found them. When he came in to meet me and see the clothing selection he thought it was the funniest thing in the world that I would buy such high-end sweatpants, I told him he didn’t understand because he obviously didn’t have a sense of fashion. We clicked from there and I secretly let him keep the sweatpants from the shoot, and here we are 3 years later. We settled on the couch and talked a bit before Megan came over,

“Megan’s date was shit tonight, she’s gonna come over in a few, ok? Nice sweatpants by the way…”

“Thanks” he laughed pulling me close, “Yeah that’s fine, I need just a night to be around you and Megan you guys always know how to cheer me up. I just can’t believe how these years have flown by I feel like it was yesterday Tyler and I were in that audition room still 19 years old”

“I know babe, it’s so sad to see it all end, but hey, you have so many new projects coming up!”

“It just won’t be the same, and I feel bad for leaving Tyler in LA right now because of his bad break up with Bella. She was such a bitch to him, he deserves so much better than her.”
“He really does…”

Just then Megan rang the doorbell, it made a lightbulb go off in my head. I got up to the door and let her in hugging her. We all sat in our lounge area and turned on The Proposal while we decided what we would order from room service. When all of our ice cream came, we were so happy, the hotel made homemade ice cream every day in the kitchen. Megan and Dylan fell asleep I texted Tyler,

“I think I have the perfect new girlfriend for you”

Hope you guys liked it!

Did you know?! In Quebec, Canada there’s a hotel made entirely out of ice, and the fridges inside keep drinks warmer than the hotel’s ambient temperature because otherwise they’d freeze!

Learn more about this and the story of “cold” with a new episode of HOW WE GOT TO NOW with Steven Johnson, airing tonight, November 5th at 10/9c.

Join us right here while we live-gif the episode!


Sweden’s IceHotel Is Real, But It Looks Like A Disney Fantasy

Most people try to get out of the cold on winter vacations, but if you’re headed to Sweden’s Icehotel this year (which is, as you might have guessed, a hotel made out of ice), then you obviously have a thing for chilly temperatures. In this case you’re lucky, because while the hotel may be frigid, it’s absolutely gorgeous.


The Balea Hotel of Ice in the Fagarasi Mountains, Romania, is again very popular in England. The first bookings are being made by the British. The hotel is made of ice and even has an ice church. It’s even cooler than this supermarket made of ice where we wrote about earlier.

The ice hotel is going to open on Christmas day. Who said romantic can’t be cold?