hotel jules

Tigh Mor Trossachs.

From across Loch Achray, this striking building dates from 1849 and has been added to over the years. Looking into it’s history I found out it stands on the site of a former inn, the area and inn were known as Ardcheanochrochan. The inn was a popular hostelry offering accommodation for people making their way to Loch Katrine to see the place where Sir Walter Scott based ‘Lady of the Lake’. 

 The original owners  recognised that the location of the inn would make an ideal place to build a modern hotel with a guaranteed stock of visitors who needed accommodation.

The original building, without later additions, is said to have had an almost fairy tale like appearance, described by some as a Highland Camelot. The hotel was a success when opened, offering a fashionable place to stay in the Trossachs.  

One famous guest did not like the hotel, Jules Verne, in 1859 wrote ’…A mile and a half along the road is the Trossachs Hotel, a gloomy looking new mansion. The female visitors sat on the terrace contemplating Loch Achray, a miniature lake in a bowl of symmetry’

After extensive refurbishment and a number of extensions, out of sight at the rear, it is now run by the Holiday Property Bond Company as Tigh Mor Trossachs, or the 'big house in the Trossachs’ to us non Gaelic speaking heathens!

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