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With a combined tenure of five years at Hotel Indigo-Athens, we sadly say goodbye to five of our most loyal employees! As much as we hate to lose each of them (L-R Neil Fosset, Levi Collins, Carey Yopp, Brad Williams, and Ben Ellis) they are moving on in their lives and careers. Thanks for all the good times, and serving our guests with a smile and with such great enthusiasm! You each will be missed by our team here at Hotel Indigo-Athens.

Hotel Indigo-Athens Recognizes Patrick Scully

The employee spotlight for the month of May goes to Mr. Patrick Scully! Learn more about our Director of Guest Services below! 


  • Name: Patrick Scully
  • Job Title: Director of Guest Services
  • Time With Hotel Indigo-Athens: 10 months

    Hotel Questions 

    • What brought you to Hotel Indigo Athens? My wife’s family and extended family is from here and we love the help with our 14 month old daughter, Harper.
    • What is your favorite part of your job?  The fact that no day is exactly the same.  It’s a very dynamic work environment.
    • What is your favorite Hotel Indigo moment? Any football weekend.

       Fun Stuff

      • If I give you one million dollars how would you spend it? Invest using a diversified portfolio, and not touch it for 10 years.
      •  What is your dream travel destination? The Maldives

      •  What is your favorite quote? Work only a half day; it makes no difference which half-it can be either the first 12 hours or the last 12 hours.” –Kemmons Wilson
      Let Him Be Your Teddy Bear

      Teddy is a sweet 4 month old Australian Shepherd mix. He loves to cuddle and play with his foster canine sister. This boy is very smart and attentive and just wants to please. He will most likely be a medium size dog which is perfect to take everywhere. Submit an application on this sweet boy today by calling (706) 206-7126, or visit or call for more information! 


      Are you newly engaged and looking for the perfect wedding reception venue/hotel to house your guests? Look no further, because Hotel Indigo-Athens has absolutely everything you need! From a full bar, restaurant, spacious rooms, and the fabulous Rialto Club, Hotel Indigo-Athens has everything necessary to make a perfect wedding reception turn into an even more perfect wedding weekend!

      We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide a romantic, glamorous, and fun venue for our wedding patrons. Whether you want a traditional reception or a big party (complete with choreographed dance moves), The Rialto Club at Hotel Indigo-Athens is here to help.  Call (706)286-1700 today to talk to an educated event specialist who will work tirelessly to make sure you have the wedding day (& night) of your dreams! 

      Hotel Indigo Recognizes Abby Hicks

      This month’s featured staff member is newly appointed event coordinator, Abby Hicks! Read more about this talented woman below! \

      • Name : Abby Hicks
      • Job Title: Event Coordinator
      • Time With Hotel Indigo-Athens: 5 months 

      Hotel Questions

      • What brought you to Hotel Indigo Athens? Worked with GM Robert Jahn through Athens Wedding Professionals
      • What is your favorite part about event planning? Every party is different - you don’t do the same thing twice.  I also love meeting new people and helping them make their event memorable
      • What is your favorite Hotel Indigo moment? Working the football games - I love seeing everyone in their Red & Black rooting on the dogs


      Fun Stuff

      • If you were a Star Wars character, which one would it be?

        Not much of a follower, but I guess Han Solo - a little bit of a rebel and sometimes   likes to break the rules:)

      • If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?  It would be a pretty boring movie for the most part, but Angelina Jolie would at least make my life seem a little bit more exciting and I appreciate her placing importance on family
      • NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

          Neither, but if I had to pick, I guess NSYNC because I think Justin Timberlake is   HOT