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So whenever I read trc, I'm always overwhelmed by this almost pathological desire to experience the same feelings of wonder and beauty and magic that you describe in the series. Yes, I understand that there is no sentient, magical forest to discover, and no sleeping king that I can search for, but I still have this urge to have similar feelings and experiences in my life. So how do you experience a similar kind of magic and wonder that you describe in your books, in everyday life?

Dear jalapeno–business,

Are you listening closely?

As an author, I travel a lot. At one point, I was on the road one day out of every three — planes, hotels, rental cars. There’s a rhythm to it, like running up a very long flight of stairs. You figure out how many stairs you can take in a jump, and how to breathe-in-breathe-out to keep from wasting your lungs, and you learn how to tell when you have to stop to rest your knees or you just won’t make it to the top. 

The airports and the planes and the people can all start to seem the same after awhile, if you’re looking at them wrong. If you let them. Anything in life can sound ordinary if that’s all you’re listening for.

Back in 2014, I was in a Texas airport. The night had that glittering senseless jitter to it that happens when you’re tired but going home, finally going home. I was early for my flight and sitting several gates away from my real gate, listening to music. A young man sat down two seats away. Ordinarily, tired and occupied with the peculiar every-day magic of the music in my headphones, I wouldn’t have noticed him, but a moment later, a phone rang. He asked if it was mine; it wasn’t. Someone had forgotten it on the seat between us. 

We both looked at it.

It rang again for someone who didn’t know to pick up, and then he took it away to one of the United desks for them to give it to someone who would listen. He didn’t return.

Two hours later, I went to my real gate to board. Full flight. Everyone was checking and double-checking their seat assignments as they defended their right to aisles and windows. When my seatmate settled himself next to me, I looked up, and it was the guy from the waiting area. He had a tilt to his chin that telegraphed that he thought he was hot shit and a grin that said he recognized me. 



We laughed ruefully and applied our headphones — we both knew the routine of polite air travel. But the agreeable tingle of the coincidence still ate at me, and I could tell it ate at him, too, because after a few moments, he offered me a truffle from his bag. I told him I couldn’t take it because of my allergies, but the headphones came off. We started to talk.

And he was a big talker. He was cocky. A surgical resident. He told me how he loved the hell out of taking internal organs out of people. He described how he listened to sixty-minute epic soundtracks in his ear buds while he removed appendixes and gallbladders, kidneys and stones. He told me of watching Dateline by himself at the end of seventy and eighty hour work weeks, and he told me about his Hyundai, which I made fun of. Confidentially, he whispered to me about a surgeon he knew who had the goal of removing every gallbladder in Texas. Two hours into the flight, the conversation tilted toward spirituality. He’s hot shit, he confessed, and works hard, but he sometimes wonders if he’s allowed to want to be successful, or if that makes him a bad person. Because he’s working a lot of hours in a week, and he’s tired, but he’s pretty sure that he’s hot shit, but maybe that’s not allowed.

I was watching him fumble his fingers over each other. He was scratching a hole in his own palm.

And all at once there was a phone in my head, and it was ringing just for me. 

“One of your parents has obsessive-compulsive disorder,” I told him. “Maybe both.”

The shimmering grin slipped. “How did you know? How could you know that?” 

I asked him if he was getting treatment for it.

He said, “No, no, I’m over it. How could you know that?”

Because in a foggy way, that phone was still ringing between us, and now, I recognized the number.

I said, “Don’t kill yourself.”

He replied, “No way,” and then he started to cry. 

The shit-eating grin had vanished. He told me how he’d made up his mind that he didn’t want to make it to 35. He’d researched all the ways to make sure he didn’t. Over the next hour, I told him about my OCD, and how I thought his uncertainty over wanting to be successful but also wanting to be humble was a function of his OCD’s spiritual obsession. That he wasn’t over OCD, that you never were, but that his agony didn’t have to be a real thing. He could be both humble and successful. It wasn’t against the rules of goodness to be proud of what you’d done, as long as you were doing things for the right reasons. I told him how once I bought a race car, but I’d given it away to someone who could use the money, because I realized I was only racing to look sexy in a car, and not because it was really making me happy. 

I told him he didn’t have to worry about looking sexy in a Hyundai, though, and he replied that he would look sexy in anything, and then he cried a little more. 

Everyone else in the plane was asleep, but we were wide awake.

When we got off the plane in Virginia, the surgical resident gave me an awkward side-hug, and he wiped his face. Then he dug in his bag for the wrapper from his truffle. As the other travelers shuffled past us sleepily, he pressed it into my hand. He didn’t want to give me his name, he said, but he wanted something for me to remember so that when we ran into each other again in 15 years, I’d know who he was.

After we’d parted ways, I turned my phone off airplane mode, and a text came in that had been sent while I was in the air. It was from the person I’d given the race car to. I hadn’t heard from him in nearly six months. The text said only: thank u maggie i have such a hppy life bc of u


You have to be listening closely. Phones are ringing all over the world, and sometimes they look like magical forests, and sometimes they look like race cars, and sometimes they look like surgical residents.



Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches Official Timeline

Some people have been asking for a full timeline of the events of the Rivals Series so I’ve decided to finally make one. This will be updated as the series progresses. Also, I am listing the events by calander years (January to December) but the actual skating seasons usually cross from the August of one year to the March of the next so keep that in mind as the fic tends to refer to the skating by season.

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.9

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                                                 Part N I N E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: hi hi!!! gabs is back with another part. im so, so happy that everybody is enjoying this series. i made this part a bit more intimate, so i hope that makes everybody’s day (lol). tysm for all the support n love. 100 notes is the goal, but ik yall know this ! x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                      I M A G I N E 

Arrival to Ireland, 13:02 P.M.

“We’re actually going to a party today,” Calum told you as the two of you started unbuckling your belts. People were already rising from their seats to scoop up their carry-ons and exit the plane. “We’re to head out in a few hours, but we’re leaving from the hotel.”

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Requested by the wonderful @justanothersaltandburn​ : J2M sneaking a quickie backstage at a convention before someone has to do a panel.

Warning: Jensen x Jared x Misha, smut, blow job, anal sex

Word Count: 1300ish

A/N: I’ve never written this pairing before, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy, y’all! XOXO

“Guys,” Misha warns, “this is not the time for this.”

Jared only laughs. “I think this is the exact time for this. What do you think, Jen?”

Jensen isn’t laughing, and the set of his jaw makes Misha’s fingers and toes curl a little. “Couldn’t agree more,” he murmurs.

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I played a weird version of animal crossing where I had to travel across the desert to get to my boyfriend’s town because I couldn’t make my own save file and he had a hotel. At one point there was a plane and we got attacked after leaving a museum about cats and dogs.


Commissions are Open

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hey guys!! I’m opening commissions to help raise money for getting to cons. My biggest goal atm is to get to AX to meet some of my online friends but so far the trip is sounding expensive (plane ticket, AX ticket, hotel fees, recreation and food) Rather than ask my parents to pay for the entirety of the trip, I’m taking commissions to try to pay as much as i can myself TvT I’d love it if you guys could buy a commission from me or boosted this around. tysm guys <33

tl;dr i need to raise money to get to AX, please buy a commission or reblog this tysm!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me! Send me a message if you are interested.

Austin Nights - Part 4

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: About 3000

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Warnings: Language, Implied Smut? (not sure if that’s a warning or not)

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


When morning finally came, you had found yourself in the clean crisp white sheets of Jensen’s hotel room. Although last night was a blur of which time was lost, you clearly remembered every moment. The anticipation, the rush, the car ride to the hotel when hands couldn’t be kept off each other, hardly being able to make it to the elevator where your lips met passionately again, and eventually having so much of him that you passed into sleep in a state of ecstatic exhaustion.

You reached over for Jensen but didn’t find him there. You sat up pulling up the sheets to cover your bare chest as you looked around the room. Last night had you focused on other things than the details of the room. Seeing it now, it was essentially the same size of your apartment if not bigger. The bedroom led to an entryway and to the other side a marbled bathroom. A half wall separated the bedroom from what appeared at first glance to be a living room with huge gaping windows flooding with natural light. From the building outside the window, you presumed you were downtown and high up.

You slide towards the edge of the bed wanting to explore more and to find Jensen. As you stood, the pleasant ache in your thighs was undeniable. If you weren’t planning to soak up every moment you had with Jensen, you could have spent all day in bed recovering. You wrapped the sheets around you leaving only your back exposed. The sun’s warmth increased as you made your way closer. The living room consisted of a white couch and two matching love seats surrounding a TV bigger than yours. You curiously made your way to the window and gulped from the height.

A voice cleared their throat and when you looked you jumped in fear seeing that it was not Jay. The man appeared to be in a hotel uniform. You tightened the sheets around your body. He was in another extension of the room which appeared to be a kitchen and dining room.

“I’m sorry to intrude ma’am, your evening dress has been dry cleaned and pressed and is waiting for you in the bathroom.” He stated.

You were shocked by his intrusiveness and formality. “Uh, where’s Jensen?”

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Wings Tour 2017

Guys, there’s already vids of fans going crazy outside the hotel BTS are staying at. Like there’s a constant mass of fans screaming outside their hotel for hours on end.

That shit can’t fly over here in the US like seriously, GIVE THEM PRIVACY AND LET THEM REST!!

For the fans who want to go to greet them at the airport, like that’s fine. What isn’t fine is screaming at the top of your lungs and trying to get their attention. If fans quietly greeted them when they arrived, and didn’t push or shove each other just to get close, I’m sure BTS would appreciate that way more than a scream in their ear.

Remember when Jimin fell? (I don’t recall which country that was.) But remember when the members were being pushed and they were probably wondering if they were completely safe at that moment.

ALSO, security at Newark/NY airports don’t play. That shit can get real seriously real fast. We do not want to create a dangerous situation for anyone.

Why do you think artists are weary about giving fans a hi-five or a hand shake when fans reach out during concerts or in public? It can be a dangerous situation for them. They need personal space. (Offer a fist bump like true homies)

Why do you think they couldn’t take pictures with fans during Bon Voyage? All it takes is one post from one fan to invite a mob to come. It’s not because they don’t want to give every fan a picture and an autograph, I’m sure they do. But let’s be real. They’re human and they deserve respect.

I don’t care how much you love them. Stalking them and invading their privacy, is definitely not offering respect.

Be mindful. Like this is fucking ridiculous that they can’t sleep without “fans” screaming outside their hotel. I don’t care if they slept on the plane, I know for a fact they don’t want to play Overwatch with screams as the background soundtrack of their life.

#rant #drops the mic 🎤

One day.

One day this won’t be a long distance relationship anymore.

One day I won’t have to wake up to a million texts because you woke up before me. I’m going to be waking up to your sleepy face and your whiney voice that pleads for “5 more minutes.” Your arms will try to pull me back to bed when I get up in the morning because what better way than to wake up to your soulmate and the sunshine flowing into our bedroom?

One day I won’t have to check my phone before I head out for the night or to work. You’ll be there next to me on your tippy toes kissing me. Telling me to be careful or to tell my best friend to drive safely. You need me home safe.

One day I won’t have to wonder anymore about what you would have said about a certain situation or what you would have done about something. You’ll be right next to me reacting exactly in the way you would. You’ll be in person telling me your opinions.

One day I won’t have to wonder what I’m going to make for you and whether you’ll like it. You’ll be right next to me preparing our meals for us and our kids. You’ll laugh when something is horrible and chow down on what tastes amazing.

One day we won’t have to be missing out on things we used to do on our own or with friends or family, because one day we will be doing everything, together. Our own family. Our own traditions.

One day there will be no more spending on plane tickets and hotels and fancy dates to see each other. We will be spending money on plane tickets to see the world together and with our kids. We will be spending money on our future home we have always dreamed of in your favorite location. It will be our own home.

One day I won’t have to deal with a bunch of yellow emojis trying very hard to tell me how you feel as you try so hard to explain your feelings and show me how badly you want me. You will instead be right next to me and the love you have for me will be exuding from your face. I will memorize the lines your face creates when you smile and when you’re upset. I will hear your laugh and it’ll make my heart beat and echo endlessly as we continue on.

One day there will be no more, “I miss you’s” and “I have these days off,” to plan flights. It’ll become bunch of I’m so thankful we survived the months and miles away from each other. I’m glad I never have to let go of you again.

One day there will be an end to having to “take care of ourselves.” It will be the two of us: inside a dark room, hearts beating loudly, breathing heavy, panting. The four walls that keep our darkest secrets waiting for the moans and screams of the ghosts of a long deprived hunger for love and making love with each other.

One day our private conversations about weddings, engagements, adventures, and kids will be nothing but a happy memory. You see, one day, and we will get to that day, when I would kiss you where I want to kiss you the most: in front of God and in front of our friends and family, the ones who doubted us and the ones supporting us from day one.. We will be giving them a captured real life moment that our love, one that we built on communication, determination, commitment, honesty, sass, openness and trust, is one that is true. A love that, after any amount of time always have, always will, be able to stand the tests of time. Distance. And anything else that tries to get in the way.

—  One day
shitty commentary crew preference - going on holiday together

songs of inspiration - one bad night by hayley kiyoko, gravel to tempo by hayley kiyoko and full moon by sgbg.

author’s note: i’ve been seeing preferences all over tumblr and i’ve been really wanting to write one for ages, but since i haven’t written anything in a week, i wanted to mae it up to you by doing a really big one to make up for it. hope you all enjoy it, gang! - l.t.

billy // chubbs

- you decided to book a surprise trip for the both of you to go to japan, since he’s always wanted to go. his face lit up as soon as you told him, immidiately giving you a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek - he was more excited than he actually let on to be.

- you would cling onto him while you were at heathrow airport due to how busy it was, and he would let you use him as a human radiator and pillow to nap on the plane. in return (if he wasn’t napping himself, that is), he would mess with your hair while you were sleeping and somehow managed to get it all tangled, but you didn’t mind.

- he held your hand tightly as you both walked up and down the streets no matter what time it was - he just wanted you to be safe and for you to come to no harm.

- every night you would go to small sushi food restaurants, late at night as you surrounded yourselves with the loud, busy night enclosing you both, while you got ever so slightly tipsy on beer.

- you would take the most adorable polaroid pictures under the sweet cherry blossom trees, then to plaster them over instagram and twitter.

- you would go to a manga store making fun of weeaboos, but you ended up ironically buying loads of the different manga to read on the plane ride home, even if you couldn’t understand japanese.

- you were both heartbroken to go home.

hyojin // squizxy

- since the pair of you were dating long distance, you decided to fly out to australia to go and see her for the first. you would both be bubbling with excitment, even weeks before you were supposed to fly out.

- on the day, you would skype her to say that you were waiting for the plane and would be seeing her in only a matter of hours now. you would both be ecastatic but slightly nervous at the same time.

- when you got off the plane to meet her, she ran up to you like her life absolutely depended on it, and you did the same but trying to carry all your luggage at the same time. you both hugged each other as hard as you possibly could without killing each other, and many happy tears were shed.

- you both travelled to sydney to go do sightseeing, and hyojin just couldn’t stop hugging you on the train journey there.

- fennec fox jokes. you also surprised her with a pair of the godly fennec fox ears for her, which made her made, but she secretly loved them.

- she drew a picture of you standing in front of the sydney opera house, which she them turned into an adorable animation to put on her twitter.

- it was hard to leave each other, but you knew deep down that the future was looking brighter than ever before and you were more in love with her than ever before.

will // herotic

- will would have to take you to on a daytrip somewhere since you had both just finished your gcse exams, were pretty fucking exhausted, and broke.

- you both settled to go to the beach for the day - it was nothing fancy, but you were still excited and you didn’t mind since you got to see each other.

- your mum drove you both there, and she kept embarassing you in front of him with embarassing stories from when you were little, which will really enjoyed.

- you both got double scoop ice creams, which you both shared as you walked hand in hand along the sea front, the sand tickling the inbetween bits between your toes softly. after you had finished it, you got a bit on your right cheek, which he kissed softly.

- you both walked around the sea front and the surrounding village, talking about youtube drama and current trending topics.

- you both got fish and chips to take home because you were too tired to eat out anywhere fancy. you leant on his shoulder, as he wrapped his slim hand around your waist while you waited for your mum to pick you both up.

brad // braddoesbanter

- “oi dickhead, let’s go to paris.”

- you were sceptical as to why brad wanted to go to paris, but you decided to book plane and hotel tickets anyway.

- “do you think that the eiffel tower is as big as my cock?” he said as you both stood beneth it taking selfies to put on instagram and twitter (if he wasn’t suspended lol) later. you just rolled your eyes at his stupid comment, but secretly found it funny.

- you both snuck frech pastries on the plane to eat because you both loved them so much, and didn’t speak to each other the whole way back since you had your mouths full with the pastries.

erling // atozy

- he would take you to his home country of norway as a treat for your birthday, and it would also be an oppourtunity for erling to see his family too. you would be excited to finally meet them and to finally experience a taste of norwegian culture that you had been hearing about from him for so long.

- it was really cool hearing erling speak norwegian, especially since it made it easier to speak to the locals and to order food.

- his family were super sweet when you met them and ate dinner with them too. they told many embarassing stories of erling from when he was younger, although he did not like this and went all red everytime they would tell one.

- he would take you to a norwegian food market, and you would try the food there together, and you decided to grab some coffee afterwards.

- you would, at some point, take you for a walk in the snow, and you would end up building a snowman. it was slightly lopsided, but that really didn’t matter right now.

- cute polaroid pictures!!

alex // imallexx

- he would surprise you with plane tickets to go to california, and had many other surprises for you in store for when you got there, which you didn’t know about you just yet.

- you’d go to pink berry every day and just stuff your faces with food there, then you’d hike up to go see the hollywood sign. you’d take so many adorable selfies, which would then be either memed to death or be made into super cute edits.

- he’d surprise you with tickets to go see your favourite band, which you were absolutely over the moon about because you didn’t get to see them back home. when you were in line to go in to the arena, he’d lend you his internet sensation hoodie until you went in because it was getting colder.

- you’d dance and sing the night away together even if alex wasn’t too fond of the music and he didn’t know many of the lyrics. despite this, he still enjoyed seeing you happy and the experience in general.

- by the end of it all, you’d end up falling asleep on his shoulder on the plane home, while he smiled to himself about what a great time he had.

niall // pyrocynical

- you thought he was making some sort of skit for one of his videos when he told you that he would be taking you to disneyland, but he was being serious. excited laughter and hugs then ensued.

- you would both buy matching minnie mouse ears to wear around the resort together, while buying way too many sweets and then stuffing them in your mouths. niall would constantly say, “we look like basic bitches, don’t we?”

- you would go on the same rides too many times, until you got bored. if it was high and scary ride, he would hold onto your hand for dear life to make sure that you were okay and wasn’t scared.

- after going on all the rides, you took so many selfies of you both, your phone storage almost ran out. all over twitter, there was nothing but cute comments and supports from the fans and a shit ton of flower crown edits had managed to find their way onto tumblr *shivers*

Secret Idol Relationship With Inseong

-You two are lowkey very obvious but also not if that make sense. (The way he would smile and cutely laugh at you when you pass by awkwardly while trying to make your way around him/him touching your arm softly if he had to get you out the way of blasting confetti during a music show or you two laughing at something funny when your both on stage).  Honestly, you guys would constantly be suspected by fans (them picking up different clues etc. but they would never be too sure and it would usually just stay a rumor but because of that, you guys are a huge SHIP). You guys are so constantly shipped that you already have a big supportive fan-base for your ship (both from your group’s fandom and fantasies.)

-Kakao eachother ALL the time. Especially during breaks when practicing/waiting rooms/before sleep/when waking up in the morning. Always send cute emoji’s with his texts and ugly pickup lines and derp selfies back and forth with eachother so your kakao backround is eachother’s derpy faces. Will call you early in the morning to help wake you up and you could hear his groggy deep voice like “wake up my love, get up get up I know your tired but we have work.” and your giggling because he sounds more tired than you. “Your telling me to wake up, but your probably calling me laying down still with your eyes closed.”

-Both your managers knows you two are dating so they often try to set up the same schedule like being on weekly idol together/etc cuz they cool like that. You guys sees each-other so often, that the ship will always stay strong and fans could even make cute shipping videos on youtube just by collecting all of the times you both were seen together. Lowkey being at ISAC is the best for you both. Cheers for you when you’re doing the track race and it’s EVEN BETTER when he’s on the same team as you so he gets to actually talk to you but inside he’s wishing he could just hold your hand right now because you look so beautiful at the moment. “I want to kiss you so bad.” “Shutup inseong someone might hear. Did you eat?” “Of course because you like me chubby.” “I know, good :)“ 

-Him acting like a fool around you even tho yall are dating, whenever you two promote at the same time and he passes by you, he will trip or some shit or stutter. (Like boi dont make it even more obvious you got a thang for her). Even both of your stylists and staff be questioning you guys and eventually they ship you both as well. Whenever your both off work, he would drive his car late at night near your dorm and you would both be dressed in hoodies and a mask over your face. Would drive you to the river and chill in the car holding hands and listening to music and talk to eachother (or other things hehe). He would pack snacks and chicken and stuff cuz both of you love food you guys are always eating). Tells you funny stories and incidents and would just genuinely enjoy spending time with you. Hates driving you back to your dorm, he would always walk you all the way to your building’s entrance even tho thats stupid because dude you can get caught but he does it anyways and never wants to let go of your hands even when you have to get inside the building). “Bye, kakao me.”

-Lowkey when you two are overseas for like Mama or something, he would try have his group sit near your seats on the plane and sneak into your hotel room at night to be with you but like wtf inseong how you gonna leave in the morning. “who said we’re sleeping?”

-Loves you alot. He promises one day when he’s famous enough and successful enough he will reveal that you two are dating so you won’t get too many haters then. Hates reading hate comments about you and when anti fans ask him why does he talk to you alot, he will avoid the question but have an obvious annoyed face expression. Tells you to not read comments and would even go as far as if he sees hate tweets about you on his twitter posts, he will report them. You guys end up dating for years until you reveal the relationship and leave everyone shooked at how well you manage to date for so long.

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GOT7 at an Airport

Jaebum: stressed out af, simultaneously trying to calculate connecting flight times while on the phone with the airline about bambam’s missing luggage. More than once yells, “everyone quiet, I just need a second to think!!”

Mark: giant headphones but he’s not actually listening to music. Bought a pretzel at an airport-only food chain. Tries to pretend like he’s not on vacation with the fam, until Jaebum snaps at him to plz just help out and take the younger ones to the bathroom

Jinyoung: has an excel spreadsheet of everything he needs for the flight. Stands in a twenty minute long Starbucks line ~because~. Ignores a call from Yugyeom asking for a frappucino. Buys three books at an airport store and falls asleep halfway through the first one.

Jackson: Runs through security screaming, “VACTION!” Forgets his phone on the conveyor belt. Purchases ten bags of chocolate because it’s “duty free” and eats five before he takes-off. Somehow manages to board with the priority group because he made a friend in line at the bathroom.  

Bambam: Is held up by security for ten minutes because of all the mini bottles of shampoo he brought. Finds that one outlet by the gate and uses it until the last second before boarding. Sprays himself with cologne from the airport shops. Finds yugyeom when he gets lost from the group. Brought ten suitcases, checked nine of them.

Yugyeom: Misses the tram to the gate bc he’s watching a dance compilation on his phone. Ten minutes later he’s still working up the courage to ask a girl for directions when bambam finds him.  Has one backpack he packed his stuff in, is planning on stealing Jinyoung’s shampoo at the hotel later.

Youngjae: Follows Jaebum around saying, “CHECK” whenever something gets accomplished. Watches planes landing and announces whenever an incoming flight is delayed. Insists on the middle seat, even though no one asked. Does the sign of the cross before take-off.

His Queen [M]

BTS Yoongi / Words: 3186 / Warnings: smut 
Anonymous requested: 
can you write a smutty mafia boss! yoongi au where he is known to be the most heartless person alive who will kill anyone in an instant but when he comes home to his wife he treats her like a queen and is the fluffiest person alive and would do anything for her? sorry this request is long
A/N: this has been sitting around for weeks and i needed to finish it oh man sorry this is poor quality 

Min Yoongi.

A name synonymous with deadly. A name that sparked fear into the hearts of grown men when it was murmured under hitched breath as an icy presence floated through an opening door. One that made law enforcement question their authority, as it was so elusive that nobody was sure that there was a face to go along with the three cursed syllables. There were many stories, and nobody knew which were true and which were rumors, no matter how outlandish the tales seemed because that man was said to be capable of anything. The name carried so much power that it was used as sparingly as possible, so not to potentially crush those that dared to utter it.

And Min Yoongi found that almost comical.

Any time he stepped foot into a room of associates, they’d fall silent and drop their gazes to the floor. Nobody defied him unless they didn’t value their existence, which Min Yoongi was was particularly good at erasing. He was the most influential, most cutthroat, most terrifying man in the industry. He was a young, self-aware genius that always got his way, and nothing could even begin to chisel at his ruthless reputation.

But, then again, everyone has their weakness.

Even Min Yoongi.

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The Meme and His Tutor

Part 9: The First Time Time Jungkook Was Called BunBun

Recommended Song: If by GOT7

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Two days after you arrive in Korea Jungkook takes you on a day out. A day of laughter, surprises and heart-stopping moments.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 8484

Length: 9/?

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Surprise Appearance

Originally posted by bibalor

Request - 10) Child is reunited with Superstar after they have been on the road for a really long time. 24)  Reader and child surprise Superstar at Event. 

Pairing - Sami Zayn X Female Reader + Son 

WordCount - 1,258

Requested By - Anon

Written By - Tacha

Warnings - Angst, mention of injury, distress, fluff, 

Key - Y/S/N - Your Son’s Name,

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A/N - If you would like a request from the prompt list Send us the name of the Superstar, the gender of the child and a few numbers.

Y/S/N missed Sami. You missed Sami too but something was off with Y/S/N. Of course, there were times when Y/S/N missed Sami badly, but for some reason this time was different. Y/S/N was coming into yours and Sami’s shared bedroom every night always sleeping on the side where Sami typically slept. He was no longer your happy outgoing son. At first, you presumed that Y/S/N missing Sami badly would pass within a few days yet as days, turned to weeks and then into months you knew you had to do something. You wanted your son back and you were going to do everything in your power to do so.

Which is why you were currently laid in bed on your laptop trying to book tickets for the next episode of Raw, since Sami couldn’t come home, you were going to go to him and Sami was going to be completely unaware of the entire thing. As you began to make your plans, plane tickets, Raw tickets, hotel room, the weather so you knew what to pack. Maybe it was time to take Sami on this offer and begin to travel with him. You didn’t like seeing your son miss his Father so badly. A little tap broke your concentration, slowly the door open as Y/S/N clutched his unique teddy bear that was dressed in Sami’s ring gear. 

“Hey buddy, can’t sleep again?” You asked softly as he nodded, you pulled open the duvet as your son trudged his way over to the bed before climbing into bed beside you. Y/S/N curled into your side resting his head on your shoulder. 

“You’re really Dad aren’t you?” You asked Y/S/N, he sighed, seeing your small son look so sad was so heartbreaking. You would have thought at the age of six he would have gotten used to his Dad being away but each time seemed to get harder perhaps it was because he understood more each time. 

“I’m sorry Mum, I can’t help it.” Looking down at Y/S/N, you closed your laptop placing it on your bedside table, you turned to Y/S/N 

“You don’t have to apologise for missing your Dad. I miss him too and I bet you he’s missing you and me. He’s never been gone this long before, but what if you didn’t have to miss Dad anymore.” You observed Y/S/N perk up at the idea of no longer missing Sami. 

“Mum, what are you talking about?” Picking up your laptop you opened it displaying what you had been previously looking at. Y/S/N’s eyes widened in shock. 

“Does this mean we get to go see Dad?” Y/S/N asked as he bolted up, now sitting up. 

“Well I was thinking how about we fly out to see Dad but then I thought about it a little more. How about we fly out and surprise Dad, so you gotta promise not to tell Dad otherwise it won’t be a surprise.” 

“I promise I won’t tell Dad anything! Mum your the best!” Y/S/N hugged you tightly as you kissed his forehead. 

“Okay well, we better get some sleep because we have a lot of work to do.”

Y/S/N had been buzzing the entire plane ride. Throughout the entire week as you planned, packed and readied both of you for the trip. Keeping it from Sami had been the hardest part of the entire situation. Did you like lying to Sami about your plans for the week of course not, but you knew that it would be worth it in the end. 

“Mum we did pack Dad’s shirt right?” Y/S/N questioned as you picked up your bags and headed out of the terminal and into the parking lot. 

“Yes, we did. Now we’ve got to head to the hotel so we can check in before we’ve got to get changed before we can head to the arena so we can begin operation Surprise Dad.” Y/S/N laughed as you headed out trying to be as discrete as possible because there was no way you could let an+ything destroy your surprise… 

You and Y/S/N had made it to the arena and in your seats without anyone saying anything. As Raw finally began the anticipation increased, you couldn’t wait to see Sami’s reaction. You and Y/S/N were positioned in-between the ramp and near the ring. 

“Mum, what do you think Dad’s reaction is going to be?” Y/S/N questioned as you both watched the first match. 

“I think he’s going to be surprised. I don’t think he suspected a thing. Guess we’re going to have wait and see. Remember, when Dad comes down the ramp we have to cheer really loud okay.” Y/S/N nodded too consumed with the match that was currently going on. 

Match after segment and match occurred. All you wanted was to hear was Sami’s music hit. Y/S/N was very content enjoying Raw when Sami’s music hit, both of you began cheering loudly as Sami began making his way to the ring. Y/S/N smiled brightly as he watched his Dad do what his Dad does best. Sami looked over and noticed both of you, his smile grew but that was short lived as Samoa Joe attacked him out of nowhere. As the brutal assault continued, Joe threw Sami around like a rag doll. He threw Sami against the barricade that you and Y/S/N were standing behind, Y/S/N collided into you, turning his back and burying his head into his torso to stop himself from watching his Father getting beaten up. You watched the entire thing, silently begging Joe to stop. The surprise was meant to be a positive experience, it was like Joe was purposely tormenting you. 

Finally, the referees pulled Joe off of Sami and he reluctantly stopped not before winking at you, Sami must have noticed because he tried to get up but he staggered before the referees helped him to the back. 

“It’s okay, Dad’s going to be okay.” You whispered as you stroked Y/S/N’s hair gently. A few moments passed when someone came up and told you to follow them. Gathering your things you followed the person into the back and into the trainers room where Sami was getting checked over. 

“Sami, we got your wife and son.” The person silently left, leaving you and Y/S/N with Sami and the trainer. 

“You might have some bruising but nothing too bad, just ice up and take it easy.” The trainer left the room, as soon as the door was close Y/S/N ran over towards Sami, Sami got up off of the bed, picking Y/S/N up from the ground holding him closely. 

“Hey buddy, I’ve missed you. How have you been?” Y/S/N broke down in tears, his sobs breaking your heart. Sami consoled Y/S/N, as he called you over you walked into his spare arm as you all shared a moment together. 

“Dad can we travel with you, please I swear I’ll be good.” Y/S/N pleaded, Sami looked down at you and you looked up at him. 

“Why don’t we give it a trial basis? If it doesn’t work we’ll work something out.” 

“Thank you!” Y/S/N exclaimed holding onto his Father tighter while Sami leant down and kissed you softly. 

“Did you like your surprise?” You asked him, he grinned kissing you again. 

“Any time I get a surprise from my two favourite people is the greatest surprise. Now, what do you to say to Pizza, ice-cream and a movie” You beamed up at your husband and your son. If you didn’t have them you don’t know what you do…