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Funny kid lines part 3

I’m running the E’s ballet dance
Me: is this called Dreams?
Claudia: yes it is. And fun fact about this song- Sophia Lucia did a solo to it!

Claudia: did you know Marinda Davis is coming in January
Me: yes I did know that
Claudia: how’s she getting here?
Me: I assume on a plane
Claudia: what hotel is she staying at?
Me: I don’t know!
Claudia: Tracie stayed at the Sandman
Me: …
Claudia: I like to know things like that

Alex (5): I lost my tooth! The tooth fairy brought me 10 dollars and a chocolate egg
Julia: you mean the Easter bunny
Alex: no the tooth fairy
Julia: only the Easter bunny brings chocolate eggs

Claudia: it’s my dream to compete against project 21

(We are a minute and 29 seconds into the co B tap dance)
Teagan: is this our real dance or just a combination

I’m in studio A with Maliya (5) when Miss Kristen walks in
Kristen: Hi Maliya
Maliya: good
Kristen: I said hi
Maliya: oh. Hi
(Out in the hall miss Taryn is talking to some kids)
Taryn: how is your head Julia?
Maliya: good
Taryn: did you have a good day at school?
Maliya: yes
Kristen: Maliya no one is talking to you!

Claudia: I wish we could compete against Kendyl Fay’s studio
Me: I do too but they live in California
Claudia: well they did go to Hall of Fame in Ontario
Me: yes Ontario California not Ontario Canada
Claudia: darn it

Trying on costumes
Sofia (9): oh my gosh is this velvet? I think this fabric is called velvet

Claudia (12): Guess what Miss Jordan
Alex (13): Miss Alison banned Jojo bows in ballet class because she said they were distracting
Me: oh no what will you guys do
Alex: we went out last night and got mini jojo bows!
They turn around and show me their tiny jojo bows on the side of their buns

Alex: I have seven big jojo bows and 1 little one

In Vivi and Lily’s diet practice
Me: did you guys bring iPads to video this
Lily: well I did… but I brought it to play on and now it’s dead

Alex: can I go to the bathroom
Me: your on break you don’t have to ask me!
Alex: what time is it
Me: 2:48
Alex: I start class at 3
Me: will it take you more then 12 minutes to go to the bathroom ?
Alex: no
Me: then go

On Alex’s 13th Birthday
Alex: oh my gosh this time next year I’ll be 14

Claudia: I’m so embarrassed right now
Me: why?
Claudia: okay so you know how my ballet solo song is my heart will go on…
Me: yes
Claudia: Miss Alison was telling me about it she asked if I knew what the titanic was but I thought she said tectonic so I said no!
Me: why is that embarrassing?
Claudia: because I actually do know what the titanic is but now she thinks I don’t!

Claudia: wait guys I have an idea! We should all watch Taylor for timing so we go at the same time
Alex: ya that’s a good idea
Claudia: oh my gosh this is just what my horoscope said
Me: what did your horoscope say
Claudia: it said that I would have intelligent ideas
Abby: oh ya and remember yesterday!
Claudia: yes! Abby couldn’t find her pointe shoes and we have the same bag so I told her to check my bag and they were in there!

Co e pointe sg independent
Me: I’m going to video this so do it good
Alex: wait! I need to take out my bow in case miss Alison sees it! She banned Jojo bows in ballet

Sophie (4): is it illegal to say booty in Canada?

Claudia: want to see my sloth socks? I got them on international sloth day

Maliya: I really hope I forget my solo onstage so I can make it up

The thing that annoys me most about broadway musicals that shake their fists at those ‘pesky bootlegs’ is… You have professionally filmed your musical, I KNOW you have, most of them have promotional material and even full songs filmed and recorded, they’re on youtube!
What the fuck is stopping you from just spending 1 entire day, maybe 2, on recording your musical, let it be edited and slapped on a dvd, ready to be mass-spread across the globe and earning potentially millions from musical-kids who are not rich Americans? 
It would take no time, no budget (compared to the loads you spent on the stage production in the first place), it would stop bootlegs from being a thing and you’d make so many people happy. You’re not stopping anyone from coming to your musical because those who can’t afford it WON’T COME TO YOUR MUSICAL, and those who can, WILL. Because that’s the audience you’re dealing with: devoted theatre lovers. You don’t have to lecture us on how the stage production is better than what will eventually be released on the dvd because, trust me, WE KNOW. And we will forever mourn the fact that we might never be able to see our favourite musicals on stage because plane tickets and hotels are fucking expensive, but in the meantime, we can enjoy all your hard work, we can enjoy the cast’s amazing singing, acting and dancing, we can admire the decors, the lights, all the costumes, the music.

Most importantly, you are making your fans happy. 

So why the crap are musical dvd’s not a goddamn market, right now?

jalapeno--business  asked:

So whenever I read trc, I'm always overwhelmed by this almost pathological desire to experience the same feelings of wonder and beauty and magic that you describe in the series. Yes, I understand that there is no sentient, magical forest to discover, and no sleeping king that I can search for, but I still have this urge to have similar feelings and experiences in my life. So how do you experience a similar kind of magic and wonder that you describe in your books, in everyday life?

Dear jalapeno–business,

Are you listening closely?

As an author, I travel a lot. At one point, I was on the road one day out of every three — planes, hotels, rental cars. There’s a rhythm to it, like running up a very long flight of stairs. You figure out how many stairs you can take in a jump, and how to breathe-in-breathe-out to keep from wasting your lungs, and you learn how to tell when you have to stop to rest your knees or you just won’t make it to the top. 

The airports and the planes and the people can all start to seem the same after awhile, if you’re looking at them wrong. If you let them. Anything in life can sound ordinary if that’s all you’re listening for.

Back in 2014, I was in a Texas airport. The night had that glittering senseless jitter to it that happens when you’re tired but going home, finally going home. I was early for my flight and sitting several gates away from my real gate, listening to music. A young man sat down two seats away. Ordinarily, tired and occupied with the peculiar every-day magic of the music in my headphones, I wouldn’t have noticed him, but a moment later, a phone rang. He asked if it was mine; it wasn’t. Someone had forgotten it on the seat between us. 

We both looked at it.

It rang again for someone who didn’t know to pick up, and then he took it away to one of the United desks for them to give it to someone who would listen. He didn’t return.

Two hours later, I went to my real gate to board. Full flight. Everyone was checking and double-checking their seat assignments as they defended their right to aisles and windows. When my seatmate settled himself next to me, I looked up, and it was the guy from the waiting area. He had a tilt to his chin that telegraphed that he thought he was hot shit and a grin that said he recognized me. 



We laughed ruefully and applied our headphones — we both knew the routine of polite air travel. But the agreeable tingle of the coincidence still ate at me, and I could tell it ate at him, too, because after a few moments, he offered me a truffle from his bag. I told him I couldn’t take it because of my allergies, but the headphones came off. We started to talk.

And he was a big talker. He was cocky. A surgical resident. He told me how he loved the hell out of taking internal organs out of people. He described how he listened to sixty-minute epic soundtracks in his ear buds while he removed appendixes and gallbladders, kidneys and stones. He told me of watching Dateline by himself at the end of seventy and eighty hour work weeks, and he told me about his Hyundai, which I made fun of. Confidentially, he whispered to me about a surgeon he knew who had the goal of removing every gallbladder in Texas. Two hours into the flight, the conversation tilted toward spirituality. He’s hot shit, he confessed, and works hard, but he sometimes wonders if he’s allowed to want to be successful, or if that makes him a bad person. Because he’s working a lot of hours in a week, and he’s tired, but he’s pretty sure that he’s hot shit, but maybe that’s not allowed.

I was watching him fumble his fingers over each other. He was scratching a hole in his own palm.

And all at once there was a phone in my head, and it was ringing just for me. 

“One of your parents has obsessive-compulsive disorder,” I told him. “Maybe both.”

The shimmering grin slipped. “How did you know? How could you know that?” 

I asked him if he was getting treatment for it.

He said, “No, no, I’m over it. How could you know that?”

Because in a foggy way, that phone was still ringing between us, and now, I recognized the number.

I said, “Don’t kill yourself.”

He replied, “No way,” and then he started to cry. 

The shit-eating grin had vanished. He told me how he’d made up his mind that he didn’t want to make it to 35. He’d researched all the ways to make sure he didn’t. Over the next hour, I told him about my OCD, and how I thought his uncertainty over wanting to be successful but also wanting to be humble was a function of his OCD’s spiritual obsession. That he wasn’t over OCD, that you never were, but that his agony didn’t have to be a real thing. He could be both humble and successful. It wasn’t against the rules of goodness to be proud of what you’d done, as long as you were doing things for the right reasons. I told him how once I bought a race car, but I’d given it away to someone who could use the money, because I realized I was only racing to look sexy in a car, and not because it was really making me happy. 

I told him he didn’t have to worry about looking sexy in a Hyundai, though, and he replied that he would look sexy in anything, and then he cried a little more. 

Everyone else in the plane was asleep, but we were wide awake.

When we got off the plane in Virginia, the surgical resident gave me an awkward side-hug, and he wiped his face. Then he dug in his bag for the wrapper from his truffle. As the other travelers shuffled past us sleepily, he pressed it into my hand. He didn’t want to give me his name, he said, but he wanted something for me to remember so that when we ran into each other again in 15 years, I’d know who he was.

After we’d parted ways, I turned my phone off airplane mode, and a text came in that had been sent while I was in the air. It was from the person I’d given the race car to. I hadn’t heard from him in nearly six months. The text said only: thank u maggie i have such a hppy life bc of u


You have to be listening closely. Phones are ringing all over the world, and sometimes they look like magical forests, and sometimes they look like race cars, and sometimes they look like surgical residents.




Hi there guys, gals and non-binary pals!! I’m Agniya, a soon-to-graduate graphic design college student and freelance artist by trade. 

As many of you already know, Charley and I been dating for almost a year already, but haven’t had a chance to meet in person yet due to money issues (Charley just moved and I’ve been paying for college solely by myself until just now). 

I live in Russia and he is in the USA, more than 4500 miles and an ocean apart. So in order for us to meet, we’ll need to cover expenses such as traveling visa fee, plane tickets, hotel reservations and many others. 

Charley is an aspiring voice actor, you may know him from an improv dubbing project Real-Time Fandub ( @cooldude618 ) and Ace Attorney Anime Abridged ( @aaaaseries ). His voice acting blog is @popelickva and he’s currently taking voice acting commissions. 

He means the world to me and we can’t wait to meet each other, so please consider commissioning either (or even both!) of us. Even if you can’t - reblogs are always appreciated!! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 

If you’re interested in my commissions please send me an e-mail here, see more examples in my art tag

Rules are under the cut:

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what happens in vegas pt. 1

*I had to re-upload as i accidentally the original post!*

◇ summary: It was supposed to be a weekend of mischief and fun, but when your ex-boyfriend tags along you soon realize that what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas

◇ pairing: reader x Jungkook

◇ genre: angst, smut, childhood sweethearts

◇ word count: 6,508

◇ warnings: alcohol use, language, explicit sexual content

“Please tell me why we are going to the airport at 4 in the damn morning?” you groan, handing your suitcase over to your cab driver who is trying hard not to laugh at your current state of sweatpants wrapped in a denim jacket.

Wendy rolls her eyes, “Y/N, we are only going to be in Vegas for 2 nights. We need to make the most of it. Plus, the tickets were like $100 less than if we left later in the afternoon. Just sleep on the plane.”

She gets in the back of the cab, hoping to close the door before your sharp tongue can come with a witty remark. But you aren’t about to let her off the hook that easily. You throw open the door, sliding into the seat next to her.

“Y/N, I don’t want to hear it. You are not going to ruin this for me! It’s my bacholerette party. I only get one” Wendy snaps, holding her hand to your face as you buckle your seat belt.

“If you’re lucky,” you mutter under your breathe, making your best friend smack your thigh loudly.

The rest of the drive is spent in silence as both of you are too tired to try and make conversation, especially since you had been up almost the entire night watching Wendy pick out her clothes for the next 2 nights. Two of you spent almost an hour picking out a black dress that looked identical to every other black dress she owned, but swore was different. As the dark purple circles settled under your eyes this morning, the only thing on your mind was getting through security and popping a Nyquil so that you could spend the rest of the flight in peace.

“We’re here,” Wendy whispers, shaking your shoulder to wake you up after what felt like five minutes. Her eyes shift past you, focusing the on something behind you, “I should have probably told you sooner, but Jungkook is coming.”

“And you’re telling me this now?” pointing to the airport outside the window “You decide to inform me that my ex-boyfriend is coming on this trip right now? You told me two days ago that he wasn’t coming because of work.” you hiss, chasing your best friend out of the car and towards the trunk.

“And he wasn’t going to! But then he called Namjoon yesterday and told him that he had managed to get the time off.” Wendy all but pleads for forgiveness, hiding behind the cab driver.

“You should’ve told him he wasn’t invited! That the plane was completely booked! The hotel was completely booked! Anything!”

She shrugs, “He’s Namjoon’s best friend, Y/N. And he had already bought his ticket, what was I supposed to do?”

You take your suitcase from the driver and make a beeline for the airport entrance, “I’m not speaking to you until we get to the gate.”

Wendy knows better than to push you when you’re upset, that law school and your work had given you a short fuse. Your attitude worked in the courtroom, helping your clients leave feeling happy and content and divorced while they fill your pockets with the end of their marriage. But it didn’t always translate the same to your personal life and most of your loved ones knew to stay far away when you were upset, knowing that your emotional time bomb was slowly ticking away.

It isn’t until you’ve both winded your way around the security line that you turn your attention to your best friend and ask, “Is he on our flight?”

Wendy chews on her lip before answering, “He and Namjoon are already waiting at the gate.”

You take a deep breath, trying your best to mentally prepare yourself for seeing your childhood sweetheart for the first time in almost a year.

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Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches Official Timeline

Some people have been asking for a full timeline of the events of the Rivals Series so I’ve decided to finally make one. This will be updated as the series progresses. Also, I am listing the events by calander years (January to December) but the actual skating seasons usually cross from the August of one year to the March of the next so keep that in mind as the fic tends to refer to the skating by season.

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The Chocobros visit Asia

AKA they visit their Asian S/O’s country. 

To those who asked for more POC headcanons, I hope that I delivered. @little-mini-me-world @insomniacapples @hypaalicious @me-yasato @ka-za-ri @paopuicecream @louisvuittontrashbags @eaddi @musemaya @a-cup-of-insomnia @everyusernameistakensoyeah 

A special thanks to all of my friends who helped me with the Philippines, Korea, and China! 

I won’t be able to touch on every feature that the countries have, so please understand if I don’t mention every subject! Even so I hope you enjoy! :D. 


Destination: Vietnam 

  • First things first, Vietnam is hot. Not only is it extremely hot, it’s also extremely humid, so the weather isn’t very sympathetic to your poor boyfriend in his black leather. Even though Noctis hates showing a lot of skin, he’d be more than willing to strip down to something lighter because of this weather. 
  • Not that you’re complaining, of course, but be warned that Noctis will become a whiny child if the AC ever fails on you. 
  • Noctis also embraces the pj culture like second nature.  
  • In Vietnam, although they’re technically classified as “pajamas,” are just a matching set of tops and bottoms that can be used as sleepwear and regular clothes. 
  • It’s a completely common thing to see out on the streets, and while it’s mostly women and children who wear it, Noctis totally gets on board. 
  • Why do we have two sets of clothes in the first place? Why not just wear pjs all day? The sleepy prince ponders this even when he goes back to Insomnia. 
  • It’s also canon that Noctis doesn’t like coffee, and only drinks it to look more mature, but he sips his way through several cups of Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk before he realizes what he’s drinking. 
  • “But it’s not bitter like Ebony??” O.o
  • Noctis is all about that glamorous lifestyle, so the two of you buy some street food and sit out on the curb in front of your house to share your bánh mì (bread/sandwich) or bánh xèo (savory fried pancake) like the prince and princesses that you are.
  • Fishing! Noctis takes relaxing on vacation to the extreme, but in this case, he will be the one to drag you out to a nearby fishing spot or fishing village and fish for who knows how long. 
  • Just don’t let him take a nap near the water afterwards, the mosquitoes will destroy him. (Just saying from personal experience.) 
  • If you’re going to Vietnam to visit family, and you want to have home cooked meals, bring Noctis with you when you go grocery shopping. Use his good looks to your advantage and get discounted or free groceries. He gets super embarrassed when the ladies manning the small shops gush over his looks. 
  • “These are my uncles from my dad’s side, bác hai, bác ba, and bác bốn.” 
    Uh….Can you translate that for me?” 
    “Oh…Just call them uncle two, uncle three, and uncle four.” 
  • And this might just be me being biased, but I think Noctis will look absolutely dashing in a traditional áo dài! It’s just–that image–swoons. 


Destination: Philippines

  • The Philippines is a great place with nice people with a sunny disposition, so Prompto fits right in with the people. 
  • If he thought that Gladin Quay was beautiful, Prompto would have to mentally prepare himself for these waters. Take him to the right spot, and Prompto will gasp and be in awe for what seems to be like forever. 
  • However, this is a double edged sword, Prompto will take hundreds of pictures at once, forcing you to pose for him or wait for him as he snaps at his camera. 
  • Prompto will take pictures of anything and everything when he’s on vacation with you. 
  • It’s a very family orientated place, so be prepared to introduce Prompto to your extended family. 
  • Which makes him even more confused because, “Wait…There’s more??How many Titas (aunts) and Titos (uncles) do you have??” 
  • You’re not sure how to answer that. 
  • You tell him that your family party is at ten the next day, and it’s eleven and you’re still in bed. By the time that he drags you out of bed and gets you dressed, it’s near twelve-thirty and Prompto is ready to apologize to your family for being so late. 
  • Imagine his shock when he finds out that the party barely started. You give him a smug look and simply say, “Filipino time.” 
  • Food! So much food! Aside from the, “You’re so skinny, eat more,” comments from your family, Prompto digs in happily because there is so many to choose from and so much to eat! 
  • He cries about it later because he doesn’t eat rice often, so all of that rice will be storing in his butt and his thighs, but you don’t hear him complaining when he has that plate of lechon (whole roasted pig), tocino (cured pork belly), or longanisa (sausage) and rice in front of him. 
  • Prompto takes his time to try and greet everyone at the party. Even though they don’t speak the same language, your relatives and Prompto can chat up a storm somehow. 
  • Prepare for cheesy party games and embarrassing childhood memories being brought up. 
  • Prompto gets stars in his eyes when he realizes how much to you talk about him to your family. 
  • And karaoke! How can you forget karaoke? It’s basically in your bloodstream. 
  • Prompto and your relatives go at it for hours, and while your cousins absolutely crush him at basketball, Prompto can blow your family out of the water because he has a voice of an angel. 
  • Your relatives will gush over him, and once they accept him, they take him into the family and basically adopt him. It’s pretty tearful to him because his adoptive parents are so distant. You would have to hold him as he cries later. 


Destination: South Korea

  • Once more, he basically towers over everyone, and can look clearly over everyone’s heads. 
  • All of the 아저씨 (ajusshis/older males) stare in amazement at this 6′6″ behemoth with a rippling nine pack and badass tattoo. 
  • Walk with him down the streets and you will hear passing comments of, “He’s so handsome!” over and over again. 
  • Bring him to some family or friends and they will tell him, “You have a nice V line!” or, “Your face is very even!” 
  • He gives you a confused look, and you just sigh and try to explain. 
  • When you tell your family that you honestly don’t know what Gladio’s blood type is, the women in your family look at you strangely and tell you, “How do you not know? How can you tell what is personality is like?” 
  • They then all try to guess what his blood type is. You personally think he’s type O. 
  • While his actual beloved Cup Noodle wouldn’t be very common in the stores there, Korea has a large arsenal of instant noodles that you insist is better than Cup Noodle. 
  • Gladio begs to differ, but you catch him buying some of that ramyeon anyway, and cooking them and eating them at the convenience store. 
  • By the time you’ve finished your bowl, he’s already gone through five different types. 
  • He’d never do this back home, but since it’s pretty common here, Gladio has no problem with flaunting your couple status by wearing matching or coordinating outfits. 
  • (Though the two of you would probably have to plan beforehand and get clothes that actually fit him back in Insomnia.)
  • Gladio would be more into hiking, backpacking, any athletic activity that you can name, so if you’re from any big city, expect to take a break from that and head to the rural areas. 
  • Iris would probably badger him about bringing her back some cute clothes, so he spends a good fraction of his vacation shopping with you for Iris. 
  • He thought he knew you well, but he hasn’t seen his little S/O down multiple bowls of 떡볶이 (tteokbokki/spicy rice cake) in one go yet. 
  • He’s also scarily impressed by your drinking habits in Korea. 
  • Gladio’s good at adapting to things, and this can be a double edged sword. On one hand, he can adapt to the Korean culture and mannerisms quite well while he’s there, but once he goes back to Insomnia, all of that stays like a bad habit. 
  • Nyx wonders why Gladio wouldn’t look at him when they drink anymore and Gladio will unconsciously bow to anything and anyone who makes eye contact with him. 
  • So my friend told me that 나가 (naga) means get out/get lost?? Oh my god, the confusion Gladio will get if his Korean S/O ever says this. 


Destination: China

  • A place that is rich in culture, tradition, and history? Say no more, Ignis will be booking your plane tickets and hotel room before you can even finish saying, “Do you want to go with me?” 
  • Ignis speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese, and if you’ve been away from your homeland for a long time, your family will tease you and say, “He speaks better than you do.” 
  • But don’t take it to heart, they’re mostly just impressed, and the women in your family won’t hesitate to gush about him or talk about how he’s the ideal husband. 
  • If you have strong family ties, they all appreciate how well Ignis cares for you, but even though Ignis can take care of himself, your family won’t hesitate to baby him as well. 
  • Ignis would also be very by the books when it comes to mannerisms, customs, or rules, so it would be up to you to make sure that he doesn’t stress so much about it. It isn’t as strict as he thinks. 
  • Even though it sounds tacky, Ignis would be looking forward to the stereotypical tourist attractions, such as the Great Wall or the Forbidden City, because he’s genuinely interested in the amazing history that those places have. 
  • Interesting to him and some others, but maybe not to you, so prepare for staying at those sites for hours on end as Ignis tries to know everything there is to know about those spots. 
  • Other than visiting the historical, touristy spots, Ignis mostly wants to have the ultimate culinary experience when he’s there. 
  • If the two of you aren’t sightseeing or visiting family, you’re most likely eating together. 
  • Ignis plans a full meal itinerary for almost every single day at some of the best restaurants. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean high-class, Ignis can appreciate food from everywhere. 
  • He’s cultured, not stuck up. 
  • With all of this amazing and authentic food, Ignis always has his little notebook out to jot down those New Recipehs™.
  • “ 就是这样! 我研制出新的配方了!” (”That’s it! I’ve come up with a new recipe!”)
    “Babe, please, you’re embarrassing me.” 
  • Forces you to wake up super early to go to the markets and get the best deals and freshest food, then strolls down the night markets with you. 
  • Ignis always looks like he stepped off the runway, so the two of you hear many whispers of, “He looks like a model!” or, “Is he a model?”
  • Don’t leave him alone on the streets for more than a minute, people will figure out that he speaks the languge and girls will try and flirt with your man. 
  • “Hey, Ignis?”
    “Yes, darling?”
    “When we go out, can you pretend that you don’t know any Chinese?”  
  • When the two of you return to Insomnia, Ignis naturally tries to emulate the dishes that he has tried. You have the same dish for five days straight in different variations before you finally snap and tell him no more. Ignis moves on to use Noctis and Gladio as his guinea pigs. 

My friends as I asked them for help and to look over my headcanons 

  • Me: [asks my friends to translate Iggy’s famous line for me]
    Chinese friends; one who was born, raised, and lived in China until recently:..Have you tried google? 
  • Me: [shows my friend a picture of Gladio]
    Korean friend who doesn’t know anything about FFXV: Oooh, he has a nice face; it’s very even. 
  • Filipino friend: You should make a headcanon about balut, Prompto would freak out. 
Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.9

Originally posted by ifyou-takemyhand

                                                 Part N I N E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: hi hi!!! gabs is back with another part. im so, so happy that everybody is enjoying this series. i made this part a bit more intimate, so i hope that makes everybody’s day (lol). tysm for all the support n love. 100 notes is the goal, but ik yall know this ! x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                      I M A G I N E 

Arrival to Ireland, 13:02 P.M.

“We’re actually going to a party today,” Calum told you as the two of you started unbuckling your belts. People were already rising from their seats to scoop up their carry-ons and exit the plane. “We’re to head out in a few hours, but we’re leaving from the hotel.”

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remember that moment u were watching the intro video smiling maybe crying and all of a sudden u heard “straight off the plane to a new hotel” ur heart stopped for a second


Requested by the wonderful @justanothersaltandburn​ : J2M sneaking a quickie backstage at a convention before someone has to do a panel.

Warning: Jensen x Jared x Misha, smut, blow job, anal sex

Word Count: 1300ish

A/N: I’ve never written this pairing before, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy, y’all! XOXO

“Guys,” Misha warns, “this is not the time for this.”

Jared only laughs. “I think this is the exact time for this. What do you think, Jen?”

Jensen isn’t laughing, and the set of his jaw makes Misha’s fingers and toes curl a little. “Couldn’t agree more,” he murmurs.

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Poolside- 1

Originally posted by wonhontology

Son Hyunwoo

word count: 2067

Your parents had always been the type to spend money. They would always rather pay someone to do their work instead of get their hands dirty. Yes, it resulted in beautiful landscaping, beautiful décor, and cleanliness but it always irked you in a way you couldn’t understand. Until Son Hyunwoo.

🎧 Young God- Halsey

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One day.

One day this won’t be a long distance relationship anymore.

One day I won’t have to wake up to a million texts because you woke up before me. I’m going to be waking up to your sleepy face and your whiney voice that pleads for “5 more minutes.” Your arms will try to pull me back to bed when I get up in the morning because what better way than to wake up to your soulmate and the sunshine flowing into our bedroom?

One day I won’t have to check my phone before I head out for the night or to work. You’ll be there next to me on your tippy toes kissing me. Telling me to be careful or to tell my best friend to drive safely. You need me home safe.

One day I won’t have to wonder anymore about what you would have said about a certain situation or what you would have done about something. You’ll be right next to me reacting exactly in the way you would. You’ll be in person telling me your opinions.

One day I won’t have to wonder what I’m going to make for you and whether you’ll like it. You’ll be right next to me preparing our meals for us and our kids. You’ll laugh when something is horrible and chow down on what tastes amazing.

One day we won’t have to be missing out on things we used to do on our own or with friends or family, because one day we will be doing everything, together. Our own family. Our own traditions.

One day there will be no more spending on plane tickets and hotels and fancy dates to see each other. We will be spending money on plane tickets to see the world together and with our kids. We will be spending money on our future home we have always dreamed of in your favorite location. It will be our own home.

One day I won’t have to deal with a bunch of yellow emojis trying very hard to tell me how you feel as you try so hard to explain your feelings and show me how badly you want me. You will instead be right next to me and the love you have for me will be exuding from your face. I will memorize the lines your face creates when you smile and when you’re upset. I will hear your laugh and it’ll make my heart beat and echo endlessly as we continue on.

One day there will be no more, “I miss you’s” and “I have these days off,” to plan flights. It’ll become bunch of I’m so thankful we survived the months and miles away from each other. I’m glad I never have to let go of you again.

One day there will be an end to having to “take care of ourselves.” It will be the two of us: inside a dark room, hearts beating loudly, breathing heavy, panting. The four walls that keep our darkest secrets waiting for the moans and screams of the ghosts of a long deprived hunger for love and making love with each other.

One day our private conversations about weddings, engagements, adventures, and kids will be nothing but a happy memory. You see, one day, and we will get to that day, when I would kiss you where I want to kiss you the most: in front of God and in front of our friends and family, the ones who doubted us and the ones supporting us from day one.. We will be giving them a captured real life moment that our love, one that we built on communication, determination, commitment, honesty, sass, openness and trust, is one that is true. A love that, after any amount of time always have, always will, be able to stand the tests of time. Distance. And anything else that tries to get in the way.

—  One day

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