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not so little anymore- rob holding

rob holding x reader ft. alex chamberlain and calum chambers 

summary: calum introduces rob to a friend, and his crush on her was not as small as he thought 

a/n: idk if it’s good, but i loved the plot in my head at least!! 

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rob, ox, and chambo has always been best friends. whether it was dancing to drake in their hotel room or plane banter, the three england internationals were always side by side.

chambo going on loan to middlesborough, leaving ox and rob at arsenal, didn’t break up the bromance. they always found a day or two during the week to hang out.

and today was one of those days. the three were hanging out at calum’s flat, holding their weekly fifa tournament.

“so today, y/n is supposed to stop by the flat to pick up her charger.” calum piped up, alarming the guys incase she stopped by.

“sounds good.” alex added, focused on the intense game in front of him. which he was currently trailing in.

rob pulled away from the tv after hearing y/n’s name. it was common of ox and calum to talk about her, but rob had personally never met her.

“oh, i get to meet her today?” rob questioned innocently, secretly bubbling inside.

he knew who she was. he found himself frequently scrolling through her instagram and peering over at calum’s phone when the two snapchatted. y/n was rob’s stupid, tiny (or so he said) crush.

he was nearly shaking, the idea of confronting the girl he found himself day dreaming about. the girl who was way out of his league.

“yea, she’s been asking about you lately.” calum teased, acting like he had no idea about rob’s crush. rob was ecstatic, y/n? was asking about him?

his cheeks were burning from the comment calum just made, leaving his stomach twisting and turning.

he turned his attention back to the game of fifa, which he was still leading in. he slid back into the couch, grinning uncontrollably. his hands were sweating, trying to grip the controller tightly. but he couldn’t focus on the game. alex had scored again and again, and by the time that rob was finished day dreaming, ox wasn’t trailing anymore.

“oh my god mate!” alex laughed, holding his chest from rob’s awful performance. “where was your head? oh my.” he heaved in between laughs.

“mate, i let you win. felt bad.” rob laughed along, but he knew exactly where his head was.

it was right there, trying to figure out what to do and say when he confronted y/n.

the three boys were still at calum’s flat, and had reached the final round of their fifa tournament. they were all sprawled out across the couch. boxes of pizza were laid out on the table and empty bottles of water flooded the floor.

but the boys had straightened up and picked up the mess all over the living room as the door bell ran.

“um we are coming.” calum yelled out, making sure y/n didn’t notice the state of the apartment.

chambo and ox sped around the apartment, but rob had just sat there with sweaty palms, pulling at his fingers. “what am i going to say? what if she doesn’t like me?” he questioned, the words repeating in his head like a broken cassette.

“rob? can you hear? go answer the door!” calum yelled, waving his hands in front of his face.

rob shook with anxiety as he slyly slid to the door, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. he took a deep breath, and grasped the door handle.

in the midst of rob’s walk of shame, ox and chambo were running around headless in the flat. thankfully not noticing rob’s near to death experience.

his hands gripped the door handle, knuckles white from anticipation. he opened the door, revealing y/n smiling.

rob was overwhelmed. she was even prettier in person than what he had seen over instagram. her deep dimples gorged her soft cheeks as she grinned at rob. her gentle eyes looking him up and down, making rob’s heart nearly pop out of his chest.

y/n, on the other hand, was stunned. rob was much more than she had imagined, from chambo’s constant rambling about him. his tall stature had overtaken y/n. his hands fiddled at his sides, y/n noticing he was ridden with nervousness. his silken eyes looked down at her, which made her blush. in front of a boy she had never met, she was worked up. he was so handsome, just standing there in the door way. her head filled with thoughts of him, something rob had also frequently done, until she was interrupted.

“hey, you must be y/n. i’m rob.” he introduced, drawing y/n in with his manchester accent.

she was lost for words. how could a boy she had never met make her react like this. make her go numb and lose the ability to form sentences.

“oh my god.” she chuckled embarrassingly, being caught day dreaming by the cute boy in front of her again. “sorry. hi rob.” she stuttered, pulling him into a hug.

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Behind The Scenes 3 (5/???)

Author’s note: A portion of this is going to be familiar because it was from the sneak peek I gave out a while back. Don’t get me wrong though, there are still other details to this scene that are important to the story. Also, in terms of my writing, I just finished my Malaysia scene! This means I’m a step closer to finishing BTS 3 and knowing how many parts its going to be! Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Idk to be honest (Ft. GOT7′s Jackson)

Word count: 2075

City: Hong Kong

Summary: Rap monster calls you and the rest of the boys into his hotel room for an announcement

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Unlike the other cities, to go from Shanghai to Hong Kong, you all flew on a plane. From the time wasted waiting in the airport, to the plane ride, to the drive to the hotel, it was as total of about six hours of being stuck with everyone. You spent the whole time avoiding the Rap monster’s overbearing glare and Hiro’s existence as much as possible.

Aside from your own problems, Jin had a trouble of his own Every second he could, Jin was on his phone, keeping in contact with his girl Chuntao. Since you all were going to be in Hong Kong a few days, Rap monster suggested that Jin meet up with her as soon as possible to “better seal the deal” and make sure she would still take the “stuff” to Taipei.


The Hong Kong hotel was much nicer than the one in Shanghai. Well, in general, the more cities you traveled to, the better the quality of the hotel had gotten. The grouping for the hotel rooms was the same, except this time Jin got his own room, a room he was to share with Chuntao.

In this new hotel, the room you all got was much bigger that the last. It was furnished in a beautiful modern, monochrome theme. Although it was one large room, there was enough space for one very large TV accompanied by a couch and loveseat. The furniture made it feel as though it was an actual room on its own. The two queen beds were separated by an aquarium giving the impression or spate bedrooms. The bathroom was much more extravagant than the last as well. It was huge, practically the size of the room you and Jimin shared back at the dorm. There was a beautiful glass shower, a large Jacuzzi bathtub and his & her sinks.

“Wow, the last deal must have gone well.” Jimin said, placing his bag on the first bed.

V threw himself on the black leather couch. “Yup! We should also expect bigger cuts too!”He smiled.

Jungkook flopped face first into your bed “Except me!” He grumbled into the pillow

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but after tonight’s concert I call dibs on the bath tub!” Jimin said.

Just past your bed was the balcony. You slid open the tinted doors and stepped out onto the dark tile. “Wow, I didn’t realize we were so high up!”

V came up next to you, leaning on the dark metal railing to take in the view. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could fly? We could be this high all the time.”

“And we could fly anywhere too.” You added.

V pulled out his phone and began taking pictures.

“Are you gonna send those to your parents?”

“Yup!… Oh! Namjoon texted me. He wants us all to go to his room.”

The four of you  poured out of you room just in time to see Jin walking out of the elevator.

“Why were you on the elevator?” Jimin asked.

“The single bedroom rooms are on the floor below.” Jin explained.


Jin nodded. “This place is nice though! My room had this beautiful beach theme. It feels so relaxing just being in there.”

“Ha, I’m sure “relaxed” is the last thing you’re goona be feeling when you’re taking Chuntao from behind!” Jungkook laughed with his pervy smile.

Jin rolled his eyes and ignored the maknae’s perverted comments. Being, the first one to reach the hyung room door, Jin quickly knocked in a way that expressed his growing agitation.

The door didn’t completely open. It just clicked open and you heard a voice fade away from the entrance. Jin held the door open and let the guys in, that was, up until it was your turn. As you straggled your way up to the door, he quickly ran inside and swung the heavy door in your face, trying to locking you out.

Lucky for you, you acted fast and used your foot to keep the door open and quietly let yourself in. “Fucking dick! Is he trying to get me in trouble?!?” you thought.

Upon first glance, the hyung room was very similar to yours. The only slight difference was that this room had a nature theme to it. It was decorated with lots of greens and light browns.  As you walked in, you spotted Rap monster and V on one side of the room as Rap monster spoke on the phone. You could feel his eyes on you as you came into the room. To avoid his gaze, you went over to the group of guys huddled at the corner of one of the beds and stuck yourself between Jimin and Jungkook.

“So why does he want us all here? We don’t have to leave for another two hours.” Jimin said.

“I don’t know why exactly… All I know is that Jackson is going to show up in a bit, but I don’t see why you guys have to be in here too.” Jhope said. He seemed just as confused as the rest of you.

“Just Jackson? What about the rest of the GOT7?” Jungkook asked.

“He is gonna be on a talk show here in Hong Kong, the rest of the guys are back in Seoul.” Suga mumbled.

Without you all realizing, there was a knock at the door. Rap monster was the one that opened it and let Jackson in. You guys only knew that he was there when you heard him shout, “Namjoon!” The second Jackson saw Rap monster, he dropped the bags he was holding and engulfed Rap monster into a bear hug. After a rather long embrace, he made his way over to the rest of you all. “Hey guys! Finally, I see you all again!” He smiled and proceeded to greet the rest of the guys in the same manner he did Rap monster. However, when he came up to you, his demeanor changed. His face wasn’t so cheerful as he glared at you. “You must be y/n.” he said ominously.

You were scared by his sudden change. The crazy look in his eye made him more threatening. It didn’t help that he seemed to hold himself the same way rap monster does. All you did was give a tiny nod.

“Hm, I thought you’d be prettier in person.” He scanned you from head to toe. “She’s in rather good condition.” His comment seemed to be directed to Rap monster who stood a few feet behind him. “Too good if you ask me…”

“Only for the sake of ARMY.” Rap monster said getting closer to the two of you.

Jackson’s eyes spotted the start of the scar on your collarbone. Without warning, he grabbed your shirt and pulled it off your shoulder to reveal the whole thing. “Was this you? Nice!” He said, once again referring to Rap monster. Finally, his eyes met yours. “Hm. You’re lucky you aren’t stuck with me. I would have done much worse.” He grinned

“What’s with the bags and boxes?” Suga asked, diverting Jackson’s attention.

Instantly, Jackson’s demeanor switched again. “Oh! I got you all some gifts!” He ran over and grabbed the stuff and then walked up to Suga first. “For you, a gold flask and new soundproof headphones. Hobi, for you, I got ahold of the newest shit on the market!” He pulled out a small bottle of pills. “The high is fucking amazing. It had me seeing fucking dragons and shit!” He took a step to Jimin. “Bambam suggested all this skin stuff for you! It’s all the top of the line stuff too… Jin! Here is a pokemon collectable thing for your kid. He likes that stuff right?”

“Mario actually.”

“Fuck! I was thinking about Taekwoon’s kid. Sorry about that!”

“No worries, he’ll still like this.” Jin smiled.

“Tae, for you I got you a leather jacket!” he grunted picking up the large box and unloading it into V’s arms. Then he moved over the Jungkook. “And for you, this new laptop! I got you one that wouldn’t get viruses and shit. Now you can watch all the porn you want! I figured that you wouldn’t be getting as much pussy anymore that you’re “dating”!” He laughed with his signature cackle. Now at the end of the line up, he looked down at you, once again his demeanor switching. He grabbed you and pulled you towards him. “… And why don’t I be your present?” He whispered.

Jimin let out a snort. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you~!” Jimin sang.

“Me either.” Jungkook added.

“Why not?” Jackson asked, still holding you.

“Take my word for it, she’s not that great.  You could definitely get way better from any random bitch.” Jungkook said in a nonchalant tone.

“She’s been passed around a lot. She’s probably got some shit going on down there.” Jimin said with a look of disgust.

“Ew!” Jackson said pushing you off him.

Rap monster came up a bit closer to Jackson. “And where’s my present?” He asked jokingly.

“The deal we have coming up is your present! You wouldn’t believe the strings I had to pull to get you in on it!”

“Ah, I see how it is.”

“If this deal goes well, we are set for life! I had to let you in on this to make it up to you. If it wasn’t for you, damn, I wouldn’t know where I’d be.”

“Dead… I’ve saved your ass at least 20 times.” Rap monster smiled. “… It amazes me that you’re deeper into to all this than I am.” You could hear a bit of bitterness in his voice.

“You can’t blame me for my connections. Athletes love their ‘roids!” He said matter-a-factly. “Ah, look at the time! I gotta head to the set. I’ll show up Sunday and we’ll head off to the deal! Bye guys!” he said as he left the room.

Rap monster’s eyes followed Jackson as he made his quick escape. “One of these days, I’m going to slaughter that precise mother of his right in front of him.” He growled.


Not long after Jackson left, you and the maknaes were dismissed. You four, followed by Suga and Jhope returned to your room. While everyone relished in their gifts, you thought about what Jackson being around could mean for you. In a slight daze, you sat next to Jungkook at the edge of the bed you both had to share.

Having noticed your mood, and in general not wanting you sitting next to Jungkook, Suga came and plopped himself in the small space between you and the youngest member. Jhope too had noticed your somber expression and placed himself at your other side.

“Sorry about what we said earlier y/n. We had to be that way…” Jimin said as he walked to your side of the room.

Jungkook leaned forward so that you were able to see him past Suga. “Yeah, we didn’t mean anything by it!” he added.

Suga raised an eyebrow at the both of them.

“Don’t give us that face!” Jimin said. “We didn’t want Jackson getting his hands on her!”

You rested your head on Jhope’s shoulder “It’s okay guys. I know what you were trying to do.” You mumbled. You felt a squeeze of your fingers and looked up to see Suga offering you a slightly reassuring smile.

“Don’t be so mopey guys!” V grinned. “The good news is, with Jackson here, that means Namjoon is going to be pretty~ busy! He probably won’t even sneak into the room tonight.”

“Sneak in? When did he sneak in?” you swung around to face him.

“Remember! I told you guys that he’s been taking our room key! He’s been coming into the room every night, sometimes even twice a night. Haven’t you guys heard him?!?”

“No!” you, Jimin, and Jungkook said.

You looked between Suga and Jhope. “Has he really been doing that?!?”

They both shrugged at you. “We are always knocked out at night.” Jhope peeped.

“What does he do when he’s in here?!?” Suga asked V.

V gave a small shrug. “Eh, he just walks in, stares at us all and then walks out.” He spoke as if it was completely normal.

You shivered at just the thought of that happening.

“But~ with Jackson here, they will be busy all night, so that shouldn’t happen!” V reminded.

Imagine Chris falling in-love with you at first sight.

A/N: First of all, pat yourself on the back for donating to Christopher’s Haven. You’re doing a good deed by donating and you’re a step closer to possibly meeting Chris. Secondly, I know we all want to win the draw so here’s something to soften the blow when we find out we’re not that lucky. Lastly- if you haven’t donated, go donate! It’s for a really good cause.

You still couldn’t believe that you’d won the draw, that out of hundreds and thousands of people that went into it- you were the one who won the chance to spend an entire day with Chris Evans. It felt like you were dreaming and you were about to wake at any moment only to find out that- it’d been an extremely vivid dream. From the moment you got the phone call, to the moment the plane ticket and hotel information arrived in your mailbox- you’d been living in a wonderful daze. Even now, as you and your best friend stood in the lobby of the hotel waiting for Chris’ publicist, you were still in that wonderful daze.

“I still can’t believe you chose me to take with you,” Hunter chuckled. “You know Lia is plotting your murder, right?” He quizzed and you nodded, laughing. “She thinks you brought me so you could have Captain America all to yourself.”

“Yes and no,” you responded vaguely.

You’d actually chose Hunter- a guy- because you wanted a buffer. You knew that if you brought Lia- a girl- she’d be freaking out as hard as you and make things even more awkward for Chris. Hunter was a fan but he was first and foremost a guy who was indifferent to celebrities, he saw them as normal human beings unlike yourself. You needed his indifferent attitude so that if you freaked out too hard, you could use him to calm yourself. That and- it would probably be easier for Chris to small talk with a guy who liked football than a girl who wrote fan fiction about him.

“I’m here already,” Chris told his publicist as he entered the hotel lobby. “I drove from my house?” He scanned the vicinity for the blue wristbands he was told about. “I have a car, I don’t need you to send one for me. Why didn’t I wait for you? Well, I didn’t want it to be overly formal. I’m thirty-five, I think I’m capable of looking after two people for a day.”

Chris caught sight of the blue wristbands as his publicist continued to go over the rules of the day; what he could and could not do, as well as what you and Hunter could and could not do. He hummed a few “mm hm” in response then fell silent and felt his lips part in awe when his eyes landed on you.

There was no explaining what he felt when he saw you, it was like- everything in the world suddenly made sense. His vision became clearer, his hearing more pristine, and his heart- pumped harder than it’d ever pumped before. You were beautiful- there was no argument there- but it wasn’t your ridiculously good looks that drew him in. There was something about you, something about your aura that enticed his entire being. He watched you intently from a distance as he tried to figure out what it was about you that made him feel both excited and calm; he couldn’t but he knew he didn’t want that feeling to ever go away.

“Holy shit.” You spotted Chris and quickly grabbed Hunter’s arm, squeezing it till he winced. “He’s coming over!” You hissed, beckoning your head in Chris’ direction. “He’s coming over, Hunter! Oh my God, Chris Evans is coming over! What do I do? How do I act? Is this dress okay?” You felt yourself start to panic. “Hunter!” You hissed, tightening your grip.

“Oh my God,” Hunter narrowed his eyes at you. “I know you love him but can you just-” He yanked his arm out of your vice-like grip. “Calm down? He’s just a human being, good looking but still human. You don’t need to be anything other than yourself, okay? He’s going to love you, Y/N.”

“What if he doesn’t?” You breathed, suddenly worried. “What if he doesn’t like me at all?”

“Then he’s a jerk and you can find yourself a new celebrity crush.” Hunter answered and slipped his hand into yours, giving it a light squeeze. “But I doubt that, who could hate someone as adorable as you?”

“Thanks,” you giggled softly.

Chris felt his heart sink a little when he saw Hunter take your hand. Of course someone like you had a boyfriend, it’d be a surprise if you didn’t. He let out a quick sigh then took a deep breath and forced a smile onto his face; it killed him knowing you weren’t available. But then again, it wasn’t like he had a chance with you anyway. You looked to be in your early twenties and what would a twenty-two year old want with a thirty-five year old?

“Hey guys,” Chris greeted the both of you and a nervous whimper escaped your throat. “It’s good to have you here with me today. I’m Chris,” he held out his hand for you to shake. You stared at it for a moment then shook it, wincing when you realized how sweaty your palm was. “And you are?”

“I’m um…” You trailed off, unable to find your name in your thoughts.

“I’m Hunter,” Hunter told Chris and shook his hand. “This is Y/N. Sorry about her,” Hunter chuckled softly. “She’s really nervous ‘cause she’s a really, really big fan. She’s usually very talkative and a lot more coherent, but I guess that’s when she’s not in the presence of the man she talks about all the time. She’ll be fine in a few minutes, she just needs time to process the situation.”

“That’s fine,” Chris smiled at you and you blushed deeply. “Should we get going? My car’s outside and the people at the escape room are waiting for us. We’ve got a whole day together but the escape room thing has a set time that we have to meet.”

“Sure,” Hunter nodded.

Chris led the way then glanced back at the two of you. Were the two of you together? He couldn’t tell, but the way Hunter introduced you and spoke to him- he didn’t sound like a boyfriend. A boyfriend would’ve been extremely jealous and hostile towards the guy his girl talked about all the time, even if it was a celebrity. Chris needed to know so he decided to test the water.

“It’s nice of you to accompany your girlfriend to spend the day with me.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” You finally summed up the courage to speak to Chris; you cringed knowing that the first thing you said to Captain America was that and not ‘hi, my name is Y/N.’ “Hunter and I are just friends,” you repeated when Chris glanced back at you.

“Dating her would be like dating my sister,” Hunter agreed. “She is very much single as her standards have been ruined by you and her own writing. She’s one those girls who likes old school love, all talk no sex.”

“Shut up,” you blushed deeply.

“That’s not a bad thing to like,” Chris slowed his walk so he could walk alongside you instead of in front of you. “The world could use a few more girls like you, it’ll definitely make dating and being in-love more worthwhile if I had someone who appreciated old school love.”

You smiled and Chris smiled back.

“You know what,” Hunter pulled his hand out of yours and stopped, causing you and Chris to stop with him. “I’m feeling kinda off.” He patted his stomach. “I think I ate something bad at breakfast. Why don’t you two go ahead and enjoy the day, I’ll just hang here.”

“No,” you narrowed your eyes at Hunter, “you’re coming.”

“No, I’m not,” Hunter said then smiled knowingly when he saw a slight excitement flicker in Chris’ blue eyes. “You two have fun, I’ll see you later.” He looked over your shoulder at Chris and smiled, nodding tersely and getting one in return. “Just so you know, her mother will kill us both if anything happens to her.”

“Duly noted,” Chris nodded.

“Hunter!” You hissed when he started to walk away. “Don’t leave me alone!”

“Surely spending the day with me alone won’t be that bad,” Chris joked and you winced, turning to face him with a nervous smile. “I know you’re nervous but- you don’t have a reason to be. I’m just like any other guy,” he assured you.

“I don’t know if I’m going to survive being trapped with you in an escape room,” you admitted and he chuckled softly. “Don’t take this the wrong way though, it’s because I really like you and I feel like I’m going to freak out pretty freaking hard if we’re trapped together.”

“How about we ditch the escape room?” He suggested and you raised an eyebrow. “We can always just hang out. I think that was the whole point of winning this draw, you get to spend the day with me. The escape room was just something the reps came up with, we don’t have to do it.”

“What would we do?”

“Well- you’re a huge fan and you’re in my hometown, I figured I could give you a guided tour. I could take you to all the spots I went to growing up, take you to my favorite coffee house, my favorite restaurant, my favorite bar? I think you might enjoy that more than being trapped in a room with me.”

“Oh, I’d enjoy being trapped in a room with you,” you told him and he chuckled softly. “But um-” you bit back your smile. “I think I’d like the guided tour more. But that’s only if you want to,” you quickly added, “I don’t want to impose on your privacy.”

“I would love for you to do that.” He smiled and you smiled but felt your eyes narrow in confusion. “But in exchange, I’d like to get to know you a little better too. Who is Y/N other than a Chris Evans fan who loves old school love?” He asked rhetorically and you chuckled softly. “Do we have a deal?” He held out his hand for you to take, not shake.

“Deal,” you nodded and placed your hand in his.

Part 2, maybe? I can see it happening, definitely.

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So, crap timing as you've just left, but could I get a couple While In London recs? Will be there for five days with (after plane tickets and hotel) not much fun-money. Staying right by the Victoria & Albert, and mostly planning to wander the city alternately drinking tea and beer. Any Must Drink/Eat/Sees? (Also, do you think there will be such a thing as a mellow pub on New Years?)

Hello friend. So, there is a load of fun stuff to do in London that’s free or cheap. If you’re staying right by the V&A, I would highly recommend hitting the Records & Rebels exhibit (which is only fifteen quid and very cool). The rest of the museum is free! Obviously seeing the Globe is kind of a must. There’s nothing on outside right now because it’s too damn cold, but you can still go on the tour (again, for about fifteen quid) and it really is worth it. Most of the guides really know their stuff. Entrance to the British Library is free and there are some pretty stellar things to see in there for a book nerd. As for must drink, if you’re a wine person, hit up Gordon’s and the Cork & Bottle (hard to find but totally worth it). If you’re a whiskey drinker, Millroy’s. If you’re a beer-swiller, well, you can get beer pretty much anywhere. If you want some truly fabulous and not too pricey English pub food, go to Covent Garden and hit up Battersea Pie Station, and while you’re in the area take a wander down Charing Cross Road, because that’s where all the used bookshops are. If you feel like going on another little adventure, Persephone Books is also a great place to stop. If you are a music junkie like me, definitely stop at Reckless Records and Sister Ray, which are, conveniently, right across the street from each other. If you’re more of a vintage/thrift shop/flea market person, take a stroll down Brick Lane on a Sunday. Bonus: Brewdog is right around the corner. 

Hope this helps! Other London suggestions are here and here

my biggest fear in life is that by the time I finally get the money to go to playlist live or vidcon, dan and phil will have stopped doing youtube

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85 with Lehkonen if you are still doing drabble please!

i think of my good mom @artturi-lehky whilst writing this. enjoy

also i couldn’t resist this gif, it has the loml in it okay sorry

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“These sheets are stained.”

“That’s disgusting.”

You groaned, dropping your bags and sitting down on the chair nearby. Your hands immediately went up to your face and you felt like ripping your hair out. 

“I just wanted a simple anniversary date,” You mumbled. 

“Hey,” Artturi said, putting a hand on your back. “It’s not that bad.”

“This hotel is a shit show and the plane ride already took seven years,”

He chuckled, “It wasn’t that much of a delay.”

“I lost my shoe, Arty,” You sighed. “My good shoe.”

“I know,” He said. “We can get you a new one though. And we could stay an extra day,” He walked around the hotel room, inspecting everything. “We could order extra blankets and pillows; build a fort. There’s a tub, we can have a bubble bath, we can ask for new sheets and make our own stains.”

Your face shot up and you looked at your boyfriend, horrified. 

“That…” He closed his eyes. “That came out wrong, so wrong.”

You laughed as you watched him run a hand through his hair and as his cheeks turned pink. 

“That’s not what I meant,” He explained. “I just meant we could, you know, do something– you know what, never mind, no use in trying to dig myself out of that.” He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “What I’m saying, (Y/n), is that this is going to be a great anniversary, okay? Just because a few obstacles are in our path, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, yeah?”

“Yeah,” You smiled. “Okay,”

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Hi! So I have oily/combo acne prone skin, and next week I'll be on a 24hr flight to Australia. I always breakout after long flights because my skin dries out and I produce more oil in my t-zone. I want to get a hydrating face mask that won't be too heavy/clog my pores to either put on on the plane or when I arrive to my hotel to avoid this. Do you have any recommendations?

I did hydrating ones that don’t have anything too heavy or acne-prone in them! All from Sephora so they’ll be easy to get. :)
  • Karuna Clarifying Treatment Mask
  • Skin Laundry Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask
  • Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask
  • Sephora Green Tea Sheet Mask
  • Dr. Jart+ Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution
  • Karuna Brightening+ Face Mask
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so, earlier this week, a coworker told me a story, and considering I haven’t stopped laughing since, I should probably share.

It all started when he learned that his gf had never been to [typical beach holiday destination], so he decided he’d give her a trip for Christmas. Nothing more adorable and romantic than going on vacation together, right?


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#114 Shawn Mendes – Missing you like crazy

You are talking to Shawn on the phone, when he lets out a groan. “What’s wrong?” You ask your boyfriend.

“I miss you so much, (Y/N).” He says and you hear him fall into his bed.

“Aww, I miss you too.” You smile and continue to walk.

“I wish you could be here.” Shawn says and you bite your lip to not laugh. What Shawn doesn’t know is that you’re currently on your way to his hotel. This morning, you got into a plane and flew over to him. Now you’re pulling your mini suitcase behind you as you approach his hotel. “I want to cuddle you, hold you in my arms, kiss you and just see your beautiful face again, princess.” He says and your heart warms up. You get into the hotel and walk over to the elevator. His tour manager told you yesterday in which room he is, so that you wouldn’t have to ask him

“Soon.” You say as you get into the elevator

“Not soon enough.” Shawn mumbles and you laugh quietly. “That’s not funny.” He says and you can’t help it but laugh louder as you get out of the elevator again.

“Soon.” You say again and walk over to his door. “Sooner than you think.” You knock on his door and Shawn lets a groan out.

“I’ll be right back.” He says and leaves the phone on his bed. It takes a few seconds until Shawn opens the door. His eyes widen instantly and his jaw drops to the floor. “(Y/N)!” He shouts and pulls your into a hug.

“Hi.” You say and start to giggle as he hugs you tightly.

“I was missing you like crazy.” Shawn says and leads you into his room.

“I know.” You smile at him.

“I love you so much.” Shawn smirks and suddenly picks you up. He carries you over to the bed and places you down before he climbs over you and lays down beside you. You still wear your jacket, but Shawn doesn’t care and wraps his arms around you. “I love you so much.” He repeats and holds you tighter in his arms. You laugh and roll onto your back.

“I love you too.” You smile and he leans back to kiss you passionately.

“So much.” Shawn says and takes your hands. He kisses both your hands and then your temple before he wrapping his arms back around you and kissing your head.

“Can I take off my jacket?” You ask after few minutes of cuddling. “It’s really hot.”

“Sorry.” Shawn says and lets you sit up. As soon as your jacket is off and your shoes are on the floor, Shawn puts his arms back around you again and pulls you down. You lay on your side, facing him and kiss his chin.

“I could hold you forever.” Shawn says and kisses your forehead.

“Please do.” You smile and put your arm around him. You and Shawn cuddle and he gives you a kiss on your forehead from time to time as you tell him about your journey to him.

“You should surprise me more often.” Shawn says at the end and kisses you nose.

“You should cuddle me more often.” You say and attach your lips to his.

“Trust me, I’m trying.” He says before your lips touch his and you kiss.