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“Dear Theodosia” live jazz version by Leslie Odom Jr at the McKittrick Hotel


Luis Miranda, Jr., father of “Hamilton” creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, on immigration in PBS’ “Hamilton’s America”

Update 5/10

Lafayette: *asleep*

Mulligan: *whispers across the aisle to Laurens and Hamilton* Guyyyssss!

Hamilton: *whispers back* What do you need, Herc?

Laurens: *also whispers* Why are we whispering?

Mulligan: *whispers* Can I ask you guys a favor?

Hamilton: *whispers still* It better be important.

Laurens: *punches Hamilton’s arm lightly and whispers* Shut up Alex. We can help with anything, Herc.

Mulligan: *whispers extra quiet* I need you guys to help set up the place where I’m gonna propose.

Laurens: *practically screams* REALLY?!?!

Lafayette: *wakes up* What’s going on? Why is John squealing?

Hamilton: Oh, my dear Laurens… you gotta be more careful.

Mulligan: Um… I said that when we get to France, we are staying in a really fancy hotel.

Hamilton: *already knew which hotel* Yup! We are staying at the Four Seasons Hotel!!!

Lafayette: *G A S P* That’s the highest rated hotel in Paris! Mon amour, how did you afford that?!

Mulligan: An anon gave me some money… *chuckles nervously*

Lafayette: Do you know what room we are staying in?

Mulligan: Hell yeah, we do!

Lafayette: Well, I’m going back to sleep.

Mulligan: Sweet dreams, Laf.

-_-_-_-After Lafayette Falls Back Asleep-_-_-_-

Laurens: *whispering again* So… what’s the plan?

Hamilton: *whispering* Yeah, where are we doing this? And when?

Mulligan: Well, I had a couple ideas…

Is Hamilton about Cats? I don’t know because I can’t afford a ticket.

GUEST: We want two tickets to a show.
CONCIERGE: Absolutely! Did you have one in mind, or would you like me to recommend one?
GUEST: What’s the one about the cats that sing and dance?
GUEST: No. That’s not it…

[…] Richard Lupinacci, owner of the Hermitage hotel – one of the oldest buildings on the island, which Hamilton would certainly have known – said the Hamilton connection is helping Nevis, a former UK territory dominated by a single volcano and known for its rich soil and population of feral donkeys.

“People are coming to the island because they want to see the places that he knew and because they want to know more about such an extraordinary individual,” Lupinacci said.

Several hotels are now offering Hamilton-themed packages. Lupinacci’s offer includes a specially curated island history tour; a copy of Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow’s book that inspired the play; an afternoon at sea to view Nevis by boat; and a donation to the Graham Wyndham Foundation, the orphanage founded by Hamilton’s widow, Eliza.


According to Lupinacci, Nevis was not in fact a happy place for Hamilton. His mother, Rachel Faucette, had married a much older man, who imprisoned her on nearby St Croix when she attempted to leave him.

After her release, Faucette fled back to Nevis, where, in time, she met an itinerant Scotsman, James A Hamilton, the fourth son of a Scottish laird, who came with “no money and no luck”.

She had several children with him, including Alexander. Though divorced, she was not permitted to remarry and therefore neither she, nor her new family, were accepted in high social circles.

“That’s what Hamilton remembers,” said Lupinacci. “I’d say he was embarrassed by his time in Nevis.”

When Faucette died, her former husband claimed her property on Nevis on behalf of her legitimate son. Hamilton received nothing, and was bound to serve as an apprentice. His intelligence and abilities were soon recognized, however, and with the help of wealthy benefactors, was sent to King’s College (now Columbia University) in New York City.

But did you like it?

GUEST: I didn’t like Hamilton.
CONCIERGE: I’m sorry to hear that. Did someone on our team sell you a ticket?
GUEST: No. I’m just telling you I didn’t like Hamilton.
CONCIERGE: That’s too bad. I think most people like it.
GUEST: Not me! I didn’t like it.
CONCIERGE: Yes. You told me.
GUEST: Have you seen it?
CONCIERGE: I’m afraid not. I haven’t been able to afford tickets yet.
GUEST: Oh, I bought like 5. I paid $600 for each of them. I didn’t like it though.

(Another guest steps in line behind him.)

GUEST: Go ahead. I’m just having fun.
GUEST 2: Thank you! (To Concierge:) Do you have any lists of Broadway shows?
GUEST: Do NOT see Hamilton. I can afford it and I hated it. I don’t know why people like it.
GUEST 2: Oh, I was thinking of Lion King? I have kids with me.
GUEST: Lion King’s great. It has puppets and animals. I hated Hamilton.
GUEST 2: Well, it seems very expensive.
GUEST: No. That’s not why I hated it. Everyone loves it, but not me.

(My colleague next to me stops assisting his guest and is now free. This monster guest approaches my colleague.)

GUEST: Did you hate Hamilton too?  Hi. My name is Tim. I hated Hamilton.
COLLEAGUE: I’m sorry to hear that.
GUEST: You guys should see it. I hated it.

Pretty.Odd Books

I’ve made a compilation list of books I’ve read that remind me of P!ATD’s album Pretty.Odd. One of my favourite records of all time!

For one reason or another I think these stories, poems or essays encapsulate a little bit of the essence of those songs. There are no fanfics in here but I might make a future list with fic suggestions if that’s something you guys would enjoy!

I hope you like it! I’ve previously made a short list of books that remind me of Ryan Ross. I’m considering making a AFYCSO book list and PO, AFYCSO films + TV shows compilation too.


* I came up with these titles in one go so I’m almost 100% sure I’ve forgotten many others that remind me of Pretty.Odd. I’ll try to add them in the future. Feel free to add yours too! Also in many cases I would have to write almost every author’s work because they all have a similar vibe, but I limited myself to writing one or two.

* I’ve written this super quick so sorry if there are any spelling mistakes in the titles/authors names.

* If you have any questions/suggestions my ask box is always open. x

Now the list:

I’d like to dedicate it to @gwenie for being amazing although I basically disappeared for almost a month!



- Sun, moon and Talia. Basile.
- The buried moon. Joseph Jacobs.
- Magic America. C.E. Medford.
- Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll.
- Through the looking glass. Lewis Carroll.
- Peter Pan. James Barry.
- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Frank Baum.
- Hans Christian Andersen Fairytales.
- Grimm Brother’s Fairytales.
- The girl with glass feet. Ali Shaw.
- The little prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
- The ocean at the end of the lane. Neil Gaiman.
- The book of lost things. John Connolly.
- The girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making. Catheryne M. Valente.


- Tao Te Ching. Lao Tzu.
- Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Douglas Adams.
- The razor’s edge. William Somerset Maugham.
- A season in hell. Arthur Rimbaud.
- Illuminations. Arthur Rimbaud.
- Poems by Walt Whitman.
- Les fleurs du mal. Charles Baudelaire.
- The picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde.
- Lolita. Vladimir Nabokov.
- Enid Blyton books.
- A midsummer’s night’s dream. William Shakespeare.
- Steppenwolf. Hermann Hesse.
- Siddharta. Hermann Hesse.
- Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Richard Bach.
- Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. Robert Pirsig.
- The secret garden. Frances Hodgson.

60s related:

- Prodigal summer. Barbary Kingsolver.
- Bohemian manifesto. Laren Stover.
- Hippie. Barry Miles.
- The hippie handbook. Chelsea Cain.
- Bob Dylan: Chronicles. Bob Dylan.
- Shout! A Beatles biography. Philip Norman.
- The Kinks. Jon Savage.
- Summer of love. Lisa Mason.
- In his own write. John Lennon.
- A Spaniard in the works. John Lennon.
- Me, I, myself. George Harrison.
- The electric kool aid acid test. Tom Wolfe.
- The doors of perception. Aldous Huxley.
- On the road. Jack Kerouac.
- Howl. Allen Ginsberg.

Modern (ish):

- Dash and Lily’s book of dares. David Levithan.
- The Prophet. Kahlil Gibran.
- Looking for Jack Kerouac. Barbara
- Reunited. Hilary Weisman.
- Station Eleven. Emily St. John.
- The perks of being a wallflower. Stephen Chbosky.


- Emerald City. Mathew W. Klingle.
- Legends of the Chelsea Hotel. Ed Hamilton.
- The rainbow goblins. Ul de Rico.
- The rainbow book. Kate Ohrt.
- Flower crowns: 30 enchanting DIY floral creations. Christy Meisner.
- Grow your own vegetables. Joy Larkom.
- Tree houses you can actually build. David Stiles.
- Bohemian style. Elizabeth Wilhide.
- The edible flower garden. Rosalind Creasy.

anonymous asked:

what hyperfixations have you had, also for how long do they tend to last for you? 🌻🌱☀️

harry potter, the lord of the rings, tokio hotel, jpop, sherlock, hamilton and dan&phil are the ones i can remember right now?? and they usually tend to last for a few months but harry potter, tokio hotel and sherlock lasted for one to two years agdhd

Denise’s August Bookhaul

This is my August bookhaul! Why are there so many books compared to other months? Well, we went to Berlin and there was an amazing bookstore… So of course I had to go back with at least half a suitcase full of books.

Here they are from top to bottom:

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien
Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton
Hotel Valhalla by Rick Riordan
Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo
Beauty and the Beast by Elizabeth Rudnick
Broederband: De Outsiders (Brotherband: the Outsiders) by John Flanagan
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
De Grijze Jager: De Ruïnes van Gorlan (Ranger’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan) by John Flanagan
Persuasion by Jane Austen
The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan
Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell
Love Her Wild by Atticus
Beyond the Wall by Tanya Landman
The Demigod Files by Rick Riordan
The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare
Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare
Caraval by Stephanie Garber
Oh My Gods by Philip Freeman

That’s a total of 22 books bought in August. At least now I know why my wallet is never happy with me. But I’m happy with my books and that’s all that really matters… right?

Anyway, I’m off to try and fit them all in my bookcase!

Love, Denise

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