hotel four seasons


You noticed the boy with chocolate brown eyes and blonde hair. You didn’t fail to notice how he sat in the same place, every day, reading a different book each time.

 You were intrigued by him. You had seen him wandering the halls of the school, emotionless and looking like he wanted to be anywhere else but here. However, he was like a different person in the library. A serene, yet faint, smile played on his lips as his chocolate brown eyes scanned across his latest book. You could tell that reading was his getaway from the horrible world you lived in.

 Plucking up all the courage you had, you decided you had to talk to him, “What are you reading? Looks awfully interesting.” You smiled, taking a seat opposite him.

 His brown eyes flicked up from the page, eyebrows scrunching together in what seemed to be confusion. 

 "Why are you talking to me?“ He rasped, sticking a pastel yellow sticky note onto the page he was on and shutting the book. He stared blankly at you. 

 "I just wanted to know what book you were reading…” You murmured, getting up from your chair, all courage you had draining from you.

 "No, wait! I’m sorry, please sit back down.“ Tate pleaded, mustering puppy dog eyes that you couldn’t resist. 

 Hesitantly you sat back down, placing your own book on the table. Tate smiled before opening his own book and continuing reading. This was the start of something, you were certain.