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DAY 3260(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                      Mar 2/3,  2017                 Thu/Fri 1:07 am

Birthday - EF - Navneet Anand , Yash Sachdev ….  Fri, March 3 … and our wishes for the two EF .. my love along with all the others too .. have a happy one .. 

45 years is a long time in any life .. to have to be reminded of a film done then is quite remarkable .. but this film had true value in those times and in its making as well .. 

Mehmood Bhai, who also Produced the film, actually wanted all of us to travel in the bus under the script .. we know that it is a story of a bus travelling from Bombay to Goa and the story of its inmates, as it trundles along ..

It was the remake of a Tamil Film called ‘Madras to Pondicherry’ and starred the superstar comedian Nagesh .. Nagesh was a rage .. a most gifted artist and incredibly popular .. he despite being a comedian was the main star in all films, the hero .. a position that Mehmood began to enjoy soon ..

So .. the idea of shooting and travelling along in the bus was initiated .. but abandoned within 100 meters of its travel !! .. the studio lighting inside the bus was so strong the interiors caught fire, and the idea was scrapped .. but we did travel along by road and stopping to shoot .. we made base in Belgaum, Goa, Madras studio shoot and Bombay hotels and exterior locations .. that was it .. S Ramanathan was the director of the film and from then on started a very close relationship with him, in not just working in several films but in general became a family friend .. we lost him a few years back .. a humble, God fearing human, and looked after me like family when ever I visited the South ..

In Goa there was just one Hotel the Mandovi in the main city center at Panjim .. but look at Goa now .. simply incredible progress .. we stayed there for the climax sequences, and all the action work .. on familiar ground .. having already been there for my first film Saat Hindustani …

PL Raj master ji the choreographer of the film did workshops and dance trainings in the evenings after the shoot .. a stick in hand, and whacking us when we went wrong  .. we did so many films together .. a great master ..

Most of the songs were done outdoors .. the most popular one even now ..”dekha na hai re soocha na hai re ..” inside the bus was done on back projection inside a studio, the Nagi Reddy Studio in Madras .. with Mehmood bhai and the entire cast standing by each shot and screaming and encouraging me to do my best, motivating me .. such great fun and emotive moments ..

RD Burman’s music and his association with Mehmood bhai was magical .. if i am not wrong, Mehmood bhai  gave RD Burman his first music director break .. they were close friends too and spent a lot of time together creating music ..  Mehmood bhai other than being one of the greatest comedian’s of the Industry, had a most credible ear for music .. sang himself and just picked and created the tunes of many films himself ..

NOW .. just memories of those times, with many of them that were with us then lost to the heavens ..

Amitabh Bachchan


The Adventure of the Second Stain - Locations

Top - Westminster Abbey, viewed from the House of Parliament 1895

  • “A crime of mysterious character was committed last night at 16 Godolphin Street, one of the old-fashioned and secluded rows of eighteenth century houses which lie between the river and the Abbey, almost in the shadow of the great Tower of the Houses of Parliament.”
    • Note in Book: Godolphin Street is a fictitious address, but there are streets around the Abbey that fit this description well.

Middle Left - Charing Cross Station and Hotel Exterior 1864

Middle Right - Charing Cross Station Interior 1900

  • Mme Fournaye, wife of murdered spy Eduardo Lucas, was spotted causing a scene at Charing Cross the morning after his murder and was arrested four days later in Paris.

Bottom Left - Suspension Bridge, Hammersmith 1887

Bottom Right - King Street, Hammersmith 1903

  • John Mitton, valet to Eduardo Lucas, was cleared of the charge of murder because he was visiting friends in Hammersmith the night of the murder.
    • Note from Book: The original stone pillars of the bridge still stand, but the main support and bridge deck have been replaced to accommodate the increase in traffic and vehicle size.

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This house totally reminds me of a house a friend recently purchased. An older woman was selling it and it had been on and off the market for two years. The old woman told my friend that the ‘spirits’ in the home were telling her whom to sell the house to and she was the first person they agreed with. I can’t say if I would have purchased it. Would you have?