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What were the posts during E8 at the hotel that people are comparing to now? Sorry I didn't watch S3 until after i aired.

Don’t be sorry my love!

Isak posted insta stories right before the hotel scene dropped, 

I think people are comparing it to this one because they are both so happy so everyone is worried it is a sign of Even’s mania but I personally think it’s….not? I mean sure it could be, but that insta post totally seems like something Even would post because he wants to show off his relationship with Isak….also

My headcanon is that Isak got another message from Magnus about Vilde and he was just like ahhh jesus christ they are so annoying and coupley. And Even is all “oh it is sweet!” 

and Isak declares “no it’s not! I can’t even go on insta without being hit in the face with a gooey coupley post” 

so then Even raises his eyebrows and is like “what so you don’t make any gooey coupley posts” 

Isak realises he’s in shit so backpedals and is all “nei of course. Lots of pics of you” 

“hmmm lots of posts about your sexy smart boyfriend?” 

“well I wouldn’t say….”

Even glares. 

“yes totally” 

so then Even makes Isak give him his phone and after scrolling through Isak’s insta Even gasps hurt “really Isak?” 


“you have a photo of our freezer and a photo of me standing in the background.” 

“hey what about that one.” 

“that was 6 months ago” 

Isak shrugs awkwardly. 

Even isn’t having it, so this is why when Isak gets up to go to the bathroom, Even posts that picture of them. 

Because after all, he must keep their title as cutest couple. 

(Hello! NickHopps_JudyWilde here! Here is the next installment of Honeymoon Vacation. The photo above is again drawn and colored by the amazing @ziegelzeig. And I have to say this to everyone who liked and repubbed this photo. Thank you all so much! And thank you to all who have read the story after being introduced. It means so much to me to how popular my fan fic has gotten in just two days. You are all the best!

So without further or due, here is the next chapter.)


Stu kissed his daughter on her cheeks before taking his seat next to Bonnie and Nicks mother, watching her walk up to the alter next to her fiancé.

Judy saw Nick standing by Finnick and Clawhauser, and just how handsome he looked. Like the day he joined the ZPD, dressed in his blues with an over zealous smile.

Nick could feel his throat starting to tighten, not from anguish, but to how beautiful she was. It was an overwhelming feeling, he thought he was about to cry.

The flowers that she was carrying, in which she handed to Francine who was the made of honor, symbolized Nick and Judy. Just like the rose he brought her all those months ago and the engagement ring, half amethyst and half emerald, just like their eyes.

Nick and Judy faced each other at the alter, looking at one another in their wedding attire. Up close, Nick saw how truly beautiful Judy was, something that he could never get tired of seeing. And for Judy, she had forgotten how handsome he looked; his soft white fur glistening from the painted windows and his badges reflecting the rays of the sun, more reasons that she was proud to become his soon to be wide.

After their blissful moment of devotion they turned to the snow leopard priest, smiling. The priest was from the ZPD, dedicating his life to joining officers in marriage. He was a Major in the Precinct 1 department, and also highly decorated and very well respected among the other officers of Precinct 1.

The priest cleared his throat loudly in the microphone around his ear. “Please take your seats,” the priest asked in a polite tone. Once the many rabbits and friends of both the bride and groom sat down, the leopard continued. “Thank you all for coming to watch as these two mammals come together in holy matrimony.”

The room erupted in applause and whistles, mostly from Judy’s side of the family. The groomsmen and bridesmaids clapped and smiled, other than Finnick who never smiled but still clapped along.

The priest made a motion with his hands so the crowd would calm down.

“Now before we begin this ceremony, does anyone here have any objections?”

The crowd either stayed silent or shook their heads in answer.

“Very well,” the leopard nodded as he opened The Bible he held in his paws. “Today…”


Nick awoke to the sound of the most annoying sound in the world, the steady loud beeping of an alarm clock. He peeked open an eye and saw that the sun had just began to rise. The slumberous fox reached out across the bed for Judy, but felt nothing but blanket.

“Hmm?” He grumbled tiredly, glancing around the room with his free eye as half of his head was buried in his pillow.

With slight agitation, he slapped the clock with such force he heard a crack, not that he cared in that second.

He sat up, the thick warm blanket covering his torso. He extended his long arms and felt the tendons and muscles pop from soreness. A strong yawn rushed out, exposing his sharp canines and his other sharp dagger like teeth.

“Wooooo,” Judy softly cooed next to Nick, her elbows on the night stand with her paws under her chin. “The beast wakes up, the knives come out.” A warm pleased smile shined his way.

He twisted his neck and popped it a couple times. He did the same with his back, releasing all the pressure held in his neck and back. “Oooohhhhh” he emphasized with an orgasmic tone.

He opened his tired eye to see Judy. She was already dressed in a elegant black pullover sweat shirt with black rippled jeans. “Mornin’ fluff. You’re up early,” He said as he rubbed the fog out of his eyes

Judy sat down on the edge of the bed next to Nick, grabbing the tired foxes paw. “Just wanted to get ready for today.” She leaned in and kissed him while his eyes were closed.

Today was the day. The day she would surprise Nick with the news of their baby. And she could hardly contain her happiness. Her smile was brighter, and she was practically jumping with each step.

But, she was also nervous beyond anything she’s ever felt. Butterflies filled her stomach as each day grew closer.

The second day Nick and Judy explored more areas of the city. The next area they picked out was the Tundra Town version of Metropolis, Avalanche Bay. It was a trade route that was connected between two large river junctions that went to and from Zootopia. The other end of the river flowed a couple hundred miles out to the open sea.

They attended a new restaurant that served Tuna, Salmon, Cod for carnivorous mammals and fruits frozen in a layer of chocolate, and some warm soups for non-predatory animals.

They spent some time shopping as well. Judy bought a warmer coat that had fake fur around the collar, red with black splotches. Nick protested against it, saying it looked like she was wearing the fur of a fox she just killed. She told Nick it matched his fur and that’s why she bought it, sixty five dollars later.

Something that Avalanche Bay was famous for was the many upon many areas of ice skating rinks. Judy hadn’t skated in years. The last time she did was when she was a teenager. Nick had never been, hence him falling multiple times. She had fallen too, but tried her very best to not fall forward onto her stomach.

The third day, being sore with aches in their bodies, they went down to the hotels hot tub. Judy’s stomach had grown a little more, so she dressed into her swim suit underneath her normal clothes before they left the hotel room.

“So what do we have going on today my love?” Nick slurred, yawning once more. He kissed her on the cheek, then rubbing her with his cheeks.

“Well I was thinking we could get our fur groomed and then I could get a pawdicure while you get your fur styled.” Her voice was mumbled as Nick pressed his face against hers, scrunching it slightly.

He wrapped his arms around her, laying his entire body weight on her. “What’s the occasion?” He wondered.

“Just wanted to go somewhere fancy. Give ourselves somewhere to go celebrate our marriage with just us. And surprise you with our baby.” She took his head and placed it in the gap between her legs. “How does that sound, my sly fox?” She smiled empathetically.

“Sounds like the most magnificent idea you’ve had all day, my lovely bunny,” he smiled back, asserting his happiness. His tail brushed back and forth on the bed shirts.

After a few more minutes of being glued to each other, Nick got himself half dressed. “I’m gonna get some breakfast. What are you in the mood for?”

“Surprise me!” She answered excitedly. The hotel food was exquisite compared to what she previously thought.

“Alright, I’ll be back in a jiffy” he confirmed, his voice echoing out of the room.

When she heard the door shut, she jumped out of bed and hustled to the bathroom. She took her sweater off and posed in front of the mirror, holding the bigger but still small, little baby bump in a paw. She smiled as the flash reflected off the mirror, capturing another fantastic picture. She had not one picture for each day, but several. And for good reason.

Within ten minutes, Nick came back with a giant platter of bagels, donuts, cereal, a bowl of blueberries, raspberries and banana slices, and a stack of whole wheat toast.

“Mmmm” she hummed while she licked her lips. “Looks tasty.” She grabbed a seat at the dining table.

“Smells good too” Nick sniffed the food, it’s delicacy of different flavors filling his nostrils.

He grabbed some plates the hotel offered from the cabinets, giving one to the awaiting Judy.

She grabbed a cinnamon roll donut, a mix of the fruit, two pieces of toast with country made strawberry jam, and a bowl of Wheaties.

“Thank you Nick,” Judy said.

“No problem fluff. So when’s the fancy dinner?” Nick sat back in his chair, munching on a blueberry he popped in his mouth.

“It’ll be later tonight. I still want to go check out The Amazon Stretch before we get our coats groomed.”

Nick let out a short groan of despondent. “My fur’s gonna get all wet! Then I’ll fluff once it dries out.” He scrunched his face, not liking the idea.“I’d rather run ten miles in the desert of Sahara Square with all my gear on than get drenched in the musty forest.”

“You big baby. I’m gonna be right there with you slick,” she laughed. “Except I’m gonna be the smart one out of us and wear a rain coat so I don’t get wet.” She smiled smugly at the annoyed fox.

Nick peered from the corner of his eye at her. “Pretty sure foxes are smarter than bunnies,” he countered.

“You mean ‘dumber’” she corrected with a playful wink.

She hid a chuckle as Nick slumped down into the dining table. “I’ll get you back soon enough, Carrots” he proclaimed.

“Sure you will,” she coaxed. She jumped out of her seat and cantered to her husband.

He tensed up slightly as the provocative bunny moved her way closer and closer to him. Her gaze never left his as she found her way up into his chair.

She sat on his lap, folding her legs across his waist and wrapping her arms around his neck. “It’s called a hustle sweetheart.”

She kissed him with a teasing smile mixed in.

Nick kissed her back, pulling her closer to him in a warm embrace.

“I love you Judy, you sly bunny” he grinned.

“I love you too Nick.”

For the next ten minutes, they ate the rest of the food, making sure they get a full belly before making their way for the long day that awaited them.

As they got ready, Judy unfolded an athletic bag from her suitcase to place a poncho, a couple bottles of water and some ibuprofen in case she was going to feel weak or in pain.

The bunny and fox left the hotel, saying goodbye to their bellhop Byron before departing to the trolly station. It took three more stops in the other districts and half an hour later prior to reaching The Amazon Stretch.

Although it rained quite a bit in The Amazon Stretch just like it did in the Rainforest District, the humidity it brought was much worse. There were more areas of direct sunlight through the canopy of trees and even more businesses. Even when Nick protected his fur from the rain with the plastic coat, it still managed to fluff out.

“I told you fluff,” Nick stated, slightly waddling in the uncomfortable rain coat. “I look ridiculous right now.” He grumbled loudly, directing it to his wife.

“Look at me,” Judy countered as she turned around. Her coat was just as bad as Nick’s. It looked like she had grown five times her normal size. Her cheeks were puffed out like a small fat child. “I look like I haven’t brushed in a year.”

“Well,” he began. “You were right about us being in the same boat” he laughed. His bristled fur scratched against the coat he wore.

They walked across a bridge that led to another side of the forest. Sunlight gleamed off the dark green leaves, warming the two almost immediately.

Judy took a long heavy swig of her water, holding Nick’s paw as he led them down a stone path. Her breathing was heavy but hidden so Nick couldn’t hear her struggling.

With his sensitive hearing, even though Judy tried hiding it, he could tell that she was having trouble breathing. The heavy inhale of air as her chest rose and fell from the sweltering, humid air. The constant sweat droplets falling from the tips of her ears and cheeks.

He was worried that this heat, along with being partly out of shape, was starting to get to her. But there was still something that was bugging him, something that he still couldn’t figure out. And he planned on finding out tonight during dinner.

“It’s a good thing we’ve got that grooming appointment soon. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d be able to brush my coat with the best brush in the world” Nick complained about his fur, starting to feel his skin beginning to get agitated.

Judy let out an exhausted gasp of air as they reached the bottom of the path. She sat down on a bench that was covered in vines from the forest, only the seat was clear of them.

“Are you alright sweetheart? You seem a little… Tired than normal” he pointed out with concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she smiled reassuringly. She sensed that he was beginning to connect the dots. “Guess I need to do more cardio when we get back to Zootopia.”

They both chuckled to her comment, Nick slightly agreeing with her. “Save that thought for later” he added. “I’m not gonna be prepared for what Bogo has in store when we get back.”

“It won’t be so bad,” she assured. “You give him too much credit Nick.”

“Yeah well, he’s still gonna put me on parking duty for the next month after I called him 'buffalo butt’.”

“Ha ha” Judy swayed her head back and forth with each sarcastic laugh. “Sucks to be you!” She pointed, flicking a finger on the tip of his nose.

“Why’re you laughing? You’ll be right there along with me bunny” he smiled audaciously.

“Oh yeah? I’m sure I can get out of it.”


“I have my ways,” she winked, slightly implying a hint to her fox.

Nick took off his plastic coat as the heat and sun began to get to him. He slid over to Judy, opening his arms to let them air out. “I don’t know how some of these animals can stand living here. I’m baking alive.” He huffed out an exhausted sigh of air.

Judy sniffed the foul smell radiating off of Nick’s sweat filled fur. “You need a shower. You smell like rotting onions in the hottest day of summer.” She scrunched her nose to the ripe smell.

“The bugs seem to like it,” Nick said, swatting away mosquitos and flies that circled around him. “I might just jump into that river right there.” He pointed to a slow flowing river about fifty yards away that had a wooden dock for mammals to jump into.

Nick began to take his shirt off, until Judy halted his movement. “Nick, this isn’t the Naturalist Club. We’re out in public” she beamed as a black bodied Arabian horse along with a teenage colt walking by the path, shooting the fox a bleak stare.

“Oh,” he realized as the colt stared at him in wonder. He tucked his shirt back down and looked onwards down the path.

Moving from side to side on the bench, Judy scratched her chafed fur in her back. “Let’s go” she said, unable to bear her scratchy fur.


After a trip back to the hotel, they both took a shower to wash off their grimy fur for the grooming appointment.

Luckily for them, the groomers shop was just a few blocks away from their hotel. It’s name had coincidentally the owners name, Haley’s Fur and Coat Needs; the sign was a cats paw. She was a lioness with a magnificent golden-brown coat, and obviously well groomed.

With the grooming process, a full body massage was given and felines were the perfect candidates to do the job, and were great groomers.

An assistant, a male ocelot, took Nick into a room away from Judy, as they had to undress. Haley took Judy to the back room, far enough away so a gawking fox wouldn’t be able to hear or see.

“I’m Haley,” the lioness introduced to Judy , reaching out a paw. “I’ll be your groomer today” she smiled wide, a fang sliding out from the side of her lip in the process. But it was a polite smile, no threat intended.

“I’m Judy. It’s nice to meet you” she smiled back, shaking the polite lionesses paw.

“So I have you for a full body massage and a fur grooming?” The lioness listed.

“Yup!” The euphoric bunny replied.

She had been in need of a massage for a while and she had many sore areas in her muscles, especially when it came to her feet. Their growing baby also came into factor for her soreness as well.

“If you would, please take your clothes off but leave your underwear on. And when you’re done, place the towel over your waste and I’ll be right back with you.”

Once she left the room, Judy proceeded to get undressed, dropping her clothes on a chair next to the wall. She laid down onto the table, carefully placing her stomach on the medium soft maroon table.

A knock came within a few minutes, the lioness walking back in with a bottle of massage oil.

“We’ll start off with a massage and then the groom right after.”

“Okay” Judy muffled in reply, her face buried in the head rest.

The masseuse began kneading her back, loosening the tense tendons and muscles between her shoulder blades. She pushed down with enough force for Judy to feel the many knots that possessed within her muscles.

She had gotten down to her lower back when the lioness began conversation. “So, are you a cop?” She asked.

Judy’s ears shot up to her question. “What’s makes you think that?” Judy replied.

“I’ve had many officers come through here with the same exact amount of tension in their muscles, if not more. Even the police chief of Metropolis comes here often, and he’s a bunny too.”

“Really?” Judy was intrigued by the lionesses story. She had no idea that a bunny was in control of the massive police force in the city.

“Oh yeah! I think his name is…” She paused. Then, “Jack Savage! That’s what it is.”

“Jack Savage? Quite a name for a rabbit,” Judy joked.

Haley laughed. “Yeah, he’s a handsome buck” she hinted slyly.

It was a good thing that her face was covered because she scowled in anger to the groomers remark. But before she could speak, the groomer broke her train of thought.

“But I can tell you’re married and are having a baby” she confessed.

Judy shifted herself on the table to her masseuses quick correction. “Is it that obvious?”

“Not with you covering your natural scent or at first glance, but I can tell. Plus your wedding ring helps the married part.”

Judy smiled with a fixed gaze on the floor.

“Do you know whether it’s a boy or a girl?”

“No. I haven’t even told my husband about the baby yet.” A small laugh escaped her. “I plan on surprising him tonight at dinner.”

“That’s an awesome way of surprising someone,” Haley remarked kindly.

She then began massaging her hamstrings, in which Judy’s legs seized up from the tenderness. She held in a hiss of pain as the lioness pressed out the knots in her strong legs.

Then when she reached the area around her knee, Judy groaned loud enough for Haley to hear.

“Sorry about that. If I’m being too aggressive just let me know.”


Across the grooming shop, Nick was getting his fur own fur groomed. The ocelot was white in color with many spots of black shapes that covered around his eyes and stretched across his entire body; kind of like a skinnier version of Clawhauser.

“My name is William,” he introduced. Come to find out, he was also gay. He had that type of high pitched voice that just stood out.

“Nick,” the red fox replied, his Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts off with just a white towel covering his waste.

“Is this your first grooming?” The ocelot asked as he grabbed a handful of different types and sizes of brushes.

“Yup. From a professional standpoint anyways. Normally I’ll try and groom myself the best I can until I get tired of brushing myself.” He chuckled to his own comment as the ocelot began on his back.

“No argument there,” William agreed. “Before I became a groomer, I always hated grooming myself if I could help it.”

“What changed your…. Mind?” Nick paused when the male feline caught and pulled on a patch of knotted fur, which in turn made Nick cringe.

“Sorry about that. I actually just wanted to help others out with their fur. Mainly I just started out grooming my friends’ fur and they really liked how well I did. Soon as I knew it, I started grooming here in Metropolis.”

Nick clucked once before issuing, “Sounds like me in a way. Believe it or not, I was a con fox before becoming an officer in the ZPD.”

“The ZPD?”

Nick turned around slightly so he was looking at William. “Yeah, the Zootopia Police Department. Me and my wife are from Zootopia,” he smiled as he looked back at the door where his bunny was getting the same treatment.

“I’ve heard many good things about Zootopia!” He exclaimed with enthusiasm. “I’ve heard it’s a place where anything is possible, including relationships with other mammals.”

“Such as?” Nick carefully asked, seeing if the ocelot was going to say something he might regret saying.

The ocelot stopped brushing for a second. “Interspecies couples. There’s not many around here in Metropolis. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any,” he stated as he continued brushing.

“Why is that? Is it shunned upon?”

Will shook his head in reply. “No, but they’re just afraid of what others would think of them. And there are some who don’t agree with it at all.”

When Nick heard this, his thoughts raced back to Kieran when he told Judy and him his disregards for interspecies couples. “Oh yeah. Found that out once we got here.”

“But seeing that you’re an inter, you don’t seemed bothered by it.”

“No,” Nick replied, slightly shaking his head. “Judy and I had our fair share when we first started dating. But you get used to it after a while, then everyone soon accepts it for what it is.”

The two predators sat in silence for a few moments, just the sound of the metal brush coursing through Nick’s bristled fur was the only sound. He could already tell his fur was much neater and softer than it had been in a very long time.

The ocelot began grooming his tail, in which it twitched with dissatisfaction and uncomfortable sensations as many patches of his fur pulled and twisted back into a straighter position. Other than the tug of his fur from the twisted fur, he was relaxed and calm, his ears down to his head in satisfaction.

Then the sudden movement of William caught his sensitive ears’ attention. “Can I tell you something?” The white spotted cat asked hesitantly, placing his brush on his desk.

Nick turned around, “Yeah” he obliged, almost answering in a question himself.

Will looked around, as if afraid that someone was going to hear him, even when it was just the two them in the room. Then he motioned for Nick to come closer, almost face to face with him.

“Now, this goes to saying that I haven’t told anyone else about this,” he whispered to Nick, still wary about his surroundings. “But… I’m an inter too.”

“What’s so bad about that?” He shrugged.

“Nothing!” The feline retorted. “It’s just that… I’m afraid of coming out an inter. My boyfriend is a otter and we’ve been dating for almost a year now. I’m just… Afraid that we won’t be accepted.”

“Listen here young one,” he addressed. He called him 'young’ because, well, he was young. “There is nothing wrong with being who you are. Ya hear me? Just because others don’t approve doesn’t mean you have to live in fear of their judgment. And no matter what, as long as it’s with the person you love the most, no one can ever stop who you are and how you feel.”

Just then, Nick noticed the groomers’ eyes beginning to water. A whimpering smile slowly grew on his face, and that’s when the tears began soaking the fur under his eyes. He wept just loud enough for his gasps of air to echo off the room walls.

“Thank you,” he wept. “No one has ever stood up for me being different before.”

“You’re welcome,” Nick responded with a smile.

The ocelot then moved quickly, hugging Nick in the process of his whimpers.

Nick was slightly stunned and confused, mostly because he didn’t expect such a reaction for just giving advice. It wasn’t like it was a life changing speech like the time when Judy gave him his badge after proving that anyone really can be anything, just as long as you have the heart and drive to do so.

“Alright, alright” Nick offered a couple taps on his back for reassurance.


With just thirty minutes left until their reservation, Judy and Nick were busily preparing for their anniversary dinner date. Judy was getting dressed in the bathroom while Nick took the adjacent bedroom.

The anxious bunny was just that; butterflies filled her growing belly as she constantly looked at her phone, watching the time slowly go by, minute by minute. Now that the time had finally arrived, she was more nervous than she was just a few hours ago. She took another photo of herself in the mirror before putting her dress on.

Nick in the meantime was struggling with his tie. “Ugh,” he exaggerated with an agitated growl. “I hate these ties. Having the zip up ones is so much better than trying to tie these…”

His complaining trailed off as he heard the door from the bathroom open, his ears propping up from their flustered state. He turned around, his paws fondling with the tie, until he saw the beautiful creature standing in front of him. She was wearing the same dress that mesmerized him the night he proposed to her, a black dress with red lining on the seems, matching the color tones of her fur.

He felt his heart skip a beat to how stunning she looked at that moment. “Wow Carrots, you look…” He paused, searching for a word that would best describe how she looked, but went with what he knew best to call her. “Beautiful as ever” he cooed.

She smiled to his flattering compliment. “You flatterer.” She walked up to Nick, with the brightest smile she had since their wedding. “You need some help there slick?”

Without a word, but a quick laugh, he turned to Judy who was now standing on the bed. “Come here,” she called him over to move in closer.

Instead of just a normal knot, she ended up making an intricate knot called The Eldridge Knot. As Nick watched, he lost track of how she was making such a complicated knot.

“There you go handsome” she said, overlooking her good work.

“Thanks Carrots.” He leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose. It twitched to the loving sensation.

“Ready for this?” She asked as Nick carrier her off the bed.

“I’ve been waiting all day for this,” he replied, holding her paw in his as they walked out of their hotel room.

For the first time since they arrived, the couple finally agreed to take a taxi to their restaurant.

The name of the restaurant was Ovideon’s. At first sight, it looked to be a type of a fancy restaurant, and for good reason. Everyone was dressed in fashionable wear; from the super rich elite to the normal mammals who just wanted to be fancy for a night.

After the taxi dropped them off, with Nick unquestionably opening the door for his wife, a mouse waiter dressed in a formal black and white tux welcomed them.

“Welcome to Ovideon’s. My name is Isaac. Do you have a reservation?” The small little gray mouse asked.

“Yes. Mr and Mrs. Wilde” Nick affirmed. He pulled Judy close to his side.

The mouse nodded and walked his way down a list that he was standing on. With his tiny paws, he read each name until he stopped at theirs.

“Ah, yes. Mr and Mrs. Wilde. Follow me please,” he asked politely in a squeaky voice. He rang a little bell and another waiter came up; it was a polar bear, also dressed in a black and white tux. The tiny mouse hopped into the palm of the bear, issuing for Nick and Judy to follow them.

“Do those two remind you of anyone Carrots?” Nick asked Judy.

“Huh?” Judy uttered in confusion. Then Nick pointed to the polar bear and mouse ahead of them.

Judy thought hard for a long second until the gears in her head clicked. Her ears shot up as she began to chuckle softly. “Mr. Big and Koslov!” She exclaimed to Nick softly, covering her mouth with her fingers.

Nick gave her two thumbs up and a sly wink.

The polar bear lead them towards the center of the restaurant, where a table with candle light and blood red wine awaited. The table was draped with a hot pink table cloth with a rose red cloth across the middle. The classy dressed bear pulled a seat out for Judy, as Nick would do; it was their custom to pull out chairs for females, like a lot of restaurants do for female customers as well, and also the same for the gentleman.

“Here you are Mr. and Mrs. Wilde,” the polar bear presented them in a deep voice.

“This is my assistant, Vladimir. If you need anything, just call him over and he’ll assist you.” Both the mouse and the bear then left with a smile on their faces.

Nick and Judy sat and looked around at the highly decorated interior. From the glossy windows to the bronze colored walls that reflected the candlelight from the chandeliers and candle sticks from the many tables within. The conversations from other mammals echoed around the large room, catching the ears of the married couple.

“Some place huh?”

“It’s beautiful,” Judy added, her eyes mesmerized by the colors.

“And this wine” he concurred, twirling the glass in his paw. “It smells so good!” He said as he sniffed the sweet red wine. His voice was just loud enough for the other mammals to give him dirty looks.

“Nick! Inside voice!” Judy scolded softly.

Nick grew wary as he saw mammals staring at him. His ears dropped and his face turned red from embarrassment.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I’m kinda new to this” he tried lightening up with a smile.

Judy then leaned in and grabbed both of his paws. “It’s fine slick. I’m a little nervous too,” Judy said rubbing his thumbs with hers.

He smiled. “You should try out the wine though. It’s delicious!” He ecstatic said in a much lower voice.

To his request, Judy took her glass of wine and gulped down the smooth red liquid until the cup was half empty. She knew that drinking a little bit of wine wouldn’t hurt the baby, due to her own research and remembering her mom had a glass here and there when she was pregnant.

“Wow! That was good!” She agreed with Nick, licking any remaining remnants of the wine off her lips.

After both emptied their glasses, Vladimir walked up with two dishes in one paw with Isaac in the other just minutes after.

“Here is your dinner,” Isaac introduced in a French accent. Vladimir lightly placed the dishes of food in front of them. Another waiter, this time a honey badger, filled their empty glasses with more delicious nectar.

Vlad lifted the sterling silver lid and revealed two separate entrées.

“For the madam, a market greens salad with candied pecans, diced carrots and radish with midnight moon goat cheese on the side. And for the gentlemammal, a slow roasted tuna cut into thin strips with lemon pepper and onions for the seasoning and broccoli for the side.”

Nicks mouth started to water to the sight of the fresh fish and the savory aroma it was steaming off.

“Bon appétite,” the little mouse squeaked. With that, the polar bear and mouse duo left the two to enjoy their meal.

Judy was content eating her salad, her nerves going off the charts as her anticipation lingered further and further into the night. Nick on the other hand, devoured the plate of fish in a ten minute time span.

After cleaning his plate of any remaining food, Nick wiped his fur and coat of any crumbs or oils from the fish.

“That was easily the best salad I’ve ever had!” Judy exclaimed, taking the last bite of spinach and diced carrot.

“You should’ve tasted the fish,” Nick retorted. The thought of the fish alone made him tempted to order another one.

“I’m glad you liked it, slick” she smiled to the fish filled fox.

Judy sipped her glass of wine while they sat. Her plan for the surprise was about to unfold; after they were done eating, she told herself, she was gonna tell Nick about their baby.

She pictured how Nick was going to react: he was gonna scream with pure joy and passion to finding out he was going to be a father. But her negative thoughts also came in as well. She also pictured him shunning her for not telling him sooner or shutting her out because he wasn’t ready for a kit or didn’t want one. Those scared her immensely, because she wasn’t sure if she could handle the pain to those emotions if they happened.

And she knew that the pregnancy was due to having these negative emotions, so she forced them out of her mind so she only thought of the positives.

With a nervous breath of air, she prepared herself.

“Nick?” She called, trying to grab her foxes attention as he downed another glass of wine.

Taking in the last few sips of ecstasy, Nick turned his gaze to his beautiful wife. “Yeah Carrots?”

“Wanna hear a joke?” She asked, her heart racing to the words she was about to utter.

“Sure! Lay it on me” he replied, placing his elbows on the table to support his chin, waiting for his dumb bunny to tell this joke.

She inhaled a deep breath and held it for a few to allow her heart rate to lower. She exhaled and began.

“What do you call…” She paused for a second. “A one humped bunny?”

“What do you call… A one humped bunny?” Nick repeated, not catching the most obvious hint that Judy could have thrown at him.

But then, he laughed. “Come on, Carrots. You’re just trying to copy my camel joke.” He sat back in his seat and crossed his arms and smiled, still oblivious. “That’s easy, it’s preg…” He paused and went silent. His eyes grew wide while his pointed ears shot up. His breathing became heavy as he looked towards Judy.

“Judy…” He quivered, hardly able to speak. The answer finally clicked in his mind. “Are you…?”

Judy smiled passionately, holding up three fingers. “Three weeks,” she commented, her violet eyes sparkling.

Nick sat there, stunned to the news he just heard. He finally understood. The quick and sudden changes in attitude, her health, along with her being more passionate during their love making sessions, it all made sense now. He even realized all the tiny hints that she was throwing at him; from the almost plain and simple comments to her looking at babies and baby clothing and toys.

Judy thought he was about to jump out of his seat, the way his muscles were twitching. But he didn’t move. He just sat there, stunned.

But then, he did something that she didn’t expect. He fell to his knees, onto the ground just feet away from Judy. She thought he was about to burst out crying for how much his lip was quivering.

“Can… Can I…” He stuttered, reaching out a paw towards Judy.

Without hesitation, she grabbed his paw and gently placed it on her belly. He tensed up to the touch of his paw on her stomach, afraid he would hurt her fragile body, and the baby.

But once he felt around, he could feel the slight bulge of her stomach. And that’s when the tears fell. They fell down his cheeks and wet his fur. He was in disbelief, but at the same time, happy, joyful even.

Judy could feel her own eyes starting to water from the joy she could sense that was hidden behind his tears. Her smile drew in all the happiness that she could muster that replaced any negative feelings she had before.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna be a dad” he sniffled with a half smile.

“Yes Nick. We’re gonna be parents,” Judy answered with her words choked up from her own over joyed emotions. The happiness she hoped for was more than she could have imagined coming from Nick. He was happy, just like she had hoped. And she… she was going to be a mother.

“I’m gonna be a father!” Nick exclaimed suddenly, picking Judy up out of her chair and spinning her in the air. His tears flew out of his eyes and into the air, with the biggest smile he had since his wedding day.

At first, since Judy wasn’t expecting him to grab her, she let out a tiny shrill of shock. But it was replaced soon after with a smile.

Everyone around them stood up and cheered for both Nick and Judy. Isaac and Vlad clapped along with the crowd.

After a minute, he put Judy back down onto the floor. “I love you, Judy Wilde. Thank you, for everything.” He kissed her lovingly, so everyone there could see how much he truly loved his wife, and his unborn child.

“I love you too, Nicholas Wilde.”

As of that moment, he mentally prepared himself for the biggest challenge of his life: becoming a father and raising a family of his own. Him, Nicholas Wilde, a former con man, was going to become a father, with his unborn child inside of the love of his life.

Carswell’s Guide to Deciding Whether to Date Cress


- Lunar. Some Lunars are okay.
- Lunar. (Can she live on my planet? I won’t live on that forsaken rock in the sky).
- Her dad thinks thought I didn’t deserve her
- I don’t deserve her
- A bit too noble for my lifestyle
- There’s so many other girls out there
- Haven’t kissed her yet
- We end up in really dangerous situations when we’re together.
- She is definitely not as lucky as I am.
- Lots of emotional baggage/trauma
- Very jealous of me with other girls
- Got herself kidnapped due to said jealousy
- Cries a lot (work on this)
- Crazy Hair.
- Very sheltered
- I’m falling in love with her


- Calls me Captain
- I remember her being cute.
- Shell. (Can’t manipulate me like Cinder)
- Can transfer money from fake accounts
- Could program a new ID chip for me
- Can take down palace security systems (banks too, I wonder?)
- Protected the Rampion/saved our lives
- She’ll treat my Rampion like a 5-star hotel compared to her satellite
- Thinks I’m dreamier than Kai
- She’s smarter than me. We’re both smart in different ways.
- She definitely likes my body
- She’s shorter than me. I can pick her up easily.
- Awkward Endearing.
- Very jealous of me with other girls
- Shy. (I can still be the center of attention)
- Easy to talk to
- Easy to please (just show her trees, sky, a potato, etc).
- Makes me feel like I have glamour just by looking at her
- I like hugging her.
- Makes me want to be a better person Maybe I can be a better person for her
- Thinks I’m a good kisser
- I liked kissing her too.
- Ready for romance even if I’m sweaty, itchy, and have bad breath
- At least Iko would probably approve of us
- Girl’s got a creative imagination. Could be useful later. (Wink, wink)
- Smart and sweet and unusual
- Likes Loves me despite everything I’ve done
- I can be her hero, baby
- Worth more than anyone could ever realize (!)


This is my first time watching Skam live. I binge watched first 3 seasons in February, I’d gotten a Noorhelm pic from WeHeartit. Ironically, that’s my least favorite season. William wasn’t appealing to me from the very first. Noora is bae. Haha. .

So, experiencing this scene, was amazing. I’d gotten used to watching full episode length Skam videos and to anticipate tiny little clips were getting on my nerves. Now, I can’t imagine how beautiful it must have been for those who watched Evak pool scene live. And waiting for next episode must have felt like hell. And boy, was the next episode worth it.. and the hotel episode too.

 Can’t compare Yousana clip and Evak  clip. Both are spectacular.. but because I’m watching Sana season live, this feeling of anticipating and getting to watch clips like friday’s is pretty amazing. I love it. Can’t wait to wait.
Ps: For more rants, my page is always open for you to read.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: "I think it's a rip off to pay more than $100 at your hotel."

There I am, minding my own business, enjoying life, folding towels, when in enters this guy.

He strolls up and we begin our conversation; M for me, R for Rip Off person.

M: Good evening sir! How are you doing today?

R: I’m doing good, how are you doing?

M: I’m doing great! How can I help you today?

R: I’m in the area, looking for a place to live for today. And I wanted to know your rates.

M: Of course. Let’s see here. It looks like this is our last room, and it’s usually $169 + tax, but for you, I can drop it down to $159 + tax.

R: Oh no! I don’t want to pay more than a $100 for this type of place.

(Me (mentally – represented by italics and parenthesis): this type of place? Are you fucking kidding me right now? We have the highest rating in our city, we don’t look like a fucking 2-star hotel, and our rooms were just renovated. Go fuck yourself!)

R (cont’d): I feel likes it’s a rip off to pay anything more than $100 for an economy hotel. I mean I can get a room at that hotel near the highway for $89.

(M: Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t realize we’re right next to the highway or the location of that hotel is comparable to this location.)

M: I’m sorry but this is our last room and we have a specific rate limit. I can’t override that limit.

R: I see, but I was planning on staying multiple days so I would consider staying 5 nights at your hotel if you can give it to me for $85 including tax for tonight. This isn’t a hotel worth paying $150. This is just like Cheapo-Meapo Hotel down the road.

M: Well actually –

R: (He cuts me off!) So if you want to show me some rooms and give me that rate, I don’t mind paying what this hotel is worth - $85 including tax a night.

[M (What I was going to say): Well, this is basic supply and demand. It’s our last room, there is a lot of demand, and we are in one of the best locations in the city. We also have one of the highest hotel ratings in the city. Our service, location, and experience justify our prices. I’m sorry you don’t feel that way, but again, sub-$100 is not a rate I can give you.]

M: Unfortunately, again, I can’t give you that price.

[M: Go stay at Cheapo-Meapo, or the hotel next to the highway!]

R: Okay. Well then I’ll be back tomorrow to check out your availability.

[M: Hell no. Please don’t come back.]

M: Okay. Bye!

I ended up selling the room a half-hour later to this nice, young lady who was super nice to me over the phone AND in person. I gave her a ~20% discount because she was nice to me.

Chances are with ripoff guy - he would have probably checked out tomorrow morning since he got the lower rate tonight. Hell, Cheapo-Meapo Inn wasn’t even giving rooms for $85 including taxes.

By: Shyam09

Vent in the tags

H.H Holmes

Herman Webster Mudgett, better known under the name of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, was one of the first documented serial killers -Even though the term “serial killer” was coined much later on, after his time.

 It is thought that Holmes selected mostly female victims, who were often working for him at his hotel. He’d also kill hotel guests and lovers. Compared with more modern serial killers, his method of murder was unique- some of his victims were locked in soundproof bedrooms and asphyxiated with harmful gases, and others were locked in a massive, airless bank vault next to his office (also soundproofed) where they remained until they slowly suffocated. Holmes constructed a chute down to the basement, which he used to store the bodies in. He would make anatomical models from the bodies, or strip them completely of their skin and muscles in order to show off a full skeleton. The unused bodies were dissolved in vats of acid or cremated. Due to the connections he had made in medical school, he sold organs and bones to the black market without any trouble.


CS AU Week - Day 7: Free for All - Emma doing what she does best and running from her happiness, all the while realizing that she left home behind her in the form of a dashingly handsome mechanic

A/N: I feel like I couldn’t acceptably take part in an au week without at least a small foray into my very favourite of my au verses, aka Headlights Fading. For anyone who wondered what was going through Emma’s head in those weeks she was away from Killian, here you go.

P.S. It was this song that inspired me to write this in the first place.

Emma had always been good at telling herself no.

The country station that had become all too familiar over the past month had dissolved into static half an hour ago and now the car was filled with forgettable alt-rock and the hum of the road beneath her tires, and all of it sounded like no. No, she shouldn’t stay in the house up on the hill; no, she shouldn’t let herself believe Killian when he told her she was welcome; no, she shouldn’t chase something that might make her happy because it could all still fall apart. No, she shouldn’t listen to the insistent thought that this wouldn’t fall apart, that this time was different. No, no, always no.

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anonymous asked:

Some of it could be staged, but not the pool part. It's utterly senseless, childish and ridiculous. But you only need to see/read his interviews to realise it's Morgan's hallmark.

Have you seen the pool of this hotel? And did you compare it with the pics? Taken with different angles, from different places? There was absolutely zero chance that they didn’t see the paps and it was the private resort, no paps would go there unseen. Or that they took pics from the distance, because of the set up of the hotel and the pool. But assume paps weren’t called and no one saw them, they would first try to sell the pics to Gillian’s people. Oh trust me, they would go to them because pics weren’t cheap! Also for some reasons they published pics only five days later(!) 

Hello, this is the second fanfic I ever write. It is smut, it is long, and it is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING i’m sorry for you if you read it

Title: Discipline

Sumary: Mako and Ira try new things in private.

Rated: +18

Warnings: Fluff, bdsm, shaming, will definitely dissappoint you, too long.

Word count: 2050

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Hit It and Quit It, Chapter 1

TITLE: Hit It and Quit It


AUTHOR: cindersandroses (losille2000 and cinderella1181)


GENRE: Humor/Satire/Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Tom Hiddleston has developed quite the reputation as an unrepentant lothario who parties his way through the female population of every town he visits, leaving a trail of tears and broken hearts in his wake. However, he’s never had a woman from South Boston before—that is, of course, until he meets the female version of himself in a dark Boston pub while visiting friends. He never imagined he’d be the one who might end up losing his heart. Could it mean the end of his wandering ways?

RATING: Mature (sexual situations, language)

AUTHORS NOTES: This is meant as satire/humor, but will turn into (we hope at least) a poignant romantic tale with a bit of an alternative edge. Read more about the reason why we’re writing it here.

This first chapter was meant to be a one shot, but we decided to extend it. There is no socially redeeming value to it. It isn’t even “sexy” or “erotic” unless you’re into quickies with somewhat abrasive someones you met at a bar. But we still hope you enjoy it! :D

July 6, 2014

Tom nibbled on the corner of his toast, gazing out the large restaurant window onto the busy Boston street beyond it. His stomach had tied itself into a hard knot sometime in his walk over, now making it difficult to swallow the small bite or enjoy the full English he’d ordered for breakfast. How Ben had been able to find a genuine English pub in the middle of all the Irish pubs and Italian ristorantes was impressive, but even a taste of home couldn’t help him.

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Returning to New York from South Korea Donny heads to Stark Tower.Now with his new wealth he could afford a nice hotel but no hotel can compare to his brother’s billion dollar mansion.He would take that any day and he’s going to.

Donny walks up to the tower after escorting himself out of a taxi.He wondered if he should just go up to the door normally and take the risk of Tony not letting him in or sneak in.Looking around Donny could see sneaking in wasn’t an option.The nearest entrances we’re too high up.Normal it is.He walks up to the door and pulls on the handle to find it’s locked.Donny sighs,he should have known a mansion would be locked.Especially in this city.

“Tony?"Donny says before knocking on the door.”..Tony,let me in.“    


A Fresh Start

Prompt for @a-monthly-rumbelling: “Be our guest”. 

Summary: After Milah leaves him, Gold is left to struggle to run their inn and raise Bae by himself. There isn’t always money left over to keep the inn updated and things have gone downhill over the years. But when Bae brings up the subject of college, Gold realises it’s time he must do something to turn the place around if his boy is going to have a chance at the education he wants. Their part-time maid Belle French is full of support and an unexpected surprise. 6626 words, rated PG.

The small inn had seen better times, there was no doubt about that. Looking around the common room at the faded carpet and upholstery, the outdated wallpaper and nicked woodwork, knowing that many of the chairs that faced the fireplace or were scattered around the room desperately needed restuffing if not replacing, Morgan Gold had no trouble admitting that. It had once belonged to Milah’s parents, until they had retired and passed it on to her. He’d been working an entry-level position at an accounting firm at the time, but had left it to help run the inn. And it had been fine, those first few years, Milah’s vivacious personality drawing customers back to the inn for return visits, and while she was the public face of the place he was happy to work in the background, taking care of the accounts and doing any maintenance work. And then had come Bae.

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hyleris  asked:

What do you think of the belief that certain functions are "better" than the other (e.g Ni vs Si)? Better as in the assets of one function outweigh the assets of the other function. The only reason I ask is because there was an article about N's being better than S's and it discussed N's being more advanced than S's because N's could be S's (a.k.a using the 5 senses to take in information) yet S's couldn't be N's. ?? A lot of it sounded drenched in ignorance but it definitely irked me.

Sounds like crap to me.

Everyone has two OBJECTIVE functions (external information-gathering) and two SUBJECTIVE (based on a personal bias) to work with, so saying any type is better than another type is silly. It’s like comparing apples, oranges, tangerines, and kiwi. Which fruit is best? Well, that would be the one I happen to like the most. In other words… subjective emotional judgment. I like it, and I eat it a lot, therefore it is the superior fruit.

Um… no, it’s just the fruit that I happen to like. It’s my fruit bias. And although I could argue the logic of that fruit being the best due to scientific research, that’s really not what prompts me to make the argument in the first place. It’s because I like that fruit. Here’s another example: Sherlock Holmes happens to be the best fictional detective ever created. I could give you many reasons why, all based in facts and research, but essentially it all boils down to this: Sherlock Holmes is my favorite fictional detective. We all have a tendency to state opinion as fact, but it’s not. It’s an opinion. Subjective to our bias.

You’ll notice a lot of personality types tend to “group” together: intuitives mesh better with intuitives, and sensors with sensors. Why is that? It’s because we like people who are like us, and we seek out those people to hang out with. Part of this is opportunity – people of similar types are drawn to similar things, so they meet other people of a similar type when doing those things. Se-users who join a rock climbing class are likely to meet other Se-users.

Part of it is our natural type bias: the people we can’t understand, we’re less likely to engage with. The pastor of my last church was an ESTJ. He was a really nice person and I liked him a lot, but we spoke two different languages. I’m happy to hang out and BBQ with him, but his very literal, linear, detail-oriented, factual preaching style didn’t appeal to my imaginative needs. I couldn’t “be” him any more than he could “be” me, and we certainly didn’t “get” one another! I baffled him. He straight up said that, since he’d never met anyone with a brain like mine! Naturally not… he was hanging out with School of Mines graduates, and teaching in a traditional-oriented church, which appeals more to Si-dom/auxes.

It is very, very easy to become prejudiced. We think of that in terms of racism or sexism, but it’s a deeper rot than that, and something we are all subconsciously fighting ALL THE TIME. (Don’t believe me? Do you consider yourself to be more intelligent than someone from the opposing political party? Be honest, now.) It’s that moment when we look at another person and think, “I’m better than you because…” And it happens with our functions. “Well, I use Fe, so I obviously care more about other people’s feelings than you do! Fe is more sacrificial than Fi!” Please, tell that to Katniss Everdeen. Fi is just as willing to take a bullet for someone else as Fe is. Fe is not better than Fi, and Fi is not better than Fe. Both are compassionate, but one projects and gathers emotions from outside itself and one contains them inside.

Function bias actually prevented me from finding my true type for awhile, because I figured that because I’m so compassionate, kind, and non-confrontational that I must use Fe, because all the Fi-descriptions made Fi sound selfish and confrontational due to the high emphasis on “let me be me!” It’s not. It can be, but then so can Fe. If Fi’s selfishness comes from “get the hell out of my face, and stop bossing me around!”, Fe’s selfishness can be, “I’m going to smother you with narcissistic protectiveness!” (Narcissism is believing everything revolves around you – or as one therapist I read recently put it: true narcissism is believing everyone else’s emotions are tied to yours, so that in ‘feeling’ their emotions, you are actually projecting YOUR emotions onto them, and making their situation all about you. Please see: Norma Bates.)

Unfortunately, we human beings are all biased, because we all see life in the “first person,” so we naturally think that the functions we use are better than functions we don’t. Just because we don’t UNDERSTAND how someone else’s mind works doesn’t make us BETTER than they are. That’s really what that article boils down to: nah, nah, nah, we intuitives are smarter than the sensors! Are you? Are you really? I know some adult STJs who could argue you into the ground with facts they remembered learning in grade school.

True, theoretical discussions aren’t the sensor’s preferred topic of conversation, but handling important details isn’t our thing as intuitives, either. It’s true, my ISFJ best friend’s brain baffles me, as mine does her, but I both enjoy having her around and need her. I recently suggested taking a vacation together. It was my idea, but she’s the one who did all the research, booked the plane, hotel, and transportation, called up the different restaurants to find out whether their food could handle my dietary restrictions (food sensitivities), and finalized all the dates. While I spun around bored in my chair while she contrasted hotels and found pricing differences, now and again I threw in logical Te-suggestions whenever she was baffled about how to do something. I’m the one who came up with a chart and assigned different activities to each day, theorizing on how long the tours would take. Either of us would have trouble planning that trip alone.

That is how you need to look at the different types: their strengths. Admire them for who they are. Don’t think you are better than they are because of the functions you use. What you lack, they possess. If you waste all your time thinking how superior you are to them, you’ll never get the wonderful opportunity to marvel at the things they can do that you struggle with. Life is not meant to be lived alone. We need each other, and we are all happiest when doing the tasks that our minds are naturally attuned toward. I would have HATED planning that trip, and doing research on it, and comparing hotels, and it would have taken me three times as long due to my tendency not to want to commit. She LOVED it. She loves planning things, and contrasting prices, and picking hotels, and making sure they have what we need. I love that about her.