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H.H Holmes

Herman Webster Mudgett, better known under the name of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, was one of the first documented serial killers -Even though the term “serial killer” was coined much later on, after his time.

 It is thought that Holmes selected mostly female victims, who were often working for him at his hotel. He’d also kill hotel guests and lovers. Compared with more modern serial killers, his method of murder was unique- some of his victims were locked in soundproof bedrooms and asphyxiated with harmful gases, and others were locked in a massive, airless bank vault next to his office (also soundproofed) where they remained until they slowly suffocated. Holmes constructed a chute down to the basement, which he used to store the bodies in. He would make anatomical models from the bodies, or strip them completely of their skin and muscles in order to show off a full skeleton. The unused bodies were dissolved in vats of acid or cremated. Due to the connections he had made in medical school, he sold organs and bones to the black market without any trouble.

Returning to New York from South Korea Donny heads to Stark Tower.Now with his new wealth he could afford a nice hotel but no hotel can compare to his brother’s billion dollar mansion.He would take that any day and he’s going to.

Donny walks up to the tower after escorting himself out of a taxi.He wondered if he should just go up to the door normally and take the risk of Tony not letting him in or sneak in.Looking around Donny could see sneaking in wasn’t an option.The nearest entrances we’re too high up.Normal it is.He walks up to the door and pulls on the handle to find it’s locked.Donny sighs,he should have known a mansion would be locked.Especially in this city.

“Tony?"Donny says before knocking on the door.”..Tony,let me in.“