hotel banquet room

A Calzona advent calendar - December 18th

Red lipstick. 

They were at the hospital’s annual holiday party – there were drinks, there was food, all their friends and coworkers were there – and all Arizona could think about was red lipstick. 

Namely, the precise shade of red that her wife had applied to her lips shortly before they left the house that evening. Victory Red, she was pretty sure it was called, not that she had that memorized or anything. It was Callie’s favourite shade of lip colour, even though she didn’t wear it all that often, but when she did put it on for special occasions it did things to Arizona’s insides that she was pretty sure could be classified as a serious medical condition. 

Because it looked sexy as hell on the dark haired woman. It was irresistible.

Arizona glanced around the large hotel banquet room in search of her wife, who she’d lost only minutes ago as she went to replenish their drinks. She wasn’t at the bar, but Arizona’s eyes quickly honed in on her and found her chatting with one of the ER nurses, their two glasses of wine held carefully in her hands. 

Callie had opted for a simple black dress that evening – a closely tailored, strapless number that cut just down to her cleavage and ended at her knees, with the tiniest hint of sparkle throughout the fabric. Paired with her low heels and that bright red lipstick, she was easily the most striking figure in the room – the most beautiful woman in any room, if Arizona was honest. And as much as Arizona was enjoying the night with their colleagues and friends…every time her eyes landed on the brunette she couldn’t help but imagine an entirely different kind of party the two of them could be having. 

She made her way over to the woman in question and was greeted with a bright smile, which only served to make her look that much more incredible. She handed Arizona her glass of wine and excused herself from her conversation with nurse Allison, and when the other woman walked away Callie leaned in to whisper in Arizona’s ear. 

“I saw you staring at me, you know.”

She smiled almost coyly, her eyes meeting Arizona’s as she slowly took a sip of her wine. 

“That’s because you look incredible.”

Arizona murmured softly, taking a sip of her own wine as she let their shoulders meet. Callie’s hair was getting long again too – and as much as Arizona had loved the short, edgy style she’d come home with last winter…as a silky wave of hair tickled the bare skin of her shoulder she couldn’t help the shiver that ran through her. Callie looked sideways, seemingly oblivious, and she smiled at the compliment. 

“I clean up alright.”

“Are you kidding?”

Arizona let her eyes take in Callie’s profile again, turning toward her and reaching up to lightly tuck a bit of hair back behind her ear. Her eyes landed on the red lipstick again and she felt her heart flutter in her chest, a surge of attraction shooting through her entire body. 

“You’re the most stunning woman in the room. You’re the most stunning woman in most rooms.”

Brown eyes met blue and for a moment, Callie looked completely and utterly awed. She smiled at Arizona again, and this time, her face simply lit up the room – she was, quite simply, breathtaking, in more ways than the blonde could even begin to explain. And with that final look, Arizona couldn’t hold it in any longer. Taking Callie’s hand, she leaned in close and pressed a kiss to the corner of those oh-so-perfect red lips. 

“Come with me.”

“Where are we going?”

Callie knew the look in the blonde’s eyes better than she knew herself – and she followed, a grin tugging at her lips as she watched Arizona abandon her glass at the bar. Callie did the same with hers as the other woman practically pushed past some of their colleagues and pulled her toward the door to the lobby, and she squeezed the hand in hers when she didn’t yet get a reply. 


“We’re getting a room.”

The minute they were out of the banquet hall and around the corner, the smaller woman backed her wife against the wall and pressed a heated kiss to her lips. She traced Callie’s bottom lip with her tongue and immediately deepened the kiss when granted permission, only pulling away with a breathless sigh moments later when she’d finally gotten the taste she’d been waiting for all evening. 

“We’re getting a room. Now.”

Arizona licked her lips, a smirk crossing her face as she reached up to trace her thumb along the corner of the brunette’s mouth. 

“And honey, you need to reapply your lipstick.”