hotel aurora


Fjærland is a tiny, but very special Norwegian village. It’s a place, where glacier meets the fjord. Located at the end of Fjærlandfjorden - a branch going north off the Sognefjorden, the longest fjord in Norway (and the second in the world) and beneath Jostedalsbreen - the largest glacier in continental Europe.
On the summer 2015 I worked in a small hotel by the fjord - Fjærland Fjordstue Hotell. I spent a lot of days taking pictures in my free time after work.
I spent even more time editing the footage, on my 6 years old, not too powerful computer.
And finally, I finished the movie. I’m proud of my work, and I hope you’ll like it.
P.S. I saw there Aurora Borealis for the first time in my life, and I was amazed. I stood outside and I loughed all the time like a child. This experience is hard to describe.

Coming Home || Sebastian/Aurora

After checking out of their final hotel, Aurora loaded Levi up in the truck and headed towards her father’s home. The nerves had kicked in earlier when she was getting herself and her son ready to go home. Facing her father after disappearing and hiding her son for 3 years wasn’t exactly going to be easy to explain to him. Glancing in the back seat a small smile formed on her lips to her son passed out in the back seat as she pulled into the driveway. Aurora’s eyes stared at the house in front of her as she sat in the car for a few minutes before taking a deep breath and climbing out of the car and getting Levi as carefully as she could. Heading up the front porch steps Rory knocked lightly on the door as she pushed it open and stepped inside. “Hello,” she called out. “Anybody home?” Aurora moved slowly through the house peeking in a few the rooms finding them empty before she made it to her old room. The 21-year-old carefully laid her sleeping son down in her old bed and tucked him in before slowly closing the door as she stepped outside the room and headed back towards the kitchen where she sat down with an apple.