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154 Lams if you're cool with that :)

154. “There’s only one bed…”

It was Lafayette who had booked the hotel room, so Alex really should have expected that something like this was going to happen. 

He was tired, they had had a long day full of delays, layovers, and missed flights. There was nothing Alex wanted more in that moment than to smash his face against a pillow and fall sleep for several hours. Tomorrow was going to be a slow day with nothing planned until the evening. 

John was in front of him, muttering to himself as he tried to get the door to unlock. “It’s not working, what the fuck, the key’s right, just, just, go green.”

Alex knocked against John’s arm and said, “you gotta hold it in longer.”

“Ugh.” John groaned when the light finally blinked green and said, “I hate it when you’re right.”

Alex snorted a laugh. “How are we still friends?”

John looked at him for a second, a weird look in his eyes, and shook his head. “Beats me. You’re an asshole.”

“We’re assholes together,” Alex said, shoving past John and walking into the room, flipping the lights on. He set his bags down and turned into the bathroom.

When he came out, John was standing in the hallway, hand rubbing the back of his neck.

Alex poked his shoulder and asked, “What’s wrong, I want to go to sleep, you’re in my way.”

“Ha,” John said, “so, uh, there’s only one bed.”

Alex stepped forward. John was right. “Looks like we’re gonna have to bunk together.” He smirked to himself. “Warning, I’ve been told I get clingy.”

John coughed. “What?”

He rested his head on John’s shoulder and said, “I’m a cuddler.” On the inside, Alex could hear the warning bells going off in his head. This was going to be an issue. It was hard enough being so close to John without trying to start something, but sleeping next to him? He was going to die. Alex took in a breath and walked forward and hopped to plant himself on the right side of the bed. “This is my side.”

“Right,” John said. “Well, I’m gonna change, and then I’m sorry but your insomniac ways are gonna have to take a break for the night, I’m exhausted.”

John disappeared into the bathroom, and Alex took the chance to kick off his shoes and jeans, and peel off his shirt. He put his phone on the charger, took his hair down from its ponytail, and planted his face back into the pillow. 

He heard John’s footsteps on the carpet, and Alex must have imagined the whispered, “fuck.” John flipped off the lights and joined him on the bed. “Night, Alex.”


Alex had a plan, and he ignored the voice in the back of his mind telling him it wasn’t worth possibly risking his friendship with John. He turned his head toward John, not being able to see him in the dark, but listening to the sound of John’s quiet, even breaths. 

There was one last moment of hesitation before he scooted over and placed his head on John’s shoulder, throwing an arm over John’s stomach. Alex sighed to himself. This was perfect. 

It was still dark when he woke up, no sun filtering through the thick hotel curtains. Alex blinked his eyes, confused for a moment. He had shifted during his sleep, no longer next to John, but halfway on top of him. 

John moved under him, and he heard a low moan. Oh. 

// 200 writing prompts // @franciskinloch

Girls of Ham // NSFW Headcanons

anon asked:  Hey um thank you for doing that moodboard and I have another request!! Super queer headcannons with the girls(LADIIESSS) of Hamilton?? Mabye a little nsfw if ya know what I mean!! (Lenny face) 💜💜💜 [ Requested by @iloveunicorns64


  • Highkey a top. She likes it to be known that she’s the dominant one.  (She lets you top occasionally, especially if she feels lazy)
  • She’s very into wearing strap-ons so she can give you ‘the full experience’.
  • She has a collection of 'toys’ under her bed which range in both size and ability.
  •  She likes to use ones on you that she knows she can tease you with, or ones that she knows will make you scream.
  • She likes being referred to as “Mistress”. 
  • Not very into PDA or public stuff, she likes her sex life to be personal and between you and her only. 
  • Turn ons: Biting, licking, teasing, hair pulling, being called mistress, submissives. 


  • More of a bottom than a top but she tries really hard!! Give her some time to find her bearings, you’re her first lesbian relationship and her second serious relationship so she’s not too used to it all just yet. 
  • She has a small collection of toys but they’re mainly vibrators. She has yet to learn many things about toys, her own interests, etc!! So don’t rush her. She likes to experiment and take things slowly with you, she wants to please you the best she can
  • Little bit of a light bondage and a public kink  (very slight) 
  • Turn ons: teasing, dirty talk, PDA, Whispering 


  • -Unavailable because Peggy is Panromantic / Polyamorous / Asexual so she wouldn’t engage in sexual intercourse. Sorry!! She’s still a small bean and has some issues with her body - such as low self-esteem but that’s for another time!!


  • She’s a top, it’s not AS obvious but it’s clear to see that she’s either a top or a switch.
  • She is more of a giver than a receiver!!
  • Daddy / Lady / Mistress / Mommy – she’s into it all. Literally, she’s a hardcore top. Love her.
  • Super thicc!! Big boobs, slightly chubby stomach, big thighs [hNNNN <3]
  • She’s huge on  giving aftercare.
  • She lowkey likes shower/bath sex, kitchen sex and obviously hotel sex. She literally takes you on trips  just to take you in the hotel.
come with me - part 2 (Lafayette/reader)

part one

length: 1,812 words

au: Hamiltime

tw: smut

a/n: this was only like my third or fourth time writing smut?  and im ace and i found i was more uncomfortable trying to write detailed smut than i thought i would be?  so if it’s not very good please forgive me!  

p.s. i legit spent more time researching exactly what clothes and undergarments women at the time wore than actually writing the smut so there’s that.  (turns out they didn’t wear underwear.  ya learn something new everyday)

p.p.s. i was thinking of doing an alternate ending where reader ends up with peggy :3

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This set of pistols was owned by the Marquis de Lafayette, who gave them to George Washington. Washington carried them through the Revolutionary War. For a time they were also carried by Andrew Jackson, before ending back up in the hands of the Lafayette family. In 2002 they were auctioned by Christies and sold for $1,986,000.

Lot Description


Marked by Jacob Walster (w. 1761-c.1790), Saarbruck, France (now Germany), circa 1775-1776

Each with octagonal to round barrel of “Damascus” steel embellished with silver and gold wire inlay, the steel locks with chamfered edges and engraved borders, the tails engraved with a panoply of arms, all mounted on European walnut stocks with relief carved detailing holding wooden rammers with bell-shaped horn finials and iron cleaning tips, the first barrel markedWALSTER, the second marked A SAARBRVCK, both housed in an American Black Walnut case, 1830-1847; together with four accompanying manuscripts comprising an envelope addressed to Geo. W. Lafayette; a presentation document signed by J.L. Martin addressed to Geo. W. Lafayette, the verso inscribed by G.W. Lafayette (figs. 8,9); Madame Hennocque’s copy of M. Edmond de Lafayette’s 1890 will (figs. 10,11); a copy of the exhibition catalogue, “Les Etats-Unis & La France au XVIII Siecle” (Paris: Hotel Jean Charpentier, 1929)
17¾in. long (5)


The Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834)
George Washington (1732-1799), by gift
William Robinson (1782-1857), by inheritance
Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), by gift
George Washington Lafayette (1779-1849), by bequest
Edmond Lafayette (1818-1890), son
Antonin de Beaumont (d. 1910), nephew
Marie de Beaumont (Mme. Edmond Hennocque), daughter
Charles Marchal, 1958, by sale
Charles Dresser, a French private collector
Couturier Nicolay Paris (Auctioneers), Collection de Monsieur X: Tres Important Ensemble D'Armes a Feu et D'Armes Blanches du XIVe au XIXe Siecle, 19 October 1983, lot 124

Pre-Lot Text

Presented by the Marquis de Lafayette to George Washington during the American Revolution, these pistols stand as a supreme testament to the enduring friendship between America’s most revered historical figures and their struggle for American Independence. After just a quarter century following Washington’s death, the pistols were recognized as important icons of the New Republic and in 1824 were given to Andrew Jackson in support of his quest for the presidency. Not only did the pistols pay homage to the battlefield successes of America’s first and seventh presidents, but they also provided a symbolic link between military prowess and political leadership. With the return of the pistols to the Lafayette family in the mid-nineteenth century, the pair came to symbolize Franco-American ties and the mutual quest for liberty. Today, the pistols stand as one of the most important pair extant and the story of their illustrious ownership speaks to the ideals and aspirations of America’s founders.


The life-long friendship between George Washington and Lafayette began in August 1777 at a dinner party in Philadelphia.1 Just two months earlier, Lafayette had arrived in South Carolina, a twenty-year old French aristocrat intent on fighting for the American cause. He later recalled,

The moment I heard of America, I lov’d her. The Moment I knew she was fighting for freedom I burnt with a desire of bleeding for her–and the moment I schall be able of serving her in any time or any part of the world, will be among the happiest in my life.

What are the Chances (Lafayette x Reader)

Overview: You meet Lafayette on a flight to France 

Word Count: 1,621

Triggers/Warnings: Swearing, google translate

Author’s Note: Okay so this was only supposed to be on the plane ride and I ignored my brain and I’m really not sure if I like how it turned out or not but might as well post it right

You had been waiting for this trip for the past few months. You were returning to France! For an entire two weeks even! You couldn’t wait to see your old friends again, you missed them so much. You remembered the time you spent in France like it was just a week ago. You lived there for about a year and a half due to something your fathers work called for. You loved it the entire time you were there. It was an easy transition for you because you learned a lot about France and started learning French when you were really young. What were the chances that of all the places you could be stuck with living in it was France? Luckily it was as great as you imagined it with so much history and so many sights. It helped that you were home schooled by your mother so you had more spare time to go out and explore. Man, were you pumped!

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i'd love to hear beauty and the beast stories!

ahem ahem *taps microphone* yes yes hello today i shall spin you guys some good tales about a few of my community theatre shenanigans *stacks papers* let us begin

okay last year the summer musical was Beauty and the Beast, and I got to play LeFou. So, here’s an itemized list of all the backstage antics that took place during that summer *sweet jesus*

• we actually didn’t think this show was even gonna turn out like come tech week we were not even ready; we were working with a cast of like 43 kids and like the set was like 70% done and like none of the little kids were listening to their CD’s; Like we had to rehearse during our dark night until like 9:40 it was i n s a n e; but then like *poof* some crazy disney princess pixie dust magic got sprinkled and we ended up selling out to a sold out crowd all three nights 

• our choreographer has a tattoo of a barcode on the back of his neck and a few of us downloaded barcode scanning apps on our phones and tried to sneak up behind him and scan his neck 

• I got to steal a giant plastic lobster from the fisherman during belle

• all of the smol children in this show were like “you got games on yo phone” and would hunt you down if you did

• for the gaston finale we had plastic mugs and we clinked them to the beat of the song and it was amazing; barcode man was a genius for coming up with that one 

• my costume in this show consisted of blue/green/yellow plaid knickerbockers, a vest with fairly deep pockets, and… *sigh* a bowl cut wig *hello darkness my old friend plays in the distance*

• all the cast parties were held at the Lafayette Hotel, and they had both a pasta bar and a sundae bar (10/10 lasaga)

• all the older kids were obsessed with this vine

• the guy who played gaston in this show was like 6'4 and he could literally drag my tiny 5'3 ass around and we ended up making a lot of cool stunts out of it; we made probably the best gaston/lefou duo this community theater has ever seen (also this guy never learned his lines/music until tech and smelled like ravioli like 40% of the time)

• the cast party after the sunday matinee was like in this big ballroom and there was an audio system for like the whole frickin room. we were able to locate an aux cord and i was able to DJ the party with my spicy tunes (it was basically like all star, rock me amadeus, and the gym battle vs turkey video and that’s it)  

• the socks I wore as LeFou are currently tacked to my wall above my lil theatre shelf

• during the saturday performance my phone was in my vest pocket for like the entire first act; its a true miracle that it didn’t fall out during gaston

• also my homie @nochillian gave me a stuffed lion after closing night which was like super psychic because my next play was wizard of oz, and I was gonna end up playing the lion. #spook. I have a B U N C H of amazing stories from that show too, but I shall create another post for that show if my meme minions desire


     “The most important choice I ever made, the one that’s had the greatest impact on my life, was joining the Navy after high school. I grew up in a small town. My family never took vacations. They worked six days a week and went to church on the seventh.
     “The moment I joined the Navy in Indianapolis, they asked me, ‘Do you want to go to the Great Lakes in Chicago, or do you want to go to San Diego?’
     “I said, ‘San Diego, by all means.’
     "Then, in the military, I travelled to Hong Kong, Japan, and the Philippines. That introduced me to different cultures, expanded me, and opened my horizons. As a consequence, I now get along with everybody. I’ve dated a Black woman, an Afghan woman, and a Filipina.
     “If I had stayed in my small town, I wouldn’t be the way I am today. Where I grew up, right here in White County, the people were all Caucasians— not a single minority in the whole county. Black people were not allowed to stay at a hotel. The nearest places you could see minorities were Lafayette—a few black students at Purdue University—and Logansport, with two or three families. When I moved to California, I was the minority in my apartment building.
     “Now I’ve been traveling extensively for the last eight years. I’ve been all over Asia and Eastern Europe. In November, I’m going on a trip across Russia.
     “Some of the people around here have travelled in the U.S., but they have no desire to travel abroad. The first thing they ask me is, ‘Aren’t you afraid?’ Afraid of what? I’m more afraid in East L.A. than in any of the countries I’ve visited. Some of them never interact with people from other cultures, and I think that’s sad in a way because we’re all human beings.”

Monticello, IN

Operation Royal Retrieval

The Hotel Lafayette in Paris is one of the city’s finest hotels.  Also one of the tallest buildings in Paris.  The whole building was a tribute practically to the relationship between America and France.  Inside the lobby were grand portraits of Lafayette, Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Jefferson.  With the 125th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase going on, red, white, and blue crepe was hung everywhere.  Adjoining the hotel was the equally impressive Eagle Club, an American style night club, bar, ballroom, and lounge.  In addition to the main room, and side dens, there were also private rooms those with membership or money can reserve.  It was one these rooms, the Lincoln Room, that about a dozen men were now gathered, waiting for their special guest.  Some were at the private bar, drinking and shooting the breeze.  Three were playing darts, two were reading, one stood at a window, and the rest were playing poker.

“I’ll call,” says a British gentleman, placing the matching amount of chips in the pot.

“Reckon you would, so I’ll raise you 50,” came the slick reply from an American with a ten gallon hat with a thin mustache.

“I fold,” said a frenchmen.  The other player, a young man with a boyish look about him and looks like he’s barely out of high school, sits with his cards, thinking.

“I’ll raise you a 100,” he says with no emotion.

“I’m out,” says the Britain throwing his cards in.  The Texan and the young man show their cards.

“Three of a kind,” says the Texan.

“Full house,” the kid calmly replies.  The players gasp, even drawing some from the bar.

“Dang it Oliver, how are you good at this.  A youngin’ like shouldn’t even know how to play this game.”

“How do you think the Crosses made their fortune?  We gamble.”

“Yeah but with investments,” said a man from the bar.

“Same thing.”  Oliver’s replay draws a chuckle from the man at the window.  Suddenly, the telephone at the bar rings.  The room goes quiet.  The man at the window walks over as the bartender answers it.

“Hello.  ….  Yes. …. Yes, we’re all waiting.  ….  Good, we’re ready.”  He hangs up.  "Her majesty is here.“  And with that, all the men in the room start tidying up and try to look presentable.  For they were about to come face to face with Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova.