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I hate that I love you - Jack Wilder Imagine

Prompt: Reader is an FBI Special Agent who arrests the four Horsemen along with Agent Fuller after they robbed the bank. Unfortunately Reader has met Jack before and they develop a love-hate-relationship.

Authors note: So this is the first imagine I´m putting up on this blog. I had this idea in my head for quite a long time now and I finally wrote it. It got pretty long tho so I forced myself to stop at one point. Since I´m having a lot more ideas for this story there´s probably gonna be a Part 2. I´m sorry for any typos but its currently 4am and I just spent about 3 hours on this so I don’t really feel like editing it right now. I hope whoever reads this likes it tho.

Fandom: Now you see me

Pairing: Jack Wilder x Reader

Warning: There´s like one cuss word 

Word Count:  1.622

„Alright, let´s get those magicians”, I said to Agent Fuller and the rest of our team. We were at the Aria Hotel ready to arrest the so called Horsemen for robbing a bank at their show last night. I had to admit that I thought Fuller was just messing with me when he told me about them. I mean magicians? C´mon these guys are entertainers. However it didn´t matter what they are. What matters is that they somehow managed to rob a bank in Paris from a Las Vegas stage in less than 10 minutes.  We were standing in front of their door silently nodding at each other and then I kicked the door open.

 “FBI! Hands where I can see them!” Fuller and I screamed at the same time. I don’t know what I was expecting but definitely not this. The Horsemen didn’t even flinch. It was as if they were already expecting us. Merritt McKinney was lying on a couch reading and not even bothering to put his book down. It took Agent Fuller to scream at him again so that he let the book rest on his chest and held his hands up. Daniel Atlas was standing at the window with a deck of cards in his hands. At least he put his hands up even though I did not like that smug look on his face. Jack Wilder was what it looked like sleeping on a chair with his feet on a table. I walked over to him with my gun pointed at his chest as he put his hands in the air. He looked rather bored but as soon as he saw me a grin spread on his face.

 “(Y/N), good to see you again. Look, about that last-“ “It´s Agent (Y/L/N) to you”, I cut him off. “C´mon are we really going to the last name calling? It´s not like I don´t know you.” The other Agents gave me questioning looks I simply decided to ignore. I hadn’t told them that I knew Jack Wilder. After all it was none of their business.

 I met him on my way home a few weeks ago when he `accidentally` bumped into me and wanted to apologize by showing me a little card trick. I like magicians and on top of that he was very handsome so I let him. He told me to pick a card, put it back into the deck and then he started to shuffle it.

 “I´m Jack by the way.” His smile was contagious. “(Y/N)” I replied while he cut the deck with one hand and one card shot out of the middle right into his hand. “Is this your card?” I couldn’t help but grin at him. “This is a phone number.” “Yeah it is and you´re free to keep it” His smile was actually the cutest one I had seen in a very long time.  “You know, you said you were going to show me a card trick to make up for bumping into me. You still don´t know what my card was though so I guess I can´t call you because you didn´t keep your promise which doesn´t change anything about you being that asshole who almost made me fall onto the ground and I´m afraid you being so utterly handsome still doesn´t make up for it.” I crossed my arms smiling at him and waiting for his next move.

 He did look surprised for a split second but his grin didn’t vanish. “Well, if you insist.” With a swift movement of his hand the phone number turned into my card - the ace of hearts – with the slight difference of a number being written across the middle of it. “Now, was this your card?” A laugh escaped my lips and I grabbed the card saying: “I guess it was even though I like this version much better.” He wasn´t that much taller than me but that didn’t change the fact that he was looking down at me with a huge smile across his lips. He was just about to say something opening his mouth but I grabbed his wrist and put it quite high on his back. My smile had faded and so had his. Instead he looked pretty shocked. 

“Woah, hey, hold on, hold on.” I kept quiet for a little longer wanting to hear his excuse. “Were you just trying to steal my wallet?” I asked him not very friendly. Yes, he was handsome and yes, I did enjoy that little flirt but I would not let him steal from me. “What? Why would you think that? I-“ I cut him off getting tired of this. “I´m going to stop you right there. I am an FBI Special Agent and I don’t like it when the bad guys are lying to me. Are you doing this to all the girls? Now listen to me very closely. I will let go of you and you won´t run away, do you understand?” He made a huffed noise which I took as a yes. I let go of his arms and he turned around to face me. 

“What? No apology?” I asked arms crossed once again. “You´re from the FBI?” He asked in awe and I had to keep myself of smiling at him because he just looked too cute with disbelief plastered all over his face. “Does that sound like an apology to you?” I must have looked intimidating because after a few seconds of staring at him he sighed and opened his mouth for what I was expecting an apology. “I´m sorry, (Y/N), but I didn’t try to steal anything from you.” That made me raise up my eyebrows. He was actually going to stick to that story. I knew exactly that he wanted to steal my wallet and yet here he stood telling me he didn’t. Pathetic. 

 “Don´t lie to me, Jack. I know what you were about to do but I´m FBI. I don’t deal with pick-pocketers and it´s been a long day so I really wish this wouldn´t have happened. I like you, Jack, and trust me I would´ve called but whatever. Just go now.” His eyebrows went up in surprise. “Are you serious?” “I am but if I ever see you again I promise you I will put you in handcuffs.” A smile started to form on his face and I couldn´t help but smile back. Even if it was just a small smile. “Either way it was still a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N).” “Wish I could say the same thing about you, Jack.” With a last smile and a wink he turned around and walked away.

 And that´s the story of how I met Jack Wilder. I didn´t know he was one of the Four Horsemen but when Fuller showed me their faces I thought one of them looked oddly familiar and when he told me his name was Jack Wilder I immediately recognized him as the guy who had tried to steal my wallet weeks ago. I had to admit that it was nice seeing his face again. The circumstances weren´t so nice though. 

“Like I said, it´s Agent (Y/L/N).” Just in that moment Henley Reeves appeared at the stairs putting on her jacket causing almost all Agents to point their weapons at her. “Do one of you guys mind giving as a hand with our bags?” She asked while she put her hands up. I didn´t like the tone of her voice but it wouldn´t be of any use to call her out on it so I just focused my attention back to Jack. “Let`s go”, Fuller said and I grabbed Jacks arms making him stand up so I could put him into handcuffs. 

“Last time we saw each other you did promise me you would put me into handcuffs, I just thought my charm would prevent you from doing so and instead you´d go on an actual date with me”, he said while I walked him out of the hotel room and led him downstairs. “Shut up, Wilder.” I couldn´t have him talk to me like that in front of my fellow agents or they would start questioning my authority. “No, I´m serious. I really wanted to ask you out but then that happened. I guess some would say it was the universe that brought us here together once again, don´t you think so?” He was messing with me just like McKinney was messing with Fuller but somehow he managed to get the idea of going on a date with him into my head and I couldn´t stop thinking about it. “I said shut the fuck up!” “Hey, no need to scream. I was just stating the fact that I find you very attractive, alright. However I already made myself clear about that last time, didn´t I?”

 These Horsemen had all of this planned, I could feel it. None of them were surprised or showed even the slightest change of emotion when we entered their room and now they were all talking to us as if we were not arresting them. Something was going on and I did not like it. When I sat back in the car next to Fuller he was giving me a questioning look. “Drive.” I didn´t feel like talking right now especially because I knew that he wanted to talk about Jack Wilder and if I did I might accidentally tell him something I didn´t want to speak out loud. Jack Wilder had been spinning around my head since the day I first met him and seeing him again like this didn´t make things any easier for me. God forbid when I need to interrogate him.

L'hotel all'aria aperta in Svizzera

“Quando sei qui con me, questa stanza non ha più pareti, ma alberi, alberi infiniti” cantava Gino Paoli. In Svizzera, però, per vivere in una stanza senza pareti, ma con alberi non serve che ci sia la donna della nostra vita. (Credits – Caters)

L’hotel all’aria aperta in Svizzera

E’ il nuovo Null Stern Hotel, un albergo plain air, cioè senza pareti né soffitti. Una stanza immersa nel verde dei monti elvetici.

Source: Yahoo Notizie

Un albergo senza stelle e con la camera senza bagno, ma per la quale le prenotazioni sono esplose, con tempi di attesa lunghissimi.

Source: Yahoo Notizie

Perché il Null Stern Hotel, alla fine, è solo un letto matrimoniale con comodino e lampade, posizionato in cima alla montagna.

Source: Yahoo Notizie

I comfort? Un cameriere al proprio servizio, una cassaforte e la possibilità di chiedere una televisione, dove però non c’è il digitale.

Source: Yahoo Notizie

L’albergo si trova sulla vetta Göbsi a Gonten e nasce dal progetto degli artisti concettuali Frank e Patrik Riklin e da Daniel Charbonnier.

Source: Yahoo Notizie

Una notte nel Nulla Stern Hotel costa 295 franchi svizzeri, quindi circa 270 euro, cena compresa.

Source: Yahoo Notizie

Source: Yahoo Notizie

Source: Yahoo Notizie

Source: Yahoo Notizie

“Quando sei qui con me, questa stanza non ha più pareti, ma alberi, alberi infiniti” cantava Gino Paoli. In Svizzera, però, per vivere in una stanza senza pareti, ma con alberi non serve che ci sia la donna della nostra vita.

Source: Yahoo Notizie

Jack the Stripper

This took me a little while to write after being a little too inspired after a Magic Mike XXL movie night. Why the hell not? I don’t see any other good crossover about assassins as strippers. Inspired by Magic Mike XXL and [link]. Hope you enjoy!

Some nice visuals since they are heavily referenced. [X] [X] [X]

Gift for @thatonetenant the love loser of my life.

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My initial suspicion

They’re presenting Charlotte as a reformed bad guy, so therefore there’s no reason why she’d leave the house to meet someone unless it was a) someone she trusts, or b) someone who she wants to make amends with.

People she would trust:

- Ali (can’t be Ali, she was at home with Charlotte)

- Jason (he’s “out of town” but no proof on that)

- Dr. Rollins (this is a likely possibility as there have been hints that Uber A is…ugh… a new character)

People she would want to make amends with:

- Hanna, Emily, Spencer (they were in the hotel all night)

- Aria (she left the hotel room but obviously it isn’t her because if it was, we wouldn’t find out about it in the second episode of the storyline, and they’re talking about it next week)

- Mona

- Sara Harvey

With all of that in mind, my suspects are Dr. Rollins, Mona, and Sara Harvey. It’s far too early to think about motive. The only one with a true motive right now is Mona, but I’m sure we’ll have potential motives for the other two soon.

I don’t apologize for my persistent ways. I want to live so badly and madly. Sweet dreams. I have an early day at Hotel Monteleone - Spa Aria massaging. 😴😴😴😴

Pll 612 review and thoughts

Favorite line before the credits: Hanna  - “She’s lying.Just like she lied about having Swedish syndrome”

Hanna eying Aria for hiding the fact that she left the hotel last night

‘Can she really not sign her own name? ‘ - Spencer

‘She was living out in the world. She chose to help Charlotte torture us.’ - Hanna Did the writers finally give us some truth via Hanna!

We get it. Sara Harvey exists. She really has to have a scene in every episode? F*CK. Why. Why. Why. I’m upset.Sara Harvey is an infuriating character.

Speaking of characters making me upset..not Sara Harvey level but..Aria WTF. You straight up lie to Hanna. Then you try to convince her SHE remembers it wrong and was drunk, and then YOU mess up the details of the night? just. Wow.

Caleb and Spencer. I know most Spoby & Haleb shippers hate this pairing, and I could do without it. I would rather they were friends. It’s clear there is more, and they seem to have some cute chemistry/

Sara Harvey again? Are you kidding me? all she does it look at people.

Charlotte had her neck broken by blunt force trauma before being thrown from the bell tower. - According to Rosewood PD.

I wish Emily would give her mom a hug when she sees her like that.

I love that Hanna has been honest with Jordan. I love Haleb and was hoping not to like Jordan but he seems sweet and Hanna seems happy. She is in love, she in engaged. I will root for where the character is in life right now. I would not hate a Haleb reunion either, but no cheating please. I like Hanna’s character too much for her to do that to her fiance.

Aria: Straight to Ezra’s to get her story straight and she demands he lie for her.

‘You didn’t call me’ (there are phone records Aria), ‘I didn’t leave the hotel’(Security Tapes!), ‘we didn’t walk’(Other people and their eyesight) or’ talk anywhere.’

A depressed Exza agrees.

What is wrong with Emily? At first I thought Diabetes. But she said travel puts a lot of stress on the body, it’s really best if you complete your treatments in one place. That does not sound like diabetes to me. Any guesses ? ‘I really need this to work’ - Emily

‘Finger nails were wiped clean, and so were her hands.’

Rosewood PD took Sara Harvey off the suspect list because she could not have done it on account of her hands. Do they not consider the man that has been guiding her everywhere?

‘She was still angry with Charlotte’ - Ali

Hold the F up. Aria gets to be angry with Charlotte for as long as she wants. Charlotte tortured her for years. For no reason. 

‘I saw her dad this morning’ - Alison. She saw Byron? Why? and he told her Aria left one day earlier than planned?

The dinner thing is nice for them to do for Alison, to show friendship and support for her loss.

Aria and Liam. Ehn. Cute enough. Not feeling a real spark.I hope Emily and new blonde girl won’t become a thing. It feels forced.

“Ezra Fitz was my high school English teacher” - Aria . Soo..Ezra writes the book or Aria is out a job?..blah storyline..blah

So they are really emphasizing the girls are adults. 4 bottles of wine. Why would Ali have to debooze the place for Charlotte? She didn’t have an alcohol problem, she had a torture strangers problem.

‘Let’s say Grace. Thank you for this heavenly food. Thank you to all those who are working tirelessly to seek justice for Charlotte. Thank you for helping the police find charlotte’s killer and anyone who could be protecting him or her’ - Alison

Emily sees Aria go up to Ezra’s Apartment at the Brew. Her mom sees her phone  - a reminder for a doctor’s appointment, Emily lies to her mom and tells her nothing is wrong.

Aria asks Ezra where he went after she went back to the hotel. He looks away and says he went home.

Caleb sleeps on the couch at Spencers . They met 3 years ago in Madrid.’ Best night in Europe. Mine too. Hands down.’ - Spencer and Caleb

Hanna gets the girls footage of Aria and Ezra at the hotel. Aria gets confronted. Stop lying Aria. They have proof. Stop lying.She middle of the night calls Ezra. Ugh.Ezra and Aria spy a blonde who Aria thinks is Alison, and Ezra says is Charlotte. I have a different idea…

Ezra is angry. Red herring much?… ‘he told me he went home afterwards..he was so angry..Spencer thinks she told Ezra how to commit the murder, by showing him her murder essay.

NOBODY CAN SEE THAT SECURITY FOOTAGE - Aria. lies to her friends, and then wants their help hiding the truth.

Emily flunked two classes and they took her scholarship away after her father passed away. I feel so bad for Emily. Why did they have to kill off Wayne? Why not give Emily any other story line?!?

SARA F-ing Harvey again? are you kidding me? that is the third damn stare down scene!

Aria checks the usb drive. Is that proof of Nicole’s death?Hanna does another favor I feel is going to bite her in the ass. She deletes the footage of Aria at the hotel.

Ali calls Lorenzo over. Wow she just has a cop-on-speed-dial. She is going to rat on her friends. The same ones who have lied for her time and time again.

You know who I think left the roses? not A. not Uber A. Just Jason Dilaurentis. As Fucked up as he is, and as screwed over as he was by family, he still showed up to her grave and brought flowers, maybe for closure. That is my big guess on the ‘Sir’ in the ending. Hes on my pll wish list for the ‘sir’ at the end of the episode. Who is on yours?