hotel aquarium

Vacation Trip!!

Yeahhh, tomorrow I’m finally going to visit another country! To someone that never left her own state this is awesome lol. I’m kinda nervous because I’ve never been in a plane before and this will be a 14 hour trip! But I think it will be okay ^^ I’m going to visit Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Berlin, it will be tiring but I guess it’s worth it lol

Well anyway…thing is, I’m going to be away from my computer for some days so no comics or digital stuff,  but I’ll definitely try to draw some traditional pics on my free time and post here on Tumblr if I can ^^

The lesson in breathing, is never using control
Seconds to misplaced I’ve never been so unsure
To you, to you I hold

Now I know that I’m alive
All the loneliness is filled by you inside
And as I finally breathe the air
You open up my eyes
Now I’m alive

- Falling up


Music Video:
“Hotel Aquarium” by Falling Up


Artist: Falling Up

Song: Hotel Aquarium

Album: Captiva

Year: 2008