hotdog sandwiches

some nice romance free keith and shiro headcanons

  • shiro was an avid couponer pre-kerberos and used to just give keith sandwich bags full of coupons to use “it’s a 7 boxes for three dollars special on hamburger helper” “shiro i hate hamburger helper”
  • keith is constantly constantly turning the light off when he leaves a room even though shiro is still in there
  • keith and shiro have lots of inside jokes because they knew each other pre-voltron 
  • they have a secret handshake but it’s really embarrassing and keith hates doing it - “you were stranded on an alien ship for a year how do you even remember this”
  • the only person allowed to touch keith’s hair is shiro when he does his patented dad hair ruffle™ 
  • shiro frequently and very loudly expresses his disapproval of keith living in a desert shack alone for a year- “you know because if you live in the desert by yourself like someone i know you might get stung by a scorpion and die like an asshole ” “just say my name shiro everyone knows you’re talking about me”
  • alien: insults shiro - keith: say that again you fucking punk i’ll rip your intestines out so what if you’re 9 feet tall and have laser eyes  - shiro: carrying keith away while keith continues to talk shit
  • shiro feels really shitty a lot of the time but he’s always trying to keep it together, keith knows better so he reminds shiro to get some rest and to eat and stuff 
  • shiro: i didn’t raise you to be this petty keith: actually you did
  • keith is constantly making jokes about not having a family and being an orphan because he Doesn’t Care but he lives for shiro’s scandalized expression
  • when shiro is really mad he calls keith by his first and last name and it instills fear into keith’s very bones
  • keith: roasts someone out of the blue shiro: i apologize on behalf of my son
  • keith is naturally a loner so the other paladins have fun a lot without him and shiro is always trying to get him to join them because he’s a really nice kid and he wants to see him be happy with friends
  • shiro is the only person who 100% knows about keith being autistic and he checks in with him to make sure he’s not overstimulated or on the verge of a meltdown/shutdown
  • shiro has blackmail on keith for embarrassing things he’s done 
  • one of the embarrassing things is crying at the lorax movie 
  • this is his secret weapon but keith never gives him a reason to use it
  • shiro goes out and yells at the others if they’re being too loud and he notices keith getting agitated 
  • shiro tried to do that thing with keith where you put cucumbers on your eyes to decrease puffiness but keith just. ate the cucumber slices.
  • *a really stressful day on the ship* keith: in a bad mood shiro: hands keith a snickers shiro: you’re not you when you’re hungry
  • sometimes when shiro is having a really bad day keith will hug him and he’s really bad at it it’s like having a suitcase placed on your back and it cheers shiro up because he knows keith doesn’t like hugging people or being Soft but he’s trying to make him feel better and shiro appreciates that
  • shiro: hey i saw you smile at lance earlier and-  keith: not. another. word.
  • sometimes keith falls asleep on the couch and shiro picks him up and brings him to his bed and tucks him in
  • shiro keeps trying to teach keith japanese and keith is like “for the last time no i have enough trouble with english” bonus: keith eventually picks up on a few phrases and says them without warning and it makes shiro So Happy
  • when someone says something ridiculous they give each other the Are You Fucking Serious stare
  • “you’re not my dad!” *dramatic gasp* “why did you all do that he’s literally not my dad.”
  • they play checkers a lot
  • keith: shiro i know bigfoot is real i know it shiro: i know buddy
  • shiro, putting a hand on each of keith’s shoulders: calm  
  • shiro: tells a joke keith: haha oh shiro you’re so funny someone else: tells the same joke keith: that was the worst joke i’ve ever heard
  • shiro tries to tell the group jokes and keith always ruins it because he calls out the punchline before anyone else has a chance because he’s heard him tell those jokes so many times
  • keith is constantly revealing minorly embarrassing things about shiro to the others - ”did you guys know shiro loves the song “never gonna give you up” - ”one time shiro bought ten pairs of crocs” - ”one time shiro literally slipped on a banana peel” - ”shiro knows every word of the hannah montana pilot” 
  • keith loves cats and back at the garrison shiro finds keith with like. 9 cats one day bc apparently they’re all his Children and he feeds them secretly and keith is like :0 bc he’s petting like all of the cats at once and shiro has Discovered him and they’re named things like mocha and tetris
  • every time keith backtalks shiro shiro goes “i can’t believe you’re doing this to the guy who brought you to see three days grace four times”
  • keith: kicks an alien’s ass  shiro internally: they grow up so fast
  • they argue a lot because shiro was raised to not wear shoes in the house and keith just. sleeps with his shoes on like a barbarian
  • shiro firmly believes hotdogs are sandwiches and it makes keith so mad one time shiro said that and he just got in his lion and left

黒子のバスケ J-WORLD Collection Ver. Special ‘16-'17

These are the menus for the latest KnB event in J-WORLD featuring the boys in their special attire. Certain dishes are only available for a given time frame.

Sales Period: February 1 (Wednesday) to February 23 (Thursday)

  • Kuroko’s Lunchtime Special Basket
  • Akashi’s Tomato Pasta & Gratin-Stuffed Tomato Special Combo

Sales Period: February 24 (Friday) to March 17 (Friday)

  • Kagami’s Special Ginger Pork & Roast Beef Bowl (with American Hotdog)
  • 「It’s Horikita Mai-chan, not Horuichi Mako-chan!」 Katsu Sandwich & Grilled Hotdog Combo Plate
  • Murasakibara’s Purple Cabbage and Chicken, Maiubo Sandwich Wrap Special Plate

Sales Period: March 18 (Saturday) to April 9 (Sunday)

  • Kise’s Seafood Special Paella (with Onion Gratin Soup)
  • Midorima’s Crab Meat Over Tomato Cream Pasta
Blackpink as types of bffs

Jennie: the mom friend. Will always make sure you got enough food on your plate. Might appear cold sometimes but she lowkey cares a lot for you. Will give you a judging bitch face when you crack lame jokes even though she secretly finds them funny.

Jisoo: dinner dates. So many of them. Any time of the day. “I’m kinda hungry let’s grab some food I heard there’s this new Italian restaurant?” Stare contests that end in weird grimaces. “You don’t think I can eat 50 chicken wings ? OH LEMme show you” -“no jisoo don’t” always protect this smol bean okay.

Rosé: might sing 24/7 when you’re hanging out but you gotta appreciate it okay I mean your ears will probably thank you. Lots of outdoor activities like going to the amusement park or picnicking. Also lots of random jokes that are actually funny.

Lisa: idk but I think of playing mario kart. Or like games in general. Lots of games when being rather at home, enjoying a lazy day with pizza, blankets, pillows and netflix. And mario kart. Deep conversations about life and questions like “are hotdogs sandwiches?”

anonymous asked:

We just got our annual review and one of their comments was I need to work on time management but they constantly put me on snacks. Which means I need to make hotdogs sandwiches and chicken bites/mozzarella sticks and they all have a different hold time. They also want me to keep everything in code and not run out of everything then do coffee and fill out coffee island but I just don't have time when I need to come back to the Oven every 45 minutes to make bagelmelts (sorry if this is confusing)

Apparently they want Sonic The Hedgehog on the payroll. Good thing he doesn’t exist or we’d all be out of a job. No one can do their job quickly if they have more on their plate than is reasonable. Fuck them. -Abby

Things I have learned about Zim

As I prepare to cosplay as Zim (my roommate cosplaying alongside me as Dib), I strived to learn all that I could about the character and his alien race.

These are facts confirmed by Jhonen Vasquez and/or mentioned/implied facts from the series and/or in recorded commentary.

- Zim’s eyes have occular implants
- Irkens can heal from injuries rapidly.
- PAKs are really where Irken’s intelligence and personality comes from, almost like the PAK is an encoded soul for the actual “shell”
- Irken innards are really only made up of one super organ, ie the “squeedly spooch” which is made up of four different, yet connected tracks, and possesses all the necessary functions for breaking down food, circulating blood, etc.
- Irken blood is a translucent pink color
- When an Irken is made Almighty Tallest, their thumb is amputated.
- Zim’s “teeth” are not really teeth, but rather fleshy nodules.
- Irkens do not require sleep as their PAKs continuously work and process data.
- Irkens have a strict diet of foods with high amounts of carbohydrates and/or sugars, though throughout the series Irkens have been seen eating sandwiches, hotdogs, pizza, and taquitos. Perhaps these foods differ between Irk and Earth preparation. (NO BEANS!!)
- Though it is shown that water hurts him in “The Wettening”, Jhonen has said it’s the contaminants in the rainwater that hurt him.
- Irkens have the capability to show love
- Zim is nearly 200 years old
- Zim is at full height and will grow no taller
- Dib is Zim’s greatest motivation for his mission of Earth’s conquest
- Zim is ambidextrous 

Reasons to Love Brianne Jenner
  1. Is the captain of the Calgary Inferno, which should be enough reason, but I’ll go on anyway
  2. Described herself as nerdy
  3. Is awkward as hell but very nice
  4. Big fan of CBC’s Baroness von Sketch Show but doesn’t like Coronation Street
  5. Admits she would last less than 5 minutes in the hunger games
  6. Has a crush on Elsa from Frozen, which is incredibly embarassing but also super cute
  7. Would title her autobiography Brianne Jenner: Glutten-free but Full of Love
  8. Really loves her mom
  9. Thinks hotdogs are NOT sandwiches and is 100% correct
  10. Hates Donald Trump
  11. Took a “Who Said It: Donald Trump of Lucille Bluth?” quiz and said it was the hardest test she’s ever taken.
  12. Graduated from Cornell with a degree in Government. Is currently working on getting her Master’s at University of Calgary
  13. Doesn’t smile a lot but when she does 💯💯💯💯
  14. If you’re American, stop reading now

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“Look, I just really need you to settle a debate for me right now,” Archie said, waving his half-eaten sub around, “Me and my dad can’t seem to agree on this, and I reckon he’s wrong so I want someone else to hopefully back my corner, alright?” The man took a sip of his coffee, something that was definitely needed after a hectic morning within the morgue, before looking at the person next to him dead in the eyes. “Is a hotdog a sandwich?”

michael-the-depressed-mess  asked:

Horde, or Alliance? Favorite ninja turtle? Star trek or star wars? Are hotdogs considered sandwhiches? Is cereal considered soup? What are you looking forward too? Do you like breakfast?

I don’t know what the first two are. I never watched the ninja turtles. Star Wars all the way. Hotdogs are not a sandwich, in my opinion. Cereal is not a soup, I am looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy tomorrow and yes, I love breakfast.