hotdog love

Okay, but

Why does nobody ever talk about the toilet paper?

I mean just look at him

He’s so happy

How could you say no to that face?


He’s even cute when he’s scared shitless



He’s so pure

Just Ask - Part 4

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Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: Sorry this took forever to post, I went home to my parents’ for the weekend and I’m in the process of moving so there’s just a lot going on and I’m just broken. I’ll have the next few parts queued up :)

@bovaria totally called it, damn!

Part 3

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stydiagrounder  asked:

do betty and jughead have feelings for each other in the comics?? or something like that

Betty and Jughead’s relationship has evolved throughout the 75 years of comics history. In the earlier years, they have a hella ton of covers together where it shows how Betty is always coming on to Jughead, but Jughead is averse to all forms of human affections, particular from the “female species”. xD However, it also shows that they do go on dates together, but with Jughead’s main intention is to eat the food that Betty prepares haha…

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Once that era slowly phased out…their relationship evolved to a more close buddies/confidant roles…where Jughead and Betty are usually open to each other about their feelings and thoughts…especially when it involves Archie. Jughead is usually the one who consoles Betty whenever she gets ditched by Archie for Veronica…or the one who’s with her whenever she and Archie is on a rough break….

and that happens so frequently that over time…readers (and even the writers) realised that it’s usually Jughead who will console her or take her side whenever Archie mistreats her….and they expressed that they wouldn’t mind Betty and Jughead together. Even Hotdog loves Betty! hehe

In more than one occasion, Jughead expressed how Betty is the only one he’d make exceptions for, and that he has a soft spot for her in those comic panels.

It’s comic canon where he said she’d be the only girl he’d willingly kiss, and he always butters her up and praises her… 

He even asked her to marry him at the age of 14 lol….albeit for her food and cooking skills, but still….;) the comics are usually done for laughs and for comic intentions, so they wouldn’t really delve too deep into real feelings the main staple is still the Betty/Archie/Veronica love triangle, and they wouldn’t want to do something drastic to alter that. Of course there’s lots of other iterations of Archie comics universe….but i’m mostly referring to the classic archie comics.

I’ve got hella comic strips throughout the years of reading Archie comics that I could go on forever haha….but i’ll stop here. If you want, go back to my past archived posts where i’ve reblogged almost every Bughead related comic strip there is on tumblr lol.

Personally, i love this pairing based on how Jughead is Ace and that his only love in life is food, but knowing that he has a huge soft spot for Betty Cooper. Platonic or otherwise, as long as we get to see their close relationship, i’m contented with that. ;)

anonymous asked:

i found your fics years ago and it went something like this: "hey blackice! Neat this plot sounds cool. Oh WOW lots of chapters! Oh my god its a SERIES! That was a great series lets see if this rad writer did anything else. HOly hotdogs batman look at all these fics!!!" and that's the story of how I spent the better part of like 2 weeks reading everything on your AO3

“Holy hotdogs batman” is going to become a new phrase in this house.

I just thought that you should know what you’ve been responsible for Glen hearing on a regular basis from here on in. :D

Also omg so glad you enjoyed the huge amount of wordage on the AO3 account like there’s a fuckton there and I often feel bad for any newcomers who aren’t used to reading huge amounts who look at my wordcounts for the first time but I honestly think 99% just quietly click out of the tab and find something a lot easier to read so god bless you