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coolman_coffeedan: Life sucks when ur the dancing hotdog’s son 🌭😪

Underneath the Same Sun ☼

Okay so this fic is inspired by the amazing headcanons @t0ziers​ wrote. And encouraged by a comment on said post by @richietoaster. Honestly I fell in love with the idea of a long distance Reddie AU and knew I had to write it. But I wanted to write it from Richie’s point of view. And some other facts are different. whoops.  Also huge shoutout to my name twin, @buttercup-irwin for inspiring me in general to write fics. This is my first official one. Here goes nothing ~

Chapter One  Chapter Two ✧ Chapter Three

Words ;; 1,824 ・゚ Pairing ;; Richie Tozier / Eddie Kaspbrak  & some hints of Stan Uris / Bill Denbrough (It)  ・゚  Warnings ;; Strong language, Talk of penises, 18 y/o boys kissing (omg)  ・゚

❝ — Richie Tozier knew he wasn’t internet famous. In the grand scheme of things, his shitty meme blog and dead vine account were nothing compared to all the models on Instagram paid to post pictures of their abs. But damn, 4,000 followers and some change was nothing to sneeze at in Tumblr terms. And he did it all without posting porn. His best friend, Stan, might not understand just how big of a deal that it is, but his followers knew he was top tier. If you weren’t following ‘trxshmouth’ - you were causing yourself a disservice.

Out of all those 4,000 followers Richie had, he almost never spoke to any of them. He had mutuals that would sometimes tag him in their posts or follow forevers. But no one really, honestly knew the man behind the memes. That was until ‘pastelgazebo’ followed him. 

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benpoe- summertime jobs

After Ben and Poe get into a little trouble, Leia makes them get a summertime job to make up for it… they always find good ways of passing the time when they are together. [hotdogs in the back room]

The Signs as 2017 memes

Aries: He protec, He attac

Taurus: NEVER judge a book by its cover

Gemini: Dancing Hotdog

Cancer: The floor is lava

Leo: Salt Bae

Virgo: “It”

Libra: Disloyal Boyfriend

Scorpio: The Babadook

Sagittarius: tHe ChICkEN spONgEbOB MemE

Capricorn: Nothing but respect for MY president

Aquarius: Cracking open a cold one with the Boys

Pisces: “Fireflies” by Owl City