reasons why criminal minds should NOT have inter-team romantic relationships
  • it ruins the family dynamic of the team
  • as viewers, we don’t watch for the romance. we watch for the uniqueness of each case and the dynamic of all these characters put together as a team
  • yes, a lot of us ship inter-team romances but we are content with our headcannons and fanfics, we don’t want this show to become something its not
  • the family dynamic of all of the characters is the most important part of this show, please don’t ruin that.
  • we DON’T watch for romance
  • it ruins the family dynamic of the team
  • overall, it ruins criminal minds as a tv show.

OKAY but can you imagine hotch having all the photos saved on his phone that had been taken of him with emily over the years?

and can you imagine rossi having this photo secretly saved on his phone from when they all went out and gotten drunk one night?

and can you imagine rossi sending this photo to hotch after he’d secretly taken it?

can you imagine hotch taking out his phone and looking at these photos when he’s having a bad day, just so he’d have something to smile at?

and can you imagine him having the last photo framed and sitting in the top drawer of his desk, so he’d only have to open it to see her?

because even when she wasn’t looking she was the most incredible thing he’d ever seen

can you imagine?