I really love Beth here.  How she sensed.  Especially the way she touched Aaron.  Chest and arm.  Reassuringly.  Supportively.  And the way she waved to Sean.  While Jack seemed reflect his father’s feeling, Beth was trying to be supportive for both Aaron and Sean.  This scene makes me feel how close Aaron and Beth have become.  How Aaron feels at ease with Beth.  How Beth understands Aaron.  This little scene shows it perfectly and I love it.

I wish there was a scene Aaron went back to New York for Jack and Beth and seeing Sean at the end of the finale.  Because I’m sure Hotch rushed back to  New York after the funeral party.


- Hotch and Beth Moment: 7.10 The Bittersweet Science *the chase is part of it*


Hotch and Beth Moment: 8.23 Brother Hotchner *I love you.*

Her face in the last .gif…  I love that hearing “I love you.” from him seems makes her a little more warm and happy.   I feel Hotch doesn’t easily say these 3 words.  When he says it, he really mean it.  He didn’t say it one year ago, in quite similar situation.  We didn’t hear it last time we see them.  This seems not the first time she hear it from him, but this is the first time we hear it from him other than to Jack for a long time.  I feel it special.  Of course it is the proof of them getting closer but I feel more than that.  I feel for Hotch to say “I love you” is really special.  And I really love how we hear it.