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For anon…reader is a flight attendant as requested, enjoy! Okay, can I just say how much I love the whole father/son love on this show because it literally kills me with all the love that goes one *swooning*

You smiled as you returned to the seat for what had to be the seventeenth time in the last hour, easy. Normally, you would have probably been irritated beyond all repair. However, this ride was different. The man had seemed genuinely confused to his hitting the call button. After the fifth time, you had exchanged names with him and his son. The attractive brunet was sheepishly smiling at you as you crouched slightly.

“Is there anything I can do?” you asked genuinely.
“I,” Aaron paused to laugh, “I’m very sorry. I seem to keep hitting the call button.”
Jack smiled. “He keeps moving it.”
“Really?” you asked the boy.
He nodded. “Yeah. He seems nervous.”

You hid a chuckle as Aaron lowered his head briefly. Jack just beamed at you two. The man raised his head again.

“Again, I’m so sorry for bothering you.”
You bit on your lip slightly. “Don’t be,” you paused, “Might be easier just to give you my phone number.”

You winked at Aaron as his cheeks tinted a light red. Quickly pulling out a notepad, you scribbled your number and handed to him.

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Author: @jkqueenly

little oneshot/fic because I loved this gif so much.

Warnings: fluff, mentions of pregnancy, engagement etc but mostly just all around good feelings.

A/N: pairings Hotch x reader THIS IS NOT PART OF THE ORACLE SERIES! I needed some love and I thought maybe you would like some too

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“Morgan!” Aaron called. He held the ball to his chest, running parallel with Rossi, Morgan, and Jack.

Rossi tried to block the pass as it arched over him, barely grazing the ball with his fingertips.

Morgan jumped and caught it with ease, landing roughly but still on his feet.

“Come on Jack!” Rossi called, falling back after the failed attempt to get the ball.

“It’s all you buddy!” I yelled, clapping and cheering him on as he did his best to outrun his father and Morgan.

Watching from under the big tree I could keep tabs on everyone across the field. I could see the boys playing pull-ball, (a game from my childhood I’d taught to Jack a few months ago) and still be able to watch Reid, JJ, Henry and Prentiss playing with a frizbee a safe distance away from the rough game.

The field erupted into cheers when Jack saved a point by managing to yank the ball out of Morgan’s arms. He waved the ball in the air as Aaron paraded him around on his shoulders in a victory lap.

I smiled and turned my focus back to the blanket where Penelope was putting out the final touches for the rare day the team would be absolutely and completely away from the horror of their jobs.

“Don’t youjust love seeing them in action?” I asked Penelope, sitting back against the trunk and taking a sip of water.

“Oh, you have no idea. They never cease to amaze me with their abilities.” Penelope looked at her family fondly, her smile filling every inch of her. “Well, I’m ready for them to come back and eat, are you?”

“You bet.” I stood up and whistled, catching everyone’s attention, before waving at them to come eat.

Jack made it up the short hill first, earning an extra fruit roll-up, as promised. “Y/N!” He said as he sat down next to me. “Did you see? I won! And they didn’t have to go easy on me!”

“Wow Jack, that’s amazing! It’s a good thing my leg is broken, I would probably lose since you’ve gotten so good!” I pulled him closer and rubbed a hand through his hair.

“Y/N!” He moaned as I started braiding the loose hairs behind his ears.

“What? I thought you liked it when I did this?”

“Only when we’re at home,” Jack explained, tugging on my hands gently.

“Oohh, gotcha.” I let him go and passed him his lunch.

Penelope started handing out the other sandwiches and everyone settled into their places on the blanket.

Aaron sat on my other side, with an arm behind my back. “Now you’re all settled I have an announcement to make.” He paused for a moment, letting the team try to figure it out before saying it.

I could hardly stand the suspense even though I already knew what he was going to say.

“I’ve asked Y/N to marry me.”

“Yeah, tell me something I don’t already know,” Spencer teased, grinning slightly.

Everyone laughed, followed by a slew of congratulations.

After everyone had eaten I decided it was time. “Well… Aaron’s not the only one with news,” I began. I added a pause too, it was fun to watch the team think. Penelope got there first.

Penelope gasped, her hands covered her mouth as a tiny squeak passed her lips. “You’re not,” she whispered, hope making her curls shake with excitement.

I put one hand on my stomach and the other onto Aarons leg. “I am indeed! I’m due in October.”

The group was silent for a second, then the noise returned with vigor.

“You are? Really?” Aaron asked, smiling at me with a little bit of genuine surprise.

“I thought you knew?”

“No, I didn’t, but I know now.” He smiled again, real happiness showing in his eyes. He kissed me softly on the mouth then pressed a kiss to the top of my head.

“See Hotch?” Spencer said, smiling more than I’d seen in a while. “Y/N knows how to make an announcement.”

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The Secret

A/N: This is based on an imagine from @imaginingcriminalminds, “Imagine Jack telling you Hotch has a thing for you.” This one is pretty long, it kinda got away from me. Oh well. Enjoy! :)

You knocked on SSA Aaron Hotchner’s door and your insides involuntarily twisted in anxiety. You should not be nervous. You see him every day at work. He is your boss. You are only here to pick him up because his car is in the shop. Oh, and he is also the man that you have had the most HUGE middle school style crush on for the past year. No big deal.

You take a deep breath and then hear a clicking from the other side of the door. The door opened wide to reveal Hotch, smiling gratefully at me.

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Requested by @sophiiev - #3 and #36 with Hotch? :))
Prompts – 3 – ‘Oh, shit.’
                 36 – ‘Jesus. You are insane.’

Word Count – 227

Characters – Hotch x Reader

You were standing on the counter trying to reach the pasta that was at the top off the cupboard and since Hotch wasn’t hear you had to get it yourself, which was a lot harder when you tiny compared to him and he liked to place the food up high. You finger tips were just touching it when a voice spoke from behind you.
‘You only had to ask.’ The voice said, you jumped and nudged the pasta further back.
‘Oh, shit.’ You said and you peaked your head around the cupboard door.
‘Well you weren’t here and since you like sticking it up high, I had no other chose.’ You said as you watched him smiling. He watched as you stood up cautiously and grabbed the pasta. You turned around and jumped back down not very gracefully.
‘Jesus. You are insane.’ Hotch replied as he just witnessed the whole ungraceful jump.
‘Shut up.’ You retorted.
‘If you hadn’t placed it so high, it be okay.’ You said as you closed the cupboard door. You heard him chuckle.
‘Fine, you laugh all you want but you’re making the pasta now,’ You said as you placed the pasta down in front of him. He placed his arms around you and trapped you between him and the counter.
‘And who says I will.’ He said as he leant forward for a kiss but you pulled back.
‘You’re making it or you don’t get any kisses.’ You said. He sighed.
‘Fine.’ He sighed. You patted his chest.
‘Good boy.’ You said with a smirk and you ducked and walked over to watch TV with Jack who had just came home.

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Music Education

Title: Music Education

Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Summary: Hotch and Jack come over to listen to some music. You and Hotch have a difference of opinion.

A/N: So this is a little personal to me. I remember when Hotch mentioned his favorite album was The White Album by the Beatles and just being astounded.

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For Us

Characters: Hotch x Reader, Jack, other team members
Words:  1137
Requested by Anonymous:   May I please get a Hotch x Reader where the reader is pregnant and trying to find a way to tell him but then Aaron gets seriously injured and the reader tells him he has to stay alive for her, Jack and the baby?

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         “Good morning,” you smiled when you saw Aaron walk into the kitchen where you were making breakfast and getting Jack’s lunch packed.

           “Good morning,” he smiled, kissing your cheek.

           “Ready to eat?” you asked, putting some bacon and eggs on his plate.

           “So ready,” he said, putting his arms around your waist.

           You wondered if he could tell or if it was still too soon for any amount of noticeable difference. You still needed to figure out the right time and way to tell him the good news, but you weren’t sure yet.

           “Jack, come eat your breakfast so you can get to school,” you called to your stepson, your bonus son as you liked to call him.

           Jack came into the room, “What did you make for lunch?” he asked.

           “A turkey sandwich, some barbecue chips, some grapes, and a little surprise; don’t tell your dad,” you winked at him.

           Jack smiled, knowing you had put one of his favorite dessert cakes into his lunch, “Thanks, Y/N.”

           “You’re welcome, Kiddo.”

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A Good Day Off

A/N: This was requested by @pettylivesmatter. This is a day of just you and Hotch chilling. I hope you like it. Thanks :)

You woke up to the feeling of your boyfriend’s arms tightening around your waist. His nose was buried in your hair and your bodies were pressed together. You had both slept in. The two of you worked for the BAU and you did not get many days off, so any day that you could spend with Aaron Hotchner, was a good day. Fifteen minutes after you woke up, you were back to a blissful dreamland.

The second time that you woke up, it was a little more discomforting, but still a welcomed way to wake up in the morning. Jack bounded into your bedroom and bounced on your bed, rustling you from your deep, content sleep. Hotch stirred behind you as his son jumped up and down on your bed to wake up.

“Wake up sleeping heads!” He said with a wild smile. He was just full of happy giggles.

You groaned a little at the sudden wake up call, but you happily accepted it with a smile. It was impossible not to smile at Jack. He was just the most adorable kid in the world.

“Good morning, Jack.” You said as you sat up in bed. You discreetly nudged your boyfriend in the ribs, telling him to indulge in his son’s venture to rouse the two of you from bed. He grunted at the press to his chest, but sat up straight anyway.

Jack smiled widely at you. “Good morning, y/n! Good morning, daddy!” he jumped up and down on the bed for a few more seconds before continuing, “Daddy, I’m hungry. Can you make breakfast?”

Hotch sighed. It was his day off and he wanted to stay in bed long, but he loved his son a whole lot more than sleeping in. “Of course, bud. I will be in the kitchen in a few minutes.”

“Yay!” Jack shouted before leaping off the bed and disappearing out of the bedroom.

You turned to Hotch and gave him a peck on the cheek as you got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. He yawned and did not move out of bed. You pulled your robe on over you pajamas and returned to the bedroom to find that Hotch had gone back to bed. He was snuggled back up underneath the comforter, tangled up in the sheets. You chuckled at his resistant movement. He really just wanted to stay in bed all day.

You went over by the bed where he lay and crouched down by where his face was stuffed into a pillow. You put a hand on his shoulder and gently began to rub tiny circles with your thumb. You leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “You gotta wake up, babe. You gotta make breakfast.” He groaned in response and moved his face farther into the pillow like an exhausted teenager.

When he made no move to get out of bed, you climbed over him and onto your side of the bed. You loomed over him. Your hand still rubbed gentle circles into his shoulder. But then you leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to his temple, then another, and another. That woke him up.

He turned around in bed and faced toward you. His hand reached up and cupped your cheek. He pulled your face down to his and the two of you shared a warm, comfortable kiss. You hummed contentedly when you pulled away. You grinned down at him.

“That woke you up. Didn’t it babe?” you winked at him, victorious in your attempt to stir him from his sleep.

He grinned back at you happily. Before he could say anything else, you sprung over him and grabbed his hand. You yanked him off of the bed and the two of you fell to the floor with a thump. You laughed effortlessly as the two of you sat on the floor. He leaned in and pressed another light kiss to your lips.

“Why did I fall in love with a morning person?” He joked with a happy chuckle. You laughed with him and rose off of the floor, tugging him to his feet with you.

“Come on, babe. You’ve got a breakfast to make.”

The two of you made your way downstairs where you found Jack sitting on the couch, cheerfully watching Spongebob Squarepants. Hotch walked over to him and pressed a kiss to the top of his head.

“Morning, bud. What do you want for breakfast?” he asked

“Pancakes!” Jack replied enthusiastically

“Alright, buddy. Pancakes it is.”

Hotch wandered into the kitchen and started cooking breakfast. You plopped down next to Jack and watched his show with him The two of you sat in pleasant silence, contradicted by the sporadic laughs occasionally caused by the show every few minutes.

Another episode later, Hotch came back into the living room and announced that breakfast was ready. The three of you ate Hotch’s special pancakes together at the table. Jack animatedly told you about the pet turtle that his class had adopted. He told you how he got to feed it Wednesday mornings.

After breakfast, you all cleaned up your dishes and went off to get ready for the day. You and your boyfriend showered and got dressed while Jack dawdled around in his room, prolonging his time in his pajamas. Eventually, all three of you were dressed and ready for the day.

You decided to go on a walk around the neighborhood. Jack excitedly rushed out the front door and found his bike. He rolled a few yards in front of the two of you while you held hands behind him and chatted. You stopped at a park and Jack played with some of the other kids that were there. He was really enjoying yourself and you and Hotch managed to have some time to simply converse about something that was lighter than your typical work-related conversation. Eventually, you strolled back home.

By now it was noon. Hotch made Jack a quick PB&J sandwich that the young boy quickly scarfed down. Jack had a sleepover with a friend scheduled to start at one o’ clock, so when he finished his lunch, you hopped into the car and drove over to his friends house. You and Hotch interlaced your hands proudly over the glovebox as Jack bounced around in the back of the car. A quiet tune sliced through the talkative chatter of the young boy sitting in the back of the car.

When you and Hotch got back home, you sat down on the couch in silence. Your legs were laced together and you sat at opposite ends of the couch. It was barely the afternoon and you had nothing to do. You were not used to empty days like this. Usually, you were overloaded with work or had big plans. You picked awkwardly at your fingers when you felt your boyfriend’s eyes fall on you.

“You know,” he said to you, prompting you to look up at him,“we don’t have anything planned until our dinner reservations at five o’ clock.”

You looked at him and his eyes were filled with a familiar dark hunger. His foot ran back and forth along your thigh. You laughed breathlessly at his forwardness. You both started to lean in at the very same moment and your lips met in the middle. It was a kiss filled with deep passion and an endless heat. The kiss that you shared quickly evolved into more.

You never meant to miss your dinner reservation but that was what ended up happening. By the time that you realized that it was too late to make it to your reservation, it was 6 o’ clock.

“Hotch,” you said, turning over in your bed to face your boyfriend as you looked away from the alarm clock. Your chest was still heaving.“I think we may have missed our dinner reservation.”

He chuckled and muttered,“I wonder why.” Then he wordlessly turned to his night table and grabbed his phone. He started to dial a number.

“Babe, what are you doing?” You asked him

“I’m ordering pizza."He said as he pulled the phone up to his ear,"After all of this, I’m going to be pretty hungry.”

He winked at you and you laughed.

Yeah, you definitely really liked your day off. It was a good day.

Learn To Love

This was requested by anon. It is a Hotch x Reader where you were an unsub’s victim and when the team rescues you they learn that you do not have a home so you end up living with Hotch and you both fall in love. Thanks for reading! :)

You had never in your wildest dreams expecting your life to take such a sharp, unfortunate turn for the worst. One day you had been innocently strolling along  the street, looking for where you had parked your car, and the next day you were locked down inside of some complete insane wackjob’s basement with barely enough space to survive.

It took many, many months that seemed like years to finally be rescued from the traitorous life that devoured you. But eventually, a team of FBI agents managed to track down the house where you were being held. They stormed the property and found you hidden underneath the floors in the cold basement below.

The team that saved you from the hellhole was very trusting and kind and understanding toward you. They wrapped warm blankets around your shoulders and brought you hot chocolate every so often. They took you back to the police station, where they finally offered you some well-deserved coffee.

You were stunned by what you had just been forced to endure for months. You had no idea what was happening, everything was happening so fast around you. It was like you were moving in slow motion. Question after question was thrown at you. You had no idea what to say, what to do. You just sat there confused and scared.

Somebody noticed your scared bearing. The man came up and crouched down in front of you.

“Y/n? Y/n? Hi. My name is Agent Aaron Hotchner. Are you okay?”

You shook your head no. You really were not okay. Everything was happening so suddenly.

He nodded then ushered you out of the noisy bull pen and into a quieter office with only a few people. “Y/n, we are the BAU. We are here to help you. Is this room better?”

You nodded. It was much quieter and you instantly felt calmer in Agent Hotchner’s presence. You looked up at him. “Thank you.” You whispered.

Agent Hotchner and two fellow agents, Agent Morgan and Agent Jareau, sat down with you and slowly asked you questions of your captor. You felt much more comfortable and a lot less scared with them in the small room than in the large, boisterous bull pen, and the answers to their questions flowed easily. You answered as best you could.

By the end of the day, the agents had collected a composite sketch of your abductor and compiled a hefty profile on who he was. They decided that it was time to get you home. Agent Hotchner rose from his seat and offered you a hand to help you up, but you just stared at his hand, unsure of what to do.

“What wrong, y/n? I’m just going to take you home. Don’t worry, you will be fine.”

You looked up at him sadly, “I don’t think I have a home.”

“Really? Are you sure?” He asked, confused

You nodded,“Um, yeah. I was living in my car just before I got abducted. The lease on my apartment had gone out and I had no place else to go. I do not have any family and I don’t have much money at all.”

“Okay, you know what. We will find out someplace where you can stay tonight. Hold on. I will be right back.” He said reassuringly, giving you a comforting pat on the back before turning around and heading for the other members of his team.

“Hey, guys. She doesn’t have a place to stay tonight.” He said quietly to the rest of his team. After discussing it for several minutes, they all decided that you should stay with whoever you trusted the most. It seemed like you had bonded the most with Hotch. It was unanimous, you were going to stay with Hotch until you got your living arrangements sorted out.

Hotch went back over to you  and told you the new update. You agreed and followed him outside of the police station to his car. He drove you to his apartment. You guys were lucky that you had lived in DC as well. You didn’t have to share a hotel room. This way, you had your own room. You were to stay in his guest bedroom.

You met his young son, Jack, who was an absolute delight, a complete sweetie. Hotch cooked you a warm dinner and the three of you quietly sat down to eat it. You learned a lot about the two over the dinner. You found that the more you found out about Hotch, the more you liked him, the more you trusted him.

Around 8 o'clock, Jack announced that it was his bedtime and he rushed off to his bedroom. A few minutes later, he came back and told his father goodnight. He gave you a timid smile and quick wave before rushing back to his bedroom to finally go to sleep. That left just you and Hotch.

It was quiet between the two of you. You were both thinking about a lot of things at once. He went off into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine.

Conversation between you and Hotch was quiet and comfortable, effortless. You liked it. No pressure, no questions, just innocent chatting. It was nice to talk to a kind person who wanted to talk to you after being locked up in some insane person’s basement for months.

Eventually, you yawned and you knew that you needed to get to sleep. You uttered a good night to Hotch and wandered off into the guest bedroom that you were staying in for the night. You fell into a restless sleep, haunting by nightmares from your horrible days of being stolen away from your own life. The dreams were the horrid things that seemed to escape you in your consciousness, hiding just underneath the surface, your true fears. You woke up screaming.

Hotch rushed in, his gun drawn.

“What’s wrong, y/n?” He asked, panting from rushing into your room.

A tear rolled down your face and you wiped it away. “Nothing is wrong. It was just a dream. I’m sorry for waking you. You can go back to sleep, Hotch. I’m sorry.”

But he did not go back to his room. Instead, he took a step closer to you, then another step and another, until he was right in front of you. He gently sat down on the bed next to you.

“You’re not okay, y/n.” He whispered gently,“You’re crying. It’s okay to not be alright.”

It was so sweet of a thing to say, so simple yet meaning so much. You could not stop the sudden burst of tears that fell from your eyes. You could not take it anymore and the dam just broke. You fell into Hotch’s arms. He seemed surprised by your sudden wreck of emotions at first, but after a moment he wrapped his arms comfortingly around you.

The next morning, you woke up warm and feeling a lot better, though your eyes felt dry and you just knew that they were red. Hotch was nowhere to be seen, and you were a little glad of that. After what happened the night before, you were not sure how he would react. You were so vulnerable.

He comes back later in the day, practically smiling. You were sitting down on his couch, reading a book that looked interesting that you found laying on the coffee table.

“Oh, hello, Hotch.” You said as he pranced into his apartment.

He sat down in the chair adjacent to you, “We got him, y/n. We got the guy that abducted you. He is behind bars. He is no longer a problem. He can’t get to you anymore, y/n.”

“Really?” You gasped. You couldn’t believe it. The belligerent man that abducted you was gone. He was done. You could live your life however you wanted now. He was not going to haunt your life any longer. No more.

You jumped up and gave Hotch the biggest of hugs. You wrapped your arms happily around him.

“Thank you, Hotch.” You whispered

You could feel him smiling into your hair. You just barely heard him whisper, “Of course, y/n. Of course.”

You stayed with Hotch for another two weeks, getting to know him and his son better. The entire time you tried to find a new home, but it seemed that nobody in Washington wanted to sell  an apartment at an affordable price.

At one point, you decided to just buy a car and live in that for awhile. You were just about to pay for it when Hotch stopped you. He wasn’t about to let you live in a car. You tried to explain to him that you did not like impeding on his and Jack’s life, but he insisted that you were not a problem at all. He even said that they actually enjoyed having you around.

One night, the three of you decided that you were going to have a movie night and the three of you all fell asleep on the couch together. You were really starting to like living with the Hotchners. They were both amazing people, especially Hotch. You had never in your life found somebody as amazing as you found Hotch. If you didn’t know any better you would say that you were possibly falling in love with him. You told yourself that over and over again. You just had to convince yourself that first.

After falling asleep during the movie marathon, you woke up to the shifting of your pillow. Then, you realized that there was no pillow. You had fallen asleep on Hotch’s shoulder. He was carefully trying to reach for his ringing phone without waking you.

You moved off of his shoulder, allowing him to reach for the device with ease. He smiled appreciatively of you as he answered it and pulled it up to his face.

“Hotchner.” He answered

He nodded up and down, saying “Uh-huh,” and “No, I do not think so.” Over and over to respond to different questions.

Eventually, he hung up and turned to you with a grim expression.

“What’s wrong?” You asked him. Your arm was wrapped around a sleeping Jack.

“Y/n,” Hotch said, reaching out and gripping your hand comfortingly, “The man that abducted you. He escaped.”

You took a deep breath and suddenly, you felt like you couldn’t breath. You weren’t safe anymore. You didn’t feel safe anymore. What was going to happen to you?

You looked up at Hotch, your eyes as big as moons. Tears started to pool in your eyes in that oh-so-familiar way. He pulled you to his chest, just like he had that first night when your sleep had been haunted by nightmares.

You felt so much more safe in his arms. That was when you realized it. This was your home. He was your home. This was where you were safe.

You buried your head in the crook of his neck, letting the tears fall from your face. Then, you pulled away and told him exactly what you were thinking.

“Hotch,” You said,” I love you.”

He stared at you for a moment before allowing a sad smile to cross his face, “I love you, too, y/n.” He said

Then he pulled you back to his chest and let you cry your fears away. You knew that you were protected now. You knew you were safe. As long as you had him.


- Hotch and Jack Moment: 7.04 Painless *Dad too -part 2-*

I love this scene (part1 and 2) SO MUCH.

One thing is that Jack is so much his father’s son.  He wanted to deal with himself.  He didn’t want to make his dad worry.  He didn’t want to make his dad sad.  And Hotch understood it and he wanted to respect Jack to handle himself but let him know he was there for him.  He wanted to protect Jack and not sure how to handle it and I bet he wished Haley was there the time like this more than ever.  I also sense that Hotch was proud of Jack.  This is definitely father and son moment.

Another thing is…   it hits me that, Hotch was giving every credit to Haley.   And Jack wanted to reassure that dad is here now and dad makes him happy and  dad makes him who he is.  This is so sweet and beautiful and also sad and, IMO, very realistic.  I can see Hotch is like this, and Jack senses Hotch’s guilt and grief and wants dad to be happy.  They tried to move on but it’s not so easy and they do it step by step.  They portrayed it here so beautifully.