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Inappropriate Behavior

Requested by amarislestrange: Hotch x reader were she is best friends with Reid and she’s always flirting with him and Hotch is jealous and in her birthday they all go to a club and she gets Reid to dance with her and then Hotch just go and kiss her? Please and thank you

Reid and I were in the break room, eating lunch with Garcia, he flexed his biceps. I fanned myself, and looked at Penelope. “Oh my Goodness, he’s such a stud!”

I felt his muscle, and sighed, pretending to melt in my seat. Garcia was giggling at my antics. Reid was blushing at the attention. “Keep it up, and your going to give Morgan a run for his money!” I winked at him, my hands still squeezing his bicep.

A throat cleared, I looked up to see Hotch glaring at me. “In my office now (Y/N)!” I pushed away from the table, leaving my food.


I walked into Hotch’s office. “Is there a problem Hotch?”

He whirled around to face me, giving me the infamous Hotch stare. “Do I need to tell you how inappropriate your behavior is with Reid?”

“Excuse me?” I looked at him, not sure if he was joking or not.

“Don’t make me turn you into HR for sexual harassment.”

“I understand Sir, even though Reid hasn’t complained about it; you feel the need to turn one in.” I walked towards the door.

“(Y/L/N), don’t make me warn you again!” I stormed out of the office. Wondering exactly what his problem was. He didn’t act like this with Garcia and Morgan, and they took inappropriate behavior to a whole new level.

I stormed back into the break room, grabbing my food, and throwing it away. Nearly slamming into Morgan. “Whoa (Y/L/N), what’s got you all fired up?”

I felt everyone’s eyes on me. “Nothing that I can day out loud! I’m going to the gym to work out, before I kill someone!”


The next night, the team surprised me for my birthday and took me out to a club. Hotch came too, and I ignored him for the most part, it was hard to do; considering he spent the night glaring at me.

I danced with Morgan, several times, then the girls and I danced together. Every time we went out alone, we got bombard with men, trying to horn in on us. Morgan started dancing with us, just so we could have a minutes peace.

I got Rossi on the dance floor, more then once. I was surprised that he had some impressive dance moves. It took some convincing but I got Reid out there with me. 

At first he was self-conscious and was awkward, but I got him into it. I placed his hands on my hips, and just told him to move with me. Before I knew it, he was really doing an awesome job.


Hotch watched from a distance as Reid and (Y/L/N) danced. He felt the jealously bubble up once again, when he watched Reid’s hands on her hips. He wanted to go down there and puller her away from him.

“You know their just friends right?” Rossi asked. “Nothing more, nothing less!”

Hotch walked away from Rossi across the dance floor heading towards (Y/L/N) and Reid. He smiled at Reid. “Mind if I cut in, I haven’t danced with the birthday girl yet.”

“Sure Hotch!” Reid stepped away from (Y/L/N), neither man missed the glare she gave Reid for abandoning her with the boss.

A slow song has started to play, Hotch glanced up to see Rossi up at the DJ booth. He smiled to himself, thinking he’d have to thank his friend later. He pulled (Y/L/N) into his arms, and started to dance with her.

“Why are you doing this Hotch? I mean you obviously don’t like me….” His lips covered her, in a gentle kiss. She shoved him away, glaring up at him, before storming over to the table. Grabbing her purse, she stormed out of the club.


I was beyond pissed, the nerve of that man, who the hell did he think he was. Talk about inappropriate behavior, I stormed towards my car, not caring about missing the cake that was still to come.

I got to my car, and was trying to get my key into the door to unlock the door. My hand shaking because I was so angry. A large hand closed over it. “(Y/L/N), let me explain.”

“Explain? That just yesterday, you pulled me into your office, threatening my job with sexual harassment. Then you turn around and do the same damn thing, but I guess it’s okay because it’s off the clock and you’re my boss.”

“No,’s not like that.” He closed his eyes.

“Then what is it like Hotch, I really want to know. Because right now, I’m about ready to go home and resign from the BAU, and go somewhere else!”

“I’m in love with you!” He threaded his hands through my hair, lowering his lips to mine kissing me. I didn’t respond for a minute, confused by his confession. Then something woke up inside of me, and I returned his kiss.

He broke it off, he looked down at me. “I was jealous of Reid, I’m sorry I was an….”

“Ass…a bastard…..dumbass?” I looked up at him. 

He grinned at me. “I was going to say jerk or idiot, but we’ll go with your words.”

“You realize Reid and I are best friends right?”

“I’m well aware of that now.” He pulled me close, kissing me again. “Tell me that I haven’t screwed up my chances with you.” He looked down at me, his dark eyes pleading with me.

I looked up at him. “Tell me, is this considered inappropriate behavior?” I heard him groan. “Because for you I’m willing to risk it.”


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Dessert, Interruption & Walks With Ice Cream

It had been a long couple of months, with back to back cases causing the team to be on constant travel and alert. Finally the team had been told to take off three days after finishing any outstanding paperwork, the bull pen could now be found full of rushing agents sitting at their desks trying to finish up as quick as possible.

Much later after most of the agents had gone home, the only two in office was Hotch and yourself. The two of you have been dating for around 9 months now, but with the sudden increase in cases, you both haven’t had the time until now to spend any time together. Calling it quits after signing the last of his files, Hotch got to his feet grabbed his briefcase, shut off his desk and office light before exiting and locking his office door. Turning to walk down the catwalk stairs Hotch saw you still at your desk, feet propped up on the desk top, reading whatever was showing on your tablet, smiling softly Hotch wondered over to you.

‘What you still working for?’ said Hotch smiling at you softy.

'Trying to get as much done as I could’ you replied with a shrug dropping your feet to the floor, placing the tablet on the desk.

'Why don’t you call it a night? There’s a new dessert place down the street, and we haven’t seen each other except at work, I’ll treat you to coffee and whatever dessert you want’ said Hotch.

'Hmmm well when you say that’ you teased as you got to your feet placing the tablet into your bag, switching off the desk light you placed your hand in the hand Hotch offered you, both of you making your way out the bull pen happy that the building was quiet.

When the two of you had deposited your bags in your respective cars, then made your way up the street to the dessert bar, you were both now sat in a corner booth side by side. Hotch’s arm was wrapped around your side tucking you into the side of his body, both of you had cups of coffee and a slice of chocolate cake that you both were sharing.

'It feels like forever since we were last alone together’ you sighed snuggling into Hotch’s warm body.

Hotch pressed a kiss to your head before saying 'I know and I’m sorry sweetheart, I just wanted to get back to Jack after and between cases as soon as I could’ said Hotch slightly defensive. You pressed a hand on Hotch’s leg, squeezing it to reassure him.

'It’s ok Aaron, I’d be worried if you didn’t, I was just referring to our case load that’s all’ You hushed Hotch pressing a kiss to his jaw. 'How is Jackers anyway?’ The use of 'Jackers’ Hotch’s eyes sparkled in amusement.

'He’s doing great, he’s above his grade for reading and seems to be really enjoying school, he keeps asking to see you again. I think he may have a crush on you’ Hotch teased you pinching your side causing you to giggle. Before anything else was said, the unmistakeable voices of the team could be heard.

'I texted them both, but got no response from them’ you both could here Garcia’s voice from your seat.

'Baby girl, Hotch has probably gone home to Jack and Y/N probably wanted some time to herself’ said Morgan, his reply making you and Hotch smile.

However the voices slowly began to get closer to where the two of you were sat, you knew the two of you were about to be discovered you pressed your face into Hotch’s body.

'What are doing?’ laughed Hotch.

'I’m testing a theory’ You mumbled from Hotch’s side

'Oh really and what theory is that exactly’ asked Hotch in amusement. You brought your face away to look at him.

'If I can’t see them, they can’t see me’ You said weakly.

Hotch coughed out a laugh smiling fondly at you, he dipped his head and pressed his lips to yours before coaxing them to move with his own. Your eyes fluttered shut as you kissed Hotch, both of your lips moving softly together, the moment was interrupted by a gasp. You both broke apart turning to face the startled team, Hotch’s arm still wrapped around you.

'How long has this been going on?’ demanded Garcia immediately.

'9 months’ You answered smiling at Hotch’s reassuring squeeze.

'Why the secrecy?’ Morgan asked his eyes narrowing.

'It isn’t like that…'Hotch started before being cut off by Morgan

'It isn’t like what? Sneaky? We are a team or did you forget that?’

'You know Morgan we are together so much as it is sorry if we wanted to keep something for ourselves, and don’t act like you have never kept anything from the rest of us’ You exploded, not liking the way Morgan was judging you.

When Morgan went to reply, this time Hotch cut him off.

'Leave it Morgan, we were going to tell you we just…’

'Got distracted by each other’ Rossi suggested smiling softly at you both. You smiled back gratefully knowing Rossi was happy for you.

'Yes thank you Dave’ replied Hotch rolling his eyes. 'Well we are going to get going, enjoy the rest of your evening.’ Hotch squeezed your side indicating for you to slide out of the booth. You both made your way to the front Hotch’s hand settled on the small of your back. Reaching the front of the bar Hotch approached the counter making you look at him quizzically. At the counter Hotch ordered two small ice cream cups, receiving them Hotch passed one to you and you both made your way onto the street.

As you both made your way up the street, you enjoyed your treats in comfortable silence. After a few minutes of walking you suddenly felt Hotch’s elbow nudge your side. Looking up at him you found a smirk teasing you on his lips.

'What?’ You questioned.

'Your little rant to Morgan’ said Hotch his eyes sparkling in amusement.

Reading his face you knew he was teasing you, you couldn’t help but laugh.

'Yeah, maybe I went a little overboard’ You said sheepishly.

'No you were defending us, Morgan just has…’ started Hotch

'Trust issues’ You suggested throwing your cup into the nearby trash can, Hotch did the same before wrapping his arm around your shoulders pulling you into his side.

'What’s really bothering you’ asked Hotch softly.

'It just felt like everyone besides Dave were judging us’ You said wrapping your arm around Hotch’s waist. Hotch slowed you both down until you stopped.

'Then let them, I love you Y/N, nothing that the team says is going to change that’ said Hotch making you smile at him.

'I love you to Aaron’ You said pressing your lips to his.

'Why don’t you come and spend the next few days we have off with me and Jack?’ suggested Hotch as you both began to walk down the street.

'I’d love to’

Suit and Tie

Working in the BAU was risky and dangerous, but it can be fun aswell. Your team brings joy to the office and laughs fill the room when nothing is happening, only them and you, having a good time, and today was one of those days. “good morning” you entered the office, placing your drink on your table and getting your coat off, “good morning” they said in unison, you smiled and went towards Emily’s desk, JJ was sitting next to her “so, are we going to see that movie tonight?” “yes! JJ and Garcia are ready and bringing their tissues and tears” both you and Emily giggled, “girls! i made us shirts” Garcia entered, they were purple and in front had each of the gals names one them, “Penelope, this is why I love you” you hugged her and kept talking about that romance movie you and the girls were gathering in your apartment to see. “how do I look?” a deeper voice was heard, y'all looked up to see Spencer in a suit, somehow a smile ended up in your face, then you blushed as Spencer noticed it, “where are you going? the oscars?” Emily joked, we laughed, “Haha, no. David and I are going to a ceremony with Hotch” he smiled, “we’re going to Jack’s 5th grade graduation” Rossi came out of Hotch’s office along with Jack, Aaron Hotchner is your uncle, it’s a long story from on why you’re living with him and Jack. “aww, that little man is growing up so fast” JJ said, “He is, he says he wants to be just like his daddy” Aaron coughed and smirked, “Oh no, lock him up in his little world where everything is safe and fun, don’t let him see the real world” Garcia tensed up, holding on the shirts, you patted her back, taking her back into reality, “well, it’s getting late” Aaron said, looking at his watch, he held Jack’s shoulders and walked him towards the elevator, the girls waved him goodbye, you received a kiss on your forehead by Uncle Hotch, and kissed Jack on the cheek, but you stopped Spencer, “Dr.Reid!” you said, he looked behind him, looking at you running up to him, “let me fix this” you said, then your hands fixed his tie which was crooked, then looked at him, he was smiling at you, his hazel eyes held a strong sparkle inside of them, making you fall in deeper, “Come on lover boy, or else we’re going to be late to the Grammy’s” Rossi said, but it seemed like you were in y'alls little world, “Y/n!” Uncle Hotch said, suddendly you flinched, he was looking at you with dead eyes but with a smirk making you chuckle, you walked back with the girls, they “oooh” “aww'ed” you, you blushed and out of nowhere you felt a pressure on your cheek, it was Spencer kissing it then running to the elevator with David. Uncle Hotch and Jack who were waiting for him, you blushed like crazy, then waved goodbye, the girls teased you all night long, you knew there was something between you and him, and probably Uncle Hotch too, as he stares at Spencer as the elevator closes. Oh how thankful you are for that tie, it might have started of what a love story may happen.

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A Family

For the Anon who requested 39 and 7 with Hotch, and the Anon who requested just 7 with Hotch. “I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.”
 “We need to talk”

You felt the bed dip beside you and stirred slightly, rolling over and rubbing your eyes, peering through the dark at your partner, before glancing at the open book beside you and the alarm clock on the bestand; 2:13am.

“Hey, how was the case?” You murmured, reaching a hand out to him and smiling sleepily.

“Hey there, I’m sorry I woke you up, go back to sleep.” Aaron leaned over and kissed your forehead before settling down into the covers more and yawning himself.

“No I tried to stay awake,” You assured, cuddling into his side and resting your head on his chest, “We need to talk.”

“Oh?” He whispered, his arm wrapping around you and pulling you closer.

“Yeah, love. But it’s good. We need to talk about something good.” You smiled, shifting so you could lay on your stomach, chin on his chest, looking him in the face.

“Well go on then, what good things do we need to talk about.” Hotch chuckled slightly, kissing your forehead again.

“I had to go to Jack’s school today, the kids did this big project and then displayed them in the hallways and all the parents came and walked through, it was really nice.” You felt Aaron tense when you said ‘all of the parents’ and smiled, grabbing his hand. “Jack understood you were busy and was happy to let me go instead. I took videos.”

“Thank you.” He nodded, “What was the project?” You broke into a grin, squeezing Aaron’s hand.

“They did projects on their heros. There were superman’s left and right, and oddly enough there was a Warren G.H. Crecy, who was some war hero from the forties. But do you know who Jake did?” You asked, grinning, “You, Aaron.”

“What? Really?” You nodded your head still smiling, watching your boyfriend’s face light up at the idea.

“You’re his biggest hero, Aaron, and you always will be. I just needed to tell you. I was going to call you, but I figured I could wait until you got home.”

“Now can I talk to you? About something good. Serious, but good?” You nodded again, head tilting slightly in confusion.

“Course.” Aaron sat for a minute and stared into space. When he came back to you his smiled sadly.

“When Haley died I thought that was it. Jack was going to be raised motherless, and even fatherless for weeks at a time. Then you came along…” Aaron’s smile deepened and he pushed some hair from your face, “And it took a little while but.. Here you are. You’re so ingrained into our lives in the simplest of ways.”

“I know Jack isn’t my son, and he’s not my blood, but you know I love him to death Aaron.” Aaron nodded his head.

“When we first got involved together, I was terrified. For not only me, dating for the first time in forever, but for Jack. I didn’t want him to become too attached too anyone too soon and have them leave again, I couldn’t keep doing that to him. I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me. Just to make it easier.. if … yeah.” Aaron nodded again mostly to himself and you nodded, letting him find his trail of thought before continuing. “But Jack asked me a question the other day and I realized, it was too late. Without any of us noticing, you have become a part of our life that’s irreplaceable. And frankly, I never want to replace you.”

“What did Jack ask?” You whispered.

“He asked me when he was going to start calling you mom.” You felt your chest tighten with an array of emotions.



“What did you tell him?” You asked softly.

“I told him that was something you two had to talk about together… “ You smiled, giving him a tight hug.

“And, how would you feel about that?” You asked hesitantly. Aaron sighed and smiled, settling down into the covers and holding you close, getting ready for sleep.

“It’ll feel a bit weird at first, but.. I’d like it. And once we’re actually married, we can look into you adopting him maybe? Incase something happens to me?”

“There doesn’t have to be an incase. I would love to, Aaron. You two are my family, and I love you, and I could never leave now. I let you complete me a long time ago.”

Irrelevant age.

Anonymous: I was wondering if you could do a fic where the reader is between 20-25 old and has a crush on Hotch. When the team go out to a bar she goes up to hotch and kisses him (a light peck) and walks away. Rossi convinces him that age doesn’t matter if you are happy so Hotch goes up to her while she is alone swaying to the music and holds her and kisses her.

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Y/N strutted towards Aaron, resting her elbows on the bar beside him. The dull light shadowed across Aaron’s broad figure as he glanced at Y/N beside him, smiling subtly at her.

“Finally manage to escape Penelope?” Aaron questioned gently, a permanent smile engraved onto his face.

“Yeah, she decided that my drink was nice enough to take.” Y/N giggled, eyes bright on Aaron as butterflies dances around her stomach. Aaron remained silent, gaze possessed with awe as he observes her flawless features.

“What is it?” Y/N tittered, dropping his love-struck gaze while she attempted to hide her blush. Aaron smiled widely at her flushed expression.

“You look stunning.” Aaron whispered but before Y/N could respond, Penelope’s excitable squeals drew her attention away from Aaron.

“Y/N, come on!” Y/N returned her gaze to Aaron, who had dropped his fixated stare. Without a word, Y/N pressed a soft kiss on Aaron’s cheek, causing his face to redden slightly while he grinned. When Aaron looked up, Y/N had disappeared towards Penelope.

David observed Aaron while his full attention was on Y/N, who was dancing with Penelope and JJ. David placed a firm hand on Aaron’s shoulder, jolting him from his trance. A low chuckle escaped David’s throat as he looked at Y/N.

“What?” Aaron urged, furrowing his eyebrows at the amused man.

“Why have you not made a move yet?” David questioned seriously, glancing back at Aaron who shifted nervously.

“Do you not think I’m too old?” Aaron hesitantly asked, anxiously avoiding David’s eye contact.

“Aaron, do you see her when she’s around you? You make each other incredibly happy, that’s all that matters. Your age gap is irrelevant, you want to carry on making her happy? All I can say is go for it.” David finished, looking hopefully at his close friend. Aaron glanced back at Y/N, watching her sway swiftly to the music, a small smirk playing at his lips.

Aaron walked hesitantly towards her, mind clouded with David’s previous remarks. Y/N’s mesmerising body encouraged Aaron as his hands slowly gripped her swaying waist, smiling sweetly into her neck. His familiar smell caused Y/N to turn around, eyes bright as she met his. However, the twinkle in her eyes dimmed at the intensity of Aaron’s gaze.

“Aaron-” Y/N began, confusion laced within her soft voice. In response, Aaron cupped her face in his hands, lips grazing hers, unsure of her reaction. As soon as Aaron pulled away, Y/N closed the space between them, wrapping her fingers around his neck.

“I’ve waited so long and that’s all I get?” Y/N whispered causing Aaron to chuckle lowly before embracing her passionately in another kiss.

“Oh, that’s not the end of it.”


Caught Out At Christmas

It was another team get together at David Rossi’s mansion, his house was full of BAU agents all merry with Christmas cheer. The kids Jack and Henry were running through the house giggling, playing games with Will, Uncle Spencer, and Uncle Derek. Garcia, JJ, and Prentiss gossiped in the kitchen and Rossi, Hotch, and Y/N had snuck out once or twice during the evening to sample Dave’s cigar collection.
It was reaching 10 at night, both Jack and Henry were curled up watching Frozen forcing; to the amusement of the women, Morgan, Will and Spencer to watch it with them. Meanwhile in the kitchen Rossi was entertaining Prentiss, JJ, and Garcia with stories from his youth.
‘Now where have Bossman and Y/N got to’ said Garcia noticing their absence.
'I have no idea I haven’t really seen them this evening’ said JJ.
'Actually I haven’t really seen them outside of work all that much’ noted Prentiss causing the three of them to smirk.
'You don’t think…’ said Garcia with excitement.
'Ladies, I don’t want to interrupt but come and have a look at this’ said Rossi motioning out side from where he was stood at the patio doors. Gathering around Rossi the women looked out into the garden, the sight in front of them made them all coo.
Oblivious to the audience behind them sat wrapped in a blanket, cuddling together was Y/N and Hotch watching the snow fall around them.
'You know I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy, and I have both you and Jack to thank for that Aaron’ said Y/N from where her head rested on Hotch’s shoulder.
'Sweetheart, you make both me and Jack so happy in return. Y/N you keep me so grounded, content and happy. I love you Y/N’ Hotch murmered squeezing her into his side with the arm that was wrapped around her body. Y/N looked up at what Hotch said.
'Yeah?’ Y/N whispered a smile forming on her lips.
'Yeah’ breathed Hotch before bending his head down and softly placing his lips to hers. The kiss was soft and slow completely filled by emotion, slowly they broke apart and rested their foreheads together.
'I love you too Aaron’ said Y/N smiling, Hotch kissed Y/N’s forehead before she placed her head back on his shoulder, Hotch pulled Y/N further into his side slipping his other arm around her waist.
They both sat content, wrapped in each others arms under the blanket in their own world, before too long they were disrupted by knocking on the windows behind them. This caused Y/N to groan and push her face into Hotch’s side, making Hotch chuckle and press a quick kiss to her head.
'Time to face the music, come on we knew they would catch on soon’ said Aaron quietly.
'I know, but I like our little bubble though’ pouted Y/N causing Hotch to laugh pressing a quick kiss to her lips. They both got to their feet, folding up the blanket, turning around to walk back into the house they found the whole team minus Jack and Henry stood at the patio doors Wolf whistling, giving them the thumbs up and in Garcia’s case snapping photos. At the sight both Y/N and Hotch shot their friends grins, slipping their hands together interlocking their fingers before making their way towards the house and the rabble inside.

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216 and hotch

216. “We have a whole hour to ourselves”

Not only were you and Hotch both fully-functioning adults, but you were busy ones at that, both equally dedicated to your lives as federal agents and parents.

But every once in awhile, there was a break in the storm, an overhaul where Jack remained in his aunt’s care and there was no active, imminent case to solve.

You rounded the corner from the kitchen into the living room, grinning at Hotch from the doorway, “We have a whole hour to ourselves, babe!”

He sat up straight, lips curling into a small smile, “Oh my god, you’re right! What do we do? We never have this time!”

You grinned, mischievous and small, as you collapsed onto the couch, “I have some ideas,”

Hotch kissed you, long and hard. And then you both napped for a long time. What else would you do?


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Imagine Hotch kissing you on his desk after hours when you come into his office to convince him to go home.

——— Request for anon ———

“I’m almost done,” he repeats for the fifth time as he scribbles down on the mountain of paperwork in front of him. You could obviously see that he was far from being finished if that stack was anything to go by. You look towards your phone for the time, letting out a sigh as you realize it’s already two in the morning. Getting up from the chair in front of his desk, your approach goes unnoticed as he continues to be consumed by the end-of-the-day paperwork.

“That’s it, Aaron Hotchner,” you begin, expertly swiping the pen right out of his hands as you lean on the side of the desk, “You have done your civil duty for the day, and you are coming home with me.”

Hotch gives you a dissatisfied look that quickly dissolves into a soft smile as he leans back in his chair before getting up altogether, “I guess I was taking longer than I meant to. I’m sorry.” Quickly depositing the pen into a cup on his desk, you reach out to him, gripping his jacket to bring him closer.

“Well, you can always make it up to me.”

“Oh, really?” he asks in amusement as you pull him into a kiss. He quickly reciprocates, considering the two of you were the only ones left in the office at this hour of the night. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself adjusting your seat on the desk.

Breaking your lips from his, you finger the back of his collar, “Ready to go?”

“If you are.”

Picnic Surprises!

The weather had been gorgeous for the last few weeks and the BAU team had been lucky enough to be get the weekend off, to celebrate the team decided to spend the Saturday down the park together with the kids.

The scene found multiple blankets spread out half in the sun and half in the shade. Playing soccer you could find Morgan, Will, JJ, Henry and Jack, Prentiss and Reid were throwing a Frisbee between them; Reid dropping more often than catching it, Garcia and Rossi meanwhile were sat out enjoying the sun.

On one blanket in the shade laid Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner on his back, one arm laid behind his head and the other was wrapped around Y/N who was using his head as a pillow, one arm over his waist. Laying there Hotch stroked Y/N’s back not being able to help but reflect on his relationship with her. They had always been close, before they had gotten together a couple of years ago, Y/N had been one of the first people Hotch had met when arriving at the BAU:

‘You must be one of the newbies, you’re a bit early aren’t you?’ said Y/N to Hotch who was sitting outside the BAU bunker.

‘Yes Ma’am, I just wanted to get a feel for the place I suppose’ said Hotch.

‘Please don’t call me Ma’am, I’m Y/N Y/S/N, I work as a liaison of sorts between agencies but I’m mostly with the BAU much to the amusement of Rossi and Gideon when I’m not liaising’ snorted Y/N.

‘Wait, you’re THE Y/N Y/S/N? Wow umm… It’s an honor to meet you’ stumbled Hotch

‘Relax newbie, I know I’m young but if you ever need anything though just let me know’ laughed Y/N.

And true to her word Y/N had always helped out soon Hotch and Y/N had a really close working relationship, Y/N even became close to Haley. Hotch smiled at how close the three of them had been, Haley always trying to set Y/N up on blind dates or being a shoulder to lean on. One particular memory always came to mind and that was of one weekend when Y/N and Jake had gone through a bad break up. Haley and Y/N had spent an entire weekend curled up on their couch eating ice cream then persuading him to participate:

‘Aaron you really should join us’ said Haley from where she was sat curled on the couch with Y/N.

‘I don’t want to intrude with your girl time or any nails that need to be painted’ said Hotch looking at the two women, Y/N had snorted at his statement.

‘Aaron how long have you known me there’s no danger of any nails being touched by any kind of nail polish. And, it would make me feel better if you did join us’ said Y/N using her best puppy eyes. Hotch rolled his eyes before sitting on the floor in front of the couch, Haley smirking at him as he did so.

The three of them really had been close. Y/N had stayed by Hotch’s side through everything, his divorce, Kates death, given him a ultimatum when he had run into a house unarmed, she had even stayed with Hotch during The Reaper and the aftermath. Y/N had been so incredible with Jack the air of them forming a close relationship also.

Laing there Hotch couldn’t help but be thankful to what a truly amazing women Y/N is, she kept him grounded and content. Not to mention she kept Jack happy which is more than what he could ask for. Hotch smiled just thinking about the happiness of his son, he now knew just how important the object in his pocket was.

‘Y/N, sweetheart’ Hotch said pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

‘Mmmm’ mumbled Y/N, causing Hotch to chuckle.

‘Come take a walk with me?’ asked Hotch.


The both of them got to their feet and began to casually walk away from the blankets towards the rose bushes that still kept the team and most importantly Jack insight. As they strolled over Hotch slipped his hand into Y/N’s, interlocking their fingers giving her hand a light squeeze. When they reached the bushes Hotch brought them to a stop turning and lacing their hands together looking down into Y/N’s eyes.

‘Everything OK Aaron?’ asked Y/N looking into his dark eyes.

‘Yes, everything’s perfect, you’ve been so amazing with Jack, you make him so happy. Not to mention you’ve been incredibly patient with me… I know I haven’t been able to love you the way deserve…’ Hotch broke off feeling his throat close at the thought of Y/N not getting the love she deserved.

‘Aaron, Haley is going to always have a place in your heart, that’s never going to change and I don’t expect it to. She was my friend to and I’d like to think I’ve done a pretty good job looking after her boys’ said Y/N softly.

‘I know that’s what I love about you, you and Jack are the two most important people in my life. I don’t think I can give you the commitment you truly deserve, but this is the next best thing’ with this Hotch dug one hand into his pocket and pulled out a simple patterned gold ring. Holding it between them, Hotch watched Y/N’s eyes swim with emotion.

‘I can’t commit to you like I did with Haley but… I promise to love and protect you as long as you allow me to. I always want you to feel as though you have a home with me and Jack and you can always call me your best friend’ vowed Hotch, as Hotch spoke tears pooled in Y/N’s eyes.

‘Aaron I’ve never needed a wedding or marriage from you to show me how much you love me. You’ve let me into your life when you could have easily shut out the rest of the world, even let someone like me near your son. I promise I’ll do whatever I can to make sure you and Jack get the lives you both deserve. You’ll always be my best friend and nothing is ever going to change that’ Y/N said softly.

‘Can I place it on your chain?’ Hotch asked referring to the chain hanging around Y/N’s neck.

When Y/N nodded softly, Hotch smiled and took both his hands placing them to her neck trailing his fingers down finding the chain. Lifting it from under her shirt Hotch unclipped it and drew her away from her neck to slide the ring into place. When he clipped the chain back, Hotch placed one hand to Y/N’s cheek the other arm wrapped around her waist. Hotch then brought their lips together, instantly moving in sync with one another, tongues dancing together. Y/N slid her hands up Hotch’s chest and wrapped them around his neck trailing her fingers into the hair at the back. Eventually they broke apart and rested their foreheads together, their hands intertwining between them.

‘I love you baby’ Hotch breathed.

‘I love you too sweetheart’ said Y/N smiling into Hotch’s eyes.

Before anything else was said they both could hear the tell-tale sounds of running feet, turning they saw Jack running towards them, reaching them he launched himself into Y/N who laughed gathering him into her arms.

‘Hi there sweetie’ chuckled Y/N as she released Jack so he could hug his Dad.

‘Have you and Daddy finished being yucky? I’m hungry’ said Jack looking at them both when he stepped away from his hug with Hotch. This caused Y/N and Hotch to laugh.

‘Yeah we’re done buddy’ smiled Hotch

‘OK, Uncle Dave said you two needed to get a room, but we’re at the park, does that mean we need to leave?’ asked Jack looking up at his Dad.

‘No buddy, Uncle Dave was just making a joke about me and Y/N, we don’t have to leave. But let’s get back I think there’s some Cheese sandwiches with your name on them’ said Hotch.

Hotch wrapped arm around Y/N’s shoulders, smiling as they watched Jack run back to the blankets, as Y/N slid her arm around his waist Hotch couldn’t help but feel his smile grow.

rushofbrightness  asked:

ღ for Hotch & Reid (had to be, really :3 ).

Oh, you!  <3  I love you so much.  uwu

  • Who’s the first to wake up in the morning:  Hotch, usually.  He enjoys the utter contentment on Reid’s face while he sleeps.
  • Who’s the one to make breakfast:  Hotch, again, because it takes Reid too long to wake up.
  • Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:  Hotch.  Reid hates the prospect of crumbs in the bed, however, so it’s extremely rare that this even occurs.
  • Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:  Reid, hands down.  Except he wouldn’t really suggest it so much as catch Hotch off guard and kiss away any protests.
  • Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:  If anyone ever does, it’s Reid.  However, they both quite enjoy work, so it’s only on rare occasions.  (And, of course, dependent upon if they have a case.)
  • Who chooses the movies:  Reid.  Hotch gave up trying when Reid spent the rest of the evening explaining everything impossible with a movie Hotch had chosen.
  • Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:  Hotch.  Sometimes Reid chooses films in a language Hotch doesn’t know, and he can only listen to Reid’s low, husky whisper for so long before he gives into temptation, and then they end up leaving early.
  • Who orders lunch:  Hotch.  Reid’s typically not very picky, and he trusts Hotch not to order food he wouldn’t like.
  • Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:  They both do, but Hotch more-so.  He mostly just enjoys hearing Reid’s petulant whine.
  • Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:  Reid.  It’s very easy for him to fall asleep in the most random places, and a full stomach doesn’t help that issue.
  • Who distracts the other from trying to work at home:  Reid.  When at home, he and Jack expect Hotch’s undivided attention.  They stay at work late enough as it is, so there’s no need to work at home.
  • Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:  Reid.  He has a major sweet tooth, and he’s usually the one who coaxes Jack into pleading to go get ice cream as well.
  • Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:  Hotch.  Reid hates pictures in general, so he takes them as often as he can.
  • Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:  Hotch.  Reid still isn’t as sure of himself as Hotch would like, and it’s doubly as pleasing to see Reid’s face flush prettily.
  • Who cooks dinner:  Hotch.  It relaxes him, and he enjoys doing it, so Reid lets him.
  • Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:  Reid.  Not only because it’s fair for him to do it, but because he likes knowing the kitchen is clean, and usually after dinner Hotch reads Jack a bedtime story, and Reid doesn’t want to take that away.
  • Who stays up until 2 reading:  Reid.  He’s always been more of a night owl, and while he and Hotch both stay up reading some nights, Hotch almost always falls asleep first.
  • Who stares at their partner while they’re sleeping:  Hotch.  There’s plenty of time in the morning when he wakes up and doesn’t want to move and accidentally wake Reid.  So instead he spends time memorizing Reid’s face for the umpteenth time and gently tracing his thumb over the younger man’s brow, nose, cheekbones, and jaw.  It helps that Reid usually leans into the touch, even while sleeping.
  • Who kisses their partner while they sleep:  Reid.  He likes the thought of a goodnight kiss, and since Hotch typically falls asleep first…  If it’s a reading night, Reid can’t resist because he usually has to pry the book from Hotch’s hands and then lean over the older man to set the book on the nightstand on Hotch’s side of the bed. Conveniently it doesn’t take more than a tilt of his head to brush a quick kiss to Hotch’s forehead or nose or lips, whichever happens to be closest.
How Long I've Waited?

You strolled through the park with your German Shepherd Milo over to where you could see your best friend Aaron Hotchner. He was laying out on side on top of a blanket with his phone out, a picnic basket at the top of the blanket. Nearing the blanket you could hear Milo begin to pant with excitement, looking down you knew he had spotted Hotch.

‘Who’s that boy?’ you said smiling at the way his tail wagged.

'Go get him’ you said to him laughing at the way your dog bounded over to him.

Hotch was taken completely by surprise when he was suddenly attacked by a wet tongue and cold nose. Laughing Hotch threw his phone down at the top of the blanket before pulling Milo to him ruffling his fur, and then rubbing his belly when he rolled onto his back.

'Hi boy, have you been good? Have you?’ said Hotch smiling as he fussed over the dog.

'You and Jack spoil my dog rotten’ You said sitting down on the blanket with Milo in between the two of you. Hotch smirked at you sitting up.

'If your not going to someone has to. Isn’t that right?’ said Hotch saying the last part to the dog, making you roll your eyes at your friend.

'How have you been I haven’t seen you all week’ said Hotch as he began to unpack the food from the picnic basket.

'Busy, naturally when the team gets put on standby I get called in everywhere else’ You said watching Hotch unpack your favourite meats, cheese and bread, and stroking Milos ear as he lead between you both. The both of you settled on your sides picking at the food now out of the basket.

'You know you can always ask me for help Y/N, all you need to do is say the word’ said Hotch as tore up a small bit of meat sliding it to Milo, who then proceeded to shuffle closer to him in the hopes of receiving more treats from the human.

You smiled saying 'I know Aaron, I wish there was some way I could tell you if it wasn’t so damn official. Anyway enough about the classified, how’s little Jack doing these days, it feels like forever since I last seen him’

'He’s not so little anymore, I know he would love a visit from Milo… Oh and you of course’ Hotch added cheekily feeding more meat to Milo. You rolled your eyes at your friends antics.

'What’s he been up to then?’ You asked smiling as Hotch launched into a enthusiastic discussion about his son.

Slowly conversation changed topics, throughout You watched how Hotch thinking he was being sly continued to feed your dog the odd bit of meat. Rolling your eyes as he then began to give Milo cheese, you soon bit the bullet.

'Aaron Hotchner will you stop fattening up my dog’ You exclaimed, Hotch rolled onto his back laughing while Milo sat between you his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging.

'Come on then lets go for a walk, help your dog lose weight’ teased Hotch when he had stopped laughing.

Rolling your eyes you got to your feet along with Hotch who packed the basket and then rolled up the blanket, you stood with Milo at your side panting, watching him. Hotch placed both the blanket and basket under some bushes near by before turning to face you.

'Lets go this way’ he said indicating to the path to his left hand side. Looking down at Milo you saw the excitement in his face.

'Come on boy, lets go, stay close though’ you said to your dog, watching as he sped up the path.

Both you and Hotch stood shoulder to shoulder and began to wonder up the path in comfortable silence, watching as Milo darted around the path up ahead. After some time of walking in silence together Hotch slowed down his walk until he stopped completely. You looked back a puzzled frown forming on your face as you looked back at your friend.

'Y/N, there’s something I need to tell you, it’s been on my mind for weeks and well… I’ve only just figured everything out and umm… well got the courage to speak to you about it’ said Hotch his hand scratching the back of his neck.

'Ok, you know you can always talk to me Aaron, what’s troubling you?’ you said slowly trying to ease you friend from his clear nervousness.

'You’ve always been there for me including helping with Jack, you’re such an amazing person and friend I am just worried that I’ll ruin the friendship with have. It’s just I’ve come to really care about you Y/N and I love you’ admitted Hotch looking into your eyes his face showing he was scared of being rejected.

You smiled at what he had admitted to you, it felt like a lifetime between the time you realised you loved him and now.

'Aaron, you have no idea how long I have been wanting to hear those words’ You breathed.

Hotch stepped towards you, entwining his fingers with yours looking into your eyes.

'How long have you been waiting?’ Hotch asked you hesitantly.

'I’ve always cared deeply about you, but I realised I loved you when you collapsed from internal bleeding. Dave he helped me realise how much I cared for you' You admitted suddenly feeling a weight lift off your shoulders.

'Why didn’t you say anything?’ asked Hotch a hurt look swimming in his eyes.

'You were with Beth, and you seemed happy that was all I want, you to be happy’ You said biting your lip slightly.

'Y/N I’m so sorry for making you wait, but can I… can I kiss you?’ whispered Hotch still scared of rejection.

'Please’ You breathed.

Hotch bent his head pressing his lips to yours, slowly you opened your mouth allowing him to slip his tongue into your mouth to tangle with your own. As your lips moved together, Hotch’s arms slide around your waist as your hands moved up to rest on his chest. The kiss was slow but filled with the love you both held for each other, slowly you both broke apart relinking your fingers together between you and resting your foreheads together looking into each others eyes.

Before anything was said the both of you found yourselves being jumped on and licked by an attention seeking Milo, making you both laugh as you were pulled from each other.

'Oh sorry boy, were we ignoring you’ said Hotch breaking away to give Milo his full attention, ruffling his fur.

'You really do spoil him’ You snorted your smile lighting up your face. Hotch returned to you grabbing hold of your hand giving it a light squeeze before lacing his fingers with yours, and walking back to where the blanket and basket were hidden.

'Not as much as I plan on spoiling you’ said Hotch as you walked hand in hand.

'I’ll hold you to that Hotchner’ You said releasing his hand to wrap you arm around his waist, encouraging him to wrap his arm around your shoulders drawing you into his side.

'Of that I have no doubt’ Hotch chuckled pressing a kiss to your head.

Finally Perfect

Imagine Hotch realizing he loves you- requested by anon. 

As Hotch watched you dance around the precinct doing your work, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of hopefulness and optimism at the sight of your shining face. When you turned to him, smiling, he couldn’t believe how happy he really felt. Growing from the roots of his stomach and out, he felt a content warmth spread through him, and it was in that moment that he realized how lucky he truly was. He realized how lucky he was to have you. He realized how lucky he was that he could say that you were his. He realized just how much he loved you.

Tilting your head in the direction of Hotch, you noticed him staring at you, a gleeful smile pasted across his lips.

“Excuse me for a second,” You politely said to Rossi without breaking eye contact with Hotch. You walked up to him, a sway in your hips and a smile filling your glowing cheeks.

“Hey, what’s u-,” You were stopped mid-word by Hotch’s lips crushing passionately onto yours. It was passionate and gentle and loving all at the same time and you felt your head spin wildly. His hands were clutching onto the sides of your face, pulling you closer to him and your hands naturally dropped to his shoulders, your fingers tickling the hairs lining the back of his neck.

He pulled away and you were both breathing heavily, ghosts of smiles still dancing across your lips, “Hotch,” You breathed out, “What was that? We are at work. I thought we agreed no PDA at work. They don’t know about us.”

He smiled, bringing a hand up to your face and gently caressing your cheek, “I realized something, y/n.”

“What did you realize?”

His smile widened even more, and you didn’t even think that was possible. The  gorgeous brown tones of his eyes sparkled back at you, “I realized that I love you, y/n.”

You felt your heart halt in your chest, then swell to an incomparable size. Your face lit up and you leaned in for a second kiss, “I love you, too, Hotch.” You admitted easily, feeling more free and even happier than you could ever remember. There was nothing in the world but you and him, you and the man that you loved. You never wanted to stop, never wanted to move away from this man.

Sitting on the desks in the bullpen, the rest of the team watched your interaction with Hotch. They chuckled lightly. Despite your attempts to conceal your relationship with your boss, they knew full well what was going on.

“About damn time,” Emily said with a chuckle, hopping off of the desk she was sitting on and walking toward the break room. JJ laughed and followed her.

“They aren’t fooling anybody.” Rossi said, turning back to his work.

“Nope,” Morgan agreed easily, returning to his own desk

Spencer gaped at you and Hotch kissing above everybody else in Hotch’s office. Apparently, he was the only one who had not figured it out. He shook his head in disbelief and walked off to his desk, shaking off the shock.

Everybody was happy, and everything was well. You loved Hotch and he loved you. Everything was finally perfect.


A/N: I’m not really into Valentine’s Day but it was an excuse to write something really fluffy.

You find the first one on your doorstep early in the morning. It’s wrapped neatly in the newspaper that’s normally tossed on the welcome mat as the delivery boy bikes through. It’s a single, deep red rose. There’s a note attached to it with the word ‘one’ written on it. The handwriting is small and cramped but familiar. You fill a small vase with water and place the rose in it.
‘Two’ is tucked under your windshield wiper. You know you know that handwriting. You’ll have to snoop through some of your coworkers things when you get there to match the handwriting.
‘Three’ has been slipped inside your locker. You find it when you go to put your workout clothes into the locker for later. Whomever this is knows your routine a little too well. You know it has to be an FBI agent, no one else is allowed in this part of the building. You also know it’s someone you’ve worked with before, that handwriting. If the notes said more than just a number it would be easier.
'Four’ is in your desk drawer. That’s when JJ notices the two flowers on your desk.
“You didn’t tell me you were seeing someone.” She says surprised. You would say you’re closest to her on the team and if you had been seeing someone you definitely would have told her.
“I’m not.”
“Then what’s with the two roses?”
“Four actually. The other two are in a vase at home.”
“They were at your house?” She looks concerned.
“Yea.” You pause then say, “oh, hey maybe you’ll know whose handwriting this is.” You pass her the two notes and she doesn’t say anything, just smiles. “Well?” You prompt.
“No idea.”
“Whose a liar?” Reid joins the conversation.
“I’ve been finding roses everywhere today. So far I have four and no idea who they’re coming from. JJ knows the handwriting and it looks familiar but she won’t say whose it is.”
“I don’t know.” She feigns innocence.
“Oh yea she’s totally lying.” Reid agrees, “let me see them.”
“No.” JJ says shoving them into her desk drawer and locking the drawer.
“JJ!” You cry as she stands and walks away from the two of you. Once she’s out of the bullpen you go to her desk with two paper clips. Reid comes over and watches as you effectively pick the lock and pull the two pieces of paper out of her desk. You hand them over to Reid who only grins then masks his features.
“I don’t know.”
“Alight. You’re lying too!” You say exasperated. “If you guys aren’t going to help me then I’ll figure it out on my own.
'Five’ is delivered to you an hour later by a confused looking intern. “I was told to give you this.” He says handing it over.
“By who?”
“Agent Jareau.” You shoot a look over at JJ who is continuing to ignore you and your flowers.
“Thank you.” The college student nods and leaves the bullpen looking as puzzled as ever. “Come on JJ. I know you’re not behind these. Who is?” She never looks up and you drop your head back with an irritated groan.
'Six’ is in your lunch, you’ve effectively ruled out every male in the bull pen by finding excuses to go to their desks. Some of them you had conned into writing something for you but so far you’ve come up with nothing. Morgan and Reid are the only two in the bullpen who won’t let you see their handwriting. You know that at least the three of them know whose behind all the roses and if Derek knows so does Penelope. You’ve tried to break her but she surprisingly doesn’t even sort of crack.
'Seven’ is on your desk after your workout with Morgan. You twirl it in between your fingertips and sigh as you tuck it into the ever growing vase of flowers on your desk. Glancing over at Morgan’s desk you’re surprised to see that he’s not back yet. You take the opportunity to hurry over to his desk and dig for something with his handwriting on it. You find a note to call Garcia in his handwriting but it’s not a match. You shove the drawer shut and start to plan how you’re going to get into Rossi and Hotch’s offices.
'Eight’ is in your purse when you leave. You’re pretty sure one of the team tipped off both Hotch and Rossi to your little quest because you don’t manage to get near enough to either of their desks to see a sample. Reid also manages to keep you at bay all day long, so those three are still in the running. Although Rossi does seem the least likely since you’re pretty sure he’s dating Strauss.
'Nine’ is in the door handle of your car. You’re tempted to go back inside and ask to see the security videos but you have a feeling that Garcia would not only see you coming but make it impossible for you to see them. Hotch was the only person left in the bullpen when you left. Could it really have been Reid this whole time? You’d never gotten that vibe off of him. He was more like your awkward brother that you could never see doing this. You slip the flower in with the rest and climb into the car to head home.
'Ten’ is in your mailbox, the mail set below it. Whomever this was had to have been here after three. You search back in your memory to try and place if anyone left. Someone could have during your hour long workout with Morgan but that only ruled out Morgan. It had to be either Reid or Hotch. Neither of them had ever expressed any interest in you in that way but if it was one of them you were hoping it was Hotch. You’d always had a little crush on him, he was protective and kind and was always the first one to be there when you needed someone. If it was Reid, well it was going to be really hard and it would probably hurt his feelings.
'Eleven’ is on your back porch. You see it when you walk into the kitchen. You take it out of the snow on the table and are surprised at how warm it still is. You follow the footprints around the side of your small house and don’t see anyone on the street. Whomever is doing this is very very good. You go back into the house and add that to the other ten flowers in the vase. It’s getting dark but the day isn’t over and every time you enter a new room you look around for another flower. There should be one more to make it a dozen. You’ve curled up with your cat on the couch to watch the news where there’s a light tap on your door.
'Twelve’ is in his hand. He’s looking nervous and hopeful, and so damn cute.
“Come in.” You say smiling and he grins back at you. His brown eyes light up and he comes into your house. “I’m seriously impressed.” You say with a laugh as you shut the door.
“You are?” He asks, passing you the last flower.
“Yea. Thank you. They’re beautiful.” You place the last flower into the vase and turn back to him.
“I’m glad you didn’t think it was creepy.” He blushes and you can’t help but grin at him again. You move over to him and take his hand in yours.
“I think it was very sweet. Maybe if you hadn’t put the notes and I didn’t recognize the handwriting to know it was someone on the team I might have been worried. But honestly, I’m thrilled it was you.” You kiss him then. Your heart is pounding so hard that you’re surprised it doesn’t burst right out of your chest. His lips are warm and firm against yours, they probe against yours with a confidence that doesn’t surprise you but makes you want more. You part your lips and he deepens the kiss. His tongue sweeps past your lips and he tastes like coffee, another thing that doesn’t surprise you. He’s wrapped his arms tightly around your waist and you run your fingers through his hair and he groans. You feel one of his hands on your ass and you can’t help but smile against his lips. He pulls away and grins down at you, you lead him over to the couch and pull him down with you. Before you hit the seat he twists and you end up in his lap.
“Woah!” You say, impressed and he laughs. You’re above him now, wrapping your arms around his neck you drop your head back down to his your lips only inches apart then you whisper, “Happy Valentine’s Day Hotch.” Then you kiss him again.

Keep Calm and Kiss Hotch

Reader: Can you do an imagine where the reader has anxiety and anger issues and she’s in the BAU and while interrogating a suspect, gets in trouble for an anger outbreak and Hotch (hey boyfriend) has to calm her down and just gets really fluffy but romantic at the same time. Thanks :)

A/N: I couldn’t help myself with the title!! Haha, I hope you like it!

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Y/N rode in the elevator up to her father’s office, it was her 21st Birthday and she knew her Dad’s team wanted to celebrate it with her, also having received a text from her younger brother Jack telling her to get to the office.

Reaching the BAU floor Y/N stepped out and proceeded to make her way through the glass doors into the bullpen. Walking in Y/N was met with shouts of ‘Happy Birthday’, she found herself engulfed in hugs by the team, Uncle Dave gave her two kisses to her cheeks and Jack gave her a large bear hug.

‘Happy Birthday big sis, or should I say old women’ teased Jack. Laughing Y/N released her brother from the hug giving him a punch on the shoulder.

‘At least I’m legal now lil’ bro’ replied Y/N causing Jack to roll his eyes at the obvious answer his sister gave.

The next thing Y/N knew, she was being dragged by Garcia to sit on a chair to sit on and a hat placed on top of her head, presents being then placed into her arms. Slowly Y/N began to open each present thanking each person in turn for the gift they got her. Halfway through opening her presents Y/N’s mind wandered to her mother, she knew how much Haley would have enjoyed today. All too quickly Y/N suddenly felt her chest tighten, beginning to panic Y/N looked up finding Jack and Uncle Dave who were the closest.

‘I can’t… I need Dad, can you distract them?’ she whispered to the pair quickly.

Seeing the panic on Y/N’s face Dave quickly got Y/N to her feet, taking off the hat he walked her over the stairs leading to her father’s office.

‘Go on up sweetheart, Jack and I can handle the rabble’ said Dave, Y/N smiled in thanks before running up the stairs ignoring the protests ‘She doesn’t need to go up and get him’ before hearing Dave and Jack hush them.

Hotch was stood behind his desk closing the last of his files, shutting down his computer he was finally able to go down and join the party in the bullpen. Hearing quick footsteps enter his office Hotch lifted his head towards the door, in his office Hotch found his daughter stood before him.

‘Hey you, I was just on my way down I didn’t need an escort’ said Hotch smiling, before frowning when he registered her panicked looking face.

‘Dad’ gasped out Y/N. Hotch flew around the desk placing his hands onto Y/N’s shoulders when he reached her.

‘Y/N? What is it sweetheart? What’s wrong?’ said Hotch desperately looking at Y/N’s face as tears began to cascade down her cheeks.

‘Mum, I miss Mum’ Y/N choked out around her tears.

‘Oh sweetheart come here’ Hotch took his daughter into his arms, hugging her into his chest.

‘I’m so sorry baby, I wish she was here to’ whispered Hotch sadly, pressing a kiss to her head.

‘It’s not your fault Dad, never has been, I just…’ Y/N broke off crying into her Dad’s chest.

‘Come sit on the couch darling’

Hotch coaxed Y/N over to the office couch, settling down Y/N sat in the corner of the couch while Hotch shut his office door and closed the blinds. Settling next to her, Hotch opened his arms allowing Y/N to curl up into them then wrapping his arms around her allowing her to seek comfort. Eventually Y/N’s sobbing stopped turning into sniffles which then slowly stopped all together.

‘Feel better sweetie?’ Hotch questioned, Y/N sat back looking up at her Dad nodding her head. Before anything else was said a soft knock was heard at the door, before it opened quietly Jack’s head poking round it.

‘Can I come in?’ Jack asked softly.

‘Of course you can bud’ said Hotch smiling at his son. Jack walked in shutting the door behind him, he then grabbed one of the chairs in front of his father’s desk and turned it facing the couch before settling down into it.

‘You OK Y/N? said Jack scrutinising her. Y/N smiled at Jack’s facial expression, he looked so much like their father when he did that.

‘I will be’ Y/N replied.

‘Has Dad given you our presents yet? I think now would be a pretty good time to do so’ At this last part Jack gave Hotch a pointed look, this caused Hotch to sigh getting to his feet to make his way over to his desk. As he passed Jack, Hotch couldn’t help but ruffle his hair causing Jack to grumble. A small giggle left Y/N’s lips, earning her a glare from her younger brother.

Upon reaching his desk Hotch opened up the his top desk draw and took out one cube shaped package and a slim shaped package, both wrapped up in silver glittering paper. Hotch took both presents and walked back over to the couch, placing the two presents onto the table in front of Y/N before taking his seat next to her.

‘You have to open that one first’ instructed Jack indicating the cube shaped present. Y/N rolled her eyes at her brothers demanding tone but complied anyway. Opening the paper carefully Y/N was left with a black box, opening the box Y/N found a simple gold ring. Making her gasp, she knew exactly whose ring this was.

‘Your mother would have wanted you to have it Y/N’ said Hotch quickly seeing she was about to protest.

‘Thank you Dad’ said Y/N leaning into his side knowing exactly he was the one to give it to her. Hotch wrapped his arm around her shoulders pressing a kiss to her temple.

‘You’re welcome sweetheart’ Hotch said releasing her so she could open Jack’s half of the presents. In doing so Y/N discovered a simple gold, looking up Y/N smiled at Jack.

‘I figured seeing as you don’t take off the ring Dad got you for your 18th, you could put Mum’s ring on here and you know keep it close to your heart’ Jack shifted nervously as he spoke. Y/N got up from where she was sat and went over and hugged her brother.

‘Thanks Jackers, I love it’ Y/N whispered to him.

Smiling at his two children Hotch silently threaded the ring onto the chain, as Y/N sat back down he then linked it around her neck. As her Dad did so, Y/N then leant back into his side allowing him to wrap both arms around her.

‘Happy Birthday sweet girl’ Hotch whispered, bringing a smile to Y/N’s face.

‘Can we just go home, I’ll text B/F/N tell her to come around the apartment tomorrow if that’s OK?’ asked Y/N

‘Of course, whatever you want’ said Hotch.

‘I’ll go tell Uncle Dave to distract Garcia somehow’ said Jack getting to his feet, causing both Hotch and Y/N to chuckle.

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Can I request also Hotch one word prompt with cuddle

AN: 33. Cuddle with Hotch!  A good way to end the day.  Good night, everyone C: 

“Are you coming to bed any time soon?”

Your eyes were glued onto your laptop screen as your fingers busily typed away at a long overdue report.  “Is it late?” you asked mindlessly, “I’ll be up soon.”

Hotch circled around the couch and took a seat next to you.  “You said that an hour ago,” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist.  He pressed a kiss to your temple and then your jaw before murmuring against your neck, “The report will still be here tomorrow.”

“Mmm, I know, but you asked for it last week,” you argued, pausing your work to turn to him, “I’m sure no one else on the team gets extensions, Aaron.”

“You were sick.  The extension has nothing to do about us,” he replied, quickly saving the file before shutting the laptop closed.  “Come on, you need your rest.  And I can’t sleep knowing you’re down here.”

You smiled softly and leaned into him, taking a second to enjoy the warmth of his arms around you.  “I promise I’ll finish it tomorrow,” you mumbled, fighting a yawn. 

Hotch nodded and kissed the top of your head, “I know.” 

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Needing Heat

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Just a little feel better fic for @bau-obsessed

P.S.  To everyone else, I am reworking on your fics.  Don’t worry, should be getting stuff up soon.  Thanks to my little pretty, I am now slowly getting back into writing.  I honestly believe that after our dear Rickman’s death, many of our muses took time off for mourning.  Such amazing talent took many of ours with him for a short time.  But I’m back….kind of.

Anyways, on with the story!

Word Count: 1621


You felt yourself cursing a million times, pulling the light jacket around your form tighter than what it could safely go.  You couldn’t believe you had forgotten your jacket, let alone the fact that you also assumed the weather would be nice.   Being a southern state, you figured the weather would be nicer, warm at least.  But no, it was freezing cold and you didn’t do well with cold weather.

“You alright?” the voice made you jump only slightly, trying to stop your shivering.  Spencer Reid was traveling with you to a location, the rest of the team arriving in a few seconds.  

“Yeah, I just hate cold weather.”

“Well, it is odd for this time of year.  But it isn’t all that peculiar for the weather here to be chilly,” he looked around, staring up at the old building.  You sighed, nodding only once in response as another rough shiver traveled up your spine.  It didn’t matter if the weather was odd for the state, what mattered at this moment was the fact that you were freezing your ass off.

“I hope they hurry up,” your teeth chattered.  Reid kept his comment to himself at that point, but nothing else was said as two dark SUVs finally pulled up.  You quickly straightened your back, willing yourself to stop shivering so the others wouldn’t notice.  You hoped.

Everyone quickly filed out of the SUVs and as a team, each of you walked up to the building.  Reid gave his findings on the building, you throwing in a few previous owners names, as you ran up the steps.  The building was abandoned and had been searched by police.  But the entire team wanted to check a certain room in particular.

“Think it’s cult related?” Morgan spoke up as you walked ahead to the room.  Your boss, Aaron Hotchner or Hotch, was close behind you.

“Possibly.  According to the Sheriff, teenagers frequent the place.  Usually on the weekends,” his voice seemed to echo in the hallways, giving you a rather ominous feeling.

“Well, we won’t know until we get there,” you brought up, finally reaching the door.  You quickly pushed it open, taking a step inside with Hotch.  That was when you felt a snap at your ankle, your body quickly turning to shove the others back out with a shout.  The door quickly slammed shut, another type of metal falling over the only way in or out.  You felt hands grab your shoulders, yanking you away as several large metal pipes came crashing down.  Only when silence welcomed you did you finally speak your mind, staring at the elaborate trap left for your team.

“Those little shitheads,” you hissed, wrapping your arms around yourself.  You felt your body give an involuntary shiver, a frown appearing on your features.  Someone had decided to set a trap for your team.  Whether or not they were trying to impede the investigation…

“Are you alright, Y/N?” Hotch hadn’t removed his hands from your shoulders, making you look over at him.  You could see the worry on his face as he felt the shaking of your shoulders, your jaw quickly working to a chattering state again.

“No,” you finally answered after several moments of silence.  “I hate the damn cold and forgot my jacket.  I’m freezing and this place-“

“Well, it’s better than the welcome we received when we got here.”

“Did you just make a joke?” you felt your eyes grow wide before you heard a loud bang echo through the room.  Muffled voices gained your attention as you moved around the pipes on the ground, looking along the wall.  That was when you noticed a vent on the wall.

“Over here!” you hollered, stepping upon a pipe to reach it.  It took you a bit to pull open the vent, looking through it.  Hotch was telling you to be careful but you waved him off as a head popped into your line of vision.


“Hey, are you guys alright?!”

“Yeah, just, you know, trapped in a cold, satanic room.  But other than that, it’s great,” you scoffed.  Morgan chuckled before asking you questions about the situation.  After you had explained the situation, you found yourself now sitting on the ground, waiting for the team to return with supplies.  It would be awhile, which upset you greatly.  After all, you were cold.

Silence stretched between the two of you before you felt something cover your shoulders.  It took you only a few seconds to realize that it was Hotch’s jacket.

“What about you?” you asked, arching a brow at him.  He shrugged, sitting beside you.  

“You need it more than I.”

“You’ll freeze,” you protested, removing his jacket.  You tried to hand it back to him but Hotch refused.  


“No, Y/N.  I am fine.”

“Liar.  You’re shivering now.”

“I can manage.”

“Damn it, Hotch,” you hissed, your hands dropping to your lap.  Hotch was such a stubborn man and it was becoming increasingly difficult for you.  He always neglected himself, never doing anything for himself.  He took care of his son and did what he could to make the world a better place, which you admired about him, but it also broke your heart.  You loved him, you wouldn’t deny that, but he couldn’t know.

“Why do you do this to yourself?” you hadn’t realized you spoke aloud until you felt him stiffen beside you.  You bit your bottom lip, glancing up to meet his gaze.  Hotch stared at you for several seconds, furrowing his brows in confusion.

“I don’t understand,” he murmured.

“Yes you do.  You always worry about everyone else,” you started.  You assumed that since you spoke, you might as well continue with the thought.  “You always take care of everyone, regardless of your own feelings.  I forget to pack wisely and yet here you are making yourself suffer.  I….I hate seeing you suffer.”

No sound came from him, not a single word or even the release of his breathe.  You refused to look at him, realizing that you may have said to much.  You may have given away your feelings or worse yet, you may have also lost your job.  Fraternization was strictly forbidden and Hotch didn’t much care for it.  Grant it he would turn the other way as long as it didn’t interfere with work.

You were so lost in your thoughts about what you revealed that you were not prepare for the reaction you received.  Within seconds, you found yourself being moved from your position, placed immediately in a lap.  You felt your face grow hot as the jacket was placed over your arms again, but this time, there were a pair of arms surrounding you.  


“What?” you heard the teasing tone, a smirk playing at the corner of his lips.

“What are you….the others…I don’t…” the sentences were remaining incomplete, your heart beating erratically against your chest.  Hotch chuckled in answer to each, his arms tightening around your form.  He turned his head, his breathe hitting your ear and earning a new form of a shiver from your body.

“I knew about your feelings, Y/N,” he whispered, taking in the delightful feelings he felt at your sudden intake of breath.  “I knew by the way you stared at me.  You cared more than the others, offering to help with Jack when I needed some time for work.  I began to notice the effort you made to enter my life.  It wasn’t on purpose, just a subconscious need that you couldn’t control.”

“But then why-“

“Because I needed you too.”

Your heart thudded painfully as the memories flooded your mind.  He had always welcomed you to his home, allowed you to just appear randomly.  He never turned you away and even would encourage Jack to spend time with you.  You had thought he was being kind but now, it was painfully obvious how he really felt.  The nights you stayed over and the mornings you made breakfast.  He was always watching you.

“Well,” you released the breath you didn’t know you held,  “this is rather…odd.”

“No, I don’t believe it is odd.  I think we were just too stubborn to realize what it was that we were missing,” he leaned his head back, resting it against the cold wall of the room.  You looked over your shoulder, noticing that his eyes were closed.

“So, why did you do this?”

“We were both cold.  Though I must admit, I am rather enjoying having you in my arms right now,” he grinned when he heard you giggle.  You leaned back against him, pulling the jacket tighter around the two of you to conserve the warmth emanating from you combined heat.

“Old flirt.”

“Only for you.  Just don’t tell the others yet.  They have a bet running between us.”

You laughed.  Of course they would.

“And did you put in a wager?”

“Six months and I’m about to win,” his eyes opened, locking with your own.  Your face fell at that, realizing that the bet was something else entirely.  Did literally everyone know about your feelings?  Were you that horrible at hiding your emotions?

“They’re back,” his voice made you jump again, eyes going up toward the vent.  Sure enough, you could hear the muffled voices of the team.  And you found you were rather disappointed that your time was cut short.  Hotch, however, kissed your cheek, making you realize that even though you didn’t have time to really talk about this now, you had time ahead.

“Later?” you asked in hopes that he would want to at least.  You watched as he smiled at you, not at all in a rush to release you from his hold.


Kissing Hotch would include...

—Slow and steady at first, kinda nervous

—He’d be afraid of being too rough with you

—He’d slowly build up his confidence

—His hands would start to roam around your back, hair and waist

—Your hands would be planted on his neck and in his hair

—His hands would go under your shirt and on your waist

—But he wouldn’t go any further without permission

—Lots of smiling into the kiss, from both of you

—Loving and passionate and lots of moving

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Can you make and imagine where Reid and the team have to save the reader bc she has been taken hostage and Reid is super worried bc they are dating and just cute reuniting when she's saved :) thank you so much

Yes, I most certainly can!  Here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!  I hope you enjoy it.

As the team gathers in the office, Garcia pulls up the video feed.  Watching the camera focus, they gasp when they see you, bruised and bloody, strapped to a chair in the middle of the room.

“A work of art,” the unsub hisses, tracing the blade of a knife across your jawbone.

“Oh, my god,” Garcia exclaims, tears in her eyes.

“Y/N,” Spencer whispers, hands trembling.

The unsub presses his lips against yours, and as you bite down, drawing blood, he punches your eye, causing you to yelp and fall back onto the ground. The sheer force of falling onto your shoulder dislocates it with a nasty crunch, and the team stares in shock.

“I’ve got it,” Garcia squeaks, her fingers flying over her keyboard as she traces the location of the address within the city.

:Send it to my cell,” Hotch says, already out the door.

And as Spencer stares at the screen, lip trembling in anger and worry, Morgan shakes his arm.

“Come on,” Morgan says. “she needs you, Reid.”


As the team arrives at the abandoned warehouse, they slowly approach the main door. With everyone drawing their guns, the door opens, leading them into another room with two televisions.

“Time to make a choice,” the disembodied voice growls.

The televisions click on, one with you on the screen, and the other with a room full of children.

As the team looks from screen to screen, Spencer screams out in anger. He realizes that the unsub has shot you in the other shoulder, completely immobilizing your arms. Walking towards your picture, he reaches his fingers out and lightly touches it.

“In this warehouse are two different rooms, and in those rooms are two different scenarios.”

With the team silent, the unsub continues.

“The first is Agent Y/L/N, professional bad-ass and a very feisty woman. She has a bomb strapped to her chest.”

Spencer’s breath hitches in his throat as the unsub chuckles.

“The other is a room full of missing children. They are sitting below a vat of acid.”

The camera on the children pans upward to reveal buckets of liquid hanging above their heads.

“You, as a team, have a choice.  And you all have to make it. No splitting up, no clever games. Everyone must enter the room and save one while you watch the other die. Try anything cute and it results in the death of everyone.”

As silence falls, Spencer yells out again in frustration.

“We have to go after Y/N!” he roars, turning towards his boss.

“Reid, there are 10 children in that room,” Morgan says.

“But it’s Y/N!” Spencer throws his hands up and yelps.

Hotch walks over to Spencer and takes him by the shoulders, “You know she wouldn’t want her life to result in the death of innocent children.”

“But…but I love her…” Spencer chokes out as he blinks back tears.

“Then don’t make her live with the death of 10 innocent children,” Rossi coos.

“How is this so easy for you all!?” Spencer shudders.

As everyone sniffles, silent sobs rack Spencer’s body, his heaving crumbling his body to the floor

“Follow a kinfolk eagerly,” you call out into the empty room

As Spencer jerks his head up, you clear your throat and call out again.

“Feisty and kissably easygoing.”

As the teams furrows their brows, you speak again and again and again.

“Failure as kiddos equally. Flies and kittens examine.  FAITH AMONGST KIND EMPLOYERS!” you roar out into the room

And as the team shakes their heads, trying to figure out what you are doing, a smile begins to creep across Spencer’s face

“Oh, you brilliant woman,” he muses, as he kisses her picture on the television screen before calling out into the darkness.

“We choose the children!”


As the team runs in to the children, they pull them out from under the acid as a television screen comes on. But now, it’s you and the unsub on the screen.

“I had a feeling you would save the children,” he muses, “Such a waste, you know. She’s quite beautiful.”

As the team gets all of the children untied, J.J. and Rossi start shuffling them out the door as Hotch and Morgan stare at the screen as Spencer starts walking around the room.

“It’s funny, you know, how you think you’ve won. See, you tried to sell us on the idea that a motion-sensored bomb was strapped to Y/N’s chest.”

As the unsub grunts, Spencer continues, “But there are 2 things you don’t know about her. Two very key elements about the woman I love.”

Smiling at Spencer’s sentiment, the unsub grits his teeth, “And what are those?”

Smirking, Spencer says, “1) one of her many specialties is bombs.”

As the unsubs breath hitches, Spencer continues, “and 2) she can squat 325 lbs.”

And just as Spencer finished, you jolt your legs forward, breaking the chair legs as you stand on your feet, your arms busting free from the chair as you rear your leg back and kicking the unsub right between his legs. As he stumbles back in pain, blood starts trickling down, staining the inside of hid pants.  Stumbling back towards the wall, he passes out on the floor in front of you.

“Hang on,” Spencer says. “we’re coming, Y/N.”


When the team finally finds you, Spencer rushes to your side. Seeing you wince in pain as he touches you, he leans down into your ear.

“On the count of three…” he whispers, kissing your ear lightly.

“1…2…” crack!

He twists your shoulder back into place, and as you gasp and moan in pain, Spencer throws his lips onto yours, swallowing your groans, while he starts running his ringers through your hair.

Feeling someone approach you from your other side, you open your eyes and lob them over to the figure, seeing Hotch trying to work the bomb jacket off of your torso.

“You were brilliant,” Hotch lowers his voice, kissing the top of your head. “Absolutely brilliant.”

As the team finally gets you free of all of the rope, Morgan makes you a makeshift sling to hold up your bleeding shoulder.

“How did you know what she was telling you?  You know, that the bomb was fake?” Hotch asks Spencer.

“Because she’s brilliant,” he chuckles in awe, helping you to your feet, “Because she’s brilliant, Hotch.”

Looking over as Hotch’s furrowed brow deepens, you chuckle at his confusion and croak, “The bomb was fake.  F-A-K-E.”

And as Spencer and Morgan steady you out the door, Hotch chuckles as he walks behind you.


“I don’t need a hospital,” you spit.

“You’ve been shot,” Spencer retorts, “deal with it.”

As the paramedics haul you into the back of the ambulance, you reach out for Spencer, wincing in pain.

“Please come with me,” you whisper, “don’t make me do needles alone.”

“It’s amazing, you know,” Spencer says while climbing up into the ambulance, “that you can sacrifice yourself, day in and day out, and still not handle an IV.”

“If I could swat at you now, I would,” you say, sighing as you realize you won’t have mobility in your arms for a few weeks.

And as if he could read your mind, Spencer leans down to your forehead and kisses it lightly.

“Good thing I have all of that vacation time,” he muses.