Hotaru Odagiri finaliza su Manga ‘Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru’ y anuncia nueva obra

El nuevo Manga de Odagiri será lanzado “alrededor” de verano del 2017.

Hotaru Odagiri finalizó su Manga Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru en la edición de junio de la revista Monthly Asuka de Kadokawa a la venta este lunes en Japón. Además, la revista reveló que Odagiri lanzará un nuevo Manga “alrededor” de verano de este año. El tomo recopilatorio 13 y final del Manga se pondrá a la venta el 24 de mayo. 

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'The Betrayal Knows My Name' Manga Ends

‘The Betrayal Knows My Name’ Manga Ends

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The manga series The Betrayal Knows My Name has been running since 2005 in Monthly Asuka from Hotaru Odagiri and now she’s ended the work as of the new and final chapter out today in the magazine. The final compiled volume is now set for a May 24th, 2017 release with it being the 13th volume. Yen Press has been releasing the book in omnibus form with six of them released so far. Funimation recently acquired and released the 2010 TV anime adaptation. Odagiri has revealed that she’ll be launching a new work later this summer with details to come about it.

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Plot concept: A soul reborn, a love that spans through time. Follow the bewitching tale of demons, magicm and undying bond.

Gifted with a strange ability to see into the the troubles of others, kind-hearted Yuki Sakurai finds his life turned upside down the day a handsome stranger named Luka appears. A peculiar longing pulls Yuki towards him-is this the mysterious man from his dreams?

He’s left with questions but no time for answers as danger begins lurking around every corner. Evil beings appear, known as “Duras”, seeking the power that dwells within him. But the mystery of who he is, and who he once was, will bring everything crashing down around him.

He has a choice: side with the Giou clan and their Zweilts-powerful duos who fight the Duras-or follow his beloved childhood friend down the path to humanity’s demise. Torn Between two sides, only Luka promises him loyalty, devotion, and protection against a world filled with secrets and betrayal.

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“Only I know your pain, your uncertainty and your loneliness. If only we could be together forever. I’ll say it as many times as you wish. I will not betray you!”

                                                                                              -Luka Crosszeria

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry for bothering but if it wouldn't be a problem could you recommend me some nice manga to read? Especially some fantasy with a lot pretty guys and many BL hints? I love already Makai Ouji, Karneval, Bloody Mary, Monochrome factor, Pandora Hearts, Owari no seraph and Sougiya Riddle so maybe you know something alike? Thank you a lot in advance.

Hello Anon ! ^^

OMG !! You mentioned almost ALL the series I usually recommend to everyone !! Bloody Mary and Sougiya Riddle are awesome !!! SOOOOO

I recommend:

- Silver Diamond by Shiho Sugiura ^^ This series is PRETTY LONG (27 volumes !!).I  LOOOOVE THIS SERIES PLEASE READ IT !!!! ;_;

- Saiyaku wa boku o suki sugiru by Satoru Kannagi and Etsumi Ninomiya

- 1001 knights by Yukiru Sugisaki

(these two are brothers tho, even if the romance doesn’t focus on… their “relationship”… it’s ambiguous, but you learn more as you read it ^^)

- Ilegenes Kokuyou no Kiseki (and the sequel Ilegenes Giyoku no Koukyoukyoku)

Torikago Syndrome by Akaza Samamiya (the same author s Bloody Mary)

- Uragiri wa boku no namae o shitteiru by Hotaru Odagiri (I loooove it but it’s been on hiatus for a least two years, but please I really recommend it if you like fantasy series !)

- Legal Drug and the sequel Drug and Drop by CLAMP

- Samurai Drive by Fujiko Kosumi

I’ll write a better list soon ! ^^ (with summaries and all ;w;)

Uraboku ended in Japan today.

In the end, Uraboku got 13 volumes and 63 chapters total.

Kadokawa is being a little contradictory on the release date of volume 13: in some places it claims to be on May 23rd, on others it claims to be released on May 24th.

In the last page of the final chapter in this month’s Monthly Asuka, it is said that Odagiri Hotaru will be making a new manga, which will start being serialized on Monthly Asuka “around summer”.

– Hydra

anonymous asked:

Hi everyone, my name is Sara. So even Uraboku is over...I'm so sad because it is one of my favorite manga. I would like to thank Odagiri Hotaru for having created it and, above all, I would like to thank all of you for the hard work and the time dedicated to the translation. Thank you <3 and always #zweiltpartners#1 and #Odagiriunadinoi (#oneofus in Italian ;-))

Ahhh, thank you so much Sara! We really really appreciate messages like this <3 And I think we’d all repeat your sentiments, sad but thankful, and I for one am hoping we’ll see more of these characters in the future even if sensei decides to just write a few side stories or something :) 

thank you AND you’re welcome!