“Only I know your pain, your uncertainty and your loneliness. If only we could be together forever. I’ll say it as many times as you wish. I will not betray you!”

                                                                                              -Luka Crosszeria

crimsonhermesseras  asked:

Today is a complete blur right now. I appreciate everything from you and everyone in the team because finding other Uraboku fans was so exciting to me. I collected all the English volumes and half the Japanese editions...I can only hope Odagiri Hotaru understands how much we love her work!!!


I was going to reply to this ask privately because it is off anon but your ask reminded me of something I’d like to show so I’m going to post it here together with your ask. We may never know if Odagiri Hotaru knows how much we all love the manga she created but I think we can assume her and the magazine publishing are aware of that.

In the “in the next issue” section of the most recent Asuka issue, it is written right next to Uraboku “愛してくれてありがとう!”, which basically means “Thank you for the love [for this manga]”.

So yeah, they seem to be aware this is a widely-loved manga.

(I used to be such a lone Uraboku fan for so many years, I’m so glad I could be in contact with several Uraboku fans before it ended)

– Hydra