@ everyone in hurricane irma

if your house starts flooding high DO NOT GO UPSTAIRS OR INTO THE ATTIC!!! you will suffocate and drown!!!!! instead go onto the roof of your house and wait until rescue!!!! a family friend of mine recently did that in harvey and is currently recovering in the hospital. DO NOT GO THE SECOND STORY OF YOUR HOUSE!!

  • when you get rescued you can only take a handbag with you. dont take unimportant things and dont worry about clothing!
  • boiled eggs last a long time and are easy to make and store
  • ziploc bads are your best friends for sketchbooks and notebooks
  • chances are youll get evacuated to a church or shelter before a more long term place like a hotal room until the waters calm down. if you can, raise any furniture up or bring it upstairs.
  • any water that floods your house will be disgusting and dirty so be prepared
  • dont start your car until the engine dries completely out. if possible, get it professionally looked at

take advice from someone who lived so close to the flooding. do not go into your attic if your house floods!

headcanons as high school students


  • stays up all night playing video games
  • falls asleep in class
  • rarely gets his homework done
  • always asks for help on his essays 
    • usually asks alex first, but alex usually ends up making out talking with him instead
    • “but this is due tomorrow” “no this is important listen”
  • drinks hot chocolate in the morning instead of coffee
    • tells everyone it’s coffee
  • gets asked out a lot 
    • both boys and girls!
      • ends up asking out peggy*
        • really loves her
        • blushes whenever she is near him
  • popular but also v nerdy
  • plays baseball


  • really hot
    • all the girls want to date him 
    • can u blame them ??!!
  • mama’s boy
  • really just wants to make his parents proud
    • they are proud of him no matter what
      • they’ll hang up quizzes on the fridge that he gets A’s on
  • seems intimidating but is actually v innocent
  • like a girl will trip or something over his foot
    • big feet. you know it.
  • and he’ll rush over and be like i’m so sorry !!! and help her pick up her books and then walk her to class because he genuinely enjoys talking to her
  • plays football
  • good at chemistry
  • dad drives him to school


  • gets called a-a-ron constantly
    • he only corrects alex
    • “that’s not my name!” “okay, a a ron”
  • really good at school !!
    • not as good as alex but teachers like him because he’s quiet
  • probably in band for the saxophone or something
  • writes really good english essays
  • goes to dates at coffee shops
    • takes out girls from band
  • v unathletic
    • probably on the chess team
  • says awkward things at lunch
    • “did you know that egg salad is the leading cause of salmonella in school lunches?”


  • gets caught in the janitors closet with a girl
  • all the teachers love him
    • “he is so charming!”
  • plays soccer
  • probably joins drama club
  • doesn’t know that he isn’t supposed to ditch classes he doesn’t want to go to
  • usually hungry because john and herc always ask him for snacks
  • goes to starbucks before school


  • alex, lafayette, herc, and john all call him tommy
    • gets really pissy about it
  • constantly fighting with alex for valedictorian
    • alex is like “i’m gonna be valedictorian!”
    • jeff is like “well u are a dick”
  • madison is his bff
    • aaron tries to be friends but isn’t that cool
  • has a steady girlfriend
  • gets yelled at for not paying attention in class bc he was reading
  • really good in english
  • probably plays violin
  • got his license the day he was eligible 


  • cocky
  • but hot
    • knows he’s cute but only has eyes for eliza**
  • that annoying kid who always gets the answer right
    • still v popular
  • answers rhetorical questions
  • has no problem expressing opinions
  • runs track
  • really good at english and history
    • edits everyones essays
  • gets valedictorian
  • takes a civics class and fails because the teacher doesn’t agree with his ideals
    • gets the teacher fired
  • extra as fuck !!!
  • dances weird at homecoming and blushes when eliza sees
  • fails his drivers test four times


  • always on time for school
    • usually there before her teacher
  • always raises her hand but talks before she gets called on
    • often it’s because “i don’t agree with that -”
  • edits her sisters essays
  • alex edits her own essays
    • blushes when he says they were good
  • goes to prom with laf just to keep an eye on her sisters
  • doesn’t date
    • “high school boys are immature”
    • gets asked out a lot anyways
  • runs track
  • picks out her outfit the night before
  • always !!!! reading !!!!
  • teachers love her because of how intelligent she is
  • teachers hate her because of how intelligent she wants to be


  • doesn’t think alex likes her**
    • john accidentally tells peggy while on a date with her
      • peggy calls eliza immediately 
  • brushes her teeth in the shower
  • doesn’t want breakfast unless it’s waffles
    • loves waffles
  • always running late to school
  • daydreams in class
  • still gets 100 on everything
  • plays soccer
  • really pretty
  • asked out a lot but only likes alex
    • “thanks but i’m talking to someone”
  • says she wants to go home after homeroom everyday
  • does her homework during lunch


  • merciless
  • biggest savage of the school but like the silent savage
    • you don’t expect her to say anything but then she does and everyone is like OHHHH
      • eliza laughs
      • angelica scowls but laughs at home
  • swim team
    • john goes to all of her meets
      • “lets make a splash together at prom”
  • gets caught making out in the hallways a lot
    • before and after john !
  • doesn’t do her homework
  • but gets 100s on all of her tests
  • wears red lipstick during junior year
  • doesn’t eat breakfast before school
  • doesn’t breath before she has coffee
  • last one in bed and last one out of bed
    • always late to school

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okay nevermind all the episode fuckery we're used to the ballpit of denial anyway BUT I NEED ALEX WRITING MAGGIE BAD POETRY ALL THE TIME TO BE A THING OKAY? I JUST DO. And then maggie going omg danvers shakespeare is rolling in his grave but secretly enjoying the hell out of it that sweet dork.

It starts with that damn Valentine’s card, but it doesn’t end there.

It continues with a post-it note that Alex sticks onto Maggie’s coffee cop before she goes to bed one night a couple of weeks later.

“Coffee is good

Coffee is great

But instead of making it yourself

Can I take you on a breakfast date?”

Maggie chuckles and Maggie shakes her head, and she doesn’t stop smiling the entire ride on the back of Alex’s bike to this little diner they both love, because her sweet dork is just that: so, so sweet.

It happens again when Maggie’s rummaging through her gym bag, on an index card this time.

“You’re so hot

All the time

But especially when you’re working out

Damn you’re fine.”

She laughs so hard the woman in the locker room next to her raises her eyebrow, and she finds that she doesn’t care, because what did she do to get so lucky?

It happens with fair regularity, and it happens over the span of months, years.

Sometimes, the notes are at home – their home, now, officially, together – and sometimes, somehow, her secret agent girlfriend finds a way to get them in her locked desk at work, in her lab equipment.

She finds dinner invitations in her jacket pocket.

“Kara wants to do dinner tonight

And Adrian wants to come too,

I’m really excited,

Because I love my family with you.”

She discovers random reminders of her apparent beauty in the side of her boot.

“I saw the sunrise from a chopper

This morning on the job,

But it wasn’t nearly as beautiful as you,

My darling heartthrob.”

She uncovers Alex’s poems in her work notebooks, in her case files, in the box where she keeps her stamps.

“You are my sunshine

And I am your rain

Together we make a rainbow,

And rinse away all the pain.”

She keeps them all.

She jokes with James about how they’re going to have to find a bigger apartment, just to accommodate the ever-growing pile of notes.

But she never throws out a single one.

There is one, though, that they agree to frame.

The one that Alex slides across the table to her, eyes sparkling and nervous and full of life, full of love, full of hope, at a restaurant in the airport whose tarmac hosted their first encounter.

The one that makes Maggie smile hardest, the one that makes her heart soar highest.

The one that says:

“I don’t wanna imagine

My life without you,

And I will treat you right forever;

Please say I do.”

And she does, she does, she does.

Surprise~Min Yoongi

Holy smut

Rated: M

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It has been four months since the last time you saw your boyfriend. It’s been hard. But you fially found time to sneak out to met him, he and the boys were in Japan at this point leading to the bright lights and busy city life driving you crazy. You were in a car the other boys had sent over to the airport to pick you up.

You weren’t in the most impressing clothing, having been on a plan for over 10 hours because you had flown in from a small tour of Eroupe for your school. So your body was covered in joggers that are two sizes to big, a ripped tangtop and one of Yoongi’s sweatshrits. Your face was bare of any makeup, a mask covering half of it and your hair was in a bun. You knew you looked like a mess, but you just wanted to see him.

As the car pulls up to the hotal you see a small crowed of fans. Not large, meaning the boy just arived or have been silent for hours. As the driver stops, he realizes were to actually drop you off. Heading to the back you kept your face covered. Once in the back you see Namjoon standing there with Jin, they had they’re faces semi covered with hoodies or masks as you opened the door and grabbed you very large bag. Namjoon taking it from you as you rush into the back door of the hotal. Jin taking you into a hug as soon as you were inside. As you pull away three more boys find you two and jump you. Tae and Yoongi the only ones missing.

“I’ve missed you boys too.” You mumbled after pull the mask off of your face, hugging the youngest, Jungkook last. Finally pulling away Namjoon takes your hand and begins to rush up to the elevator. As you got on the boys hide you in the the middle of the circle like formation around you,not wanting anyone knowing you here just yet. As it stops on the floor that was given to the boy, Namjoon gives you your bag and the room key to Yoongi’s and his shared room.

“We missed you.” Was all he said walking to his room, watching Tae walk out from the room he sees you and runs giving you a hug. Staying quiet he pulls back and smiles at you.

“He’s not in a good mood…he really misses you, Nonna. And you’ve been ignoring his phones calls I guess?”

“I was on a plane, asleep for ten hours I might add.” You grumbled as he walks away after patting the top of your head. As you rush to the door you slip the key in and open the door. As you shut it you froze taking in a deep breath.

“Namjoom? Did you bring me my food?” His voice made you still as you drop your bag. You heared shuffling as you walk out from the small hall. His eyes glance up from his phone for a second then back down, you rise your eyebrow when he finally seems to process who was in front of him. He doesn’t jump up, no. Thats not him. He tosses his phone onto the table next to him as he throws his head back, his hand comming up and covering his eyes. A small laugh filling the room as you watch tears fall from his eyes as well. The sight made your lip quiver as his other hand runs through his hair.

Walking to the other side of the bed you sit down, your hand touching his shoulder making one of his hands lift from his eyes as he looks at you. A tears stained face, smile and red puffy eyes. You lay down,roll over to face him, his body turning to his side to looks at you. His eyes scanning you to see if you were really here, and if you are how long will you stay.  Your hand takes his free one and brings it to your lips, the small touch making his eyes shut. His sent filled you senses, the feeling of his hand against your skin made you smile as he finally rips himself from you sits up and drags you to follow him. Now he was sitting in the middle of the bed, your body in his lap as he studies your face.

“Surprise.” You whisper as your arms fall around his neck. His arms resting on your waist, a smile lifts on his face as he leans up and pecks your lips.

“I’ve missed you.” He mumbled against your lips as he trails his own down your jaw, making you humm as he reaches your neck. His teeth nibbling at this skin, and a soft moan leaves your lips as he rolls the skin between his teeth and begins to suck at the same spot. You hands grip his hair at the nap of his neck as your mouth parts, your jaw slacked as soft moans and pants leave your lips. Feeling his hands tug at the end of the sweatshrit thats was once his that you now claim as your own, makes you pull away from him.A wine leaving his mouth when your skin was no longer in between his lips. Pulling the sweatshrit and old tangtop over your skin made his hand reach up your sides, his hands following the cruves of your body. The small art of your skin seemed to make him hypnotized, his lips falling to your colorbone as your hands run through his hair, and down his shoulders. He buckles his hips up at yours when you pull at his hair a little to hard. He pulls away from you as you pull his shrit over his head he adjusted your body so his back was against the headboard of the bed. “I’ve really missed you, you know Y/N.” He mumbled making a small smile rise on your lips. He couldn’t help the smile on his lips as you kiss him again. Your hands trailing down his torso, his hands helping you by already unbuckling his pants and getting them halfway down his legs.

“I’ve missed you too…have you been a good boy?” You question useing the nickname that made his body shake as he purred out your name. It was small, and ment nothing really at first. But soon he would beg you to call him, your good boy. Soon you broke and just let the words flow out when ever you wanted them to. His eyes watch you as you untie the knot thats been keeping your pants up. Slipping them off of your legs the best you could with your shoes and socks without looking less attractive. Even if you did, Yoongi didn’t seem to notice or care.

“Define good boy.” He mumbled to you as you put you body back over his his boxers now the only thing on his body. You rise your eyebrow at him as you lean closer to him. Grinding your hips into his you feel him stiffen, and slowy begin to get harder then before.

“Have you played with yourself with out my knowledge baby?” You asked making him shake his head, he always made sure you knew when he was horny vis versa. “Thats my good boy.“you whisper grinding harder against him. Your lips falling on his as his hand reach around you to unclip your bra. The satin white color bra left your skin as his lets his head fall forward. His lips trailing down from the base of your neck to your cleavage. His breath made a soft sigh leave your lips, but as he buried his face between you breast and let out a moan, you could help but giggle. "You okay?”

“I’ve missed your boobs, okay?” He replied back turning his head to the side and licking at the skin of one making you jump slightly. His hands now on your hips he let out another groan. Pulling back a bit he then pops one of your nipples in his mouth making your giggles turn into moans. “Thats what happens when you laugh at me, baby.” He mumbled as he rolled the bud between his teeth. Your hands scratching down his biceps as you grind you hips against his more and more. The once dampness in your panties was now a soaked feeling in your juices. Leaking into Yoongi’s boxers, making him finally pull away from your nipple and flip you two over.

“Fuck.” You whimper as his lips trail down your body. Sucking, and nipping at diffren parts of your soft skin. Once his mouth reaches your cover core he lets out a loud moan.

“Your soaking baby.” He mumbled blowing air at your very wet panties. Leading to you hips thrusting up as you gip the sheets. He couldn’t help but laugh as he sat up. Looking at him you could tell he was thinking, teasing. His tounger running across his lips as he looks at you. He crawled back up to you and let his hips hit yours and thrust. “Sit on my face.” He mumbled against you lips,you let out a shaky breath as his hands finally pull down the cloth. The feeling of the fabric pulling away from your slit made you let out a shaken breath, you watch as he fling them onto the floor as he rolls onto his back, removing pillows from were his head was. Looking at him for a second before he winkes at you and point to his face. “Come on baby.” At his words he grab your waist making you let out a sqeal, your thighs where in ether side of his chest as you nodded. Crawling up, you face the headboard, his head resting between your thighs as you rest above his mouth a bit. “You smell great.” He mumbled running the tip of his nose against your clit. A moan leaves you lips as his arms wrap around you ass, curving up and pressing you down onto his mouth.

Your thighs begin to shake as he begins to kitten lick, and slid his tounge up and down you. You heard him slurping up your juices, your hand run through his hair as you let out gasp of air. When his tounge enter you, you lost it and stated grinding into his face. You head tossed back as you squeeze your thighs together. He patts your ass, to inform you he needs air. Rising you hips he take a deep breath and pushes you back down again. His eyes tightly shut as you grind more and more, his tounge working wounders, as you let out a cry, his teeth graze your clit leading you to grip his hair as tight as you could.

“I’m c-cl-close.” You whimper making him go in over drive. His lips lapping you up more and more his hands gripping you closer to hold you still. Letting you head throw back as a loud moan leaves you lips, your eyes tightly shut as your body begins to shake. His keeps lapping up your juices, once he was done you pulled yourself from him to lay down and take a few minutes to rest, but he had other plans. Flipping you over he removes his boxers and pumping himself a few times. You look at him, his lips and chin still glincing from you.


“Why not.” You mumble making him give you a small glare as he runs his tip over your foldes.

“Don’t act so excited.” He mumbled leaning into kiss you. You stop him, grabbing part of the beding and whip his face. “Why did you do that?”

“I don’t want that in my mouth.” You mumbled as you wrap you legs around his wasit as you kiss him, the taste of you still lingering on his lips. He finally thrust in you, his thickness and length made the stretch more painful now, since you haven’t had him in months. He lets out a shaky breath as he still once he bottoms out. He could barely keep himself up, his body shaking to much.

“Fuck you’re tighter then before I left.” He grumbled pulling out and thrusting back in. The feeling was like a drug to the both of you. Not begin able to get enough of eachother.

“It’s been months.” You whisper as he buried his face into the crook of your neck.

“Don’t remind me.” He whispered, pain clearly in his voice as he began to pick up his pace. His thrust made the bed slight move and creak. His moans made you even more turned on, as his thrust became more sloppy. You slowly itch your hand between your bodies, moving it around you clit, but his hand slaps yours away as he looks at you. “Don’t be greedy.” He growled as he leans up a bit, his hand comming down, pressing against your clit. You tighten around him making his body freeze, your second organism leading to his. His head roll to the side as his mouth slacked open. The feeling of him filling you made you arch your back, his body finally falling into yours. His lips pressing against your shoulder, “I love you, and this surprise.” He whispered making you laugh a bit as he slips out of you, a light wince on your part making him panic a bit. “Shit you okay?”

“I love you…and just a bit sore.” You whisper as he nods lying down he bring you to him and kisses the top of your head.

“I’m sorry for being gone so long.” He whispers to you as his grips tightens around you.

“It doesn’t matter. We’re togther now…thats all that counts with me.” He lets out a sigh as you look up at him. “Bath?” You ask a few seconds later, a smile pops up on his face as he smiles at you.

“You read my mind.”

Chained to the Original Pt 2 || Kol M.

Song: Only You - Zara Larsson

Part One

Song: Only You - Zara Larsson

Requested by: @evanpeters3826

Two months.

It’s been two months since I left Kol standing outside the bar. In those two months I found a boyfriend, drank more - blood and alcohol, I was a mess on the inside, but looked like my life was perfect on the outside.

Kol was my best friend for over seven hundred years and I walked away from him. It was stupid of me to think that I could go on without him.

And the guy I was with was more of a distraction than interest. Emptiness was all I felt, it’s what I felt before I left Kol, but now its worse. A lot worse.

I sat my empty glass on the bar, throwing a couple of bills beside the glass, and left the bar.

I walked on the sidewalk, heels clicking on the damp pavement, streetlights reflected off puddles in the streets, the occasional car delivering by, a trumpet player playing in the background. It was a scene from a movie, and I breathed it in, along with the New Orleans air.

I threw my head back and arms out as I spun around, mist dampening my face, but I didn’t care, I was drunk and I found a peace of mind in my surroundings.

“Y/N?” A voice I haven’t heard in two months spoke up behind me, I turn around, and Kol stood before me. The pain was back and drowning me in waves.

“Kol,” I choked out, barely audible but I knew he heard me, along with the pain in my voice. He ran towards me, but I stepped back, pain flashed in his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” his voice was weak, shoulders hung in defeat.

“I am too,” tears were in my eyes, clouding my vision.

I go to turn away, but he grabbed my hand, turning me back around to face him.

“I left Devina,” bail was in his voice as he spoke. “I need my best friend, I need you.”

“I can’t be your best friend anymore, I have to be more.” I go to move my hand from his, but he held on. “Go back to her Kol, I can’t be with you if you love someone else, and you don’t return the feelings back to me.”

“And that’s why I left her.” He took both of my trimmbling hands in his, bringing them up to his chest. “I love you, more than a friend or family. I love you as a lover, and I didn’t realize it until you left. What they say is true, you don’t know what you have until its gone. I lost you Y/N and I lost myself. I love you Y/N.”

I looked away from Kol and out at the street. “I love you too.”

He grabbed my chin with his forefinger and thumb, turning my head to face him. We looked into each other’s eyes for the longest time, and then he crashed his lips against mine.

It was magical, the air around of smelt of his cologne and rain, mist laid on our skin. My hand were bunched up in his coat, while his was cupping my face and taggled in my hair.

We needed each other and the kiss showed it.

Then that damned thing called a conscience hit me like a ton of bricks and I’m pushing Kol away from myself, breaking the kiss.

“Kol I can’t, I have a boyfriend.” Hurt was deep in his features and I couldn’t help but feel guilty. Guilty for kissing him while being with someone else and the fact that he gave everything up to be with me, that guilt was too much to bare.

“I see,” he starts to turn away. “I’ll leave yo-” and I’m kissing him before he can finish, this was my one chance, and I’m not going to blow it.

As we break the kiss, our foreheads leaning against one another, I whisper against his lips: “I’ll break up with him tomorrow, tonight’s our night.”

His face lit up as he smiled, “Well let’s make it count.”

He grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers, and pulled me along. We ran like humans down the street giggling, Kol looking back at me to make sure that it was really me that was with him as he lead me; it was magical.

We ran into some hotal that I didn’t catch the name of and got a room. The Concierge didn’t seem too happy about the fact that she knew what was about to go on in that room. We didn’t tell her what we were doing, nor did she say, but the look on her face, you know she knew.

When we got in the elevator, the doors closing as Kol pressed the button to our floor, he turned around and slammed me against the wall. His body pressed against mine, he smashed his lips to mine, our hands roamed each other’s bodies.

Before we strip ourselves of any clothing, the elevator dings, and we’re stumbling out to our room. He fights to get the keycard in the lock, lust taking over all of our senses we lost all sense of logic.

The lock dings in acceptance of the card, and we pile into the room, key thrown somewhere, door slammed shut a little too loudly, and our hands all over each other.

My skin was on fire with Kol’s touch, I craved more as I felt him on my finger tips, his intoxicating smell surrounded me as our lips moved against each other’s.

Wanting to touch more of him, I pulled off his button up shirt, some buttons flying off in the process, and more clothing followed after that, both mine and his.

We fell into the bed and everything felt like a dream in that moment.

I’m going to do a part three, don’t know when it’ll be up because I’ve got a lot of shit going on the rest of this week and next week.

Masterlist | Prompt List | Part Three

I’m gonna be honest, even though Chloe caused a lot of the akuma villains that ended up targeting her, I kinda feel sorry and…worry for her. Like she may or may not have deserved it but if we all think the first akumafication (of Ivan) may give Mylene (and Ivan(?)) PTSD, then imagine Chloe. Like so far we have:

  • Put in a bubble and shot into the troposphere/stratosphere by the Bubbler
  • Lady Wifi jumping out of her phone and freezing her (/keeping her locked in the hotal?)
  • Dark Cupid chasing her trying to shoot an arrow at her and insulting her by saying her there’s nothing in her to turn into hate (but really her love for Ladybug so Kim you miscalculated)
  • Being killed(?) with the rest of her classmates by Time Breaker
  • Being targeted by Evillustrator (who sounded like a sociopath in this scene) who erased her surrounding, chased her with a large sentient heel and almost killed her with a spinning saw blade
  • Being held hostage by Rogercop
  • Being kidnapped and trapped in a goo prison by Horrificator
  • Being turned into a knight (for a while) by Dark Blade
  • Being chased around and hypnotized by Princess Fragrance
  • Almost being made into soup by Kund Food (Also why does she hate soup, ya know I make a follow up post)
  • Being- I don’t have words for this. Just- the beginning of “Antibug” when The Vanisher was following her for two days
  • Being turned into a Reflekta by Reflekta, which isn’t really a terrible thing at all, it only affects your appearance
  • Being trapped in pixel space by Pixelator
  • Being kidnapped and thrown off the Eiffel Tower by Stone Heart

So while some of these don’t seem all that threatening and she doesn’t seem to care or anything after or during these, I feel a bit worried that something might happen that causes some effect or whatever in her. Just like everyone else.


And yeah. A pun. Basically a hotel au?????? after the barrier was broken they decided to manage a hotel?? for monsters and humans but mostly monsters,I only manage to draw four of them,Sans - ReceptionistPapyrus - Chef Undyne - Porters Frisk - Hotel Manager——Toriel & Asgore - Room Service Manager ( i ship togore so eh )Mettaton - ????? Host??Alphys - Frisk’s assistantMuffet - WaitressFlowey - decorative plant on the receptionist desk and often fights w sans——–I hope this turns out well;;;;

    Towards The Light -  winter storm at 12,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies                                      shot by The Fearless Scott Hotaling 

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