headcanons as high school students


  • stays up all night playing video games
  • falls asleep in class
  • rarely gets his homework done
  • always asks for help on his essays 
    • usually asks alex first, but alex usually ends up making out talking with him instead
    • “but this is due tomorrow” “no this is important listen”
  • drinks hot chocolate in the morning instead of coffee
    • tells everyone it’s coffee
  • gets asked out a lot 
    • both boys and girls!
      • ends up asking out peggy*
        • really loves her
        • blushes whenever she is near him
  • popular but also v nerdy
  • plays baseball


  • really hot
    • all the girls want to date him 
    • can u blame them ??!!
  • mama’s boy
  • really just wants to make his parents proud
    • they are proud of him no matter what
      • they’ll hang up quizzes on the fridge that he gets A’s on
  • seems intimidating but is actually v innocent
  • like a girl will trip or something over his foot
    • big feet. you know it.
  • and he’ll rush over and be like i’m so sorry !!! and help her pick up her books and then walk her to class because he genuinely enjoys talking to her
  • plays football
  • good at chemistry
  • dad drives him to school


  • gets called a-a-ron constantly
    • he only corrects alex
    • “that’s not my name!” “okay, a a ron”
  • really good at school !!
    • not as good as alex but teachers like him because he’s quiet
  • probably in band for the saxophone or something
  • writes really good english essays
  • goes to dates at coffee shops
    • takes out girls from band
  • v unathletic
    • probably on the chess team
  • says awkward things at lunch
    • “did you know that egg salad is the leading cause of salmonella in school lunches?”


  • gets caught in the janitors closet with a girl
  • all the teachers love him
    • “he is so charming!”
  • plays soccer
  • probably joins drama club
  • doesn’t know that he isn’t supposed to ditch classes he doesn’t want to go to
  • usually hungry because john and herc always ask him for snacks
  • goes to starbucks before school


  • alex, lafayette, herc, and john all call him tommy
    • gets really pissy about it
  • constantly fighting with alex for valedictorian
    • alex is like “i’m gonna be valedictorian!”
    • jeff is like “well u are a dick”
  • madison is his bff
    • aaron tries to be friends but isn’t that cool
  • has a steady girlfriend
  • gets yelled at for not paying attention in class bc he was reading
  • really good in english
  • probably plays violin
  • got his license the day he was eligible 


  • cocky
  • but hot
    • knows he’s cute but only has eyes for eliza**
  • that annoying kid who always gets the answer right
    • still v popular
  • answers rhetorical questions
  • has no problem expressing opinions
  • runs track
  • really good at english and history
    • edits everyones essays
  • gets valedictorian
  • takes a civics class and fails because the teacher doesn’t agree with his ideals
    • gets the teacher fired
  • extra as fuck !!!
  • dances weird at homecoming and blushes when eliza sees
  • fails his drivers test four times


  • always on time for school
    • usually there before her teacher
  • always raises her hand but talks before she gets called on
    • often it’s because “i don’t agree with that -”
  • edits her sisters essays
  • alex edits her own essays
    • blushes when he says they were good
  • goes to prom with laf just to keep an eye on her sisters
  • doesn’t date
    • “high school boys are immature”
    • gets asked out a lot anyways
  • runs track
  • picks out her outfit the night before
  • always !!!! reading !!!!
  • teachers love her because of how intelligent she is
  • teachers hate her because of how intelligent she wants to be


  • doesn’t think alex likes her**
    • john accidentally tells peggy while on a date with her
      • peggy calls eliza immediately 
  • brushes her teeth in the shower
  • doesn’t want breakfast unless it’s waffles
    • loves waffles
  • always running late to school
  • daydreams in class
  • still gets 100 on everything
  • plays soccer
  • really pretty
  • asked out a lot but only likes alex
    • “thanks but i’m talking to someone”
  • says she wants to go home after homeroom everyday
  • does her homework during lunch


  • merciless
  • biggest savage of the school but like the silent savage
    • you don’t expect her to say anything but then she does and everyone is like OHHHH
      • eliza laughs
      • angelica scowls but laughs at home
  • swim team
    • john goes to all of her meets
      • “lets make a splash together at prom”
  • gets caught making out in the hallways a lot
    • before and after john !
  • doesn’t do her homework
  • but gets 100s on all of her tests
  • wears red lipstick during junior year
  • doesn’t eat breakfast before school
  • doesn’t breath before she has coffee
  • last one in bed and last one out of bed
    • always late to school


And yeah. A pun. Basically a hotel au?????? after the barrier was broken they decided to manage a hotel?? for monsters and humans but mostly monsters,I only manage to draw four of them,Sans - ReceptionistPapyrus - Chef Undyne - Porters Frisk - Hotel Manager——Toriel & Asgore - Room Service Manager ( i ship togore so eh )Mettaton - ????? Host??Alphys - Frisk’s assistantMuffet - WaitressFlowey - decorative plant on the receptionist desk and often fights w sans——–I hope this turns out well;;;;

    Towards The Light -  winter storm at 12,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies                                      shot by The Fearless Scott Hotaling 

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I’m gonna be honest, even though Chloe caused a lot of the akuma villains that ended up targeting her, I kinda feel sorry and…worry for her. Like she may or may not have deserved it but if we all think the first akumafication (of Ivan) may give Mylene (and Ivan(?)) PTSD, then imagine Chloe. Like so far we have:

  • Put in a bubble and shot into the troposphere/stratosphere by the Bubbler
  • Lady Wifi jumping out of her phone and freezing her (/keeping her locked in the hotal?)
  • Dark Cupid chasing her trying to shoot an arrow at her and insulting her by saying her there’s nothing in her to turn into hate (but really her love for Ladybug so Kim you miscalculated)
  • Being killed(?) with the rest of her classmates by Time Breaker
  • Being targeted by Evillustrator (who sounded like a sociopath in this scene) who erased her surrounding, chased her with a large sentient heel and almost killed her with a spinning saw blade
  • Being held hostage by Rogercop
  • Being kidnapped and trapped in a goo prison by Horrificator
  • Being turned into a knight (for a while) by Dark Blade
  • Being chased around and hypnotized by Princess Fragrance
  • Almost being made into soup by Kund Food (Also why does she hate soup, ya know I make a follow up post)
  • Being- I don’t have words for this. Just- the beginning of “Antibug” when The Vanisher was following her for two days
  • Being turned into a Reflekta by Reflekta, which isn’t really a terrible thing at all, it only affects your appearance
  • Being trapped in pixel space by Pixelator
  • Being kidnapped and thrown off the Eiffel Tower by Stone Heart

So while some of these don’t seem all that threatening and she doesn’t seem to care or anything after or during these, I feel a bit worried that something might happen that causes some effect or whatever in her. Just like everyone else.


So the adventures of today were SOMETHING. Because of the storm, my flight home from Katsucon was cancelled. I wandered the airport for about 4 hours waiting for luggage. I wasn’t alone : most flights got cancelled and also there was teeny burd burds in the airport. When my luggage appeared, the conveyer belt stopped with it stuck at the top. Unsuccessful in my attempts to locate a helpful staff member, i decided to climb on and liberate my bag. I then got to my hotal around 8pm (many thanks to the Katsucon staff for putting me up again). At the hotel, i decided to sketch out a print idea i had. It turned out great! I also worked on stories with Megan. I really love the fact that i draw and ink on paper. I can make gifts for people at cons and entertain myself anywhere. It is magical. As a whole Katsucon was amazing (such costumesssss) but I’m looking forward to being home.