And yeah. A pun. Basically a hotel au?????? after the barrier was broken they decided to manage a hotel?? for monsters and humans but mostly monsters,I only manage to draw four of them,Sans - ReceptionistPapyrus - Chef Undyne - Porters Frisk - Hotel Manager——Toriel & Asgore - Room Service Manager ( i ship togore so eh )Mettaton - ????? Host??Alphys - Frisk’s assistantMuffet - WaitressFlowey - decorative plant on the receptionist desk and often fights w sans——–I hope this turns out well;;;;

Scott Hotaling

Mount Rainier, Washington

‘Mount Rainier, Washington state’s highest peak at over 14,400’, boasts some of the most impressive weather systems I’ve ever witnessed. On this particular evening, I was relaxing at Camp Schurman, on the northeast side of the mountain (elevation 9,500’) when I saw storm clouds brewing in the distance.

I made a quick trip to the top of a little cliff near camp called Steamboat Prow and watched these stormy clouds roll in at sunset. The ridge in the image is Curtis Ridge and the Winthrop Glacier is visible in the foreground.’