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Now that HotJ is done (ಥ﹏ಥ) what else cooking?

HOTJ will be sorely missed TT~~TT

But AH, a perfect opportunity for another update post! I’m currently in the midst of a couple things, which are all at varying stages of completion…

  • First up will be the next part of Survive the Wasteland! I’m gonna throw caution to the winds here and say I hope to have that out this week!!! 
  • KINKTOBER WILL BE COMING TO AO3 THIS WEEKEND (it’ll be in trickles, but I do have something of a plan in place for the chaos)
  • I’m partway through writing that Reverse Hunger fic, but it got out of hand
  • @reallycorking and I are planning and proceeding with our next story! Yay! That’s maybe looking like it’ll hit sometime this summer~
  • There is another long fic looming on the distant horizon, but it’s got quite a ways to go, yet
  • As always, I desperately want to update all my AUs/stories waiting in the wings; the trick is finding the time within the larger projects… 

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All of your AUs are amazing!! Everytime I try to choose my favorite, I remember the other ones and I feel like I'm betraying them, all of them are the greatest thing I have ever read

Ahhh anon, I’m so glad to hear this! There’s always that thought that, y’know, some things I write may be inadequate compared to others, and I like working on a lot of varied things at once, so that’s always this worry in the back of my mind… what if people don’t like this thing as much as other things??? 

It was a very real fear with HOTJ, and I’m super glad people got into the concept with me (and a lot of you welcomed it with open arms), so thanks for that <333 I always want to write the things that excite me, but I don’t wanna let people down either, or have an idea that just falls flat! 

It makes me happy to think that some people are just as excited about everything as I am :)