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Now that HotJ is done (ಥ﹏ಥ) what else cooking?

HOTJ will be sorely missed TT~~TT

But AH, a perfect opportunity for another update post! I’m currently in the midst of a couple things, which are all at varying stages of completion…

  • First up will be the next part of Survive the Wasteland! I’m gonna throw caution to the winds here and say I hope to have that out this week!!! 
  • KINKTOBER WILL BE COMING TO AO3 THIS WEEKEND (it’ll be in trickles, but I do have something of a plan in place for the chaos)
  • I’m partway through writing that Reverse Hunger fic, but it got out of hand
  • @reallycorking and I are planning and proceeding with our next story! Yay! That’s maybe looking like it’ll hit sometime this summer~
  • There is another long fic looming on the distant horizon, but it’s got quite a ways to go, yet
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Daddy - Chapter 5 - Ice Cream

Read on Ao3

The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your child.

By Wednesday, Betty was missing Jughead something awful and he hadn’t replied to her text of wanting him as well and he hadn’t made any contact at all. She was nervous and didn’t know if she should just text and say hello or give him some space.  He had said he was going to be busy so she just left it.  Still, she missed him.  She had shown Jackson the pictures of him on her phone and the little guy had pointed and said his name and it warmed her heart.  He remembered who he was and it was a good thing.  The way Jughead was stepping up after literally having his world shifted with this news was something that was almost shocking.  He was amazing and she liked him.  A lot.  She also wanted him.  More than a lot.  She ached for him and it wasn’t going away and she really wondered how long they could hold out.

She lay in bed thinking about him and wondering where this was going to go. He was obviously committed already to Jackson, and he wanted her, but was there more for them?  Was there more between them than just the sexual attraction. For her, there was.  She liked him so much and missed him like crazy when he wasn’t around or texting and she wanted him in her life.  Jackson ensured that, but she couldn’t help but want more.  Was she stupid for wanting more in such a short time?  There was something between them and she didn’t think it was just the sexual tension.  Her phone suddenly dinged with a message from him.  She knew it was him before she even looked because she had set his contact with his own ringtone, like she did almost everyone else in her contacts.  Her mother’s was a screeching rooster and it made her laugh every time she heard it.  She quickly grabbed her phone and looked at the screen.

J: Hey…

B:  Hi :)

J:  I like that smile :)

B:  I really missed you.

J:  Did you? ;)

B:  Yes.

J:  I’m sorry, I should have text more.  I’d say it was because I was busy, which I was, but I was also freaking out a little.

B: Why?

J:  You said you wanted me too and I went into a bit of a spin.

B:  Oh….

J:  I’m not exactly sure how to keep my hands off you….

B:  We could tie them behind your back lol

J:  Well, I’m not really into kink, but if you are, then….

B:  lol we do this every time….why? why do we do this?

J:  Not sure ;)  You bring out the bad in me lol

B:  ;)

Jughead didn’t reply for a while and Betty just smiled at the screen.  It was so easy to talk to him like this.  She hoped in time it would be easy and carefree in person as well.  It was to a certain extent but the minute the flirting started she usually turned beet red and couldn’t even look at him.

J:  I miss your face.

B:  I gave you a lot of pictures :)

J:  I need a new one ;)

Betty scrolled into her pics and found one she had taken that morning.  She took it for the sole purpose of sending it to him and hadn’t worked up the courage.  She sent it.  He responded a couple minutes later.

J:  sigh

J:  Why do you have to be so beautiful?  Seriously Betty, I’m trying to keep my hands off you, this isn’t helping lol

B:  Well, you wanted a new pic…..and thank you :)  and you know, fair is fair ;)

Jughead sent a picture of himself with his hand in his hair and giving some sort of cute teasing look and she got the butterflies again.

B:  You are ridiculously hot

J:  ;)

B:  You know, we keep doing this and it’s not helping a thing lol

J:  I can’t help it.  

B:  Can I ask you something?

J:  Anything

B:  You said the other day that you’ve been thinking about me since the day we met.  Would you care to elaborate?

J:  Ummm…lol you sure you want me to?

B:  well, did you have any thoughts that didn’t revolve around the ‘fun’.

J:  What fun?

B:  shut up and answer the question lol

He took a while to type and she spent the time looking at her newest picture of him.  God, he was good looking.  How did she manage to capture the interest of such a babe?  She laughed at herself.  Babe?  Maybe she would try it out.

J:  I thought about the way you smiled at me across the room at that party.  The way you blushed when I came over to talk to you.  I thought about how nervous you were in the elevator.  I thought about how you kissed me.  I thought about how you invited me back to your place.  I thought about the way you giggled. The way you smiled.  The way your green eyes darkened when I touched you.  I thought about how your mouth felt when I kissed you.  I thought about how we kept stopping and being terrified you’d change your mind because I wanted you so bad, I was going nuts.  I had never wanted anyone like that before and I didn’t even know you.  I mostly always thought about how sad you looked when I left and I spent 2 and a half years kicking myself for not giving you my phone number.

Betty read his text and couldn’t breathe for a minute.  It was more than sex.  She was certain of that now.  She didn’t quite know how to respond and thought about it for a while.  

J:  Sigh, I keep oversharing….

B:  You thought about me a lot… :)

J:  Yes, and did I mention kicking myself?  

B:  Did you leave any bruises?

J:  Yes, you may need to kiss them better ;)

B:  That sounds tempting :)

J:  I wouldn’t say no….

B:  I’m extremely tempted to invite you over….

J:  Again, I wouldn’t say no….

B:  We need to change the subject, like now!

J:  Why? ;)

B:  Grrrrr

J:  Mmmmmm tigress ;)

B:  Seriously, stop it lol

J:  I can’t help it, I keep looking at your picture and you’re so fucking cute and now I’m just imagining….

B:  I’m not going to ask, I’m not going to ask….

J: lol

B:  Jughead?

J:  Betty?

B:  I need to say goodnight or I really will invite you over….

J:  ;)

B:  Goodnight Jughead :)

J:  Goodnight Beautiful :)

Betty sighed and let out a groan.  Dammit.  They were really fucking bad at taking things slow.  Friday was two days away and she was already blushing at the thought of facing him.  How do you sit around with a guy, keeping your hands to yourself when you’ve both confessed that you want each other.  She thought back to their night together and remembered how his mouth had felt when it was moving down her body.  How he had parted her thighs and stroked his tongue over her.  Betty had had only one sexual partner before him and they had never done that and it had been the most erotic thing she had ever experienced in her life.  She closed her eyes and her hand slipped between her legs as the images played in her mind and it was Jughead’s name she moaned a few minutes later.

It was pouring rain that Friday.  By late afternoon it was turning into sleet and Betty sighed as she looked out the window.  There would be no going to the park today.  Winter was coming and play time changed to indoor play places when she could get there and just staying in the apartment.  Jughead sent her a text around 4:00.

J:  So, I guess you won’t be at the park today.  I was really looking forward to seeing Jackson and you :(

B:  Why don’t you come to the apartment?  I can cook again :)

J:  Are you sure?  I don’t want to confuse Jackson in his own place.

B:  You won’t confuse him.  He’s comfortable with you and I want you guys to spend time together, so please, come for dinner.  7:00?

J.  Ok :)

Jughead arrived at 7:00 sharp.  She had to give him kudos for being punctual. She was also so nervous, she felt like throwing up.  So much had been text since they had last seen each other and she was a wreck.  She grabbed Jackson before opening the door, shamelessly using her son to hide behind. Jughead’s face broke into a grin when he saw them and her heart just melted.  

“Hey!” he said happily.

“Jughead,” Jackson said with a grin and suddenly reached toward him with both arms.  Jughead was so surprised he just froze.  Betty smiled and stepped closer and held him to Jughead.

“It’s ok, you can take him,” she said softly.  “He doesn’t want to go to a lot of people and he doesn’t usually like people this quickly but maybe on some level he knows you guys are connected,” she finished quietly.  Jughead stepped into the apartment and gently hooked his hands under Jackson’s arms and lifted him against his chest, tucking an arm around him to steady him.

“Hat!”  Jackson exclaimed and reached up and pulled Jughead’s hat from his head.  

“Ahhh, I see why you like me,” Jughead said with a laugh.  Jackson tried to put it on and when he succeeded, his head disappeared.  Betty started to laugh and closed the door.  She motioned for Jughead to go into the living room with him and she went back to the kitchen to finish preparing the food.  She had just made a lasagna and Caesar salad and soon had everything on the table ready to go.

Jughead was sitting on the couch trying to get his hat to sit right on Jackson’s head so it didn’t cover his eyes and the little boy thought it was a fun game of hide and seek.

“Boo,” he yelled when Jughead lifted the hat.  He laughed and gave him a squeeze.  Betty could have stood all evening and watched them, but the food was getting cold.

“Time to eat,” she said with a smile and Jughead stood up from the couch and carried Jax over and she motioned for him to put him in the high chair.  They sat down and once again, Jughead gushed over her cooking.

“This is insanely good,” he said as he ate.  She smiled and fed Jackson little bits of the pasta while Jughead wolfed down half the pan.  Betty ate slowly, her eyes taking in their little threesome as they enjoyed dinner and she suddenly had an ache in her chest.  They were a family and at the same time, they weren’t.  This was the definition of complicated.  She looked back to Jughead and found him watching her.  There was a glint in his eyes that she couldn’t identify and he gave her a small smile.  Jackson chose at that moment to throw the pasta he had and it landed in Jughead’s water glass.  Betty sighed and frowned at Jackson.

“Sweetie, we don’t throw food.  Say you’re sorry please.”

“No!” was the reply, followed by a giggle.

“Jackson, there will be no icecream for you if you don’t say you’re sorry,” Betty said firmly.  

“Hey, buddy, I don’t know about you, but I really love ice cream, I’d do just about anything for some.  I wouldn’t pass that up if I were you,” Jughead said to the boy, biting back a smile.

“Please tell Jughead you’re sorry,” Betty insisted and Jackson pouted and turned to Jughead.

“I sorry,” he said grudgingly.  Jughead tried not to smile and brushed the boy’s curls off his forehead.

“I forgive you, Jax,” he said softly.  Betty smiled as Jackson grinned at him and she nudged Jughead’s foot under the table and smiled at him.  He winked and she flushed a little.  When they were finished dinner, Betty insisted they go play in the living room while she cleaned up the dishes.  

Jughead took Jackson to the living room and put him down and he ran to the toy box and picked out some toys.  Jughead sat down on the floor and leaned against the couch and smiled when Jax brought over some plastic animals.  He sat down in front of Jughead and dropped the toys on the floor.  Jughead crossed his legs and leaned toward him and picked up a small dog.

“Do you know what this is?” He asked with a smile.  Jackson took the toy and grinned.

“Puppy,” he said happily.

“That’s right, you’re very smart,” Jughead said.  He picked up another animal and held it up.  “This one?”

“Meow.”  Jughead laughed.

“That’s the sound it makes, do you know what it is?” he asked.

“Kitty,” Jackson said excitedly.

“Good job,” Jughead said, his hand rubbing along Jackson’s back.


“Yeah, buddy, you’re very smart,” he said softly, feeling a sense of pride and love.    Jackson stood up and walked back to the toy box and came back with a book.  He handed it to Jughead and turned and settled himself on his lap.  

“Story,” he said with a smile and leaned back against Jughead’s chest.  Jughead felt the happiness seep into him and he wrapped his arm around Jax and pulled him closer and opened the book.  He started to read and Jackson clutched the thumb of the hand that was wrapped around his waist.

Betty watched from the kitchen and felt her eyes sting with tears.  She picked up her phone and turned it to silent and took a couple of pictures.  She never figured that Jackson would take to Jughead so quickly and she was glad for it. She had been afraid he wouldn’t like him and make things harder but maybe she was right.  Maybe on some level, little Jackson knew he was connected to Jughead.  He sat completely relaxed in his lap while Jughead’s soft voice read him the story.  He rarely even sat for her anymore for a book, but he sat through the entire story until Jughead got to the end.  And if she was going to be honest, the low soft hum of Jughead’s voice was making her stomach flutter like crazy.  He was even more attractive with Jackson on his lap and reading than anything she had seen.

When he finished the book, Jackson stood up and grabbed at his hat again and Jughead laughed and leaned back, not letting him grab it.  Jackson jumped in his lap and squealed as he tried to grab it.  Jughead leaned to the side and ended up falling over, quickly wrapping his arms around Jackson so he wouldn’t fall.  This seemed like the ideal position to the little guy and he almost sat on Jughead’s face in his attempt to grab his hat.  

“No, you can’t have it,” Jughead teased, wiggling away and was rewarded with a knee in the cheek which made him grunt and laugh painfully.  Jackson lunged for the beanie and managed to snag it, leaving Jughead’s hair in a disheveled mess and he laughed in glee and ran down the hall to his bedroom.  Jughead got up off the floor and ran his hand through his hair and laughed.  Betty bit back a laugh because his motions did nothing to fix his hair.  He walked into the kitchen and leaned against the counter and smiled at her.

“Will I get my hat back?” he asked with a laugh.  She shrugged and bit her lip as she stared at him.  She was feeling overwhelmed.  Watching him play with Jackson, remembering everything they had been texting, the way he was looking at her at the moment, his eyes teasing and heated, the way his eyes kept flickering to her mouth.  Betty couldn’t help it.  She really tried to hold back but it was like her body had a mind of its own.  

She stepped closer and grabbed his face in her hands and planted a kiss on his mouth.  She felt his intake of breathe and pulled back, surprised at herself.  She swallowed and stepped back and his eyes darkened as they fastened on her mouth.  He reached for her and she gasped as his mouth covered hers in a hungry kiss.  Her back hit the edge of the counter as his body pressed into hers.  She let out a whimper, her hands back on his face and she returned his kiss eagerly.  His low groan vibrated around her tongue as his hands gripped her hips, pulling her against him.  The kiss was frantic, and fast, pushing and pulling and she moaned when his tongue wrapped around hers, his mouth pressing against hers.  He eased back slightly and she took a shuddering breath before he pressed in again.  Betty clutched at his hair, messing it up even more and she felt him then, hard and aroused against her core as he moved against her.  

“Mama.”  The sound of Jackson’s voice filtered into her passion glazed senses and she heard the sound of his feet running down the hall.  She wrenched her mouth away and Jughead stepped back quickly, his breathing harsh, his face shrouded with heat.  Betty touched her mouth, trying to regain her senses as they stared at each other.  Jackson appeared between them, still holding on to Jughead’s beanie and she squatted down with a shaky smile.

“Hey buddy, what’s up?” she asked, trying to calm herself, and noticing her hand on his little shoulder trembled.  

“Jughead hat,” he announced and smiled at her.  He held it up and she straightened and lifted him into her arms.  

“Why don’t you give it to him?” she asked softly.  Jackson held out the hat and Jughead took and it put it over his rumpled hair.

“Thanks buddy,” he said softly.  Jackson again held out his hands and this time Jughead immediately reached for him.  

“You guys want some ice cream?” Betty asked with a smile.  

“Ice cream!” Jackson said in excitement and she ushered them into the living room while she pulled out the treat.

She brought two bowls over and handed one to Jughead who was sitting on the couch holding Jackson, flipping through a book.  

“Is it ok if you just feed him from yours?  I don’t usually give him his own bowl cause he likes to throw it,” Betty said laughing.  

“Sure,” Jughead said softly, taking the bowl from her.  His fingers brushed hers and their eyes met, both feeling the current moving between them.  He smiled and she sat down next to him.  “You want some ice cream Jax?” he asked, putting a little on the spoon for him.  Jackson ate it eagerly and Betty settled back and smiled as she watched them.  Jughead was putting a spoonful in his own mouth when Jackson swung his arm and he missed and got some on the corner of his lip that he failed to notice.  

“Easy there, little guy,” Jughead said laughing, trying to keep his flailing arms still.  Betty laughed and reached over and swept her thumb over the spot of cream before she realized what she was doing just as Jughead’s tongue swept out to get it.  It stroked against her thumb and they froze, their eyes locking.  He held her gaze and once again, with intention, swept his tongue over it and back into his mouth.  Betty quickly pulled it away, her breath coming a little quicker than it had been a minute before.  Jughead went back to feeding Jackson, a small smile on his face.

Betty was flustered as hell.  He had clearly done it on purpose and her entire body ached and she didn’t know what to do with herself now.  She finished her ice cream and let Jughead and Jackson eat theirs and be cute with each other but all she could think about was Jughead’s mouth on hers.  When the ice cream was done, she cleaned up the bowls and went back to the living room and gently took Jax from Jughead.  

“It’s time for your bath and then off to bed sweetie,” she said smiling.  Jughead stood and ran a hand over his shirt.

“I guess I should get going,” he said quietly.  

“You…you don’t have to,” she said softly.  “It won’t take me long to get him down for the night.  If you just want to wait a bit….”  

“I’ll wait,” he said quickly.  She smiled and went to the back to take care of Jackson.  She bathed him and got him in his pajamas and brought him back out to say goodnight.  Jughead gave him a tight hug and pressed a kiss to his hair.  “Good night buddy,” he whispered softly.  

“Night Jughead,” Jackson said with a smile and a yawn.  Betty smiled and brought him to his bed.  She didn’t even get half way through her lullaby before he was sleeping.  

Jughead stood in the living room.  Betty’s voice as she sang to Jackson carrying out to him and he felt his whole body tense.  The thought of the woman he wanted more than anything singing to his son as he fell asleep made his heart constrict with a tightness that had him struggling to breathe.  She came back into the living room and he just stood and stared at her.  The air felt like it was charged and she stood silently just looking at him, her hands curled into fists as if she didn’t know what else to do with them.  Jughead walked slowly over to her and he saw her tremble and he lifted his hand and trailed the back of his fingers down her cheek.  Betty closed her eyes and leaned into his touch.  When she opened them, her green eyes were a shade darker and she bit her lip unconsciously and he just couldn’t hold it back anymore.  

Jughead took her face in his hands and lowered his mouth to hers.  Her arms immediately went around his neck and she pressed herself against him, her whimper telling him how much she liked it.  She tasted good, God did she taste good.  Like ice cream and cherry lip gloss.  He sank his tongue inside her mouth and she moaned, rubbing hers against his, tugging on his hair.  The kiss turned hot, ravenous and he fisted his hands in her hair, pulling her head back slightly to settle more firmly over her mouth.  He felt his body harden and when she moved her hips to cuddle him he growled and wrenched his mouth away, pulling his hips back to keep from moving against her.  His forehead rested on hers and he took a deep shuddering breath, hearing her gasp for air as well.  He strokes his thumbs across her cheeks, trying to gain control of himself.

“I need to go,” he said in a raw whisper.  She pulled back and looked at him, and he knew she could see the need and desire in his eyes.  He saw it in hers as well.  He kissed her again, her mouth drawing him with a  force he couldn’t explain.  Again it heated up quickly and he could feel her trembling and he pulled back again.  “Shit, Betty,” he gasped, his hands gripping her waist, wanting to pick her up and carry her to bed.  “I should go, I need to go,” he said hoarsely.  She nodded in agreement, even as she kissed him again.  Her tongue ran over his lips and he groaned and his hands slid over her backside, lifting her to him and he moved and pressed her against the door.  

“You taste good,” she whimpered against his mouth and moaned when he moved against her.  Jughead could feel her heat as she cuddled him and he rocked against her again, his mouth moving heavily over hers.  She bit his lip and tugged and he stroked his tongue against hers.  His mouth moved across her jaw and down her neck, licking and sucking the skin as he went.  “Juggie,” she whispered and he bit into her skin at the nickname.  She shuddered and he soothed it with his tongue.

“Fuck,” he muttered, his hands moving under her shirt.  He was so close to just ripping her shirt off and he forced himself back.  He undid her arms from around his neck and took a full step back.  “I need to go,” he said, breathing heavy.  She just nodded, her eyes and face still hazy with desire.  Jughead grabbed his jacket and took her chin in his hand and lifted it, placing a hard kiss on her mouth and then he quickly left the apartment.

Betty sagged against the door, her trembling hand on her chest.  Her entire body was on fire and all she could taste was his mouth.  He was still an amazing kisser.  His hands, God his hands had felt hot and heavy on her skin when he slipped them under her shirt.  His arms around her was something she had never forgotten and it had felt as wonderful as it had then.  She was in trouble.  She knew if he wanted it, she wouldn’t hesitate.  He had a little more sense than she did, but for how long?   She sighed and straightened and turned the lights off and got ready for bed.  A bed she wanted him in and she didn’t know how much longer until she dragged him to it.  As she snuggled under the blankets, she took her phone and sent him the pictures she had taken of him with Jackson.  He didn’t take long to reply.

J:  Thank you.

B:  You’re welcome.

He didn’t say anything in reply and she bit her lip.  She wanted to talk to him but they had just crossed a scrunchy line and she didn’t know if she should say anything, or even what she could say.  She decided after a while to just message him the truth.

B:  I miss you arms.

J:  I miss your mouth.

B:  Dammit, what are we doing?

J:  Trying to stay away from each other?  

B:  It’s working really well!

J:  I’ll behave next time.

B:  I probably won’t.

J:  Promise?

B:  Sigh, most likely.

J:  lol, I look forward to it.

B:  Shut up and go to bed.  

J:  Yes, ma’am ;)

B:  Goodnight Juggie.

J:  I like that :)

B:  Just kinda came out lol

J:  Goodnight beautiful :)

also forget everything you knew about the word “chaud” it has approximately 1324987 new meanings now:

il fait chaud: it’s hot

je suis trop chaud: i’m so in

ah, chaud!: ah, weird!

wow, chaud!: wow, cool!

c'était chaud: that was close

and probably more that i still haven’t heard of.

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Hello I am also creeping into your ask box. So, I've fallen out of writing for the past few years but I really want to pick it up again. I fell out of it because I didn't like my work anymore and I had a huge motivation problem. However, I'm now older and want to get back into helping contribute to fandoms, creating, and connecting. But, I don't know how. See, I have a lot of ideas but I'm not sure if I can write it the way I want and keep up with it. Any advice? Also how do you plan without RC?

Hi there! Thank you for creeping~

You know, I’ve had long spells where I go ages without writing much, too. I think right now is probably the most dedicated I’ve ever been to writing, honestly. And it’s a great feeling, but of course, it’s not one that can happen all the time – creativity does go in cycles, the way you feel about your writing isn’t always consistent. Sometimes it makes you just not want to write, like what you’ve experienced. 

But now that you want to get back into it, I wonder if you’re too concerned with the pitfalls of the future, instead of focusing on what you want to do right here and now. 

If you want to write at this very moment, try not to worry about everything going the way you want it to go, or keeping up with it. A lot of the time, I start off wanting to write a story one way, and by the end, it’s an entirely different story. And I look back at my outline or first draft and am like “what in the seven hells happened here???” Literally 9 times out of 10 I start off saying, “This will be short!” And then several months and fifty thousand words later…….. (you have HOTJ)

That’s not always a bad thing. Often, what you end up with is better than what you started out writing – because you gain perspective as you go. And sometimes I do get totally stuck because a story isn’t materializing the way I want it. In that case, this is where it becomes useful to have a lot of ideas. Start working on another one. See where that takes you – maybe you’ll end up finishing that second idea instead, or maybe working on something else will help you store up enough creative energy to forge yourself a path on that first stalled idea. 

When it comes to keeping up, take a deep breath and r e l a x. Your deadlines as a fan creator are your own, so utilize that freedom. Try and remember you are doing this because you love it. My advice here would be: write a whole story from start to finish. Or write a couple one-shots – have material stockpiled. Then work on new things while you still have those to post. It may alleviate some of your stress about posting schedule (as it does for me). When I first started writing for this fandom, my laughably lofty goal was to post a fic or fic chapter every weekend – that fell apart pretty fucking fast, let me tell you. And at first, yes, I did stress about it a lot. But I realized that the more important thing than sticking to my own self-imposed schedule was the fact that I wanted to write and I had so many ideas to write about. When they end up fully realized on paper, or when they get posted, is another story. 

The thing is, you’ll never know until you actually start writing. So, don’t worry so much any more about what might happen. Start talking to people, other fans and writers, now. You don’t have to Be A Writer to talk to other writers. And just, open up a new doc. Start your outline. I can promise you it will feel better than not writing at all.

In regards to your second question, how do I plan without RC and Ellie – a lot of my non-collab ideas tend to crash their way into my brain and suddenly it’s like, I HAVE TO WRITE THIS IMMEDIATELY which is why I am always writing like 4 stories at once and it takes me forever to actually finish anything. Typically, during these early stages, Ellie and RC are like “Essieeee” and “what about your other three stories you are supposed to be finishing” and “remember how you told us not to let you do this again” 

*WAVES HAND* WHATEVER. So, at this point, I usually view it as my sworn duty to convince them that my New Idea is Good and that it Must Be Written. I start actively brainstorming at them, until they finally break and agree with me and then I just start writing. So basically, some ideas, I start off brainstorming with them, but others simmer in my head for awhile before I unleash them. I tend to brainstorm out loud, a lot, which is how I come up with dialogue and individual scenes; I do this in the car, shower, wherever. Talking to yourself is, I find, very helpful. But I do usually need to talk through my ideas with someone else at some point though, unless they’re fairly short. 

Thank you for your questions!!! <3