I had a dream in which both Keith was part Galra and also was Zarkon’s son. And for some reason Zarkon actually wanted to be a dad to Keith for some weird reason, but he still wanted Voltron idk. But like apparently Zarkon was trying to be a good dad but he didn’t know what earth dads were like so he just tried to do what he saw on sitcoms. Which didn’t work whatsoever because ‘THERE’S NO GRAVITY HOW WOULD WE EVEN PLAY CATCH IN SPACE’ and other things of course but that one stuck out.

Anyway Keith and Lance started dating and Shiro tried to give them the ‘be safe’ talk and added in the possibilities of alien STDs that might make humans explode and halfway through it Keith screamed ‘WE GET IT OH MY GOD STOP BEING SPACE DAD AND STOP’

And so Shiro just pauses and is like ‘…You’re right. I should stop being space dad’ cue relieved sighs ‘…And leave it to the professionals’

And Keith and Lance get the most horrified looks on their faces and then ten minutes later they have Zarkon in their dining room which would normally be something for all of them to be concerned over but this time it’s just Zarkon ranting about being safe and alien STDs and ‘THIS one normally causes a rash but for humans I think it’d grow a second head IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT SON’ ‘PLEASE STOP’

And as soon as that talk was over they all fucking knocked Zarkon out and sent him back to Galra base cause again he STILL WANTS VOLTRON