hot... ossan


My Super Overdue Thoughts on Om Shanti Om this January…

- wait what no revue? I feel like a lot of the audience was waiting for one so Beni actually came out again to basically tell everyone “Show is over! Please go home safely!”
- This was so perfect for Beni aaaaaaaaah
- I was so surprised by the new Top Musumeyaku, Airi Kisaki! She seemed underwhelming at first, but by the second half… WHOA.
- Makoto Rei makes a hot ossan whoa.
- I am in love with Chigusa Miki. Aaah. She was so good~
- Beni + Yuria Seo is a good combi but makes me miss Micchan + Beni like whoa. I felt like Beni carried the bulk of the jokes.
- Beni rapping oh my god.
- I love how this show plays out. It gives you a good feel of what to expect from this new Hoshigumi.

I’m so looking forward to getting this show on DVD/BluRay and seeing more of the new Hoshigumi when The Scarlet Pimpernel comes out!

I’ll be flying to Florida tonight for the Disney cruise with my whole family. It’s my first time going on a cruise trip to the Bahamas and I hope it’ll be fun. I’ll probably take a bunch of pictures (of suited men if there are any) and post traditional sketches here on my art blog.

I’ll most likely be active on twitter and chatter about the trip. 

I’ll be back next week and hope you guys have a wonderful vacation as well~!


Your sunny smile, your tender voice,
I’ll love them forever
To my beloved, Happy Birthday 

On your special day I’ll congratulate you and say
“Thank you for being born…" 

To this human being whose perfect existence has been ruining my life for two years now (and counting), HAPPY HAPPY 32ND BIRTHDAY, YOU HOT DAMN OSSAN!

Just continue being your adorkably gorgeous and amazing self! Enjoy this special day of yours to the fullest!