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  • Rin sleeps in a T-shirt and shorts
  • during the summer he’ll sleep in his boxers

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  • Bon sleeps in his boxers - he hates to be hot
  • during the winter, he usually sleeps with a shirt on

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  • Renzou sleeps in whatever shirt he wore that day
  • either sleeps in boxers of briefs

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  • Konekomaru sleeps in matching PJs
  • like the ones that come with matching hats

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  • Shiemi sleeps mainly in nightgowns with floral patterns
  • during the summer, she’ll wear a bigger shirt

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  • Izumo wears cute PJs with animals on them
  • she normally wears shorts with her shirt

Concept: it’s our first winter morning in our new house together. As I wake up I’m filled with excitement and I run into the living room to find you waiting with breakfast and hot chocolate for us both. It’s snowing outside and we’re freezing cold but we’re both filled with joy to finally be together

The Cold Zodiac Signs

Sits in front of the heater for hours at a time: Cancer, Libra, Taurus

Wears ten million sweaters and a blanket: Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio

Drinks hot chocolate: Leo, Aries, Aquarius

Claims not to be cold, eats ice cream to prove it: Sagittarius, Capricorn

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How do I give a guy a good blowjob that will suck his soul out?

I whole heartedly believe that anything intimate that being sex, hand jobs blowjobs anything is all about the build up. You could give the shittest  blowjob ever but if you have the right build up it will make them believe that there is a god. Hype yourself up all the time, always say that they aren’t ready for this pussy, and that it’s the bomb. And then when you give decide to give it to them they’ll believe it was the best thing ever even if you weren’t having a great day. Fake it till you make it. If you’re out start buy giving a little dirty talk, tell him that when you get home you’re going to ‘rock his world’ tease him like there’s no tomorrow. Give him a few gentle touches and a few quick kisses. When you get home or to somewhere private start off slow. slowly pull out his dick and come up and give him a kiss. If you can feel a response from down below then you’re off to a good start. Now slowly go down to his cock, don’t be afraid to get a bit sloppy, I always say that saliva was god’s answer to lube. anyway a wet dick sounds better than a dry dick slowly lick your lips whilst making eye contact with him, by this point hopefully you’ve built the tension so much that he’s ready to burst already. Give him a bit of a tease by starting off with a few little licks or kisses. Slowly lick from the base of his shaft up towards the tip. Wet his dick up again, if you need to use your hand. slowly massage his balls and if you think he’d be into it gently scratch them with your fingernails. continue licking up and down the shaft, he should be squirming by now, you should be able to tell when it’s getting to be too much for him. It’s all good to tease a little bit but at some point you’re going to have to get down to business. Slowly lick around the head and in the centre before taking him into your mouth. We all know that dick is not the best taste ever otherwise we’d have mouthwash tasting like it. despite this you need to act like what he’s offering is like champagne, ice-cream on a hot day, hot cocoa on a winters evening. But don’t pay all your attention on the head, although this is where most men are the most sensitive, like, ice-cream is great but if you could have an ice-cream sunday you’d want all of it not just the cherry on top. Once you’ve paid attention to the head take him all in your mouth and kind of hold it there for a moment. Then come back up. He’ll probably want you to deep throat some more but don’t let him get bossy, YOU ARE THE BOSS!!!! suck up and down his cock as fast as you can but don’t let him cum just yet. If he gets close slow down. You want this blowjob to be drawn out and not be over with a couple minutes. You can suck it like a straw or you can just take it in and out, But keep it changing, you don’t want him to get bored. when you think you’ve worked him up enough use your right hand to kind of squeeze the base of his shaft. This will make all of his blood rush and make him even more sensitive. Now go to town, as fast as you can using different techniques. I would swallow however you may choose not to, It just means less cleanup 💁🏼 Just make sure you hold off a bit towards the end when you can feel he’s about to cum as otherwise it’ll spurt right back into your mouth and you’ll choke which is not particularly sexy… You’ve just given him the most amazing blowjob x well done x give yourself a pat on the back xx have fun 😉

Lots of love, Mary xoxo