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Name: Grace
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hello, my name is Grace, a highly sensitive, small, and fragile little being who is currently residing in a small town in the southwest of the United States. I am an artist in progress who finds contentment in creating illustrations of the flora and fauna that surrounds me, studying biology, cold winter mornings, sipping a hot cup of tea, watching films, reading, long walks, wandering in the forest, dancing, writing, visiting museums, botanical gardens, cafes, and galleries. I’ve always had the dream of traveling around the world to experience, witness, and learn about all the various cultures, landscapes, languages, cuisines, and people around the world. The notion of pen pals has been around for generations. It’s something of which I believe everyone should experience. The infinite friendships that can be made and knowledge that can be shared brings warmth to my heart. It is important that I disclose my struggle with anxiety, a debilitating disorder that has kept me from living my day to day life to the fullest. I apologize in advance if I am difficult to converse with, once acquainted I’m hopeful that I will be at ease. I look forward to meeting whoever reads to the end of this paragraph, hopefully you found me somewhat interesting.

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I was tagged by @wanderlust-sims, TY BB ♡

Name: Mel
Nicknames: melon; Big Papa (u know who u are) 
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Height: 5′5
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Favourite fruit: Berries
Favourite season: Winter (its hot AF where I live) 
Favourite book series: none ATM 
Favourite flower: Roses (im so original ik)
Favourite scent: dirt after it rains; perfume wise I like floral, fruity scents
Favourite colour: neutrals like black, gray, beige–muted colors
Favourite animal: Cats & Sloths (sloths are low key my spirit animal)
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea 🐸☕️ (pun intended)
Average sleep hours: 8 hours
Cat or dog person? Cat (but i only own dogss?!1)
Favourite fictional characters: All my children from Stranger Things, Hyde from That 70′s Show, Tina from Bob’s Burgers (& idk, I’m blanking)
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1/2, I sleep with it almost completely off
Dream trip: London and Japan cos I’m basic
Blog created: Like a month ago lmao but my other one was OH MY GOD A YEAR & A HALF WOT I DIDN’T EVEN KNO??
Number of followers: A humble 128 (I love the intimacy of it, and a bunch are mutuals, hi, hey hey) (However, my other blog was almost 2k.)

I tag: @glitterychaostriumph @tailor-simblr @queenplumbob @rosy-sims @planethoneypop @masims4 @deepsea27 & anyone else who wants to because I’m pretty sure everyone’s already done it. Also feel free to not do it :)

It’s super cold right now, so I wanted to draw something that gives a feeling a warmth :3 Here for you YOI Fandom (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

Can’t help, I played this over and over while I drew :