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srry to message again but do people actually ship clalec??? like???? Alec doesn't like her for like half of s1 at least???? She basically threatens to out him??? the fuck??? I mean I'm new but like how tf do people see that lmao

i mean i dont think she really threatens to out him… it was more of like her trying to show how much of an ally she is and being like “you should come out i accept you” you know straight people do that a lot??? but anyways yes lots of people ship them even tho its gross and alec is gay and he only likes guys and he is dating a beautiful bisexual moc but you know how are you gonna stop straight girls from shipping a hot white guy with a white girl there’s so many problematic things about this whole clalec thing if you wanna talk about it i’ll be right here fren

Roy Mustang or Edward Elric?” - Anonymous

Does this come as a surprise? He’s my lil muffin angel son.