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Prompt: Bitty, "Get Me Bodied," clubbing

“Would you care to comment on the video Lukas Bloomquist posted following your win against the Lightning?”

It was an accident.

Boomer never should have been recording in the first place, let alone posting to any Instagram, public or private, but now it’s out and Eric is sitting smack dab in the middle of a press scrum being grilled about his love for Beyoncé where everyone in the world can see.

“I was celebrating with the rest of my team, I really don’t think there’s anything more that needs to be said.” Eric offers a friendly smile, but the horde is undeterred. 

“That was some pretty intense celebrating, Eric. Have you always been such a good dancer?”

Several of the guys behind the scrum snicker loudly, failing to hide their laughter, but Eric keeps smiling even though he feels like his teeth are going to crack.

“What can I say, I like to cut loose after a hard win. We rewarded ourselves with a good time, it was pure coincidence we were able to share that victory with some of Seattle’s finest. It was incredibly unfortunate what happened, and I’m glad everyone is okay.” 

Danny and Smitty are mock twerking behind the press corps, just off camera, and Eric is counting the seconds until his inevitable death when Boomer holds up a child’s fireman’s helmet and shakes it vigorously to get his attention.

“What do you have to say to those arguing that one of your teammates may have been responsible for the fire?”

“I know y’all love a rumor mill, but there was a grease fire at the restaurant next door that triggered the sprinklers.”

“Did your ‘friend’ tell you that?”

He drops his chin to his chest, fighting the burn in his cheeks. “Are there any questions about tonight’s game? I mean, Cricket got a hat-trick.”

Cindy, from the Seattle Times, covers up her microphone. “Well, Crocker didn’t get caught on tape booty-dancing to ‘Get Me Bodied’ with Tacoma’s Firefighter of the Year. We have priorities.”

“But do you have any human decency?” Eric hisses before realizing there are still cameras on him. “Oh, no.”


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