Rodimus tells me that she used to be more laid back, but ever since losing her arm to a Decepticon boobytrap she’s nothing but business - Hot Shot, Allspark Almanac II

Another entry for the TF femme zine by @zeenovos! Decide to take the subject matter of Red Alert losing her hand. Colours is outside my comfort zone so I hope it looks fine.

Bonus BW Ver.

  • Tracer: Every aerial photo and recon report indicate a defensive arsenal in the D, and perhaps negative C, categories. There’s also some anti-aircraft squadrons. They can send up an ack-ack umbrella high enough to make any attack ineffective. What do you think?
  • Soldier-76: I don’t have a clue what you’re talkin’ about, Lana. Not a fucking clue. I have a shell fragment the size of a fist in my head. Pork Chop Hill, 1953. The only way I can make this goddamn toupee to stay on my head is by magnetising the entire upper left quadrant of my skull, so you just go ahead and do what you do.
NHL!Bitty, Part IX - ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’

(Alright, you guys voted for #2, so enjoy!)

Eric gets hit on in a hotel bar during All-Star weekend. For the first time in a long time, it’s not because he’s a famous hockey player.

It would be very flattering, except the man trying to seduce him works for Jack’s PR firm, and bro is playing fast and loose with some seriously confidential information. 

NHL!Bitty Masterpost!

It’s been a long, exhausting day. Between the flight, check-in, the press junket, the photo ops, all Eric wants is to get a little bit drunk with the guys, grab some dinner, and fool around in Jack’s hotel room. Hopefully in that order, but he’s open to fooling around whenever.

He must have a dopey smile on his face thinking about the debauchery he’s been looking forward to all week when he realizes someone is watching him from across the bar. 

Tall, nice hair, professional, and he’s looking at Eric, no, at the empty chair next to him. And he’s walking over. 

“Is this seat taken?”

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As upset as I am that Jonghyun and Samuel didn’t make top 11, please please please don’t send any hate to Ha Sungwoon for getting the 11th spot. He had nothing to do with how the final rankings turned out. I know a lot of you are bitter, so please remember that. He is such a kind, hard working, capable person and I truly want the best for him in Wanna One. He deserves it, just like any of the other 19 finalists deserved it too. And remember that Sungwoon was also part of Hot Shot, another “failed” group, another debuted idol demoted to the ranked of trainee because Produce 101 was their last shot at achieving their dream. 

Yes, I wish as much as anyone that Jonghyun and Samuel could have been in that top 11, but that doesn’t mean I want any of the trainees who made it to be kicked out, or think that any of them didn’t deserve it just as much.

The reason why i cried when i saw that sungwoon got 3rd place was not only that he finally got the recognition he deserves but also how genuinely happy taehyun was for him, even though he already knew that he was eliminated… He was just so happy and so proud of sungwoon for being 3rd place without showing any sign of sadness it warms my heart and makes me cry even more


So for this whole month I haven’t gotten to really sit down and celebrate Halloween, and at the rate things are going, I don’t think I’ll get to do much on the actual holiday either. To make it up to myself, though..well, you see what happened. 4 times. ..With 13 characters. 

Anyway; had a huge amount of fun doing these! Don’t count out the chance of another one showing up before the holiday’s over! 

Feel like getting into Hotshot?

Here’s a list of things to help you! I really really do recommend that you give them a shot (haHa) because they’re so incredibly talented, and not to mention the members are super extra and funny and sweet and cute and etc. They’re just really great and you won’t regret stanning them I promise! 

First off, an intro to Hotshot - that is a good post to help you get to know them, but under the cut will be some gifs etc etc.

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