Cheeky Elvis from @cheeky_burger at @wefeastlondon @shepherdsbushmarket. Beef, cheese, smoked grilled streaky bacon, grilled onions, peanut butter, hot daddy sauce, and an added perfectly runny fried egg. INCREDIBLE. My 2nd time having it and it was even better than the first time. The mix of egg yolk and peanut butter works so well, kinda stops it being sticky, plus the hot sauce gives it a great kick, without being too hot at all. The whole thing is just a massive taste orgasm. This is the best burger on the west side of London, for sure. Make sure you check them out here in the next few weeks, but give them a follow on Twitter cos they do other places too.
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Hux has a rather delicate palate. It’s not that he’s never eaten seasoned food, it’s just that he’s grown up used to the kind of bland but nutritional meals available on starships and in the First Order Academy.

So when Kylo Ren comes along, dousing everything in hot sauce and adding aromatic spices to food, Hux nearly chokes when he tries Kylo’s meal. He can’t handle the added chilli, and breaks out in a flushed sweat, certain his mouth is on fire and that he’s dying. Which is kinda amusing to Kylo, but not to anyone else in the canteen, as their lives are now forfeit if they ever speak of what they saw.

And Hux hates Kylo for it. The man is even more messed up than Hux originally thought. No one enjoys burning their mouth off every time they eat. No one. Kylo is insane.

He regards Kylo warily from then on, and makes sure never to accept the casual offer of ‘the option two meal is good today - want to try some?’ again.

Okay but imagine Carol and Daryl trolling each other.
  • Carol gets hold of a squirrel call and just messes with Daryl on the hunt.
  • Daryl moving every piece of furniture in her room four inches to the left.
  • Carol secretly adding hot sauce to his food.
  • Daryl putting baby powder in her hand while she’s sleeping and then tickling her face.
  • Carol putting Hello Kitty stickers all over the crossbow.
  • Daryl replacing all of her left shoes with an identical shoe one size too big.
  • Carol sewing horrifically mismatched sleeves onto his shirts.
  • Daryl leaving stacks of twenty dollar bills littered around her room after raiding a bank on a supply run.
  • Carol convincing the entire group that Daryl’s first name is actually Walter.
  • Daryl drawing a heart on her forehead in red lipstick while she’s asleep.
  • Carol drenching all of his pants in purple glitter.
  • Daryl sneaking up behind Carol and gently flicking her ear before fleeing.
  • Carol launching stale marshmallows at him with a rubber band slingshot.
  • Daryl using Judith as a shield when Carol is actually pissed at him.
  • Carol tricking Daryl into letting her cut his hair as long as she does so while completely naked.
  • Daryl pretending to be asleep when Carol has to climb over him to get out of bed in the morning…only to tackle her as soon as she’s on top of him.
  • Carol singing “I’m Too Sexy” under her breath when Daryl is in a sulky mood and brooding around until she gets a chuckle out of him.
  • Daryl stealing her pen anytime she sets it down and looks away for a second.
  • Carol lining his chair with wax paper so he just slides right off when he sits down.
  • And, of course, somebody got a hold of a whoopee cushion.

i read somewhere that suggested adding hot sauce to your food so that you wont eat as much because it’ll be too spicy…….. bietch watchu mean????  imma eat more because of this