Toby: How many different mustaches does Jack Rackham have?

Tom: “ Eight…Boom! No, I’ve gone and counted them, many times.”

[Black Sails trivia part 2]

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gradma poisond. you like the furry goat prince, don'tcha.

I assume you speak about my latest reblogs of @askfriskandcompany. If that’s the case, then yes, you are very much right my friend, but can you blame me? I mean DAYUM that’s a pretty hot goat of whom I may or may not be planning to draw fanart along with Aidrian because they are both sexy badass dorks and I ship them like Fedex.

But I digress.


People Are Falling In Love With This Guy’s Cover Of Drake’s “One Dance”


Calum is in the background singing, “I play guitar, but she’s into bassists.”


Ok but Laurent is so fucking extra he gets captured and tortured by Govart to a point that a knife is literally twisted into his shoulder but because he’s a drama queen and #3cool5u he just drags his injured ass back to camp half rushing to be there before his hot frenemy (Best frenemy. Frenemies with benefits.) just so he could pull the classic I’ve Been Expecting You™ card on Damen with hIS FUCKING “Hello, Lover” REST IN FUCKING PIECES, DAMEN