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Hi! INFP here to say something about INTP x INFP for the other anon. I've had a really good relationship with him for around two and a half years. We take things at our own pace and respect each other. The most frustrating thing is that both of us are VERY indecisive so when we go out, it's like, what do you want to do? No, what do YOU want to do? We have a lot of "arguments" in which he sends whale puns and I send awful asexual puns, maybe these things are just us but we're stable, good luck

This is good and pure. I wish I had any advice, but my INTJ and I do the same thing. Posting for the anon.

- (Also ace) INFP Mod

Important announcement for short boys:
- y'all are ok
- you shouldn’t be taller
-not every guy is gonna pick on you because of your height
-and even if they do just kick them in the balls
-you are attractive
-yes there are plenty of boys and girls that don’t care about height
- usually they are the taller ones btw so don’t get scared to talk to them
- actually don’t get scared at talking to any girl/boy at all
- cuz you are all valid
- you are handsome
- you are cute
- and you are all hot
- y'all are ok just the way you are
- keep rockin'


T: Minho, your English very good
M: Thank you
J: Your English very good
M: Your English very good too
J: Thank you tooㅎㅅㅎ
T: How about me?
M: um…not bad
T: What?
M: Taemin you, not bad. So so
K: Yo yo! You you! What happened to your back?
T: No money^^;;
T: Here very hot. I’M HOT! OH, HOT? CUT! OK! CUT!✌️
M: Hahahahaha…

 170321 SWc 5 in Vancouver - 2min /Taekey

  credit: @ 525silverriver