-Planning to be a barista.

-Waited a few years to enroll so he could be with his friends.

-Is rather reserved for the most part.

-Until he pulls an all nighter and he starts asking questions like “Do penguins have knees?”

-Lowkey the smartest out of everyone.

-Is very aware of Luhan’s crush but he pretends not to be.

-Totally planned on being a loner

-Until he met Xiumin (he swears it’s not a crush, just a high admiration.)


-Tries to act tough but he’s actually watched The Notebook & The Vow (He still cries)

-Gets pretty lonely sometimes

-Gets defensive when called ‘flower boy’

-Was really excited to attend college (Only Suho knows though)

-Has an obsession with space, he could probably tell you every star’s name

-Likes to hang out with Tao when he gets stressed.

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  •   was walking by the pizza restaurant when he suddenly thought of you (because oppa doesn’t have a driver’s license)

  •   sees you through the window on a date with sehun

  •   “what”

  •   puppy eyes looks over again

  •   upset and confused puppy


  •   sent you a text trying to flirt with you

  •   hears the door open in the dorm to see that its you and jongin coming home from your date

  •   locks himself in the bathroom
  •   “what’s happening”

  •   genuinely hurt


  •   invited you to come over to the dorm to watch the new season of your favourite tv show with him

  •   hears your voice in the other room thinking you came over to see him

  •   he looks in the kitchen to see you happily eating dinner with kyungsoo
  •   “kyungsoo and ______ are dating??”

  •   shook and embarrassed


  •   came over to your house to give you homemade cookies (aw)

  •   to his surprise, chanyeol opens the door and takes the cookies from him

  •   he realizes chanyeol is at your house because you’re on a date with him
  •   calm on the outside, bitter on the inside
  •   “well then…”


  •   wanted you to go walk the dogs with him (how sweet)

  •   hears the sounds of a puppy when he rings the doorbell

  •   sehun opens the door as vivi runs back to you, hopping onto your lap
  •   once he realizes you’re on a date with sehun, he just makes an excuse of wanting to introduce the dogs to you
  •   “am i not hot enough or what”


  •   invited you over to the gym to workout with him (lol so romantic!!1!)

  •   saw you waiting outside the guys’ changeroom

  •   “hey! i was just about to ask you to hang out here! who are you waiting for?”

  •   you smile up at him and say “tao”

  •   he smiles and walks away bitterly


  •   invited you to come to his favourite bakery

  •   saw you across the street with baekhyun and was genuinely confused

  •   “what is she doing with him”

  •   a few hours later the harsh realization

  •   is upset but will live with it


  •   only wanted to see you so he invited you to go shopping with him

  •   saw you at the mall with kris

  •   didn’t think much of it and left
  •   but deep deep inside was like“damn it”
  •   accepts reality and moves on


  •   invited you to go to his favourite french restaurant for brunch

  •   was driving down to your house to ask you when he saw you and jongin walking the dogs

  •   makes a u-turn and deletes the text you didn’t see
  •   sits at home wondering how to steal you from jongin
  •   but then regrets thinking that and gives his support (bitterly)


  •   only wanted to go for bubble tea with you

  •   saw luhan take you to the place he wanted to take you

  •   was upset because his favourite hyung had to steal his favourite girl
  •   long sigh
  •   ranting about it to junmyeon


  •   he only wanted to show you those sick wushu moves

  •   but instead he saw you arm wrestling with minseok

  •   presses lips together and whines
  •   drives home angrily
  •   demands an explanation from minseok


  •   wanted to take you out to dim sum to eat some baozis!!1!!1!

  •   but saw tao holding your hand at the restaurant

  •   sighs
  •   is mature about it
  •   “oh well”
Okay how hot is Chanyeol though? seriously!

I got all worked up messaging @catou1305 about sexy Chanyeol so now I’m gonna spam up in this piece!

I mean look at this neck!

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

And his kissable lips!

(P.S Don’t bite your lips, Chan! That my job!)

He knows how to kiss too!

His big brown eyes! They always sparkle

Not to mention his mega hot body!

Kris having none of it


BOOM baby!

*fans self off* Dear lord have mercy

I Am An Alpha Ch 14: Baring My Teeth

His deep hearty chuckle rings out. His chest vibrates against mine as he wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer to his full weight is resting on me. “I guess you really are an alpha.”

I hesitantly respond, “So you aren’t mad?”

It takes him a minute to stop laughing to answer, “No Love I’m not mad. I kind of take it as a compliment.”


“It means you accept me, even your alpha side. You actually want me,” He holds me even tighter. “I was scared for a minute that you didn’t want us.”

“Of course I do.”

We lay there for a while, wrapped around each while Kris’s knot continues to shrink. Neither of us says anything, until there is a quiet knock at the door. I tense.

“Shit,” Kris groans, “I was supposed to get you for lunch.”

“You did a great job of that,” I chuckle, taking a deep breath I try to figure out who is on the other side of the door but all I can smell is Kris. “Who is out there? I can’t tell.”

“It’s Tao. We will be down a few minutes,” He tells both me and the other man.

“I can’t go down there after this!” I cover my face that is burning with embarrassment.

“Getting shy again aren’t you? Why am I the only one to see you bare your teeth huh? As much as I love having you to myself if you don’t open up to the others is going to be hard on all of us. So come on love, show them that fiest,” He kisses the top of my head.

“I will, I still don’t want to go down there right now, could I bathe first?”

“Oh of course! I’m sorry, I should have offered that first. Lets go jump in the shower quick!” With me still wrapped in his arms he jumps up and scurries across the room into the bathroom. I cling to him as he kicks off his pants and flips on the shower head. He chuckles at the sight of my wide eyes, the water pours down from the ceiling like rain, it would be a lie to say I’m not amazed. “New, huh?”

“Since when do they make showers like these?” I muse as I stick my hand out to feel the steaming water.

“These are pretty common in nicer houses now a days, but I guess you aren’t used to any kind of plumbing or technology.”

I shake my head, “You would be right, I know the basics, lights, toilets, showers, baths. I know about TVs and cellphones but I’ve never actually used one.”

“That is so strange.”

“You could definitely say I’ve had a strange life.”

He nods but doesn’t add more. He gently sets me down and we separate, it leaves an empty feeling in my chest. My arms curl around my small frame in an attempt to keep the sudden chill creeping up on me away even under the hot stream of water. Kris notices and once again wraps himself around me, “Are you okay?”

“Why is it so cold?” I grumble snuggling closer to him.

“It’s the mark,” He explains, “That connection you felt before is going to become a lot more intense, but not with just me, with everyone. So you will want to be closer, both physically and mentally, with everyone.”

“This goes both ways right?”

“Of course,” His hold on me tightens, “Though it’s a bit more infuriating on this end because I will be fighting for your affection against my brothers. So you will notice we might get a bit more possessive.”

“As long as I get to see my pack I don’t have much of a problem.”

He groans, “Fine.” We wash up quickly followed by Kris gently drying me off with a towel, his eyes fixated on my back. “So are you going to tell us how you got those?”

I sigh, “I already did. Years of abuse and torture in a slave army, I wasn’t just trying to be mean earlier, that was the truth.”

“But I mean specifics,” His finger runs down one of the longer scars, “Like this one, how did you get this one?”

“If I am thinking of the right one it’s from getting to mouthy with one of my superiors. They were being particularly brutal on one group of new soldiers and I was an idiot and stepped into say something. There should be three other marks along with it, maybe a bit smaller, for each boy I defended.”

He is silent for a moment before his fingers started dancing around my back again, “And this one?” His fingers land near my shoulder.

I have to actually look this time to know, he is pointing to two little marks that are only half, on the front of my shoulder the marks are mirrored. “It’s a bad bite mark, the wolf was ripped away from me so the mark isn’t clear but he took a good chunk of flesh, hurt like a bitch.” I grimace at the memory.

“Were you in battle?”

I nod, “Well sort of, three wolves only a few years younger than me, that were in our squad, tried to rise up and our general saw how tempted the rest of us were and gave us the option to die with them or kill them ourselves. We chose the latter, they were stupid kids who didn’t know their place, and didn’t have the mentality to be a soldier.”

“Do you feel guilty at all?”

I close my eyes for a minute and shake my head, “We did those boys a favor. If those boys had been executed by anyone else it would have not been as nice.”

“I’m sorry for asking.”

“It’s a great warm up for telling the others.”

“Only tell them what you are comfortable with.”

“I’m not really comfortable telling anyone how I slaughtered people but it’s going to come up.”

“I guess you are right.”

“Now lets get dressed so I can talk to my mates.”

He chuckles, “Okay, give me a minute.” He walks away to his closet, returning a moment later with another t-shirt and boxers. “We will need to go shopping for you.”

“Why? I have my two outfits, that’s all I need.”

“Two?” He stares dumbstruck, “You only have two outfits?”

“I’m a wanderer, I can only have what I can carry, blankets and food are much more important than extra clothes.”

“I know you are right but still that is so strange for a girl your age, I mean the age you look.”

“I thought we already discussed that I am not your average omega.”

He nods, “We did, I’m sorry. This is going to take some getting used to. Speaking of which they should be watching TV by now if you would like to watch one.”

“Really?” I pull on the clothes he gives me and rush out the door. He his right on my tail as I run down stairs and into the living area they are usually in. The window is closed but I suddenly find myself freezing. But I ignore it for a moment at the sight of massive colorful screen hanging from the ceiling. I’m not sure what is happening on the screen but the colorful picture captivates me. It’s sunrise in a big city with tall buildings, something I have only seen in the pictures Namjoon has in his books. Two small bars appear in the corner of the screen and the image stays.

“Insoo?” Yixing’s voice breaks me out of my trance, he is standing up near the couch, wringing his hands nervously. I now notice that everyone is staring at me.

“Why isn’t it moving?” I point to the screen.

They all seem so confused by my question until Kris leans in the doorway, “She has never seen a TV before.”

“Really?” Jongdae questions.

I nod, “Can you make it move?”

He nods this time, snatching a little black box out of Suho’s hands and pressing a button on it. A grin spreads on my face as the view continues on, circling the beautiful city.

“Where is this?” I wonder sitting down on the floor as I continue stare.

“New York,” Luhan answers, sitting on the edge of his seat so he could be closer to me. Kyungsoo is in between him and I, and like the older man he scoots closer.

“New York,” I echo back. “I want to go there!”

“Really?” Kris questions, “I don’t think you are ready for that yet. You should probably ride in a car first before we work out way up to a plane.”

“Insoo?” Yixing calls again.


He gulps, “Can we talk?”

“I don’t really want to talk to you right now. I would much rather talk to Jongin.”

The tan boy across the room looks absolutely frightened, “Me?”

I nod, “Yes, we have a problem. You attacked a member of my pack and just like how you would take that as disrespect, I take it the same way. It is as if you had your teeth digging into my throat, I’ve been bitted multiple times, it is not a good feeling so you can understand my anger.”

He stands up and take a few steps closer so we are on either end of the coffee table, “Please, you have to know it was my alpha taking control. I was insane to tackle you like that and I’m sorry I bit that pup but he came at me-”

I jump to my feet and rush over to him before he can react. Without any hesitation I punch him across the face knocking him on to his ass. The rest of the room watches with wide eyes at the sight in front of them. “He was trying to protect me! You guys have no idea what I have had to do to keep that boy away from any pain that I knew and it is always you who tries to rub it in his face. That boy has never done anything wrong so don’t you try to blame him!”

“Insoo,” Kris warns from the doorway, not yet ready to step in.

I unclench my fist and let my hands drop to my side, “I am not sorry for giving you the karma you deserve for hurting my pup. I am not sorry, nor will I ever be, for knocking you on your ass. But I will give you the benefit of the doubt and not hate you. Now stop staring at me like I have an arm growing out of my forehead and stand up.”

“You forgive me?”

“No.” I snap quickly, “But I’m giving you the chance to earn my forgiveness, and you better pray that my pup doesn’t have mark on him.”

“Thank you!” He surprises me by wrapping himself around me. I return the action.

“You are such a strange man. How can you be so scary but so cute?”

“Trust me,” Kris muses, “He isn’t like that with just you.”

“Does this mean you aren’t mad at me either?” Yixing tries again.

“Yes, it does,” I sigh, “As long as you prove that I can trust you. I don’t want to share my heart with you if you are just going to ignore everything in it. If I look to you for help, I expect you to be there, okay?”

He nods eagerly.

“Great.” I look to Kris, “How is that for baring my teeth?”

EXO | Their Teenage Sibling Having A Crush On An EXO Member

Anonymous said:

exo reacting to their younger sibling (14-15ish?) having a crush on an exo member?

S/N - sibling’s name

“Of all the things this is not what I needed. Guess I’m not giving S/N any backstage passes for awhile.”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

“No…nope…not happening, you are way to young I don’t want you even thinking about him that way.”

“But he’s so-.”


Originally posted by yehet-a-kookie

*Highly offended* “I thought I was your bias.”

“You are but…Kris is hot, and you’re my brother…there’s a big difference there bro.”

“I’m gonna have to talk with that no good sibling stealing-.” *starts to rant*

The mere fact that his sibling had a crush on one of the guys wouldn’t bother him as long as no one acted on it. How ever the words “Xiumin was so hot when he ripped his shirt open like that” would send him into a brotherly rant about remembering that the guys are human and not just pieces of meat.

“We are singers who make music and dance! Not singers who strip!”

“If you say so….”

Originally posted by starry-hun

“He may be my friend but there is no way shape or form that I will ever approve of your little crush on him.”

“Geez Dae, it’s a crush lighten up.”

“I will lighten up when you get a crush your age.”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

*Calmly listens to his sibling going on about their crush on Baekhyun* ‘It’s been good knowing you Baek, but EXO will be down one more member…..’

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

“Say that again.”

“I said that Tao looked really hot up on stage today and that I have a tiny crush on him?”

“That’s what I thought….pardon me while I remove him from the face of the planet.”

Originally posted by meme--suga

“You woke me up to tell me that? I already knew you had a crush on him…why do you think he’s avoiding you.”

“Did you…”

“Yep…told him to stay far far away or else.”

“Ugh! You’re such a jerk!”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

“Are you listening to anything I’m saying, Sehun?”

“I am…but most of it leads back to the fact that you have a crush on one of my hyungs.”

“Is that all you heard?”

“Yes and after this concert you will sooooo never have backstage passes again…ever…period…”

Originally posted by abcyndee

Because he was gone so much Luhan didn’t always get a chance to get caught up with everything in his sibling’s life. However your online diary and blogs helped him do that. Their diary (which yes he hacked) more than anything.

“So S/N…is there anything new in your life you want to tell me about?”


“BULLSHIT…how about we start with your crush on Suho.”

“Oh my god! I told you to stay out of my diary.”

“Well you should get a better password then.”

Originally posted by teeanageedirtbagg

*Disappointed more than anything* “S/N…I think we need to talk about those ground rules again…especially the ones about you crushing on any of the members.”

Originally posted by yourejustmystylee

“I have a crush on Jongin…”

“…………..That’s very nice but I came here for cake.”

“You’re not mad?”

“I will be later.” 

Originally posted by httpxamy


Imagine going on a date with Kris

I would die. (of poisoning lol)

Attempt 3 of VeeGetBetterAtSceneryBecauseYouNeedToFaceYourFear project

Less scenery this time but I think lighting and dating Kristoph is just as important :) :) :) :) 

I NEED to draw more pony tail Kris. He’s hot with the drill but pony tail is LETHAL. 

Earlier this week husbando’s D4 charm came! After months of waiting he’s finally home! I made a short comic about this experience here