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Do you think Shiro ever had a crush on Sam? Like I can picture it starting out as hero worship, then eventually he's just banging his head against his desk because holy crap. Holy CRAP Commander Holt said hi to him in the gym today and he got so flustered that he fell off his treadmill. (Many, many years later he'll be drunk and laughingly confess this to Sam, who snickers and says he knew about it, and that he and Colleen thought it was adorable)

I think it’s possible Shiro had one of those crushes that are just… utterly indistinguishable from hero worship in the first place.  Getting completely flustered when they come by, desperate to impress, gaze snaps to them in a room- especially when they started training together in prep for the Kerberos mission.

For the most part, I tend to think GG-era Shiro responded to stress by going really by the book.  So he’d be this model of a perfect soldier and a subordinate, all ‘yes, sir!’ and ‘right away!’ while Matt makes faces in the background because ugh what a suck up.  Goddamn Golden Boy over here.

If it’s a crush or not probably depends on who you ask.  Shiro would deny it utterly unless he was, ahem, quite tipsy, though he’s joked about it more than once, usually at Matt’s expense (”You’re Dad’s kind of a silver fox” “Don’t even joke about that, Shirogane.”).  Matt would never ever qualify it as such because by god, it is impossible to have a crush on his dweeby old Dad, it cannot be done, impossible, he and Katie were hatched from eggs, his father has never been sexually attractive to anyone ever.

Sam, on the other hand, absolutely thinks it was a crush and is gleefully awaiting the day he can maximize both Shiro and Matt’s embarrassment by dropping that bomb at the perfect time.  It’s okay, he can weight.

Shiro learned ‘patience yields focus’ somewhere, after all.

(In the end, it slips his mind, and Colleen gleefully beats him to the punch when they come back to Earth)

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4, 6, 14, 23?

4. Do you like your name and why: I’ve always been pretty neutral about my name, but I honestly love it now. It sounds soft and pretty and somehow kinda strong at the same time and idk I just really like it.

6. Describe your personality in 3 words or less: A boisterous bi

14. If you can live anywhere in the world where would it be and why: I highkey always wanted to live in Canada or Australia. Canada because it’s canada and canada is amazing and wonderful even tho they have bagged milk (the scratch n sniff monopoly colored money make up for it) and australia because it’s a beautiful continent with hella cool indigenous animals and I like the people there lmao

23. Describe your dream date: ??? Uhmmm, idk?? Like I’m not picky at all and there’s so much that I want to try that I can’t really pick a dream date. Anything to do with animals would be amazing like going to aquariums and animal preserves and sea life centers. Or anything to do with space and astronomy, like going to a planetarium or stargazing. Or museums and botanical gardens. I’m literally just naming things I wanna do and see but yeah. I guess a dream date for me would be like experiencing/learning something new together.