the shit that keeps me up at night about pjo history:

it is canon that the world wars were basically filled with tensions between the big three because the sides landed between big three children and those children were the cause of the world wars

now besides the obvious labeling headcanons of the leaders (which i think are):

  • winston churchill (zeus’ son)
  • franklin d. roosevelt (poseidon’s son)
  • hitler (hades’ son)
  • and so on, because rick just says “sons”

(side note: i got probs with this but go back in the book if u think i’m wrong, also i kind of think none of them might have been demigods and the sons might have had lower positions in the sides of the war)

but anyways, besides this topic, there are some things that desperately need consideration:

  • clearly after this, the big three swore to stop having children, so it’s not hard to assume there must have been more big three kids during this time and i just
  • what about there being sons of poseidon that are known throughout the navy, and the same with the zeus’ sons for the airforce, and ares’ sons for the army
  • there are whispers about them that get back to chb and the aphrodite cabin has posters of them up on their walls but all of them die in the war and no one is around to remember them, so their names wither away in demigod history
  • (chiron thinks percy would like to know about the things his older brother’s did, but he doesn’t have the heart to tell him)
  • imagine demigods painting their parent’s symbols on their planes for good luck or ancient greek curses / magic symbols on weapons / bombs in honor of hecate, and only they could see them
  • you know, i bet camp was so much more lively before things started going south; i bet cabins were filled to the brim and benches at the dining pavilion were overflowing
  • and then when people were being drafted, a majority of the older half-bloods (don’t even try to think the demigoddesses would let anyone hold them back) would have left (bc this is between the big three sons! this was probably such a major deal it isn’t even funny!) and camp would have been much quieter than before
  • apollo members would have left bc they’d be great as medics, ares as soldiers, demeters as food suppliers, hermes as messengers, hephaestus as mechanics, the other big three sons and daughters would go to their section of the military, maybe even on secret missions, and so on and so forth
  • and even still, they’d probably all end up mix and matching between jobs, but all in all the ones that chiron let go would go because that’s what their job was, to stop the enemy and to them, the enemy was sons of hades (@ rick, we need to talk)
  • camp half-blood would have been an absolute hotspot for war effort of all kinds
  • the demeter cabin making sure twice as many strawberries grew so they could so they could send them out to be sold
  • hephaestus kids working in bunker nine from first morning’s light until well after the sun had set, creating as many celestial bronze swords and bullets (because there were definetely monsters on those battlefields and pretending to be higher ups, but only the demigods could tell)
  • aphrodite kids helping out whenever and wherever they can, whether it be in the strawberry fields or in bunker nine or patching up broken armor
  • and when other campers scoff at them, they simply glare at them and spit out a  “we can do it!” from their mother’s popular advertisement
  • aphrodite was totally rosie the riveter, just letting you know if you didn’t, yep she so was it is completely %100 a fact sorry not sorry
  • the ares, athena, and hermes kids all having radios set up in their cabins and when something important came up, they’d call outside and everyone in the surrounding area would run in as fast as they could
  • the radio in the ares cabin never had its volume turned all the way down, even during the night
  • the athena cabin would have battle plans laid out everywhere, and they’d communicate with the demigods overseas through iris message, advising them on the best route to take (there would so be demigods as generals and such, like subtly shifting humans plans around for a better strategy overall)
  • apollo kids playing swing or jazz, but most often big band music, at the campfires every night, getting people out of their seats to dance if they were feeling to down
  • (campers pulling out crazy moves as they danced just at the light’s edge, where the cool night breeze grazed their shoulders, and their laughter echoed across the lake)
  • you know it was an apollo kid that created this iconic number
  • all the campers wearing 1940s swimsuits and outfits and such, this is just for fun, but just picture it i’m so alive
  • everyone in bunker nine would wear those jumpsuits that people in the factories wore, some would have them hanging at their waists
  • all the campers working overtime in the strawberry fields would def wear overalls i’m so
  • (the aphrodite cabin would so start the trend of stylish orange bandanas, on wrists, in hair, as ascots, etc.)
  • i’m just so here for 1940′s fashion in camp half-blood

also, we need to talk about what new york city was like because i think, chiron would have been a bit more lenient on trips to the big apple, especially for older demigods:

  • secret propaganda posters that were laid over the regular ones and whenever demigods passed by, the mist cleared just enough for them to see the secret messages / images
  • argus driving all the tweens / teens to nyc for a day trip so they could all get the new comic, “captain america” 
  • and when they got back at the end of the day chiron heard all of them muttering, “he’s clearly a son of zeus! he punched hitler right in the face!” and “no way! look how amazing of a soldier he is! he has to be an ares kid!” and “guys, that shield is the coolest! i’m going to pray to my dad, maybe he’ll help me make one!”
  • some of the most popular older demigoddesses going into the city to get their photos taken (pin-up kind) as reference for apollo kids to draw pin-ups
  • you can’t tell me these aren’t demigoddesses, because they so are
  • the last one is a daughter of demeter, i feel it in my soul
  • and even better, the demigoddesses submitting their photos to let’s say the Olympian Daily Newspaper with captions like "Give Your Half-Bloods A Little Extra Sugar to Keep ‘Em Goin! Buy War Bonds Now!“ or “Give A Little, Get A Lot! Support Our Troops Now!”
  • the older kids going out to nyc on the weekends for parties or to go to clubs, see the latest film, shop around 
  • think about this: the empire state building being a bit more welcoming, demigods walking in and out with ease, delivering things from camp, chatting up The Guy™ at the front desk (you know, i wonder what stories he has to tell)
  • it not being a surprise to pass phobos or deimos in the lobby, or even on the sidewalks of new york, because they were everywhere during this time
  • the older kids sneaking candy, soda, silly toys / trinkets into camp for their younger siblings
  • there being secret clubs, cafe’s, stores, etc. where only half-bloods could get into and there always being arguments about how “hades isn’t that bad” and people throwing punches and just such a big controversy because “hitler is an evil bastard” and “yeah, but lord hades ain’t buddy” and “well, if he bred that trash than he must be trash”
  • (that would especially explain why hades was so nervous in having bianca and nico with him, hades might’ve been concerned that if they were discovered by other demigods, they’d be killed on the spot)
  • just, there being an entirely separate war culture for demigods, having separate values, propaganda, motivations, weapons; there being a whole different world mixed in with the human one that only half-bloods can see
  • there’s so much, so much

okay, i’m going to stop myself here because i could go on forever, but there’s still endless things that could be discussed. like secret demigoddess groups that fought during the war, took down really powerful monsters before they could reach the allies’ front lines, minor gods joining certain battles to aid in the fight, demigods interacting with humans yet having to keep their identities secret the entire time (i mean, one of the monument’s men was definetely a son of apollo, maybe more).

pjo history, like jeez, there’s so many possibilities and this world war / big three sons topic was only discussed once

@ rick, i need answers

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first ever semi-serious mix… id like to thank my mom for always believing in me, my manager and producers for getting me where i am 2day…god as well as baby jesus,

Definitely do not imagine Leo and Ravi getting caught under the mistletoe at a Christmas party. Everyone around them ‘ooh’s, Leo turns bright red and covers his face, and Ravi laughs nervously, completely caught off guard when Leo pecks his lips and runs away.