i propose… a new ship….. snowy/kent

  • think about it alright……….. i know kent/tater is a huge thing but like kent and snowy. two asshole trash babies. they can relate to each other. 
  • at first kent’s just hanging out with the falcs because him and jack are mending their friendship but then he’s like “bro…. ur goalie is Hot” and starts spending all his free time (which aint a lot) in providence
  • their dates are comprised of 2 types: sitting on the couch and drinking wine and talking about cats and hockey and watching desperate housewives OR going out and daring each other to drink the grossest drinks on the bar menu and getting shwasted
  • they gossip about their team members because they are both #savage 
  • snowy isn’t that big too, i’d bet kent and him are around the same size so they Fit together and their snuggles are perfect
  • snowy curses up a fucking storm and i imagine kent does too so their long distance phone calls are just dragging everyone
  • snowy’s also a goalie so he’s fucking Weird and kent is like “what the actual fuck” like 9/10 whenever snowy opens his mouth but also finds him really fucking endearing and funny

fuckin hottest most savage bitchface hockey bfs slaying everyone else in the goddamn league

i know y’all are conditioned to think that just because a team is losing, they aren’t playing well but the leafs are playing the best possible game they could play but sometimes not everything goes the way it should or they run into a hot goalie or there’s bad bounces. the leafs aren’t bad.


Your hero’s destined to waver
Anyone can - Always my man
I would never betray you
Look at me who could raise you
Face in the sand - Safe in your hand

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Savior

“Being a goalkeeper gives you quite a unique perspective on things. You are part of a team yet somehow separate; there are no grey areas, with success or failure being measured in real time; and you have a physical job which you can only do well by paying attention to your mental well-being. A great goalkeeper has to have the keys to a great mindset. To be able to work well in the box, I believe you have to be able to think outside the box” (Brad Friedel)