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My boyfriend and I are in an after school thing together and we hardly get to see each other outside of school but before we fucked almost daily so there was a lot of sexual tension. So all of this building up, once on the bus when it was really dark out, he starts painfully slowly inching his hand up my thigh. Enough that at first I didn't notice until he was sneaking under my dress. Then he starts like rubbing me under it but we arrived at the place so he had to stop and ugh. It was so hot.

Daamn. I hope you get to see each other more often tho 

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Oh, you are watching BNHA? Do you have any favorites yet?


Yao momo - me if i was a girl tbh.. we have like the same personality and i connect with her character so much! definitely captivated me. i love how cool her quirk is too and how she’s an academic. and she seems very tough too! really looking forward to see more of her in the anime and the manga tbh! i hear she gets decent appearance time though.. wish she got more but i’ll take what i can!

Todoroki - best boy! i love him and i want the best for him. his quirk is super cool and he’s hot! (pun intended) daamn, like the sports festival arc just made me love him. and now i’m rooting for him

Iida - i love his leadership skills and how tough he can be. although he can be extreme like too serious, but he has heart

Uraraka - pure and wholesome.. and really determined. i love her so much and i want her to be strong!!!

Kirishima - my energetic son. total good boy!!!! and there are aspects of him which i relate to.. like his energy and how he’s into manly things

Deku - i really love him as a protagonist. his optimism is contagious! and i love the fact he doesnt always win so even though we know he’ll end up being the greatest hero in the end.. we’ll see a realistic development and see him stumble alot before he gets there