Remembering that first kiss with him…
My heart was beating so fast, I thought it was going to explode.
My skin became so hot, I thought it was going to melt off my bones.
My entire body turned sweaty, I thought I was going to make a puddle.

And when he came closer to me…
I could feel his heart beating in rhythm to mine.
I could feel his breath, warm and calm on my lips.
I could feel his smile coming closer to my nervously excited lips.

I hold the phone tightly, “I miss you” I whisper softly.

“I know baby, I miss you too.” His voice is low, but he can’t hide his emition.

“I know”

Its been months since I last tasted his mouth and though I talk to him or text him everyday, I miss the warmth his embrace gives me.

“But, you know that this job won’t last forever. And I’m doing this for us, for our future…” he trails off.

“I understand, I’m so proud of you.” I say soothingly, knowing my words hold true.

“Soon baby, I’ll be home.” He assures me.

I can’t help smile, “I’ll wait for you.”

People say long distance relationships don’t work, they are a hassle, and are only a disaster ready to happen. I in the other hand believe that my love is far greater than the miles between us. Distance is tempory and I love him, we can speak of nothing and everything. Of the future we want for ourselves and for the children we plan to have.

No one can tell me my love is not valid because I choose him, he is the man I will marry. Our relationship is special and we look past obsticles, at the end of the day it is him that whispers goodnight to me, it is him that comforts me when I need it most and vice versa.

I will be loyal,
As will he,
Because true love is worth holding on to, no matter how difficult it may seem to others.