the whole thing with the asari gender thing in andromeda is making me :/ like of course binary non conforming rep in stuff is great!!! its just that the asari have always been treated in a lesphobic/sexist way and this feels like another step in that direction by bioware? like the asaris entire conception was “the hot blue alien chick” and its plaintively obvious that bioware only implemented the asari are monogendered idea as a way of ensuring they had a ‘reason’ for their hot blue eye candy to not have male counterparts. all through the series the asari have been shown as presenting as traditionally feminine - they have always used she/her pronouns they use female titles like matriarch and goddess they have typically ‘feminine’ traits both in appearance and in behaviour and they have also consistently been treated like shit alongside all of the other female characters in mass effect. theyve been consistently portrayed in a sexist manner and they have also consistently had their identities as GAY women erased. the first game doesnt hesitate to explain how shepard and liara arent really gay because liaras not technically a woman!!! asari are FAR more frequently shown with male partners and the sparse ones in relationships with women ALL end in tragedy or abuse. its no more obvious in the fact that asari-asari relationships are culturally frowned upon and their participants ostracized. gay women shamed for being in relationships with each other and given the shown prevalence of heterosexuality of the other races in game you just know that means more asari paired up with men. and the treatment of asari has always pissed me of so much because as a femme lesbian woman i relate to and identify with the asari SO much. they are by far my favourite race in mass effect. i have always LOVED that this was a race of incredible powerful smart capable women, that a race of women was the most advanced in the galaxy always looking for a peaceful solution and that most importantly - to me -  that they LOVE OTHER WOMEN. and yet bioware has consistently tried to invalidate the idea that these women these GAY women are the most powerful race in mass effect. they give them the biggest ship in the galaxy INCREDIBLE biotic power and talk about how formidable the commandos are commandos that train longer than the entire lifespan of a turian and yet they consistently go out of their way to belittle them. in me3 they talk about how theyre not built for the frontlines, asari are the only soliders rarely mentioned or considered except for jokes about ‘sexy commando leathers’, joker wisecracks about how they should have fewer dancers after thessia falls. at the end of javiks dlc on thessia they pull the syke! the asari are actually only so advanced because the (apparently male dominated from what weve seen) protheans uplifted them and genetically engineered and taught them all they know and they also had a secret prothean beacon that theyve been hoarding - the race that invited all the other races they met to share in their power - and theyve been coasting on that!!! because bioware cant BEAR the idea of gay women being unapologetically gay and in charge. they have no problem sticking a thing in the codex about how their the most advanced race in the galaxy then having everybody call them sluts who spend their days shaking their asses in sleazy bars. its just that the asari have always spoken to me so much as a gay woman and bioware now suddenly turning it around feels like theyre just moving even closer towards distancing the asari from their femininity and their lesbianess and it just really rubs me the wrong way