At least we’ll both be numb 💀

Model: Syruss Martin
Agency: Smart Models
Photographer: Christopher Marrs

IG: @christophermarrs

Volleyball Imagine

“Can you please do an imagine where your volleyball team plays against his volleyball team? Thank you!!” ~bloggingbclife

“Can you do one where the crush plays volleyball and the reader is hopelessly clumsy and accident prone and he’s playing volleyball with the reader and hits him in the face with the ball and has to take care of him and it gets really fluffy and cute please" ~anonymous


It was your first ever game of volleyball today and being inexperienced and accident-prone, you were feeling the nerves. Getting ready for the game was a blur and before you knew it your team was taking their positions on the beachside court. You took an apprehensive glance at the opposing team and almost feinted. Not only did the team look absolutely terrifying and serious, [y/c] was directly opposite you. [y/c] plays volleyball?! You started hyperventilating. He was there. He was shirtless. He was… waiting for you to serve the ball. Your whole team looked annoyed at you, and the opposition were smirking- this could be an easy win. You took a deep breath, held the ball ready in position, and swung, executing a perfect underarm serve— to both your teams’ and your own surprise. [y/c] looked impressed. The odds must be in my favor today. The opposition expertly returned the ball, and the game went on. While the ball had managed to avoid you for a while, you knew you would eventually have to get involved in the game. It was close, only a few points between their team’s score and yours. [y/c] had sweat glistening on his defined chest and you couldn’t help but stare. Suddenly a ball—the ball—came hurtling towards you. Your gut instinct was to shield your head, so you flung your arms up to defend yourself, but in the process managed to fling the ball as well. The ball went over the net. The problem was, the ball was sailing directly towards [y/c]’s gorgeous head. He didn’t have the chance to duck. It landed forcefully on his face and brought [y/c] down onto the sand. He groaned in pain and the referee called time-out. You were frozen in shock, but as soon as [y/c] groaned, you rushed to his side. You helped him up and walked him to the sidelines. Your team allowed you to leave the court- you weren’t much help anyway and they probably thought you felt guilty. You turned to [y/c] and began apologizing, realizing how clumsy he must think you are. ‘Look [y/c], I’m so so so sorry—I wasn’t even trying to—“

>”Forget it [y/n], I’m fine,’ he attempted a smile. You knew he was lying though, his face was red and his lips were swollen.

>”Your lips are swelling really fast, let me get you some ice,” you felt terrible that you had caused him pain.

>”Or you could just kiss them better,” he joked. I wish. You quickly got some an ice pack from the beach shack nearby and ran back to [y/c].

>”This is gonna hurt,” you warned him before lightly pressing the ice against his red lips. He winced in pain, but didn’t complain. A girl from his team started glaring at you and you turned away from her jealous eyes.  [y/c] closed his eyes and suddenly gripped your hand, lightly squeezing. You squeezed back and could have sworn that his lips lifted ever so slightly into a smile. After 5 or so minutes of peaceful silence, you removed the ice from his lips and asked him if he was okay. He blinked and looked up at you.

>”I’m fine,” he said still looking at you.

>”That’s good,” you said distractedly.

>”So, uh, how about that kiss now?” you laughed but he looked serious. “What?”

>”You weren’t kidding?” you were surprised.

>”Why would I joke about kissing a beautiful girl?” He looked hurt.

>”You think I’m—“ He kissed you. [y/c] had cold, swollen lips. And he thought you were beautiful. And he kissed you.

Baseball Romance

“Could you do one where the boy and girl both play baseball. She is the pitcher and he the catcher and they win the game and hug but it leads to more and they become bf and gf. Sorry if it’s long.”

Imagine: It was your first baseball game of the season, and [y/c] had been placed in the same team as you this year. So, clearly, you were feeling extra pressured to play well and show off your skills to [y/c]. You played pitcher and he was an amazing catcher- with strong, toned arm muscles. While it was great to have him on the same team as you, his attractiveness was also a major distraction. Whenever he was around, you suddenly became a jittery, nervous mess- unable to talk logically. It was like his perfection rendered you speechless.

> The game was about to begin when he flung his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into him. “You look nervous, [y/n]. Relax- you’ll play great, like you always do,” he told you, grinning. You blushed from his words and muttered a pathetic thanks before running off to take your place on the field.

>You and your team played extremely well and you felt proud of your efforts by the end of the game. Throughout the game you caught [y/c] sneaking glances at you when he thought you weren’t looking, making you flush with embarrassment every time. By the end of the game, you were both drenched in sweat and exhausted, yet you were on a high from winning. Out of nowhere, [y/c] came bounding towards you with his arms open. He had this grin on his face like a little kid on Christmas morning, and his hair was sticking up in all directions from the hat he’d been wearing. His enormous arms engulfed your body in a tight hug, and you drew him in too- intoxicated by his delightful, surprisingly not-sweaty, smell. The hug lasted for what was definitely considered longer than a ‘friendly ‘hug’, and you were eager for more. “Good game,” [y/c] whispered in your ear.

>”You weren’t so bad yourself,” you stuttered out, trying to pretend he wasn’t the reason your heart was about to burst from your chest. He grinned even wider than you considered humanly possible and you smiled back, glad to see him the happiest he had ever been. Something changed in his eyes as you continued to stare at each other, and before you knew it he was leaning down towards you. When you almost panicked about the cap still sitting on your head, he coolly removed it and stroked a strand of your [h/c] hair delicately, sending shivers down your spine. Then his lips were on yours, spreading sparks  throughout your entire body. [y/c]’s grip on your face tightened as the kiss grew deeper and all of the spectators on the sidelines were forgotten. Your bodies were intertwined and you noticed the blush that spread across his face when his pants tightened against your waist. He pulled away, embarrassed, and you tried your hardest not to giggle at [y/c]’s cuteness. He peeked up at you through his lashes, still blushing, and scratched his head. “[y/n], I really like you and I don’t know if this is the right time to be asking you this but I’m going to do it anyway. So, uhh do you wanna be my girlfriend?” He asked you.

>”Of course I do you loser,” you laughed before jumping into his arms in pure bliss. Only then did you notice the crowd who had been watching the pair of you the whole time and had begun cheering and clapping for your new boyfriend.