progress and final product of my Guts cosplay for Katsucon.

for all the die hard fans i know it’s a little off in a lot of ways, but put up with me for just a bit.

Okay. I have been on tumblr for four years today! March 7th, 2012, I signed up for this hell site. This blog has been dragged through every fandom, with every sort of url, but 1d has always been a constant??? literally my first url was larryismyotpforlife and clearly i wasn’t kidding because here I am, four years later, still up their asses. let me be free So I decided to do a follow forever! I’m going to be listing all of the lovely people I follow, but first I want to make sense special mentions!!


The Original Larry Cult: @organiclubestyles @yourfavouritechild @harrysaroma @jadepov @bandshirtsandblouses @louistriangletattoo   @jointhelarrycult @floppyflamingoharry @froyostagram @smollestlarrie; Okay, I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, I know I did and I’m sorry!! I tried to include the originals and some of the people added later, I’m terrible tho so. You guys were my first groupchat, and some of my first friends on tumblr and ily guys so much 

Really unnamed groupchat??? who are we: @carrotsandcelarry @voidtate @larrydaze @oopstomyhi @adidastan @theaftermalik @larriesincourt @fondlouie @hazah @thoseshadowsalmostkilled; okay, again, if I missed anyone, I’m sorry and I love you guys. Like I actually love yall? i know we’re spread across two platforms but i would die for you guys 

Special Mentions!;

@carrotsandcelarry i hate u

@organiclubestyles i cant believe we bonded over talking shit but honestly thats to good explanation of our friendship I know I’m shit at talking to u every day but I love u remember when we read a fic together i cant believe we were so in love what happened casSI

@louisblues wow? I cant believe i actually met the exact copy of myself in real life??? We haven’t been friends for super long but i love u and your dog Ginger i would die for both okay I just thought I should special mention u bc it’s not very often that you meet a left handed triplet who loves eyebrows, choir, and is also a larrie so like ???? also we’re in a girlband with Melissa the hottest queerest girl band

@adelesflipphone so we’re hella new friends like when did we start talking two weeks ago? idk but we ACTUALLY have exactly the same interests and it’s a little terrifying? I got so overwhelmed when we were goin off about films it was so much I would not be as passionate about film rn if it weren’t for u you’ve made me love it more 

@softloueh we’re literally in a hot queer girl band together and I cant believe ur so hot it offends me melissa ily thank you for putting up with me

@sailoronssstylinson Kayla I actually love you? you are so so so sweet and such an amazing friend, and u can literally predict the future which is awesome? Thank you for talking to me and being rad as hell

Okay! Now I’m onto the normal follow forever part under the cut!! I’m not bolding anyone cause I’m s u p e r lazy, but it is in alphabetical order! If you are a side blog, and I follow you there, sadly you won’t be here. You won’t show up on the list I have because the list I’m looking at are people I follow that follow me back. Just know that I love you!!

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