hot venetians


Photo set - John with Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares) at Amoeba in Los Angeles (March 11, 2010). Ever noticed the titles on the Speed Dealer Moms EP? ‘March_Three-3’ and 'March-Four’, released in 2010. Coincidence? I think not: 

Everything I’ve learned on these electronic instruments, I had the honor of learning from Aaron Funk, who goes by the name Venetian Snares. He’s not a traditional musician, but he uses a lot of the same gear I use. Along with our friend Chris [McDonald], we used to get together three or four times a year, starting in 2008. We’d live together for two weeks at a time, basically doing nothing but drinking beer and making music.” - Premier Guitar article 'John Frusciante: War and Peace’, March 3, 2014

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