I never have time for fan art but Clarence struck a chord with me. It’s a great depiction of your childhood but it’s not a perfect one. It has a charming grittiness to it. The world in this show isn’t perfect, everything is slightly “off” in a good way, the characters are flawed, they’re all different shapes and the colors are muted at times. Though, the eye of innocence projects through the main characters. People will say it’s dumb, too simple or gross but you’re just scratching the surface. I admire a show thats grounded but can still be very cartoony. The writing is quick witted and it always puts me in a good mood. It doesn’t pander and it knows what it is. This is my favorite current cartoon out right now and deserves a watch. Good work to everyone involved.

Humans are weird: Guards

Humans are weird: guards

So this was requested to me by @roarkyuubi1 about humans being hired as bodyguards so let’s see what I can do with this

Wessir was a diplomat from the planet Sirius. He was an upright standing alien, with glowing blue puipless eyes and a willow tree like body with limbs that were very fragile he went to the planet darkeneon to negotiate a trade agreement

His advisors to him to get 2 human bodyguards he heard of them having amazing healing strengths and great abilities to adapt and were immune to the main poison of wessir’s people chocolate or as they called it heshur and a weird red liquid that managed to burn their insides.

when he saw his 2 guards they confused him and were abnormally small he had heard that humans grew to about 5 or 6 feet but these seemed shorter both about 4'7 and 4'11 the shortest one had milky brown skin and deep brown eyes that seemed to hold alternative motives and curly black hair and a guard outfit which was a green military outfit with a hidden area for weapons the second one has kind eyes pale skin and back length brown hair when he stopped a few feet in front of them they waved at him as the door opened to the hall where the trade agreement dinner was being held.

as they had finished the agreements they were getting ready to eat when the Zoey the shorter of the 2 guards and the other whose name was Jessie grabbed the food he had “oi jess they were trying to poison Wessir literally if they try this at least don’t use curry powder and hot sauce to obvious" after she said that both ambassadors looked on as horror and disbelief went through them as they watched her eat the entire thing not showing any signs of hurt or pain except for a slight cough and a drink from a glass of water on the table.

“Lemme guess taste like your mom’s home cooking” Jessie said smiling Zoey smiled as she nodded and drew a gun a revolver as it was actually more advanced than a few of the guns the people on darkeneon had and she pointed at the guards of the other ambassador “now I suggest you get back to your planet before I decide that I shoot you” she said smiling and with that he was officially glad he hired 2 human guards


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