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Summertime is hot as Hansel right about now.  

Embrace the hotness w/our newest playlist, “So Hot Right Now” (or escape the hotness if you’re like us and melting into our chairs.) 

These songs remind us of sleepin’ in, hangin’ out, road trips top down + doors off, that time we smoked Peyote for six straight days, and obvs. how really, really, really, ridiculously good looking we are.

Listen + Share the melty goodness if yr thirst is quenched…
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Walking in to the building of AKB48 center, the first thing that greeted her skin was the cool air – so crisp and fresh, a stark contrast from the hot humidity that embraced her body just before as she basked under the sun – while the first thing that greeted her eyes were the thousands of girls and boys lining up to join the event. She should have known a lot of people would come to this, to take part of the event in hope that they too, would somehow be turned into a glimmering idol whose smiles graced ever TV screen, whose dances and voice were sought after and gave hope and happiness to millions. 

She sighed. There’s really not a single use, mulling over it. She had come here and she’s not here to be intimidated by the sheer number of people. They could try but they’re not as good as me, she told herself. The sentence chanted more like a mantra than something someone proud of themselves would say – but alas that’s the image everyone had on Erina. Not that Erina minded it. She’d rather be seen as strong and mean rather than letting her vulnerable side be exposed to the rest of the world. She just couldn’t do it. 

As her name was called, she felt herself tensing up. Cold water washing down on her body and she bit her own lip. It’s okay, if it’s Erina, anything is possible. Because Erina is papa’s little girl. The word of her father’s echoed in her mind, he would say that as he gently patted her head as a little kid whenever she had trouble with her piano. And it’s true what he said, because she would always overcome her struggle. Always be able to take down whatever wall was in front of her. And this wall too, the wall of AKB48, she would definitely take down.

“Yes!” Her voice echoed in the room, ringing clearly before she followed the man. And in her voice there was a newfound confidence, a feeling of total resoluteness. She had been but a leave in the wind just a few minutes ago but she was a rock now. And there’s nothing in the whole wide world that could take her down.

“Good afternoon.” Her voice was quiet and soft yet brimming with confidence. A straight forward yet sweet voice. It was her usual voice. “My name is Ayase Erina. For this audition I will be performing Dreamin’ by Tokyo Performance Dolls.” People would probably choose a 48 song for this audition. So perhaps choosing something not by them was a bold choice on her part. Yet this was a song that was especially close to her heart. It told her story.

She took a few steps back. Closing her eyes as they waited with a poker face on each of their faces. She could do this because she’s Ayase Erina. Opening her eyes, she flashed a smile at the judges before giving a little bow in their direction. Then she took her stance, a bright smile on her face before she opened her lips, a rich sound escaped the cavities of her lungs, flowing like a thousand flowers and she painted the whole room with the color of spring. A sweet and playful melody. A voice that lulled you back to the sweetness of the konpeito you ate in your childhood days.

       day by day sou step by step!
       kono koe o habatakasete
       sekaijuu ni Full na ai o
       ima kokokara tsutaetai yo Can’t Stop Dreamin’

There was clarity in her voice and in every single word. And her voice had a unique color to it. Because for someone like Erina, one would have thought her voice to be husky or something. But not the sweet and silvery one that she displayed right now. It sounded like the clear chimes of the river. It sounded like the bell around your beloved cat’s neck. It sounded like a memory gone and revisited. Her dace moves were precise and clean, a result of her labor dancing all by herself from the music that blasted off from her phone in her room.

      shingou ga kawaru to sugu ni
      hito no nami nagasaresou de
      kono machi o aruku niwa kitto
      burenai kokoro hitsuyou

And there it was, the belt on every word of the refrain and her emotion shined through like sun rays through the glass of the greenhouse in the back of her house, where she would play princess and pretended she’s a fairy. Her voice was a bit shaky at the high note but she didn’t even notice it. She was enjoying the song. Her body was moving on its own as if the choreography has been implanted into his mind.

     tsumetai kodoku ga tokete
     yume ga kanau mirai de
     nagasu namida ni nare

Her cognac eyes peeked through her thick dark lashes as she sang the line. Her voice noticeable softer following the melody as she waved her hand in front of her. This was the part where she could show of her vocal skills and she made sure to do just that. Her smile was brighter than ever and words and melody collided together.

    day by day sou step by step!
    kimi to tsukuriageteyuku
    kono machi ga watashi no suteeji
    day by day sou step by step!
    mou matenai
    ooki na kazemaki okoshite
    saidai fuusoku de ai o 
    ima kokokara tsutaetai yo Can’t stop dreamin’

The last note left her lips like melted white chocolate. Her body relaxed and she stood straight back up after her little solo was over. And the room was several shades warmer as she felt the blush from the performance’s afterglow settling in on her. “I’m Ayase Erina, seventeen years old. Let me be your star.” With those words rolling off her tongue, she bowed to them one last time and made her exit.

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i was really stupid. and ill be really stupid again. i cant be happy unless its at others expense. that much is entirely too evident and every single day i swim in regret because i really really really truly cant be happy where i am and i look back at good times. the ones that I threw into a storm drain in the middle of a flash flood or stomped on in the dirt of a sun-hardened field or cut up into little tiny pieces to shower myself in joyous confetti for a few weeks. every night darkness beckons and every night it’s voice and face reminds me of those good times in the sense that it feels comfortable and welcoming. it seems familiar and it terrifies me that this is truly what i want. i want to be engulfed in its icy-hot embrace. drown in the shallow depths. breathe in its suffocated breath. more than anything i want all of it to be over and done. every last wisp loosed.

how many times are we going to need to shower today? it is HOT. I normally would embrace it but I’m sick of wasting water and deodorant that sloughs off immediately T_T I’m just going to go to improv class all sticky and smelly. fuck it.

also we have a cat again. He better behave. Right now he’s melting on our furniture and therefore not being any trouble. 

So here’s the reality of our negative side. It has enabled us to survive.
Our ability to see the negative, the bad, the unsafe is our natural instinct we have always had and this has enabled us to survive. We can sense danger. We can walk into a room and see where there may be hazards. We may call these things negative but this is simply a word that defines what ‘could ’ happen that is not of a positive nature.
This is why it is not our natural way to think positive. Our positive thinking is a mindset we have to choose. And this determines whether we thrive in life.
Our natural ability to know the negative is instinct from many lives. It is now our ability to retrain our mind to see the negative but to focus on the positive that gives us the greatness of our life.
An example. We know that a fire is warm but if we didn’t know instinctively that it is hot we would embrace the warm and get burnt. So. We know the negative of fire that it burns and we conclude that the best way to deal with this is to allow the warmth from a safe distance.
If we only saw the negative we’d never know its warmth as we’d back away. If we only saw the positive we would get burnt.
So we need to know of both. Instinct gives us the negative. A trained mindset allows us the positive. But it’s where we dwell that determines if we thrive in life.
Observe the negative. Focus on the positive.
It’s all in the creation of your mindset.
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I was tagged by vinylsanddaisies to do the mp3 challenge. [You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your iPod, Mp3 player, etc. And write down the first ten songs. One rule: no skipping. Tag people and pass it on! Repost don’t reblog.]

1) Nickelback
- Feeling Way Too Damn Good
2) Genesis
- Ripples
3) 5 Seconds of Summer
- She’s Kinda Hot
4) Embrace
- The End Is Near
5) Panic! At The Disco
- Do You Know What I’m Seeing?
6) Muse
- Uprising
7) The Fray
- Keep On Walking
8) All Time Low
- Heroes
9) Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators
- Dirty Girl
10) You Me At Six
- Take Your Breath Away

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